AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Update: Still waiting on an official release date...

Hell No, We Won't Go, Give Us the BlackBerry Bold!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2011 10:43 am EDT

Please AT&T... give us a release date for the Bold 9900. We don't want to have to picket :)

Anybody who dare think or say that the passion for BlackBerry is waning need not look further than the reader comments on our Petition to AT&T to Release the BlackBerry Bold 9900. AT&T... you seriously need to read them. It's clear that AT&T CUSTOMERS WANT THEIR BLACKBERRY BOLD 9900s and by not having it released you are losing out!!

On this week's CrackBerry Podcast, we discussed the petition and half-seriously/half-jokingly decided that September 17th would be the day we take to the streets and do some good 'ole fashioned smartphone picketing to bring more real-world attention to our cause if we hadn't received a received word on a release date by then. That's all we're looking for AT&T, just a little better communication about the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Better than a release date we'd like to see it released SOON of course, but I think a lot of us would be happier right now if we just knew when it would become available.

I'm still struggling with a reason of why it hasn't been released seeing as Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are all selling the 9930/9900, but at this point I don't even care. The most likely reasoning is actually a positive one -- that AT&T is pushing their exclusive of the Torch 9810 for only $49.99, which is a GREAT DEAL (so thank you for that AT&T). I know quite a few Torch 9800 owners now who have gone ahead and upgraded to the 9810 because of this deal and they're loving it. But I just hate seeing people jonesing for a new BlackBerry any longer than they need to, and I think to a lot of people the Bold 9900 is distinctly different than the Torch 9810.

In the meantime, the petition is still going strong at the link below (and by leaving a petition comment you'll be entered to win an AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 when it gets released) so be sure to jump over to the petition and have your voice heard. 

Read / Sign the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Petition

Reader comments

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Update: Still waiting on an official release date...


Whats also annoying is on their fb page for the torch 9810 its nothing but advertisements for android phones. Not even an announcement the torch itself is available. at&t is so anti blackberry it isnt funny.

I only saw the first line of the headline and thought they released it. :(. I really hope that Nov. 20 date isn't correct...

AT&T, PLEASE at least give us a release date...So many people are jumping ship to verizon, and im thinking about it myself. Please get your act together!

This would be a really good time for the other carriers to offer to new customer discount to help offset the cost of buying out and swapping from AT&T

I believe the delay on the part of AT&T has to do with the iPhone 5. What a shame. RIM should cut them lose, and sell only to the other US Carriers.

Ordered a Torch 9810 to hold me over until it comes out. Hard to beat the $50 price but still want a Bold 9900 asap. Looks like a great phone, might have to order and unlocked one from ebay if they don't release sometime this month.

I'm not an AT&T user. I HAVE my 9930 (VZW). But I am BUMMED for all my fellow CrackBerry folks with out one...PLUS...this keyboard is SO FREAK'N SWEEEET!!! I look for ANY reason to type...HA!!!...IF my name DOES get picked PLEASE give it to somone else.

LOL, am i the only one that appreciated the awesome photoshop?

99(00) problems and the bold is one is my favorite. awesome! hahahah. Good job Kevin!

that one was actually done by Michelle Haag.  Adam, Michelle, DJ, Ryan all did their own versions of it up while I was writing up the post. Lol. We try and have fun while getting our work done :)

Good job Michelle!

If I don't understand the English language as well as I thought I did, then can you help me?
I think the sign that reads, "Heck no! We won't go. Unless you don't give us the Bold 9900, then we're out of here!", says the opposite of what we really mean....or doesn't it?? its saying, "...leave AT&T if we don't get the 9900".
I thought it looks like it reads, "..we'll stop PICKETING if we DON'T get the 9900."

"Hell no, we won't go!" = "We're gonna stay here and picket."

"Unless we don't get the Bold 9900, then we're out of here!" = "If you don't give us the 9900, then goodbye ATT." brain got it now!

Hahaha this picketing stuff is fun!!!
I have VZ, but I feel for my fellow CB people on that ATT sh**

I loved the photoshopped picket signs too.
I hope AT&T will surprise us all and release on 9/9. I think that would be so cool!
Hurry up AT&T!!!

I have been sitting here on this site for the past 2 hours debating and watching the web shoot out between the 9900 and 9930. I think im going to verzion today. Maybe. I hate you AT&T. I feel like an abused wife.

ATT users, just junp ship. Go to Sprint (or VZW). And when you do, send a letter (both email and snail mail) letting ATT know why.

Please don't pick me for free phone. Already have my 9930. Thanks.

I jumped ship from AT&T to Sprint to get the 9930. I am very happy with my decision, love love my 9930 and Sprint service is much better than AT&T here in Los Angeles.

i left AT&T and so did 2 of my friends we went to sprint. service is just as good in my area and we wanted the phone. I know they dont care its just biz but its three subs at lil over 100 a month each they lost ... Sprint i am happy with all you provide......

As I've said before both here & to ATT, many BB users are more loyal to their BB than to their carrier - ATT better get the 9900 in pronto!!!

I have to say my respect for Kevin and Crackberry is immense. Especially since they gain nothing by helping myself/the customers of AT&T with this debacle.

After countless calls with reps and trying to deal with AT&T's upper management I am tired of their run-around stories and excuses regarding this phone.

I have a small business, only 5 of us (3 iphones, 2 blackberries). But we two blackberries have been waiting for the 9900 for over 6 months now; me, the boss being one of them. And now its here... everywhere else.

We have tried to wait, but we are going to have to switch to VZ (all 5 lines obviously) to get new phones. Now that iphones have been on VZ, we can switch and our 3 guys can still have their crApples.

Does T know that their gonna lose 3 iphones because they dont have the new blackberry? probably not.

(been with ATT since before Cingular)

About the only thing keeping me from jumping ship is that I'm grandfathered into the unlimited data plan at AT&T. Don't think I could get that if I switch to Verizon or Sprint, etc. Also, I'd have to drag along our two other family phones.

Really? Didn't know that. My wife said she works with somebody who switched from AT&T to Sprint. I'll have to look into it. Don't know anybody around here to compare signal strength, though. Most of my relatives are on Verizon.

UPDATE: Checked Sprint site. They're sold out of the 9900.

i really don't think we will hear anything from at&t before september 17.all i got to say is let the picketting begin.even if at&t has an exclusive on the torch,they already sold 9800s and curve 3g's.this is just plain out outrageous.all this delaying is making me opt for the iphone 5.i know i can adapt to it and i will never return to's ceo is to blame for all this is making america-the world's greatest power look bad compared to countries in asia,middle east,etc.they all have new devices already.using my old device has reached its end of life.need new to begin at&t that dumb to watch verizon/sprint/tmobile cashing in with tons of customers?what are going to be left with at&t?respect your customers or be out of business.

T-Mobile guy told me last night that they have an exclusive on the 9900. Hadn't heard that one before. An ATT rep told me Blackberry hadn't finished their testing of the ATT branded 9900. Pants on fire.

Why can't any of these carriers tell the truth? Do they really think they get some kind of competitive advantage by keeping us in the dark?

I left AT&T because they were not gonna put out 9900 until November and my calls kept dropping on my 9800. So I joined Verizon once again and have not had a dropped call yet and my 9930 is the BEST phone I've ever had.

my blackberry bold 9000 recently went thru a freak accident so i'm using an old iphone and waiting for the bold 9900 to come out for at&t i just want the keyboard soo badllyyy at&t make it happen asap

if you read the forums people are saying there are hardware and software issues with the phone in testing. However I think its bogus because there is no way carriers globally have approved it and others havent. Many carriers have even more stringent testing procedures than ATT so I think its all politics.

I'm not sure if I believe the hardware/testing issues being the reason for the delayed release. I do think AT&T wanting to push the exclusive 9810 being a good reason for them to stall on the 9900 in efforts to not cannibalize the 9810's sales. Can't wait to get a 9900!

Because I want this on Mexico, and because my carrier is like AT&T (same company, but in Mexico) and it won't be realesed until it is on AT&T US... You know you can't have a 8350i (my current phone on Sprint Mexico/Nextel) in 2011... It's depressing!

I'm w at&t and just went ahead and upgraded to the 9810. App world isn't very big on OS7 at the moment and at&t app center isnt working well either but it doesn't bother me bc I don't use att's apps but if this is the case a lot of ppl may be ticked off if they released it w little to offer since it will be att's 1st all touch and a complete upgrade from the 9000 and the nfc thing as well. They are updating more apps to work on OS7 though slowly but surely. Yeah it sucks bc I really wanted the bold but I can always buy one once released :) I just hope at&t doesn't ask 2 high of a price since it is being delayed and ppl are switching. Thought about it but I love surfing and talking at the same time :)

At&t does not care about BB9900. Iphone is the cash cow for them. I live in china. I've yet to see Playbook & 9900 in public. Forget about 9900 as it is relatively new but playbook has been there for a while. All I see is ipad and few android tablets here & there. BGR was right when they said ipad is the only tablet that lived up to hype. Currently, I've bb9780 & ipad. I aint upgrading to 9900…..waiting for iphone5. one cares. The new bb's are jokes. No flash, no apps, no thanks. You guys need to let RIM die and move on. Android is a far superior OS.

I love AT&T so I'm going to be patient and wait for the new 9900. It will be worth it.
In the meantime I'm riding my Harley every day to pass the time.
Might as well do something I love while I wait for something I really want!
Relax and go out and buy a Harley to go with your cool new 9900!!!

Just give us what we want, we don't need AT&T or some Android fanboys to tell us what's best for us.

Fellow Crackberry Fans!

Why are we only posting 985 comments here? AT&T doesn't read this page!!!

Why havent 985 of us bombarded the AT&T forums?

Why aren't we bombarding their twitter feed with our complaints?

@ATT @ATTNews @ATTCustomerCare @ATTBusinessCare

Please post your comments on the AT&T Wireless forums. Wonder what would happen if suddenly 985 comments were posted in the Blackberry forum of the AT&T forums.

Let's work together to make our voices heard!

Please oh please I beg you AT&T ... my hands are shaking so bad I can't hold on to anything I try to grab and I have broken out in a cold sweat. End my BlackBerry withdrawal symptoms and release the Bold 9900 soon ... I won't survive until November.

Would LOVE a Bold for my At&t family plan. Awesome to see so many members saying they already have one and to pick someone else. Love the crack berry family! Been on the fence about taking my number to verizon just for this phone. I've avoided going to the Verizon stores bc I'm afraid that if I actually hold this phone in my hand then I will definitely jump the At&t ship.

C'mon AT&T, you're already doing a good job of screwin us, no unlimited data, high priced plans, trying to charge tethering fees using data that we are already paying for as far as the blackberry bridge, the 9810 as the only os7 device (although that's a nice device), the least you can do is play catch up with the other 3 major carriers in the US and release the new bold.

Guys i have signed out off AT&T and moved to Verizon, i would say MOVE OUT !!! They then will get the message. For you who cannot move out, bear AT&T.

Sure, they probably have the best selection of phones, but what good is that phone if service is sub-par and the data plans are a ripoff? I was an ATT customer and experienced significant dropped calls and data outages, averaging in the 30% range.

I don't understand how we have 1000+ comments here and only 46 comments on the AT&T Wireless Forums?

Come on Crackberry Nation, let's copy each of our messages here and post them on:

For those who prefer here's the same URL shortened:

Please *** Please *** Please post your comments on the AT&T Forums. Let's give AT&T 1000+ comments. I do not think AT&T reads and they have deleted all links to Let's post on their own message boards!

Seriously, why this and NOT a petition for VZW to release the 9850! I'm so frustrated with this. I don't want a tiny screen and keyboard, it just slows down typing and gives you no screen space. I do want a new BlackBerry with OS7. FIGURE IT OUT VERIZON!

Screw waiting on at&t. I got my bold 9900 from telus in canada and am using it on at&t.. Works perfect HSPA + and all!

So I dont want to get a bad rep on the site... and this could be a Rep just talking from nothing. BUT, I will share what he said...

I went to ATT yesterday to "buy a torch 9810" or so I said. Asked the rep about it, blah blah, and he said, "I wouldnt get it, theyre coming out with a new Bold thats going to be a lot better" oh yeah? whens that "next couple weeks" oh, so by the end of the month "yeah"

now, he did say the iphone 5 was coming out the same time period. Not sure if I believe him, didnt look exactly like the type who would know. Just passing it on.

I am in desperate need of a new phone. My 9700 screen started to flicker everytime i put it down or touch it. My friend laughs and says i wanted the 9900 so bad that i tried to make the 9700 touch screen LOL. Anyway, i was on the at&t site earlier looking for something to upgrade and i did not even see the old bolds on there. It looks like they stopped offering them altogether. i wish I could switch to sprint but i am on a family plan and can't change everybody over. I really hope they decide to release the 9900 soon because my 9700 is at the edge of its glory!

Look forward to seeing you on the picket line. Better yet, time to dump AT & T and join another carrier. I need the BOLD 9900. Bottom Line !

I really want this phone. I had the 9000 and thought it was the best phone ever. Then i dropped it and it broke.Had no insurance claims left. So i went and got the 9700. It was a great phone but the keyboard just was not the same. I really hope they release this phone soon.

I'm with VZW, which is usually the one getting the short end of the new Blackberry stick. I stand shoulder to shoulder with my AT&T brethren on this topic. COME AT&T SHOW YOUR LOYAL BB COSTUMERS SOME LOVE AND RELEASE THE 9900!!!

I have been an AT&T mobile customer since before the Cingular aquisition and I have never seen such a difficult desision concerning the release of a phone on your part. I am NOT sure what the hold up is with the release of the 9900 considering that everyone else alredy has it who is going to get it. I am begining to believe that you can't figure this out either which is why you can NOT disclose the date which it will be released.

In case you can not see the customers who desire this superb phone, look over the massive comments provided to you on this website !!!!

I'm almost out of contract at ATT ...... thinking about making a switch myself. It's really a little ridiculous.....every other carrier is selling 9900 and ATT is holding out (for Nov).

I think ATT is trying to teach BB a lesson by holding out on the 9900...... ATT is still peeved about the Playbook and BB Bridge. ATT wants to show BB who is in control.

ATT is to big!!!!!! The T-Mobile deal should never be allowed.

I have to believe this is ATT being greedy. They know they have the new Torch and they are trying to maximize those sales before "diluting" their BB market. I plan to explain to ATT executive management this week that the Torch is not a business phone, and that the Bold is. T-Mobile, the other carrier that can do voice and data simultaneously is being seriously considered by me and a number of my colleagues. Besides, T-Mobile is about 30% for service ($79.99 / mo for unlimited phone, text and data plus another $5 or $10 for Enterprise Data). My ATT bill for that service is about $140 / mo including taxes. T-Mobile will be approx $100 / mo with taxes. I will also let ATT's management know that if they do not publish a release date for the Bold that I am no longer willing to be left in the dark and will switch carriers.

I really can't wait till the 9900 is released. I had a 8900 (which i LOVED) and then switched to an iPhone after being convinced by my boyfriend that it would be better (the iPhone is a great phone but it is most definitely a toy). I miss my blackberry so much...specially my KEYBOARD!! Gaaah, I can't wait till this phone comes out and I can be reunited :D

at&t time to bring out the bb & more standing still,or otherwise the picketing and even rioting can result in a bloody war with casualties on your end.

I really don't want to switch to Verizon but I need a new blackberry; I hear the Bold is flawless. My curve is cracked, slow, and dropping data. How long do we have to wait? No wonder VZ is gaining ground. We can't let them get ahead like this, AT&T. Let's move on this and release the Bold.

It does seem a bit ridiculous that ATT decided to push their release date back. Im almost to the point where I'll just stick with my slow 9700, even though it freezes half the time. I know TONS of people would be happy to look forward to something (i.e a release date on the 9900)! There wouldn't be as many people buying from other carriers and trying to crack them for ATT's service. You're losing money ATT, think about it.

I believe the Torch would have given the 9900 a run for its money if the 9810 was released alongside the 9900. I got the torch but originally wanted the Bold 9900. I must say that the Torch is an awesome device as well

Come on already AT&T!!!!! Since I have to pay full price (don't have an upgrade) I'm thinking about switching to a different carrier. I'll leave my hubby on AT&T with his Iphone

Just ordered my Samsung Infuse through AT&T today. I didn't want to take this route but I just got tired of waiting for the 9900. Sorry RIM. Hopefully I'll be back someday.

ATT&T Customer service just told me that my Bold 9000 was not compatabile with their network and that I must have purchased from an unathorized source. ??? I told them is says AT&T on it and I purchased it 2-years ago in their store and I have the recipt !!! They said that can't be true WTF? They also said the 9900 will come out when they are good a ready to release it and were sick and tired of people calling all day asking about it !!
The lady also went on to say that this website (Crackberry) is just a bunch of people who are not happy with their carrier
Man if I could switch to a carrier that has the 9900 in 4g I would do it today

My poor refurbished 9000 bold just died out on me because the screws are falling out of it! the "h" key only works half the time and I was contemplating whether or not to buy a 9700 on eBay when I came across a message that said that the 9900 was going to be coming out this summer. I read this in April and have been checking with AT&T ever since. AT&T has to get with the program because I'm a BB lover. I've had the iPhone and the Droid and neither even compare to the blackberry (and mind you I had an old refurbished BB). I want this phone so bad I was considering buying an unlocked one on eBay but as a poor college kid, I guess I should wait until it comes out for AT&T. I don't know how much longer I can wait!

the 9810 at $49.99 is very tempting but i'm gonna try to hold out. my last upgrade was from the 8310 to the 8900 which is a great phone but less than a month later the bold 9700 comes out at about the same price and i was bummed out. so this time around i wait and wait.

It's really frustrating and unclear not to know when BB bold 9900/9930 becomes available at at&t, it's just VERY POOR at&t/BB customer service. Surprisingly, BB's bold 9900/9930 launch below expectation distribution results, outage issues and user's imminent migration to the more popular iphone and Android platforms will further diminish BB's market share.

I think this is the right time for BlackBerry to resolve this issue with at&t, it should be a win win for BB and I'll be a happy customer.