AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Release Date Update: Maybe November 6th?!!

We want the BlackBerry Bold 9900!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2011 10:57 pm EDT

* November 1st Update:  AT&T has OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED the pricing and release date of the BlackBerry Bold 9900.  You'll be able to get it starting November 6th, for $199.99 on a 2 year contract. *

I've noticed a lot of readers dropping off-topic comments on CrackBerry posts this week asking for an update on the release date of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from AT&T, so here it is....

Disclaimer: The **best** info I have right now hasn't come in from trusted personal sources, but rather from tips on the good 'ole CrackBerry tip line. I've had a few different people send in similar info over the past ten days. When that happens it's often a good sign of the info being legit (store owners, etc. getting the same info), but since it's not something I have concrete evidence on yet nor is coming from what I consider one of my personal trusted sources, just take it as me passing on the tip line info I have right now to you, to keep you in the loop. And often after making a post like this we'll see a lot more feedback come in saying whether we got it right or wrong, so stay tuned for that. So don't get too excited yet. But at least it's better than nothing.

So with that disclaimer in mind, the best word I have as of now is that it's looking like Sunday, November 6th is the day that both the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Torch 9860 could become available to consumers. Based on some of the cost info that was sent in as well, on the pricing front it points to the Bold 9900 selling for $199 and the Torch 9860 going for $99 on a standard 2-year contract. Again, don't take this as solid news yet, but I hope it does pan out to be true. November 6th isn't too far away!

And if you go back three years in BlackBerry history, it was actually October 21st, 2008 when AT&T finally announced the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and it was November 4th when it became available to customers. In that case also, other carriers had the 9000 available since August. So maybe, just maybe we'll see history repeat itself here... give or take a few days. If you haven't signed our AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 petition yet, do that now, and keep it locked to CrackBerry for more updates as we have them on the Bold 9900 from AT&T!

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AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Release Date Update: Maybe November 6th?!!


you beat me to the "famous" first by 6 seconds lmao. and yea im pretty happy too about the tweet. now im saving for the playbook and then this.

I just came to the decision that I would upgrade my Torch 9800 to the new Bold 9900 yesterday and now this?YES AT&T DO IT!

Finally!I also, just yesterday, decided to sell my unlocked 9800 and was just about to buy a Rogers full price and unlock it, but if this is true, I think i can wait a couple more weeks :)
Torch 9800 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Are they disabling something via sw or something? Or where they just teaching there phone screeners a lesson?

Then it will be several weeks too late for me, since I finally gave up hope this week and ordered an iPhone 4S. I had to make an emotional detachment from my BB before I could make the financial commitment of ordering the 4S. The DevCon fiasco provided the impetus I needed to move on and decide to try something different...

great for you... anyways... I'm actually so psyched about this... Currently rocking the 9810 which is sick but I would def not mind getting my hands on the 9900

me too. Love my new iPhone 4S. Enjoying all the apps that are unavailable on BB. Didn't realize until I used iMessage that all my friends are using iPhones, too. Don't know of any still on BBM, even though I believe BBM to be the better of the two. Also eBay'ing off my playbook. I saw nothing in the 2.0 software peek that gave me "warm and fuzzies". RIM's strategy seems to be to port Android apps.

Will take another look in two years when my contract is up.

Oh yes u can! I'm on ATT and i take full advantage of bridge. The only thing not working was the "Bridge browser", but the latest updates, now not only can you use the "normal browser" using your phone's data, but also most apps connect that way as well, no tether plan needed!!

Torch 9800 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

I have already cleared my calendar on the morning of November 6th. I'll scour the entire metro area to find one on the day it is released (hopefully the November 6th date is correct). I'm just glad I had the will power to hold off on buying an unlocked Rogers 9900... the $400+ that I saved will come in handy at Christmas time.

Just an idea... for those of you who are not under contract, why not go with a different service provider than than AT&T? If MOST crackberry users close their AT&T accounts and go with some other company, it will send a strong message.

Yeah let's all leave AT&T!... Wait a minute, I'm grandfathered into an unlimited data plan and I get a 27% discount on my plan, Sprint sucks, T-mobile doesn't cover my area, Verizon never got a bill correct for me in the 2 years I was with them 6 years ago they always tried to sneak in extra charges and got busted by the Feds for doing so.....

How about I just wait for the phone I want if I'm not willing to acquire it elsewhere before I go on a crusade.

No one knows when the Black one is coming out..did you really think someone knew when the white one is coming out?

I hope this is true. I wonder if at&t will let me use my $250 upgrade credit that I'm supposed to use for an iphone in April towards it.

I've been fighting my hardest not to get an unlocked Rogers 9900. I'm soo glad that it just might around the corner of it being released. Looking forward to retiring my 9000.

I will be getting the 9900 on the 6th if it arrives but it's only because I can't find another phone I like better. YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR $HIT TOGETHER IN 2 YEARS RESEARCH IN SLOW MOTION,,!!!!!

Loose the 2 monkeys (RISM)

AT$T got what they wanted - massive sales numbers for the Iphone 4S without ANY other phone "threatening" their precious Apple during its they'll bring out the Bold 9900 a month later after the record sales numbers for the 4S have been reached. Don't understand AT$T......With the iphone being sold at Verizon & Sprint, you'd think AT$T would want to have as many options as they can to salvage customers - I know of several buddies who switched to Verizon & T-Mobile just to get the Bold.....Oh well...the world spins on......

AT&T doesn't make any money on phone sales, they make the money on subscriptions and selling accessories. If they are having problems salvaging customers, I think their stock would show it. I suppose all the PHd's and MBA's sitting around the AT&T upper management could just be a group of idiots, but somehow I doubt it, and I'm pretty sure they have a little more insight into their sales figures, subscriber numbers, profit and loss statements, and projections for the coming years than you do.

If AT&T picks up the 9860 and T-Mobile doesn't, I may leave T-Mobile to get one. I will just stand by and see what the month of November brings. The 9810 is a nice pick up for T-Mobile but they need to get the 9860 too!

I think it's funny that so much attention is given to ATT for not having the 9900 when they had exclusivity of the Torch for over a year and made all of us BB lovers on other providers drewl

Wait a minute I swear AT&T is one of the biggest networks in the US and still hasn't released the 9900

Why drop the price when they will be absorbed by ATT anyway? Would love to see it drop but now I am wondering if they even want to.

Am I the only one who sees the horrible grammatical mistake in the middle sign??

"...unless you DON'T give us the bold 9900...", That DON'T should not be in there. Just sayin'.

Other than that, I'll be waitin for the Colt, thank you very much ^^


LOL! That "won't go unless you don't give us..." has bothered the hell out of me since I first saw it posted a while back! I didn't say anything back then because so many of us were busy expressing our disgust with ATT's 9900 issues.
You are not alone.

Yes, if you look at it in that context it's correct. If you look at it in the context of we'll stay here to protest and won't leave unless you give us the Bold, then it's incorrect. The 'Heck no, we won't go' feels like it has more to do with their protest than with the provider they're with.

Anyways, that's enough grammar police work for the day. :-D

Im glad they're finally getting the 9900 but $199 is still to high of a price, it needs to be $99 if they want to temp any potential iPhone 4S customers. In my opinion RIM and any other companies out there cant have any product thats equal or more expensive than the iPhone and iPad. I guarantee if the Playbook was $100-150 less at launch it would have been almost impossible to keep it on the shelves.

I'm glad that AT&T is getting this phone. But like others have said before, too little too late. I left the unlimited plan, the over priced death star, and switched to T-Mobile a bit over two months ago! Unless you're streaming over 2gb a month, why worry? My 2gb T-Mobile plan is literally half the price ($79.xx), and if I'm correct, the fastest 4g network in NYC. The VZ version is 3g, Sprint is lost in translation with an outdated network, and AT&T loses calls in NYC as quickly as tourists get lost outside of Times Square. Oh, I should mention, using the bridge on the 9900 on TMO, is barely a tad slower than broadband for my Playbook? Lastly, why renew a contract with a company that censors and blocks the most important app for the Playbook? I should say, the only carrier which does so.

I got the 9810 on AT&T a couple of weeks ago from BestBuy--I'll still be in the 30 day free return period--but I don't think I'm going to get the 9900, even though it had been my first choice originally. True, the keyboard on the 9900 is awesome (I've played with the Verizon 9930--same form factor), while the keyboard on the 9810 is small and a pain.

But if you don't do a lot of writing on the BB, or use Dragon for dictating emails (works great), and if you do a lot of web surfing and take pictures, the larger screen and better camera (autofocus) on the 9810 may make it a good alternative. Yes, it's heavier than the 9900, but it's also $150-200 cheaper, and RIM may have a QNX phone out next year.