AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Pricing and Release Date!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Pricing
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Nov 2011 10:13 am EDT

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Availability and Price

We can put the picket signs away - the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be here November 6th!

After months of waiting in agony, BlackBerry fans on AT&T can finally relax as the company today announced the official pricing and availability of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, as well as the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and BlackBerry Curve 9360.

Release Date and Pricing

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 - November 6th, $199.99 on 2 year contract
  • BlackBerry Torch 9860 - November 6th, $99.99 on 2 year contract
  • BlackBerry Curve 9360 - November 20th, $29.99 on 2 year contract

So AT&T subscribers... the wait is almost over. Which new BlackBerry 7 Smartphone are you going to pick up this month?! Sound off in the comments! 

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AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Pricing and Release Date!


No kidding! AT&T customers have been waiting MONTHS for this phone. I wonder how many customers they lost by waiting. I know several who jumped ship for the 9930 or T-Mobiles 9900... BAD Marketing! BAD Sales! BAD Customer Service! Hell, BAD EVERYTHING!


So glad I'm not with Att... 3 months late here... Such a shame that RIM had it together by August and ATT has taken this long. Glad for all my ATT berry users that they FINALLY will get the nicest bb ever made.

Too bad they waited sooooo long. I picked up the 9930 months ago and couldn't be happier!

They lost a 7 year customer for waiting so long

You snooze u lose At&t!

There are way too many apps that don't work with os7 yet, plus I'm not due for an upgrade until April. I'll be waiting for quite some time.

I still don't know why if this was the plan all along did that ATT twitter account remove that tweet about the bold 9900 coming soon when there wasn't even a date to it..... so, weird.

Right? That's the kind of stuff I want to know. Today, the manager at ATT showed me the battery door from one of 9900s in back and it sure looked the same as the battery doors from rogers... Does that mean they will have NFC? And what was the second hardware change???

it may be too little too late! I think BOTH brands lost a lot of who were loyal customers. I love blackberry 10 years now same with At&t, and after seeing every phone company under the sun (able to get the bold) i was done waiting. moved on to bigger and better things. now if both RIM and At&t can get their stuff together than we'll see in 2yrs....but for now I'm done!

I just jumped out of bed and started screaming whooohoooooooo for five minutes!!!!!!!! Woooohoooooooo yeah 9900. Hurraaahhhhhh. Yeah. Ooooi my.! Excited. O yeahhhhh

I wish I could, but I'm switching over to the dark side. iphone4 for $99, you can't beat especially since work doesn't pay for me to have work emails on my BlackBerry anymore.

I'll be keeping my 9800 just in case I don't have a good transition or have withdrawals.

Wow! $50 cheaper than what I paid to switch to VZW and get the 9930, instead of waiting for the 9900. Maybe that's the price to pay for having full access to Bridge. LOL

So what was the hold up? Surely OS7 wasn't a huge culprit - long delays because of testing? It'll be interesting to see if all the functionality is still there come release.

Wow. 3 months. I bought an iPhone 4S and have been obsessed with Siri and the amazing Camera. However, I am so sad I won't have the Bold 9900. A freaking awesome phone. My brother will be picking one up.

Loving Jesus!

Happy with the Torch 9810. As much as the nice commodious keyboard on the 9900 appeals to me, I could never go back to a shrimpy little half screen.

Seriously? It took them way too long to release this out dated piece of crap. I actually waited hand and foot for months on this and decided to pickup a moto atrix 2 for 49.99. I'm glad I went ahead and upgraded. Nobody in their right mind would pay 200 bucks for that crap. Seriously blackberry please go ahead and go out of business. Your outdated, over priced, and letting millions of your fans down. They really should sell this device for 100 bucks or less to appeal to more people. Oh and they should went ahead and put an autofocus 8 mp camera in it as well. Oh thats right they didn't because they were cheap and couldnt find a way to put autofocus in a phone that friggin huge.


Don't blame you for venting but I can't help and reply and say:
1. The Bold 9930 (9900) has the best keyboard in the world. If people say that does not matter I ask: Would you get a virtual keyboard for your home computer? of course not. Why is a phone any different? it isn't.
2. The e-mail is still the best. If you worry about an outage for a day, just enjoy getting your messages late every day forever. I had a droid and I know. That is another reason I came back to BlackBerry.
3. Security matters. Just google the google phones on security. Good luck there.
4. The camera works great for me and because I have a convenience key, I can actually launch it in time to take pictures. 5MP is more than enough for me and 99% of the world.
5. Since I do have a convenience key, I've started using SCM and all I have to do to launch my camera is click twice, video recorder click three times, and a bunch more.

How about the simple task of calling my wife while I'm walking with a cup of coffee? Hey, no problem, I have her on my speed dial and just hit M and take a sip of coffee. Good luck using one hand to try to be as efficient on a fast call.

6. The web and youtube experience is as good as any and by the way, the claim that the droids have better battery is laughable because the issue is not talk time but the battery sucking graphics that are not needed.

7. RIM has its faults but it is still the best phone for people that want to get things done fast and the most secure. It has been that way from day one and now the web and youtube are awesome as well.

I try no to knock on other devices because I believe if you have a device and you are happy with it then it is the right device for you. In fact, I don't care for the term "iToy" or for the comment that "droids are for video games and movies only" because they are both nice devices. However, if someone wants to throw some dirt on our BlackBerry Bold's then I'm going to call them on it.

By the way, my minister is going to a mission in Africa to help some people up there for two weeks. I am truly grateful her phone on Verizon is not a world phone, because they gave her a BlackBerry for her trip. Yes, when your life is on the line, I put all my money on BlackBerry. I got her a spare battery, I'm setting her battery swapping able device up so if she needs help she can send her location on a map to her security team and yes, her BlackBerry maps can stay open and tracking way longer than either of the major competitors. A phone that is dead in the middle of nowhere that can't even replace a battery or won't last eight hours is idiotic when your life could depend on it.


P.S. thanks for adding NFC. I'm already using NFC tags to auto do four tasks I used to do daily on the way home.

You make some valid points. I was all set to get a 9900 until AT&T decided not to carry it. Then after DevCon, my patience with RIM hit a new low and I switched to the iPhone 4S.

As to the keyboard, I'm a touch typist. I spent a day using my Touch with iMessage to text my brother in law. Previously I had hunted/pecked with one finger on the touch. On the BB 9700 I used a thumbnail and index finger. 50% faster. For that day, I switched to two fingers on the Touch and was about as fast. Your comment about the home computer keyboard only goes so far. If I could only use two fingers on my desktop, then a virtual keyboard wouldn't be a big downgrade. If I could use all 10 fingers on a BlackBerry, I would hate to switch to a virtual keyboard. But I got it down to thumbnail & index finger (BB) vs both index fingers on the Touch (and now the 4S) so it started to equalize for me.

I guess what's swaying me now is that RIM seems to have already put a dead-end on the 9900 series with their focus on the QNX/BBX phones, to the exclusion of all else. With either the BB9900 or the 4S, I'm stuck for 2 years on contract. After 2 years is up, I can see what's become of the BBX phones and maybe switch back to BB at that time. But after DevCon, I started worrying for the long-term viability of RIM.

Only a week on the 4S, I'm missing a few things from the BB world. The blinking red light notification. No bedside mode. You can't sort Notes alphabetically, only by date, which seems asinine. But the email experience is much better than my 9700. But the same vendor apps are better and more immersive on the iPhone. And typing has equalized for me now that I do two fingers on the virtual keyboard. I liked that iPhone 4S improved their camera vs BB downgrading the camera on the 9900. I work out of a home office, so I'm less concerned about battery life issues, which could be a bigger factor for others.

All in all, pluses and minuses on both sides.

Meanwhile, RIM's stock is at an all time low, and almost below its company value. RIM is an easy target for a hostile takeover now =/

I found the 1st positive aspect of the RIM exec mgmt team -

Takeover defense: 2 douche bag CEO'S ... Try getting them to agree on something ... Ya right. The dual parachutes are enough to scare any potential acquirer away.

They just got a new customer here. Tmobile wouldn't drop their price and i'm off contract so ATT here i come

I've been eligible for an upgrade since late August, so it's about time I upgraded to the 9900! All the reviews have been such a tease, it'll be good to get my hands on my own!

Any idea what off contract pricing will be for the 9900? I plan on buying it outright and using my upgrade later on for BBX.

I would hope this means T-mobile will drop their 9900 price down to compete with ATT. $199 on contract; $499 off-contract. We'll see.

I'm surprised RIM isn't giving away a Playbook or two with every phone order. Hopefully these will all run BB7 or they're going to be relics pretty quickly.

I think I'll still wait & see how the 9900 fairs with AT&T, them waiting this long just seems fishy, makes me wonder if they've done something, like added something to deactivate bridge browsing or something. I think I still have some time yet on my contract so I guess I'll still hang onto my 9700 but keep the 9900 in my sights for now.

Kinda just waited a little too long for me, I've decided to pick up a 4S on Saturday. But my dad will be getting a 9360 on the 20th :)

Better late than never.
Are you watching US Cellular? Everyone else has the new Bold now. Everyone but you.
Are you really expecting us to be content with just the 9650 and 9350 to choose from?

Better late than never.
Are you watching US Cellular? Everyone else has the new Bold now. Everyone but you.
Are you really expecting us to be content with just the 9650 and 9350 to choose from?

Niceee +10

On a side note

Yea they waited tooo long it will be shelfed sooner than normal by something new and it wont be able to update I am sure.

RIM is blowing

if it would have came out when it was suppose to come out then I would be really the long wait has me debating on what to get since a lot of good phone coming out now.

I would have been happy if it came out when it was supposed too, yeah thats over a year ago. This is the first upgrade RIM has put out for the 9000 in 3 YEARS!

took at&t long enough but im so glad that it is going to here in just a few short 4 days! so excited to have this in my pocket :D

The positives features with the bold9900 far outweigh the negatives (re:lack of current apps compatible). I highly recommend not to use the BB task manager function to switch to the new phone. It transfers all old apps that MAY mess things up.

you have the option to only transfer data (contacts, emails, texts, etc.) and not 3rd party apps.

I used the Device manager to switch and everything was fine.

The new Bold comes with facebook, twitter, Youtube and a lot of other basic apps pre-loaded so its not a problem.

With the price points of other available phones it is really hard to justify spending $200 on contract for a phone running an OS that is being replaced in the next 6 months, has a fixed focus camera, and has very little in the way of 3rd party developer support.

RIM needs to realize this is not 2009 and they are no longer top dog. If they are going to gain any sort of market share back from their competitors they are going to have to start enticing consumers with something worthwhile. If it isn't going to be in the device itself they have to start coming off their price. the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket are releasing the same day...I am sorry. I loved my Bolds...but this one is WAAAAY too late. RIM and AT&T are going to suffer in sales. Idiots

Just got the 9930 Verizon from Amazon for $ 99,00 so Bye Bye AT&T , you should take your customers seriously. 5 years customer.

Let's not forget that the Focus S and the Focus Flash will release the same day. The Focus S looks like a pretty awesome phone. Love my BB but they have some tough competition that day.

Also any word on outright pricing on these three phones?

This is a little too late for me. Had this happened a month ago, I'd be rocking the AT&T 9900... but after months and no word, I lost faith in RIM management and doubted that AT&T would ever carry the 9900, so I finally gave up hope and switched to an iPhone 4S. I'll see how the other half (third?) lives for 2 years, then reevaluate my options with regard to RIM vs Apple at that time. There are definitely things I'll miss from BlackBerry land, but I'm enjoying some of the new stuff on the iPhone side. Guess it will come down to how competitive RIM is in two years (if they're still around, which I was beginning to doubt) and whether or not I'm still missing those BB features.

My biggest regret now is that I opted for the 32GB iPhone and not the 64GB. Couldn't justify the extra $100 on top of the extra $100 that got me from 16GB to 32GB... but my thinking might have been shortsighted since a 64GB iPhone would have given me the freedom to sell my iPod Touch 64GB. I would have been able to replace two devices with one. Financially, that would have made sense, since I could have sold the Touch at a decent amount to offset upgrading to the 64GB 4S.

Good luck to the RIM devotees on AT&T who had the patience to last the few extra weeks longer than me. If not for that horrific DevCon fiasco, I'd probably still be with you. That was basically the last straw for me, the reason I finally bailed on RIM.

Certainly something to think about. But at this point, if I did swap out, I'd probably swap the 32GB iPhone for a 64GB iPhone. Do you know if the 30-day window is based upon ORDER date or SHIPPED date? I think I ordered it within hours after the DevCon flop-fest. Got it a week later, even though I was quoted the 21-28 day window.

I switched from a Blackberry Bold 9000 to an iphone 4 last year because of a faulty/buggy 9800 and have been eagerly waiting on something to bring me back. FINALLY!!! Every since I have had the iphone I have been constantly searching for an app that will give me what comes standard on the Blackberry. The iphone is awesome in what it does but for me a Blackberry does what I need. To each its own...

My reasons for leaving the iphone... The inability to only store 200 emails on a non-push account, not being able to access a call log in a call or have a call log that goes back more than a week, not being able put an attachment to an email without creating another email to send it, no profiles, BBM, the list goes on. The only thing that chaps my A@S about the Bold 9900 is the camera but ohh well... the other things out weigh it...

Sorry for the rant but bring on THE 9900!!!

Hi @jagr32,

Alex from RIM here. It’s good to have options, isn’t it? The new Bold 9900 rocks a QWERTY/touch screen combination, and is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet. The Torch 9860 provides a larger, all-touch screen that makes videos and photos really pop. Finally, the new Curve features the same BlackBerry 7 OS as the Bold, and it's one of the lightest BlackBerry devices ever. I’ve always been a big fan of the Bold form factor, but it really all comes down to preference.

Our Inside BlackBerry Blog has a lot more details on all of our new smartphones that will help you make your decision, so stop by when you get a chance:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I can't wait! Just ordered the charging pod and a Zagg screen. I'm ready for Sunday and ready to throw my 9700 against a brick wall.

its funny to me when people says "(insert verb here) you ATT, I went and bought a 9900 elsewhere and am using it on ATT anyway" To which ATT replies. So wait, you're using are data plan, and we didnt have to subsidize (lose money) upfront?
ATT: um, ok.

So kevein, when is the winner from the contest months ago going to be announced? You know, the one where we entered to win the 9900 when ATT announced a release date? I would love to have the 9900, let's make this happen kev! Haha

BB till I die the women holding the board at the front has a 'double negative' message. It says "unless you don't give us". That means she doesn't want them to give her the 9900! Make your mind up!!
Sorry for pointing that out, but I am English!!

I'm on Verizon and I am happy this phone is being released. Glad the at&t peeps can finally get your hands on one of these awesome devices.

Got tired of waiting and jumped ship last week to a 9930 on Verizon. Best BB ever. Congrats to all the AT&T folks who can now enjoy the 9900!

I just called at&t and they told me that they still don't know about the release of the BB Bold yet. They usually don't find out about it until the day that it releases. I also asked about the upgrade and they said depending on the contract at&t has w/BB, they can try to push the upgrade through. For example, my upgrade is in April and since its w/in six months of it, they can try to push the upgrade through. I asked if it would be better to call and order it (over the phone, they seem to help me out better) or go to the store. The agent said that she wasn't so sure. People are still waiting for their iphones and it would be about 28 days for them to receive it. She also stated that because of the contract they have w/apple, they are not allowed to push the upgrade.

Too late AT&T and RIM, got fed up waiting for this. My contract was up for renewal in June. In the end I got the iPhone 4S instead. Best decision I ever made!

apple said 50% of bb users are coming to apple with the ip4S so its no suprise to see some ppl here switched. Actually its very shocking to see SOOOO LITTLE switchers.

Maybe apple was over guessing? Maybe only 10-20% left BB.

I should have my new BOLD 9900 in a couple weeks. I can't wait! :D
My 9800 is mint and works great but I just want my BOLD 9000 experience back!