BlackBerry Bold 9900 now available from AT&T!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 6 Nov 2011 12:31 am EDT

If you've been patiently waiting for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to arrive on AT&T now is your moment. AT&T has now put the deivce up for sale on the AT&T website. As previously announced, you'll be looking at $199 with a new 2-year contract plus data plan to put a BlackBerry Bold 9900 in your hands but if contracts are not really your thing you can grab one for $550. If you're still on the fence -- check out our BlackBerry Bold 9900 review If you've already made up your mind and are getting one, then be sure to check out some new accessories for your device. Hit the source link below to get your BlackBerry Bold 9900 from AT&T and let us know in the comments if you're grabbing one!

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 now available from AT&T!


Yess!! Finally!! Too bad for daylight saving time fall back, it's extended my wait for an extra hour today !! :)

Wondering if AT&T employees will be surprised to see this crackberry head standing at the door waiting for the 9900 before they open at 10am :p Feels like xmas today!!

Nov6th 9900 owner & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Now do I cash in my upgrade or wait to see what the QNX phone brings to the table?!?! Gritting teeth trying to hold on to my Torch! Can't afford to give up the upgrade then pay full price. ARGH, this is killing me!

I have been holding on to my upgrade as well, while I am holding on to my Torch 9800. I wonder if ATT will soon offer it in White as well? QNX, how long before you arrive?

I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this phone. I hope my grandfathered in unlimited data won't be lost with this new upgrade. I still think they could have offered it a bit cheaper being that we have all waited so freakin long to get it.

I noticed that too "5 MP CAMERA
5 MP camera with built-in flash, autofocus, and 720p HD video recording. "

If it's true, that's awesome! But it's probably an error...

This device is just awesome. I've had my Bold 9930 for a while now and I like it more and more each day. All the BB goodies plus a great web and youtube experience. Really great.

Have the 9810 but still want this phone, miss the form factor of the Bold. Just need $550...

True. The Samsung GS2, and all the new Windows Phones are also $549. I guess it's the cost of doing bizness these days. :)

In the UK, the 9900 is £519.99 off contract at many retailers. The cheapest I've seen at stores is £489.99 which is extremely expensive. I consider myself lucky that I bought a 9900 for £386.

RIM recently reported that its overall blackberry shipments are down. The market share in the US is also down, maybe its because companies like AT&t haven't got the best phones they have to offer for sale. Hopefully with this announcement they will be able to sell more phones, it seems weird that the flagship wasn't for sale when it came out.

On AT&T's description it says: "5 MP CAMERA
5 MP camera with built-in flash, autofocus, and 720p HD video recording." auto focus added on or is it a mistake?

woooohooooo AT&T you finally made it!! yeah, meanwhile, a bit of typo. no AF on the bold 9900's camera.

Its tempting, but it makes me a little sad, I lost the excitement to buy it. Still rocking the Bold 9000, will be rocking it for a little longer than expected.
Definitely playing with a display units next time I pay my bill.

Get ready for this...

Important Information:
The following feature(s) on your account may not be compatible with the phone you have chosen:

o Data Unlimited for BlackBerry® Personal

We will NOT remove these features from your account.

Note: To avoid excessive charges, please log into or call Customer Care at 800-331-0500 after you've activated your new device to remove your current incompatible feature(s) and to add new compatible feature(s) to your account.

I just called AT&T to check on that. The enterprise account sales rep told me that because I have the unlimited BB data plan, I would be grandfathered in to a "compatible" unlimited BB data plan for the 9900.

I got burned when upgrading my old Cingular 3G laptop connect card which had an unlimited data plan to the 4G LTE Elevate device - there is no "compatible" unlimited data plan to be grandfathered into for the Elevate because it is a 4G device.

Interestingly, right now you can only get the 9900 either in the store or online, not via a phone sales rep.

so what does this mean for me7? ive had a 9900 since august and am an att subscriber... finally vvm? i was already off contract when i got my 9900... should i tell the i have it... will it matter?

Oh dear, you all guys have no idea how much I've been craving for this phone!!! I'm like the guy who sold his kidney for an iPhone! I'll have to buy it at full price but I don't have the money!!! :'(!! My Torchie 9800 needs an upgrade!

Finally all major carriers got the 9900.
@RIM make the hotspot feature happen. With hotspot on the 9900 will be truly awesome (almost, that damn battery and no autofocus...).

I talked to someone at ATT store yesterday, they said they will not, cannot sell one outright for 6 months? Can't even buy one even if you're willing to pay $549?? No upgrades available on any of my lines :-(

Forced to get a Torch last January because my 9000's trackball stopped working. Just spoke to AT&T customer care and they didn't have 9900's available to upgrade via telephone! It wasn't showing up in her inventory online and said to try back this afternoon or maybe tomorrow. I'm trying to do an early standard cross upgrade, so I will try my luck in an AT&T store and pray the Supervisor overides my early upgrade... *crosses fingers*

Well, what a complete waste of time. In-store would not do an early upgrade, said only Customer Care (via telephone) would be able to do it. No BOLD for me. ):

UPDATE: Finally got the BOLD 9900! Hoops have been jumped, and a lot of effort on Customer Care's part, but they made it happen. Great phone. Nice to be back with a BOLD. The TORCH sucked.

FUCK AT&T and I'm a long time customer of the bastards this is long overdue, they only pushed it back so that "ex-blackberry" users could go over to the iPhone 4S which is super overrated. They only had in mind "if other carriers are going to sell the iPhone 4S, lets at least have the most customers" selfish fuckers. Had they dropped the 9900 along with the new curve back in August with the 9810 (which i currently have) the Blackberry platform would have been a lot more successful on the carrier but of course AT&T being themselves are slow as shit when it comes to anything but Apple products. Do us all a favor stop boosting this fake ass "4G" aka HSPA+ bka 3.5G network speed and catch up with Verizon and their real LTE enabled 4G network. Oh here's a hint, try to be the first to sell the QNX Blackberry phones when they're available you have until next summer #LongLiveBB

Sitting outside the ATT store with quite a few people waiting for the store to open. They only got 4 at this store (Bold 9900) and this is a corporate store. Wow!

- finally I have my new Bold. I was the first one at the store and like usual fashion the salesman was not to sure about having the 9900. While I was waiting I took the time to set their tablets to : )

I have to say this new phone feels and performes great!

Now I'm nervous that there won't be enough in stock for when I go to my store today after I get of work. I also hope they waive the month I have yet to go on my contract eligibility. (In my past experience, they usually do that - heck, they are making a sale, they should!!)

This phone is amazing! I'm really nervous though. AT&T store did not have any Bold 9900 accessories neither did Best Buy. I ordered from Crackberry AND Amazon, but won't be here until Tuesday. This phone is deliciously light and sexy and sleek! And FAST!! Oh my gosh! Amazingly fast. I am so glad I waited. :D

Just go to a T-Mobile , Sprint or Verizon store. They all have the phone, and it is exactly the same except for branding, bloatware. The hardware is the same, so you should be able to find cases, screen protectors, etc. that will be 100% compatible with AT&Ts.

I went and bought and did I miss the bold keyboard style. I had the 9810 and just bought the 9900 and this is the best of BB so far in my opinion. A must have. Very responsive.....glad to be back.

What an awesome device! So handsome and classy. OS 7 is fast and fluid. Oh...and one more thing:

Best. Keyboard. Ever.

Worth the wait!

couple ATTs sold out around my area (Ohio) but had a rep sneak on under the counter for me. SOOO glad I finally have it.
Now what am I going to complain about....
gorgeous everything on this phone. camera has NO problems, if anything says different, they are not right.

Been waiting a long time for this.. tried to purchase from, but it goes straight to the premier store and when I go to check out its 299.99, although I'm at a full upgrade. If I go thru bestbuy mobile, I don't have the option to keep my unlimited data plan, my local ATT store only got one of these this morning. Should I be calling ATT at this point?

I went to two At&t stores, a radioshack, and a bestbuy. The At&t stores refused to sell it to me off contract because they said they only had a "limited" amount, and so they're only selling it to people on an upgrade or new contract. The Bestbuy and Radioshack just plain out didn't have it. FML -_-

Be careful, AT&T is full of surprises today.

They're advertising it for $199, but when my account rep placed some orders for me, they all came up as $299. Some local AT&T idiot is trying to say they are only $199 if you're signing a new agreement, not if you're using an eligible upgrade.

Let the battle begin.

My chat with an ATT rep about grandfathering my unlimited data plan. Oh, and an FYI: my friend just upgraded to the iPhone 4S and was able to keep his unlimited data. Clearly, the exchange below suggests they screwed me over, and I still don't have a Bold 9900 on order. (I replaced my name with "Customer")

Irene R.: May I know what page are you currently viewing?
Customer: I'm looking at the shopping cart
Customer: I added the phone, BlackBerry Bold 9900
Irene R.: Thank you.
Customer: It came in at $299, then subtracted the $100 rebate
Irene R.: Were you able to add data plan?
Customer: then I added the data plan, and the rebate disappeared
Customer: oh, and the data plan I have is not showing up as available, so I was advised by an ATT rep onthe phone to just choose the 2GB plan anc call to follow up so my current data plan is grandfathered
Irene R.: Are you having error when you are not the checkout page?
Customer: I havent attempted to check out because the rebate disappears.
Customer: There seem to be no errors anywhere
Customer: like I said - the repate just disappears,
Irene R.: Okay.
Irene R.: Thank you.
Irene R.: One moment please.
Irene R.: I am currently working to research your concern. Please hold and I will be right back with you within 2 to 3 minutes.
Irene R.: Thank you for waiting.
Irene R.: I advise you to please, add data plan, and click checkout.
Irene R.: We have not heard from you. Do you wish to continue the chat?
Irene R.: We still have not heard from you. Do you wish to continue the chat?
Customer: yes, please hold
Customer: I am checking out now
Irene R.: Okay.
Irene R.: Take your time Customer.
Irene R.: Let me know if you are done.
Irene R.: We have not heard from you. Do you wish to continue the chat?
Customer: yes please. The page is loading very slowly
Customer: I just noticed this pop up "Your order will remove an Unlimited Data Add-On plan which may not be available in the future. "
Irene R.: I do apologize for the inconvenience it may cause you.
Customer: can you please verify that my account will have the data package grandfathered?
Irene R.: Okay.
Irene R.: One moment please.
Irene R.: I am currently working to research your concern. Please hold and I will be right back with you within 2 to 3 minutes.
Irene R.: Thank you for waiting.
Irene R.: As I have checked your plan is updated.
Customer: does this mean that my plan will carry the grandfathered data plan? Or that my plan is updated to not have the unlimited data?
Irene R.: The plan is updated.
Customer: please tell me what it's updated to?
Customer: Also, I am not at the last page of the checkout process. The purchase still does not show the $100 rebate.
Customer: One-Time Charges Phone/Device BlackBerry(R) Bold(TM) 9900 $299.99 Services & Fees Upgrade Fee$18.00Monthly Charges Data Plan DataPro Personal 2GB for BlackBerry(R) for 4G Devices $25.00 Service Discount-$3.75Features Applications Sub-Total (One-Time) $317.99 Sub-Total (Monthly) $21.25
Irene R.: Will you able to add data plan to your cart?
Customer: I added the 2GB/mnth plan, like I was advised over the phone earlier today
Customer: so I added that
Customer: But like I was saying before, adding the data plan removed the $100 rebate, which says it applies to "eligible" data plans
Customer: $100 off BlackBerry® Bold(TM) 9900 after instant rebate with qualified voice and data plan. Additional restrictions apply. Certain promotions may not be combined. Through Premier, AT&T will provide you the best promotional prices available with your selections. View promotion terms and conditions.
Customer: but I tried different plans also, and regardless of what data plan I chose, the $100 rebate disappeared
Irene R.: I do apologize for the inconvenience it may cause you, since the rebate is not showing in your account, I advise you to please call Premier Support Center at 1-866-499-8008, Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST.
Irene R.: For further assistance with your concern.
Irene R.: Do you have any questions regarding the information we discussed today?
Customer: I spoke with someone from Premier Support before. They told me to call the upgrade center. The upgrade center told me that if I want the online rebate, I need to do the purchase online. Now you say I should call Premier Support again. Does this mean nobody can help me with this?
Customer: You also did not tell me what "The plan is updated" means.
Irene R.: I will be right with you.
Irene R.: I do apologize but you need to call this number to help you with you with your concern since the rebate is not showing in your account.
Irene R.: Do you have any questions regarding the information we discussed today?
Customer: You also did not tell me what "The plan is updated" means.
Irene R.: Your plan is FamilyTalk Nation 1400 with Rollover.
Customer: is it "updated" to no longer be eligible for the grandfathered plan? Or updated to make sure the data plan is grandfathered?
Irene R.: It is updated to no longer eligible for grandfatthered.
Customer: how can you do that? Who made that decision?
Customer: I have not upgraded my phone. I have not made any changes to my plan. So how was that done?
Irene R.: I advise you to please contact the number I provided to assist you further with your concern.
Irene R.: Do you have any questions regarding the information we discussed today?
Customer: Ok, so I've gone through all this just so that in the end: I lose my unlimited data, and I lose all this time for nothing?
Customer: Yes - my question is - how was my unlimited data plan "updated"? Did you do that? Did you "update" my data plan?
Irene R.: I do apologize for the inconvenience it may cause you Customer.
Customer: It's not an inconvenience. If you "updated" my plan to no longer be unlimited, you've caused me money
Irene R.: The agent of Premier support help you with your concern.
Customer: That's super helpful. So I lose my unlimited date through this "chat" and then you tell me to call someone else so they can fix this? Or not? How does this work?
Customer: This is the worst service ever
Irene R.: I do apologize Customer but we are not allowed to make any changes in your account.
Customer: So who "updated" my account so I no longer have unlimited data?
Customer: This is ridiculous.
Irene R.: As a chat support representative, our primary goal is to assist you navigate through your online account. I apologize if we cannot make any changes or process anything under your account since we are not allowed to do so.
Customer: So who "updated" my account so I no longer have unlimited data?
Customer: I had unlimited data this morning, and I don't have unlimited data now. When did that change, and how?
Irene R.: You need to contact the number I give you to assist you further.

Hey I contacted ATT about upgrading to 9900 and was told price of $299 not $199? This was thru enterprise business solutions phone upgrade department. I told them the price is supposed to be $199 after rebate. But he could not find any rebate? Told him to look online for price which he did and could see price of $199 but could not provide that price!
I was very persistent that the price should be $199! I asked for his supervisor who could see the $199 pricing too They ended up contacting ATT wireless PREIMER business! They did a confrence call and came back with a price of $199.00!!
So be persitent and ask for premeir support if you have difficulties with pricing!!

I was at the AT&T store at 11 am on the dot. I walked in and the first person that greeted me was the manager and she said oh let me make sure we're launching it and if we have it in stock.....REALLY?! Thankfully that had it in stock. Whatever I still like AT&T, I used to work there so I am loyal to them. But know what phones are launching ms. manager!!! On a better note, BEST BLACKBERRY EVER. PERIOD.

Too bad I had to use my upgrade already and was waiting for this for months. Pretty angry right now cause I'm stuck with a phone that I didn't want. >:-(