ATT Black Friday BlackBerry Savings! $99 8310 Curve!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Nov 2007 09:45 am EST

AT&T Black Friday Deals

* Update: Apparently you don't have to wait until Friday to take in the savings. According to the comments on this post, the $99 Curve pricing is already available (not on the AT&T website yet, so you will have to go into an outlet store or call customer service and talk nice!). *

The BG got the scoop on AT&T's upcoming Black Friday sale...and it looks promising for BlackBerry users! Select phones are 50% off after mail-in rebates on 2-year contracts. Here's the scoop:

  • Samsung a737 for $24.99
  • Sony Ericsson w580i for $24.99 
  • BlackBerry Curve 8310 for $99.99 
  • Pantech Duo for $99.99 
  • Motorola RAZR 2 V9 for $149.99

$99 for a BlackBerry 8310 smartphone seems like a NO-BRAINER to me. If you've been holding off on getting a new BlackBerry, this would be a good time to act! The sale starts Friday and will continue to next Sunday. The only real question left is one of color - do you go Red or Titanium??

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ATT Black Friday BlackBerry Savings! $99 8310 Curve!


My Verizon contract is up and was scheduled to get a new 8130 Pearl. But $99 Curve? and per BGR - the Pearl 2 just hit the FCC with WiFi and GPS. So do I wait for the Pearl 2, get the curve, or stick with Verizon Pearl? Verizon gets the best coverage, but locks the GPS.


...I'm in the same situation, but this is how I rationalize it. If I am going to put even $1 on anything I want I have to completely want it. Especially if I don't really need a phone right now. My contract is up on Black Friday (funny how that worked), but I don't really need a new phone until I see the exact one I want (CDMA Curve on Sprint).

Seems like the guy below who bought it for $99 disagrees.

guess we'll see who's right soon enough! if you turn out to be wrong you might want to look for another employer...they're keeping you out of the loop! :) hehehe

I just purchased a Crimson 8310 with that price drop, so I'll be visiting this site way more often. :)

On the front page the BB Curve is on sale for $74 bucks after rebate, plus the Curve comes with a Free Bluetooth headset, RIM carrying case, and car charger all for free! Jump on that great deal before it ends!

Go get it!! I have my 8310 Titanium from AT&T and it is $199 w/$100 mail in rebate NEW>>>>>>>>> no refurb!! Got it within 3 days and it is a great phone! The only thing is to buy it online. When it arrived, I called customer service for free to do what I needed to to customize my plan. It was really easy........The mail in rebate is easy to turn in, I just sent mine off with a delivery confirmation from the post office for $ sweat, then they can't say they never received your rebate materials (just keep a copy of everything you mail in, it protects you)