AT&T and Best Buy lower pricing on the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 12 Jul 2013 12:47 pm EDT

If you don't mind two-year contracts and are looking to pick up a BlackBerry Z10, Best Buy and AT&T are your best bets right now in the US. Through the AT&T website and corporate stores you can now pick up a BlackBerry Z10 for $99.99 or less if you make of their ongoing trade-in offers, that's down from their original pricing of $199. 

Not good enough? Head on over to Best Buy where they've reduced the pricing even further. $49.99 will get you either an AT&T version or a Verizon version with the Verizon version coming in white or black. A lot of folks didn't like the Z10 pricing at launch, what about now?

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AT&T and Best Buy lower pricing on the BlackBerry Z10


For 2 years though? I will pass.

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I'm not bothered by contracts. I'm happy with my service provider and have no plans to go anywhere so the 2 year deal doesn't bother me a bit.

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Better late than never. I'm a patient woman :). I'd rather wait for the right thing then rush something and it's all wrong.

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Well, I wouldn't be so optimistic just yet. BlackBerry didn't do this for the customers, they did it so that the US carriers wouldn't all together drop their product from their inventory like what happened with the storm, curve, and torch. If this doesn't help, these carriers WILL discontinue carrying BlackBerry in their stores.

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What a great price for a great phone. As BlackBerry fans we need to let the rest of the world know how great the phone is.

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Good, should get the Z10 in more hands now or at least get them to consider it at that price!

Seeing that we NEVER sell any of them, maybe one or two every couple months, it was time to drop the price. We'll see what happens now....

Great deal! Hope it will lure people to see how the Z10 is a great smart phone. What I also will help is having competent sales people.

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Maybe I'm missing something about the details or background of the article, but in my region of the country (North Carolina), the Z10 has been $99.99 with 2-yr contract on VZW since around when the Q10 came out. The Q10 is still $199.99, though.

Should help a little. Need some marketing too, still almost never see a BlackBerry ad.

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Right. In fact, judging from the comparative health of Amazon vs Best Buy, I'd say a lot, lot, lot fewer people like to buy from Best Buy than from Amazon.

Need sales people to push it more, most people don't even know it exists. Great phone but rubbish marketing.

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Hopefully this isn't just Best Buy and AT&T clearing excess inventory. Maybe they thought it was going to do better so they stocked up and now they are willing to cut profits just to get inventory back to a "normal" level.

Of course they are clearing out excess inventory...the A10 will be out later in the year, plus sales have not been that great here in the US. That's what Best Buy is doing and AT&T is doing it so they won't get stuck with a lot of phones they can't sell.

What they don't get is that those of us who purchased it when it first came out at $199 with a 2-year contract are now pissed. That is not good for those of us trying to stay with the BB brand. If they don't get it together now (after the PlayBook announcement regarding BB10), the company will not be around long in its present state. Plus, some loyal BB customers will defect to Apple (me included). I have had a BB since 2005 (8700c), but they have got to do better. OS updates should be controlled by BB just like Apple.

Why are you pissed that the price has dropped from the intro price of $199? Why would you be at all surprised? Every phone sales cycle does the same thing, it's not just BB. New phones are priced high upon introduction when excitement and demand are highest, and then gradually decrease in price over time. Samsungs, Nokias, BlackBerrys, whatever. Even Apple phones do it, although at a slower pace than other brands. As others have mentioned in these comments, it's part of the price you pay for being an early adopter of a tech product, but by now it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone whether they're buying a Z10, a Nokia Lumia 920, a tablet, or most any tech gadget you can think of. It's just how the industry's pricing system works. For reference, I'm considering buying a Q10, but I figure if I wait another 3-6 months then the current $199 price will probably have dropped by half or more.

The phone has only been out for about 4-5 months...that's why I'm pissed. Just like with the PlayBook...BB10 was promised for it and now it's not getting it. I sold my PB on eBay and went with a Kindle Fire HD. I'm much happier with it. The fact that BB cannot not get Hulu to allow BB devices access is ridiculous and shows just how app developers and web sites view BB. If you read the news much, the BB OS is losing steam along with the company. I am beginning to believe some of the analysts that the company's days (in its current state) are numbered.

And, yes, I am aware that phone prices are cyclical and how the industry works. However, the Bold 9900 was a great phone (in its time), but I don't remember the price for it dropping this quickly (or the Bold 9000). Best Buy and Amazon are lowering their prices for the Z10 this quickly for a reason.

Promotional discounts on devices are normal. And yes, the same thing happened with the 9900, I should know because I waited until the 9900 went on sale before I bought it. It was only released for a couple of months, then best buy had a temporary promotion on it and I got it for $99. Same with the Z10, I waited until someone had a sale, in this case, it was amazon who had a promotion in April so I got the Z10 for $99 as well. Nothing unusual, this is very common with every device except iPhone but even those are seeing promotions now. If you check the AT&T website, you'll see that the Z10 isn't the only phone temporarily on sale right now.

Not everyone wants to purchase from Best Buy. I have gotten other phones from Amazon at reduced prices. The iPhone 5 was released last September, so the new model is on the horizon for September/October...nothing new to this reduction.

Everything else notwithstanding, BB still needs to get their house in order. They keep falling further and further behind the curve.

As I stated earlier, I am aware of cyclical promotions, but that doesn't mean one cannot be pissed.

You got that phone for $99 on a promotion. There's nothing indicating this a promotion. This is likely a permanent price due to high stock and low sales.

Lol. This is definitely the new permanent price for the Z10. Unless of course BB can garner up some more steam for the device here in the states. Which we know for a fact won't happen cause shallow developers won't ever build for any platforms other than iOS and Android. I hate that developers have such power in the tech world, they're literally killing companies like BB and Windows mobile. Oh well I guess.

Good to see someone intelligent enough to "get it". Who gets pissed over something like that. That just is the way it is with any phone or any product. Get it first-pay the premium price. I did and NOT complaining. I got to use it for months ahead of those buying now! Jeeze.

Had mine since Feb and would have been pissed to wait this long and pay less. So not sure who you mean, besides maybe you?

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Every phone gets discounted later on, move on buddy or go use iPhone if you're not happy. You should be happy and persuade one of your family members to buy when it's that cheap. I decided to use BB10 from now on because I'm already adapted to it. But never iphone, maybe android or WP8, but BB10 being first choice.

Free society and public opinions and statements are mine and if someone doesn't agree with them, then too bad. They don't have to read them.

FYI...I am the only one in my family who will use a BB and I am trying to stay with the brand. It's getting harder as the years go by and they try to play catch-up.

I'm very concerned on the price reduction. What kind of a two year plan will be needed to cover the cost? Is BlackBerry doing so badly that price reduction is the only option?

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Well BB isn´t doing so great, but price reductions aren´t the strangest thing in the world. If I remember correctly not too long ago the iPhone 5 also had a price reduction. Sure they may not be in the exact same boat, but reading too much in to this makes little sense. Better spend that energy acquiring one of these devices, or if you already have one and i convinced it is worth the investment, convince other people to try it out. BB needs all the help it can get.

BlackBerry has 3 billion in the bank and the most advanced mobile platform in the universe. They are not doing badly. Anyone who says otherwise has bought into hype.

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Having $3B in the bank is good, but if you look at the stock price, not so good. From a high over $130 in 2008 to less than $10 today...and that's up from less than $7 recently.

"Hype" is a relative term.

If they're not doing badly how do explain 1. Four million less subscribers in the last quarter 2. Market share shrink 3. 50-75% price cut on a two year contract???

C'mon guys, the Z10 it's worth every $. And it's quite normal that the latest models to be pricier...

If i wasn't locked in my Sprint contract, I d leave right now for either the White or black Z10. :(

I have a feeling that in the fall i will find the A10 to be too big for my taste.

Sometime I think how it's possible that prices and plans we have in the UK are so much better than yours. British mobile market is a heaven when you compare it to US or Canadian. Hope prices you pay are fully acceptable for your family home budgets and you don't feed any telecom cartel in North America? BTW, I bought lately in London no contract 9320 for about $99 - use it for standard international calling O2 offers to us here for almost nothing.

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Yeah down here you can get distributor Z10s for USD500 2 years warranty. Q10 at USD600. Still them stores not budging on the USD750+ release price.

It is good news. They cut phone prices all the time with promotional deals. You'll notice it's still $199 on Verizon and AT&T so it's not like it's a fire sale. A couple of weeks ago I think I saw the GS4 down to like $99 at one time and the HTC One was down to like $49 so it's special offers. Also since it's the summer it's good to have those deals because back to school is coming up

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It is good news BlackBerry already sold the phone to the carriers... It's a carriers sale to get more subscribers, BlackBerry makes the same of the carriers sell it for 0 or for 150

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Given that Samsung has had to cut sales targets for the GS4 and offer incentives on it, I'd call it par for the course. If anything, it suggests that BB has gotten a clue and understands they need to market more aggressively.

Yeah I have learned my lesson being early adapter for BlackBerry after the PB and the z10. Also I like T Mobile no contract. Tired of AT&T Updates coming slow and then having bugs.

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Why do people act like a price drop is always bad. It's not a fire sale it's a promotional deal through Best Buy and AT&T.

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Having the Z10 for the past few months has been a very positive one. I'm now the proud owner of a Q10 though. My only gripes with the Z10 has been battery life. Good idea lowering the price. People who never considered BlackBerry may now be tempted to give it a try. It has enough going for it to create somekind of momentum.

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I dislike people that don't think.. this isn't a bad thing, BlackBerry isn't taking a hit in these, the sell the phones to the carriers and then the carriers make the price point.. the carriers will make there money back on the two year contract. BlackBerry gets the same money if the carriers sell the phone for 0$ or 199

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But if more people have a BlackBerry even if it is cheaper there gunna make income on the odd app and song they buy so better that it's a BlackBerry even if they make less on the phone sale.

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At this point I would recommend against buying the Z10 or Q10 on Verizon. My Z10 is on OS and all Verizon support can tell me is "updates are exciting" and "patience is a virtue"...they literally told me that. What a joke.

I believe you, I really do. But this platform is going NOWHERE if US customers have to resort to installing OS leaks to keep up with the rest of the world - a very small percentage of smartphone customers will put up with it. As it's a brand new platform, it doesn't bode well for the future. If T-Mobile can really improve their network in eastern Nebraska this will be my last phone with Verizon; if not this will be my last BlackBerry.

I use my Z10 at work (60-70 emails a day, bbm, browsing)...I never felt a need for an update. When it comes, great, but is the fact that I am still with OS 1.0 hindering me in any ways? Definitely not. Some people really don't have a life,

I can't access files via BlackBerry Link, can't use Skype and a whole host of other apps; not even Crackle which requires 10.0.10xxx. I don't have any BBM contacts (until cross platform BBM). If most people just needed email on their phones, BlackBerry wouldn't be in the predicament they are, so it's safe to assume your limited needs are a rarity for smartphone customers.

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I use my smartphone to email, bbm, txt, browse the web, schedule meetings, open and read pdf files, manage my calendar, take pictures and videos, follow the news and stock market....I'm sad to hear that you use your phone for Skype. So sad.

I just want to add that as a Project Manager overseeing 12 plus construction sites I find the Z10 great for multitasking. Other devices, well...lacking.

Don't worry, most of these kiddies think "using" a Smartphone is posting selfies in your new ironic big rim glasses, or watching family guy during class. Clueless meat-sockets.

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I agree. If one needs Skype and instagram in their sorry life they should have just went with one of the Android toys.

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Get yours a T-Mobile instead. Why lock yourself into both a 2 year phone contract and 2 year upgrade cycle??? T-Mobile has no contracts and they just came up with a new twice a year upgrade plan (which I admit I only heard about - haven't read up on it yet)

I dislike people that don't think.. this isn't a bad thing, BlackBerry isn't taking a hit in these, they sell the phones to the carriers and then the carriers make the price point.. the carriers will make there money back on the two year contract. BlackBerry gets the same money if the carriers sell the phone for 0$ or 199

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Sorry, I don't know how this happened but alot of the above comments weren't there when I typed this; must have had this article open awhile before responding. Ya bla1ze I know not everyone likes to buy from amazon but was just putting it out there for those who might want to.

btw; what would be different from buying amazon or best buy, both 3rd party retailers, no? just wondering.

If I read the trade-in deal at AT&T right, it only applies to their $200 phones. With the Z10 now lower than that, it is now not part if that deal. But the Q10 still is. .

When are they going to drop the price in Canada? My parents are both looking to get a z10. Anyone In Canada offering the same price? The z10 is a steal at $50 and it's a better phone then the outdated and old iPhone5.

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iPhones stay at $199.00 for their current device. Z10 just released less than six months ago selling for $99.00 should tell you's not selling. Period.

I hate to add insult to injury, but I have yet to see a Z10 or Q10 out in the wild in the San Francisco area. Very depressing.

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Black and white z10 from amazon for .01 cent 5 weeks ago. Plus verizons 37$ activation charges waived. Pretty sweet deal!!

Yep I can see the headlines now. BlackBerry Z10 sucks, that's why they lowered the price. The phone is dope just try it and you shall see. Rant over.

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Last time I was at Costco, it was priced at $49.99 as well.....that is with a 2yr contract with upgrade can't come soon enough!

I don't understand why people get so excited about the upfront cost of a phone on a contact. I'd be more concerned about the ongoing service and support that you will be locked into for 2 or more years. And given AT&T's and Verizon's current heal dragging on OS updates you should probably look elsewhere.

As far as iPhones holding firm on pricing; it's a myth. Over two years ago, my contract gave me two iPhone 4 devices for free, plus $200/ line credit. I.e., I was paid $400 to take 2 phones!

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About time. BlackBerry missed out on a lot of potential sales (including mines) by releasing the Z10 at such a high price. No matter how any cut it the Z10 just doesn't stack up with the $199 crowd. Now BB needs to step up the advertising.

Correction: Blackberry missed out on a bunch of sales with $150 less revenue that a marketing equation figured to be only beneficial right at this point.

First you capitalize on the first adopters who aren't as price sensitive. Then you lower and sweep the budget conscious, to put it simply.

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Really great price for an amazing device. Flick texting is so great, that I have trouble explaining now sweet it is because words aren't enough- you have to try it to appreciate it. Blackberry hit the mark with bb10, and things will only get better from here. Plus att rolled out 10.1 for z10 last week right? It came preloaded on my Q10.

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When is Rogers in Canada going to drop the price. Still $150 for 3 yrs for a z10 and $200 for 3 yrs for a q10. Come on Rogers. Give us a break.
If I was in the States I'd be snatching up the z10 for 2 yrs at $50-100 easily. Canadian carriers tick me off. Loving my z10 and my wife's loving here's. Still looking for the q10 for my daughter for the right price on contract.

Unfortunately, I do not think this is a good thing for BlackBerry margins...

And if carriers are taking losses on these sales, they will not be very enthused about the selling the A10.

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But I think it could be good for BB's margin overall. Right now if they don't sell phones they won't see any revenue or profit. There were able to grow their cash last quarter and almost break even. They need to get these phones out right now... so sell more and don't make as much profit - get it into the consumer's hands. Use that cash buffer. It's a great phone. Cause if they take another hit and continue to keep getting the perception that they're not going to be around.. then they will be dead.

Maybe next time instead of lowering the price, just include a $100 bill taped on the box.

It's all about getting products into consumer's hands, right?

Do people not realize that lowering the price from 200 down to 100 and even 50, is a reflection of the Z10's lack of success? Demand is low and as a result the price has decreased. I love my Q10 and hope revenues next quarter pick up.

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They need to get the apps. Nothing will turn around until they do. When they do everything will turn around. It's that simple.

No one says iOS is better, Android is better. They simply say it doesn't have the apps.

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The media seems to be heavily manipulated by the shorts... BlackBerry is only doing what must be done to compete. just look at its competition and all phones have been discounted. But the media here in the states spins it differently..

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consider one mine! I had been waiting, partially for 10.1 to be on AT&T (officially) and also trying to save $ to buy outright, but that's too good of a deal to pass up.

Wow lowering the price already on bb10 devices sounds like old school in order to make sales and not a huge profit for BlackBerry.

Once again BlackBerry will fall from grace with this tactic as not enough money to keep projects going and or keep existing ones on the move.

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Not being a techy person, never thought updating your phone OS would be an issue in a country like the USA. How it is a carrier issue is beyond me. If I did not get 10.1 OS update I would of probably dropped the phone. The 10.1 OS is such a great OS. Is it because the USA carriers want 10.2 OS to be a National download that's fine I guess. BlackBerry better promote the 10.2 OS and it's features and benefits like the way Apple does it ! It works in the USA.

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BlackBerry z10 on the latest leaked 10.1 is better than my IPhone 5. Took a while to get there but it is awesome

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This deal is perfect all those looking for a bargain getting the Z10 for this price is perfect!

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I got my z10 for free today. Was $99 and traded my phone in which gave me a $100 credit.. thus they offset. Awesome deal!

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I bought my Z10 for $99 from AT&T last month. It wasn't the trade in deal. I saw a deal on the website and was careful to read if there any strings attached. There wasn't.

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Bought the last two at my local best buy. The other best buys are down to either 1 or none.

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