AstraSync For BlackBerry Version 4.0 Now Available

By Bla1ze on 24 Nov 2009 01:39 pm EST
Astrasync for BlackBerry is a great solution for those who need two-way over-the-air synchronization of email, calendar and contact data with a Microsoft Exchange, MailSite Fusion, CommuniGate Pro, Zimbra, Scalix, FirstClass or Kerio MailServers and more. Their latest version, 4.0 is now available and has a ton of added features to it.
  • Support for HTML Email -You can now choose to display message content in HTML or Plain Text format.
  • Hotlinks in Messages- AstraSync now supports hotlinks in messages for telephone numbers, email addresses and website addresses. Hotlinks work in HTML and Plan Text modes.
  • Meeting Requests- You can now view meeting requests and decide whether to accept or decline the request.
  • Message Flags and Priority- AstraSync now supports the display and setting of message Flags. The message Priority is also displayed.
  • Message Multi-select- You can now select multiple messages in the message list and can perform a single operation on those messages (for example Move). Two modes are supported: Group-select to select a list of adjacent messages and Multi-select to select non-adjacent messages.
  • Brand new User Interface- All of the AstraSync screens have been updated with a brand new modern interface. The AstraSync configuration screens are now more consistent with the native BlackBerry Options screens.

Current Astrasync users are alerted automatically of updates, but if you are new to Astrasync and have a need for their service check em out.

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Reader comments

AstraSync For BlackBerry Version 4.0 Now Available


Just upgraded to 4 and have to say first impressions are good.

If you need an application to receive emails, contacts & tasks, then this is for you.

I know iPhone can use it's ONLY Exchange Server to access Gmail for mail, calendar and contacts, so can the Gmail settings be entered with this program and work just like an Exchange Server like iPhone can?

I just upgraded to the new version. It looks good, but it looks like they have some bugs to work out. It will only sync one day of mail regardless of the settings, it only downloads a portion of the message with no apparent way to see the rest, and enabling HTML support makes the body of every email in my inbox appear blank. I'm sure they'll get it worked out. It is a good product if any of you are looking to make your BlackBerry sync against an ActiveSync based system.

I think this sounds great, but one thing I'm not sure about. I use Gmail and it's worknig for me fine, but I'd love to be able to use this to keey gmail AND my google calendar synched. Can this be done with this? I looked at the site and it SEEMS you can, but I'm not sure.


Sorry to hear you are having issues, can you either post to our forum or open a case on our website and we can help get you past them.


Unless Google enable something fancy on their end to allow syncing of multiple calendars then the Exchange ActiveSync protocol AstraSync uses will only allow you to sync one calendar


Thanks for the quick reply. I just switched over from an iPhone, where I had the calendars and contacts syncing instantly through their exchange servers. And I was able to sync up to 5 calendars, where it was direct push and instantly changed as I changed it on my computer.

Great product though. If it ever could support multiple calendars, I'm definitely buying it.

I have Google App. How well does this work with that? Are the emails still sent to the native BB inbox? Is there true 2-way sync?

You can choose to use it in conjunction with the Google app to just sync your Gmail. It is true 2 way sync and emails arrive into the AstraSync mail client, which is designed to have the look and feel of the Native Client (RIM have tight restrictions on what you can do with respect to the native email inbox)

I set this up on my work account last night. My company is very email heavy and even today on a slow day - setting the sync to run every 5 mins I was at half battery life when I left the office. Granted- I could adjust my sync settings or remove tone it down during times I'm in the office but the battery drain was enough for me to remove the app for now.

Do you need to have sync services set up on your first class server for this to work? Or will it work without?