AstraSync Giveaway - 10 Free Copies To Be Won!

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2009 04:04 pm EST

The holiday season has put Rockliffe Systems in a very giving mood. They have decided to give away 10 copies of their popular application/service AstraSync 4.0. If you don't already know about AstraSync, its a tool that synchronizes your email, calender, contacts from mail services such as Exchange, FirstClass, and Google to your BlackBerry. Essentially, the service gives you all the benefits of BES on your BIS service. Then contest is simple. Register with AstraSync, download the trial version (you will be provided with OTA download link), and send message to from the refer a friend option in the main menu. Only one entry per person, multiple entries will be deleted. Contest ends December 24th and the winners will be notified by email in the new year. AstraSync is compatible with any BlackBerry running OS 4.2 or higher.

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Reader comments

AstraSync Giveaway - 10 Free Copies To Be Won!


I would love a copy of this, would probably make handling business matters that much easier!

I tried and really liked the trial but couldnt swing the cost ... would love to win!!!

since I have already tried the trial I cannot enter I guess

I wonder how many people are actually paying attention to the fact that they have to do something other than post pick me as a comment on the blog:D.

I signed up and it does look awesome. I'm glad to know that this even exists! Another form of advertising has drawn me to a new product.


Pretty cool!

So it's a pretty cool program to sync everything and although I'm still learning how to use it, do I just use this as my "Inbox" and hide / move my actual "Messages" folder?

This application looks awesome. It would be great to have the benefits of BES on BIS without paying the hefty fee for the service. Please sign me up for the contest, It would be great to have this for the holidays!