AstraSync for BlackBerry Updated To Version 4.1

By Ryan Blundell on 18 May 2010 08:12 am EDT

At the end of last year, I reviewed an interesting and exciting alternative to the BES Solution called AstraSync. The application offers OTA two-way synchronization of your contacts, calendar and email quickly and easily. A large number of servers are compatible with Exchange AstraSync, including; Open-Xchange, Google Sync, Gmail and CommuniGate Pro. AstraSync was recently updated to version 4.1, which offers some powerful features: 

  • Improved Performance and Responsiveness - AstraSync now carefully manages background tasks and processes to improve the responsiveness of the AstraSync user interface. Users can make their own adjustments using the new Performance Settings form under the AstraSync Options menu.
  • New Storm Shortcut Bar - AstraSync now includes a touch screen Shortcut Bar on the message list and message viewer screens to improve ease of use for Storm owners. The Shortcut Bar provides quick access to common operations such as compose, file, reply and delete.
  • New Exchange AutoDiscover - AstraSync now supports Exchange AutoDiscover. If configured for your server, AutoDiscover automatically detects the name of your server and helps to make the initial setup faster and simpler.
  • New Pause Sync Option - You can now pause AstraSync in the middle of a sync operation. This is useful when synchronizing a large number of items or when the network connection is slow. This feature allows you to pause, continue other tasks and resume the sync later.
  • New Create Contact From Email - You can now add a new contact to your device contacts directly from an open email message in AstraSync.

Existing users are automatically notified of this update. If you are looking to benefit from AstraSync, check out their website.

Reader comments

AstraSync for BlackBerry Updated To Version 4.1


I've tried this software out extensively as an alternative for my users so we would not have to pay for BES. Now that BES express is available for free there is no need for this software and I wish it would just go away forever. It is buggy, slow, crashes often and just is a horrible alternative.

Yeah, I attempted to use this once too. Don't see the point now either. “Why Buy the Cow, When You Can Get the Milk for Free?” type of thing. If these guys were smart, they'd figure out a way to bring push email to BlackBerry users who are not on BIS. THAT is a niche market. (Cricket, Page Plus, Boost and Metro have a lot of users not using BIS) Just sayin'...

For those trashing the product, I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you. But for some of us, this is the only reasonably priced option out there. $15 - 20 extra a month for BES from AT&T, or less than $5 a month for astrasync. 3 months using it now and no problems. Works exactly as described. My 2 cents.

Upgraded a few hours ago. Running nicely. For those questioning why the need for this. Some of us don't have a bes and bis is blocked.

The upgrade runs nicely on my S2. Love the S2 menu bar. This is a great option for me since my company doesn't utilize BES and my IT department refuses to load BESX for whatever their ridiculous reasons. Bottom line...having options is a good thing.

i am trying to connect to a exchange mail server (my office email) and as a security policy my company has blocked BB from recieving emails. so the only way out for me is to use such applications. not my first choice though...