AstraSync 3.0.16 - Easily Connect To An ActiveSync Server

By Adam Zeis on 4 Jun 2009 03:52 pm EDT

AstraSync has just been updated to version 3.0.16 and includes some great features.  If you haven't heard of it before, Astrasync is a great piece of software that allows you to sync any BlackBerry device with an ActiveSync enabled server.  This allows for two-way synchronization of email, calendar and contact data without a BES, making it a great option for a small business on a budget, or and end-user looking to save money.  The calendar and contact data integrates directly with the device, but the email portion of AstraSync has it's own interface which you can custmoized to your needs.  All the options to tweak AtraSync to your liking are present as well.  Sync settings & schedule, server settings, multiple email options, alert options and more.  For more information, head over to where you can see all the latest updates and try out AstraSync for yourself.

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AstraSync 3.0.16 - Easily Connect To An ActiveSync Server


A while back I thought I read an article that BB was coming out with an app like this from app world. The article said it wouldn't be coming out offically for a while but would be coming. It had more features like GPS tracking too. I thought this would be great because i'm at college and my parents are traveling around the country so then we could both see what each others schedule looks like. Same goes for the girl friend. Any update on that?

I use this app every day. It works excellent! I think I pay $50 per year for the service. Much cheaper than BIS.

Spenchey, I know that there is an app with a GPS locater. It will show where somebody is at if they have it on their phone. Can't remember the name of it. I am sure you will see it in a serch. Good Luck.

well the point is you NEED BIS if you are VZW or Sprint and technically you are supposed to have it on ATT and tmobile though they cant enforce it and there ways around it thus you would need BIS in addition to astra sync

I've been using AstraSync ever since they started supporting Exchange 2003. They are constantly making updates and it works very well for me. I prefer to have my own personal BB instead of a company issued BB tied down to BES and other restrictions. With AstraSync I'm able to have my work inbox, calendar & contacts synced without having to think about it. They have additional improvements listed on their website that are on their roadmap for future releases.

We looked into AstraSync some time ago, and I checked this version out once again. Still has the same issues that makes it a no-go for our organization:
1. No HTML email
2. No syncing of folders or subfolders. Basically it only syncs your inbox. Emails sent from your BB are put in your sent box on the Exchange server, but mail in you sent box on the exchange server are not put on your BB.
3. Can not sync contact subfolders
4. $50/yr. price tag. Yes you get free software updates, but at $50/year they are not free. Seems like a high price point for an application this is still being developed.
5. No integration with BB email messages folder. All email comes into a separate file system.
6. No visual notification of emails received. - No red flash!
7. The list goes on....

All that being said, this is a product for many users. And they are promising to resolve most of these issues mentioned within the next several months, but I would still like to see a more robust product available to the BB community.

How does one get Astrasync to connect to your companies Exchange server? Basically, I have been running redirector on my office computer for sometime now because I own my BB and am not about to get another BB on BES from them. Redirector is a pain because I have to keep that pc on 24/7, and that pc is old and has a tendency to lock up especially when I travel for more than a month at a time. Anyone have any better documentation than what is on the Astasync site? Thanks

Turk54 - All valid points. For what I need AstraSync is a good solution. Could it be better, yes, but I'm still much happier using this product versus others. It's all about preference and what each user needs. I personally like having a separate inbox program for just work stuff.

lowfire - I used the redirector for a while as well. In order to connect to the Exchange server you will need to know the web address of the server, the domain, and a few other details. I'm not an IT person but I was able to figure it out for my company. If your company has Outlook Web Access you can usually piece together the information from there. Also, the support forum with AstraSync may be able to help as well.

Dont understand all the positive reviews here for Astrasync.

No Folder sync -
No Sent Items -
No Meeting Request support -
No Tasks
No Attachment uploads
Rubbish Support -

Suggest Peeps here look at NotifySync which provides these much needed features today.

Googling your username shows up a long list of comments and forum postings criticising AstraSync and telling people to try NotifySync instead. This can only lead to the conclusion that you work for them, of their reseller in the UK.