Assemble the BlackBerry Avengers!

Assemble the BlackBerry Avengers!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2012 04:17 pm EDT

This BBDoodle masterpiece is finally complete! It tooks us a couple of weeks to get all of the actors cast in the BlackBerry Avengers, but we got it done. Last week we asked CrackBerry Nation who should get the roll of Nick Fury, and after a lot of debate it was RIM's VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, who won the honor.  

So that's it... we can finally Assemble the BlackBerry Avengers! Look for us soon at a carrier store or BlackBerry 10 Jam near you!

Coming Soon... The BlackBerry Avengers starring:

  • BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins as Thor
  • CrackBerry Kevin as The Hulk
  • Bla1ze as Iron Man
  • Adam Zeis as Captain America
  • Michelle Haag as Black Widow
  • QNX Founder Dan Dodge as Hawkeye
  • RIM's VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders as Nick Fury

Reader comments

Assemble the BlackBerry Avengers!


how bout a direct warranty repair-exchange avenger so customers can easily contact rim instead of going through carrier.

i think we need the bb avengers now more than ever. the stock is dropping harder than thor's hammer ! we need BB10 ppl need to be wowed. if RIM dies i dont knwo where i would go :(

Wow - so PB games and this type of post is what we have to look forward to for the next 5 months while we wait BB10. :{

as much as i love blackberry this is kinda ridiculous. clearly shows blackberry has nothing to report on much lately besides games, themes and more games.

if the blackberry superheroes wasnt enough, we now get blackberry avengers.

If you love Blackberry so much you would be on sites like this every day and witnessing all the changes that are being reported on. To a lot of us this is a nice break in between all the news. Stop coming here or go hide in a corner until later this year if this kind of thing turns you off.

i am on here everyday actually. crackberry and berryreview are bookmarked. i own an iphone now and i dont have one iphone blog bookmarked. so yes i do see everything that gets reported on. i guess this is a nice break in between all the news about major execs jumping ship and the all time low stock. there is a reason why this inspiring photo was made, because blackberry still releases the curve with the same specs 3 years ago but now with a dedicated BBM button. Before you tell me to go crawl back into a hole or iphone blog, I am excited about BB10 and the reason why I have an iphone now is because the SIM I use cannot have BB data on it, hell it doesnt even have iphone data on it!

Well all this doom and gloom, unappreciation from you have GOT to STOP. Readers don't like to read about that. Just because you don't see anything positive doesn't mean everybody is the same. Lay off it, or keep the negativity to yourself for once.

Let's new BlackBerry product releases until the fall (maybe another Curve and a 4G PlayBook), stock price at neary an all-time low, apps we still don't see on OS 7 or PlayBook 2.0 with uncertainty on availability with BB10 AND two more reporting periods with nothing significant to report.

And you guys come up with this? Childish.

That is a half truth. Rim isn't doing all that bad. Think of the emerging markets and those that aren't in america that're thriving like new life.

Wow, I mean wow. Sometimes some of you blackberry fans make me sick. I can't believe that we have crackberry trying to make the wait worth wild and you guys are nagging. It is well known that a phone won't come out for several months and yes their seems to be more games than productive apps coming out for the playbook. You guys truly need a life. Your worst than the trolls. They at least support their platforms. This is just sad. Kevin and considerate please accept my apology on the behalf of crackberry nation. We seem to have some warts to be removed. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to while we wait. Some of us still exist that appreciate it.

Get a life nags

All the nags have a point. Look at iphone central, look at all the stuff they talk about, it makes this site underwhelming then toss in no black person not even obama as nick fury and this picture is full of whomp whomp. They didnt even state as to why each person was selected so even this cartoon idea was underwhelming. The truth is, i am iron-man, no the truth is bb isnt at the top and there are reasons for that. While this site doesnt control bb you must realize that for every you, there is someone else the exact opposite of you.

What you find great others will see suck, some things suck to them all day but they still keep going. Anyway i personally see nothing interesting about this pic it looks like a lame inside joke/drawing. Again, if you were on the iphone web os or droid forums would this picture inspire you....does it even really make any sense....

Here is the problem though. BlackBerry news is slow right now. Iphone always has something going on weather it be Iphone ipad I touch itunes Itv I doc ihome I this and I that. I wish RIM had that many products to talk about. So while RIM is trying to save face and their company what is expected by crackberry and considerate? They got ate up when they spoke about the competition. No news means they need to fill gaps. Maybe I was harsh with the wart stuff but man it gets old to see you guys complain all the time. It's one thing to complain about a feature on a phone but crackberry corny attempt to entertain us while RIM takes so long is just a perk. Newspapers start reporting on cats in trees. Crackberry does things to entertain. Yeah maybe not everybody is entertained butnwhats the point of bickering.

Stop the nagging guys. Wait until blackberry 10 comes out and let the judgements begin.

Come on ! As much as you like this " Blackberry Avengers" you must also realize that everybody does not. You are calling us "warts to be removed"!?? This sounds like Hitler or Stalin who wanted to remove certain people from society to keep it "clean" !! I really hope Crackberry doesn't apply your kind of thinking but keeps it open for all of us who like BB.

It's nice but I prefer to see one with only crackberry team and another separate one with only RIM employees. And I think using photoshop is better than cartoons. Please try one with real pictures
Good one though. And oh yeah don't bother about the trolls.