Asphalt 7: Heat, N.O.V.A. 3, and other great Gameloft titles now on BlackBerry PlayBook

Let's Golf! 3, Ice Age Village and a few others are now available on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Asphalt 7 on the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Simon Sage on 3 Apr 2013 12:21 pm EDT

Following its launch on BlackBerry 10, Asphalt 7: Heat, along with a bunch of other Gameloft offerings, is now available on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Joining the fast-paced racing game are N.O.V.A. 3, the pre-eminent sci-fi shooter, Let's Golf! 3, and Ice Age Village. Shark Dash lead the way onto PlayBook a few days earlier. All of these games have found their way to BlackBerry 10 already, but it's great to see that Gameloft continues to give the PlayBook some love too. 

It will be interesting to see how the selection of games and other apps pans out between PlayBook and BB10 devices. As is, they exist as two separate BlackBerry Worlds, but with any luck, we'll see that PlayBook upgrade to BB10 sooner than later. One can only wonder what will happen to PlayBook-specific purchases when that happens. Until then, PlayBook owners can grab all of these top-notch games at the links below. 

More information / download Asphalt 7: Heat for BlackBerry PlayBook
More information / download N.O.V.A. 3 for BlackBerry PlayBook
More information / download Shark Dash for BlackBerry PlayBook
More information / download Ice Age Village for BlackBerry PlayBook
More information / download Let's Golf! 3 for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Asphalt 7: Heat, N.O.V.A. 3, and other great Gameloft titles now on BlackBerry PlayBook


I wish people would stop spreading these "BlackBerry 10 needs 2 GB to run" rumours until we've seen how BlackBerry 10 runs on PlayBook.

Assuming this limitation is as ridiculous as assuming iOS needs 1GB to run because iPhone have has 1 GB. It also runs on devices with half the memory well.

i've said it befeore,,, i'll say it again,,, there are already PlayBooks in the wild running PB10 w/ no issues,,, BB10 was born from the PB & its' kick-azz QNX OS...

Yes they're all listed separately, with "For PlayBook" added to titles.

I bought Nova 3 since it's temporarily $0.99 instead $4.99.

Ice Age Village and Let's Golf 3 are both free.

This is how you CB10, son!

I purchased asphalt 7 for the z10 and asked them to reimburse me. It's not like the PlayBook version or any other platforms version : laggy, slow, heats up the phone like hellmary!

Posted via CB10

I think it depends of how it's sent to the store, when a new app [update] is sent you can put that this supports both Z10 and PB, maybe on this way you can pay just one time xD.

i know. I have purchase apps on my pb. and I cant download it on my z10. and that sucks. having to pay twice for the same app.

This is untrue, you can download the apps you bought on Playbook as free on Z10 and vice versa (I have got so many of my apps free like this on Z10). But some developers choose to list them as separate titles on these devices and in that case you will have to pay them separately. It is same on any platform (it's all up to developers).

I had to pay for BeWeather again on the Z10 but that was from the Bold 9930 so I guess that's expected.

Great to see support for the PlayBook, but I have very big doubts that bb10 will ever make it to the PlayBook. I love mine and hope I'm wrong, but there has been little to no news beyond the news we got right after the UK launch.

Posted via CB10

Mr. Heins himself has stated that the PlayBook will in fact receive BB10. I really don't think 2 gb is necessary to run it, and keep in mind that the handheld version has to have a phone "app" running indefinitely in the background. In addition, the processor has to manage the radio as well, so for all we know the guys in Waterloo may be able to make the PlayBook version much more refined instead of simply a larger handheld version. Remember that the company is trying to offer a useful user experience for all of their devices (how many iPad owners have said that it's basically a larger version of their iPhones?)

Posted via CB10

Glad to see they haven't forgotten about the PlayBook. Gameloft has been great with supporting BBRY from the early QNX days.

Posted via CB10

It socks that these were free at some point before the US release. I just don't want em because of that.

Posted via CB10

There are items that I have in my BlackBerry world as not installed on my z10 that I have only ever installed on my PlayBook. Is it truly two separate blackberry worlds?

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Since the playbook and z10 both run differant versions of an OS its only fair to have to buy the app twice if you want it on both devices. Its crazy to see so many people refuse to pay for something people have to spend alot of time on to produce. If you want alot a free apps blackberry is not for you...

99%of the time apps that aren't made in cascades work without any modification.

Posted via CB10

If you want developers to support your blackberry devices with quallity games and apps. You have to pay. The games gameloft produce are reasoably priced if you ask me. Some are cheaper than they could charge if not most of them. Can't wait to be able to afford to upgrade to my Z10 Q10 still undecided. Will prob end up being the Z10.

good news Simon,,, thanks,,, looks like i'll be hittin' the links,,, i wonder if it plays sound thru hdmi on the tube??? Modern Combat 2 doesn't,,, that'll look great on my new 50" plasma...

If you download all of these on your Z 10 I don't think there will be room for anything else lol. So glad I have a 64 gig PlayBook and I sure hope to see some BlackBerry10 devices with more room soon.