Ashley addresses the Crackberry Nation from CES 2012!

By Ashley Esqueda on 13 Jan 2012 02:57 pm EST

Hey guys, it's Ashley Esqueda, your Mobile Nations Monday Brief delegate. I took a tour of the RIM/BlackBerry booth this week at CES, and I've got some words to share about my experience there. As someone who's pretty skeptical of RIM, I feel oddly positive about 2012 for them. Check out the video so I can explain why!

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Ashley addresses the Crackberry Nation from CES 2012!


They really are great devices, maybe not for everyone, but kudos to you for checking them out and giving them a chance. Everywhere I go with my playbook people are always interested and come up to me like oohh what is that, where can I get one. So who knows, maybe with a little more exposure and rim heading on the right track with qnx devices, this might just be a come back year for them.

i get the point, and its all positive and woohoo, but it may jus be me, but if someone by their own admission has never used a BB, then says how bad it is, thats kinda silly. of course thats the same for any platform/device also.

also, you`ll love the multitasking, its jus like in OS1 ;)

Really ? By that line of thinking ... how bad is iOS ? I've never had a iPhone or iPod touch and dont plan to. Does that mean iOS sucks ? No, it just means its not what I want. There are SO many options out there that a single person couldn't possibly try em all.

Good on ya Ashley for trying out the BB and hope you like it ! Maybe we can convert you yet ;)

no that doesnt mean iOS sucks, but what im saying, is that if someone in the tech world/blogosphere is going to be shouting out their opinions when they know people watch their vids/podcasts/columns, then you`d expect them to have a base for their opinion. sadly ashley just said that isnt the case. if you havent owned something, then you dont really know what your talking about when you up/down talk it. its called professionalism. thats why bla1ze has an iPhone, a android and a BB, because he writes for all 3 MN sites and wants to do articles based on first hand experiences.

How is the multitasking different on 2.0 than 1.0. Whatever Ashley described in regards to multitasking was there on day one of launch.

Did she really try the Playbook after it was launched??

Sounds to me that your jealous that she is getting a free PB & BB. Ashley has been hard on BB (often rightfully so) so it is nice she is feeling some BB love.

So because she's willing to give it a chance that makes her a candidate for free RIM devices? If that's the case I'm willing to give Android, windows and iOS a chance.

They really are great devices, maybe not for everyone, but kudos to you for checking them out and giving them a chance. Everywhere I go with my playbook people are always interested and come up to me like oohh what is that, where can I get one. So who knows, maybe with a little more exposure and rim heading on the right track with qnx devices, this might just be a come back year for them.

Ash you sound like you're doing us a HUGE favour. Well, let me tell ya its not a big deal that you're trying bb devices and ppl are making a bigger deal out of it.

Actually it is a big deal. If you follow Tech at all BB has been getting a lot of bad press. When someone who has a voice and platform in the tech blog world is willing to give BB a shot, it is huge. If Ashley tries a BB she may not switch ( I really doubt she will) but she may see the appeal. As for PB and QNX, this could be some nice positive publicity which RIM could use.

OMG!!!! This is my favorite Crackberry video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley + Blackberry = Dream Come True

Whew... Better splash some cold water on me or something...

Ha, I anticipated more comments like this one. Ashley you won't regret it. You might not end up switching devices but I'll put my money on you'll own a Playbook after you get a taste of 2.0

Content aside, this was probably the best brief so far. It wasn't over the top, the enthusiasm was still there, and there wasn't a green frickin' eyeball thing staring at me from the background. Well done Ashley!

And no, I'm not saying this because of the RIM love or the other influences mentioned above...

Wow.... I have been missing the Mobile Nation brief... She is a cutie..

RIM hook her up....

*goes back to archived Mobile Nation briefs*

If this were star wars jedi mind tricks wouldn't be hard to do on you. Go to to get off, don't support poor journalism for a little line inbetween someones shirt

I am sure RIM is just scratching there heads thinking.. Is it that she just wants a free playbook and blackberry phone?

Because to evaluate I am sure Kevin could loan her one...

I wonder if I put on a tight shirt and ask RIM for BB devices they will give me some. Kind of a stupid rip on BB but you have never owned one before??? You want a playbook because all of a sudden you saw one and liked the multitasking with 2.0??? Guess what, I have had my Playbook since May and I have always been able to multitask! Maybe you should learn about the products BEFORE you rip on them. Just sayin.....

Stupid video? I think most people would disagree with you.

She wasn't the only person ripping on the PlayBook - it was widely given extremely poor review and impressions across the entire industry by many other famous tech bloggers/blogs. Even RIM admits that the PlayBook didn't meet expectation.

Also, it's very normal for tech journalists and tech blogs to be given products to use for review.. Even Obama said Steve Jobs gave him the iPad2 very very early, before it was even announced =P

Yes, a stupid video. And if you read a lot of the other comments they agree also. Someone who played with a BB for a few min at CES, then rips on BB, and now ASKS for some BB's to have in her collection. Stupid. I actually was given a Playbook back in May to review for a healthcare organization and I spent several weeks with it (and still own it). You don't review a product after seeing it for a few min. And her knowledge showed when she said she is amazed by the multitasking of 2.0. It's on the first Playbook!

Shotout 2 Ashely 4 trying out Blackberry...if u can come around many the way this the realist brief ever!!! Pls loose the green screen lol

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

So, a person in the tech reporting industry confesses to putting down a product she never used, but wants us to feel good about the fact that she is going to actually try the product before discussing it from now on… Well, while we're confessing things, I'd like to confess that from now on, I'll care even less about what she says than I did before. Unfortunately, that's not possible, as I couldn't care less if I tried.

Instead of starring at her um... shirt, try listening to what she said. She said she never owned a Blackberry phone, does not mean she never tried one. Tech reviewers get test models all the time. She also DID say she tried the PB at CES. So you are another commenter that didn't listen to what was said. And, I don't care what you say now, in the past, or future and I don't have to try.

Sorry, but pretty faces and low-cut shirts aren't distracting me. I stopped watching videos to see those kinds of things once I started seeing them in real life. Much preferred. Anyway, I digress. So, you're saying that she uses the products before she dismisses them, huh? Sorry. You're wrong. Perhaps you should re-watch the video. Pay special attention to the part when she says she had no intention of even stopping at the BlackBerry booth. Let that sink in: A journalist for the MOBILE Nations tech-blog decided she was going to completely skip a booth provided by a MOBILE tech provider at a trade show. She had time to play with the 50" Samsung TV, which, while cool, isn't exactly MOBILE. Sorry, but accepting biased reporting like this is why people are so misinformed.

I hope she gets the devices. She admits never ever having a device, yet she bashes them as if she was a long time, let down, user? Be serious.

But yeah, I really jope she gets them, even if just to have the right to complain.

Yet, I am confident OS2 will give pause to the constant bashing. :)

Welcome to the family in advance Ashley.

Apology accepted :D

I think it's good that she's giving it a go. Hopefully we get a positive BlackBerry newbie experience story. Maybe 1 or 2 update videos as she's spent time with both a phone and PB.

I thought it was a nice gesture that video.

"Guarded optimism about the Playbook and Blackberries"...."I haven't owned a Blackberry ever"...."I really love the multi-tasking"....."I'm making an effort to love Blackberry"

Oh and I want a bunch a free stuff.....Seriously, can't you afford to just go buy one like the rest of us? Write it off on your taxes! Your' cute and all, but come on Ashley. Really. Be a big girl and buy it yourself.



"You might recognize me by my ever present cleavage..."

What a stupid punt. Multitasking on the PB is new? lmao. And people wonder about the ignorant early reviews.

I the company then beg for freebies when you think it's cool. Wow, no shame. NEXT !

Like many of you, I am happy that a non-BlackBerry user seems open to trying out the Bold 9900. If for some reason RIM doesn't end up giving her a 9900 and a Playbook, I think Kevin at Crackberry needs to make sure she gets these things!

And if for some reason Kevin doesn't do it, I personally would be willing to donate $1 towards the crackberry fans here raising some $$$ to get her a 9900 and a Playbook. What do you people think?

Kevin, just let Ashley borrow your white 9900 for a while ;)
Good video, enjoyed it, hope you get to try out some blackberries!

ashley you can hdmi out and do something else on your playbook since day one. your always present plunging v-necks may get you some free devices but your clear lack of experience on the device does not get my respect.

I wrote off Ashley and her ugly attitude long ago. Never feel the need to watch GGG as a result . I'm a fair person so I watched this video. It was still kinda pathetic. Only when I hear that she has grown up will I care.