Asda team up with EE as their new mobile partner in the UK

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By James Richardson on 6 Sep 2013 09:31 am EDT

UK supermarket and MVNO Asda are switching mobile networks. Currently Asda uses the Vodafone network but that is all set to change now as they have struck a deal with EE. This sounds like a great move if you ask me as consumers who purchase a BlackBerry from Asda will have access to the UK's largest mobile network from late October. 

Asda stock a range of BlackBerry smartphones, from Curves and Bolds - up to the BlackBerry Z10 - so there are options for everyone. Since Orange and T-Mobile became one under the EE brand, customers automatically bounce off of whichever cell site has the best signal. This rocks - and I speak from experience.

So great news for Asda mobile customers - but not so great for Vodafone. 

Press Release

September London - EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company and the biggest and fastest network in the UK, has been chosen by Asda as the new network for its MVNO. As of late October, Asda Mobile customers will have access to EE's network which offers the best 2G and 3G coverage in the UK. 

The MVNO partnership builds on EE’s existing partnerships with Asda including white labelled in store WiFi across the supermarket’s retail estate, as well as mobile services to Asda’s colleague base.

Asda Mobile MVNO

Asda’s MVNO partnership with EE will enable Asda to deliver a new phase of growth to its Asda Mobile proposition, delivering market leading new services and great value propositions to its customers on the UK’s biggest network. EE has been selected based on the strength of its network, its strong industry reputation, and its flexible and technologically advanced MVNO platform.

Further detail will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Free in- store WiFi

Asda is working with EE to provide Public WiFi across its entire estate of over 568 Asda stores and their head office in Leeds. The free Asda branded service, which has already attracted nearly half a million sign-ups, was launched to make the shopping experience even more convenient for its customers.

In addition, EE has supplied 700 iPads to stores and depots around the country to help Asda colleagues handle administrative work quickly and easily leading to a better customer experience in store. It allows them to access internal apps and store planning from anywhere in the store and is supported by the WiFi in store. This has provided 7 hours back to store managers each week.

Asda sees Public WiFi as a reflection if its commitment to customer service innovation and is working with EE on further service enhancements.

Mark Ibbotson, Retail Director, Asda, said: “EE already provides excellent service to our customers and colleagues by providing free WiFi in store, and through our business to business contract. So this mobile partnership felt like the next logical step.

“Our decision to take our MVNO business to EE was driven by our ambition to further improve the experience for Asda Mobile customers, by taking advantage of a bigger and faster network, with first class network coverage – and offering even better value.”

Gerry McQuade, Chief Marketing Officer, Non-Consumer Mobile at EE, said: “By choosing the EE network, ASDA Mobile will guarantee its customers access to the UK’s biggest, best and fastest network. Our partnership with ASDA is a great example of how EE can provide integrated solutions that help businesses keep their colleagues and customers better connected, wherever they are.”


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Asda team up with EE as their new mobile partner in the UK


It will not impact EE prices at all as they are providing a white-label service and moreover it appears to be limited to their old 3g network.

Asda is owned by Wal-Mart so it is definitely good news all around. Let's hope more BB10 devices get into the hands of new customers!

Posted via CB10

Good for EE. The real question is when they are going to sort themselves out and get UMA working for BB10 devices.

This means that Asda mobile customers will have far better 3G coverage, but it also means that unfortunatley their 2G fallback will be EEs 1800Mhz instead of Vodafones 900Mhz, so be prepared to see a lot of the red SOS logo inside buildings...

For users who live in North Wales Vodafone are a much better choice due to coverage in the mountains. EE may be the biggest network but there not the best across the whole of the UK, their frequency doesn't carry the distances required.

Posted via CB10

What does this mean for BlackBerry? Since neither if these companies acknowledge it's existence.

Posted using my Z10STL100-2/