ASBISc Enterprises PLC to distribute BlackBerry smartphones in Ukraine

ASBISc Enterprises PLC to distribute BlackBerry smartphones in Ukraine
By DJ Reyes on 17 Dec 2013 07:16 am EST

More great news coming at you on the BlackBerry front today. We've already heard that Peugeot Citroen will be supplying 10,000 BlackBerry Z10s to their staff and sticking in the EMEA region we're going to Ukraine where ASBISc Enterprise have teamed up with BlackBerry to supply BlackBerry smartphones in the country. ASBISc Enterprise is an expert in the distribution of IT products and solutions in the EMEA region.

Initially, we'll see BlackBerry Z10 devices come to the market first, with others to follow. They will be sold unlocked too. This is certainly a step in the right direction and I hope to see more news like this to come about.

Press Release

December 17th 2013, Limassol (Cyprus) – ASBISc Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB), an expert in the distribution of IT products and solutions in EMEA emerging markets, has signed a distribution agreement with BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) to sell BlackBerry® smartphones in Ukraine.

ASBISc Enterprises PLC will offer a range of BlackBerry® 10 and BlackBerry OS smartphones in its sales channels in Ukraine.

“We are excited to offer our customers in Ukraine the premium quality and top level reliability embodied in BlackBerry® 10 smartphones, which will be supported with our highly proficient service and support,” said Mr Janis Kemers, EVP Sales & Marketing at ASBISc Enterprises PLC.

Mr Herve Liboureau, Managing Director for Western and Central Europe at BlackBerry commented, ”We are excited that ASBIS will be selling a portfolio of BlackBerry® smartphones, starting with the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone, further expanding BlackBerry’s reach across Eastern Europe and CIS countries.”

The range will initially begin with the launch the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone, which is now available from ASBISc Enterprises PLC. This is the first BlackBerry smartphone with the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system and features a responsive, fully touch-based design with a high-definition display. 

The BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone will be available unlocked from ASBIS, allowing to use the smartphone on any of the mobile carrier networks in Ukraine.  

About ASBISc Enterprises PLC
ASBISc Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB) is based in Cyprus and specializes in the distribution of IT products and solutions from worldwide leading manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Seagate, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo and Hitachi. The company has own subsidiaries in 29 countries, over than 1,700 employees and more than 32,000 active customers in 86 countries worldwide, and its revenue reached US$ 1,745 billion in 2012. For more information visit the company's website at

About BlackBerry 
A global leader in wireless innovation, BlackBerry® revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. BlackBerry is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ: BBRY) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: BB). For more information, visit

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ASBISc Enterprises PLC to distribute BlackBerry smartphones in Ukraine


How about BES 10 installations though.. how are those numbers coming along? Real curious, hope to find out in BlackBerry's next report!

The last report on BES10 installations was over 30,000. That was a few months ago. Its looking better and better for BBRY and BB10. Once again, BBRY wouldn't be BBRY without its fabulous High Quality Devices.

Thank you for your response. I believe that number, when reported, always included test installations. I am curious for the number of true installations, i.e. those being paid for. There lies the profit and is a better indication of the current strength of BES 10. But I do agree with you, BB10 devices are equally important.

Good news, however they need to time these messages right to continue to saturate the press with good news of BB. I don't want to see a month of goodness, and nothing else for 11 months.

Folks need to see the devices and the BES as true game and market changers.

Posted via CB10

LOL I was thinking the same thing. When the report stated it was very cost effective. Sure 10,000 phones for free! LOL Can't beat that.

Printers are dirt cheap, but the ink is expensive. Get them out the door and subscribed to BES and downloading apps and movies!

Posted via CB10 on Z30STA100-5/

So cool! I wasn't in Ukraine in Summer with my Z10 and sold people I met on what this phone could do. Problem was there was no distribution...This is good news! I sent the article to my contacts in Ukraine to let them know. :)

Posted via CB10

It is little consolation for the bad news about to be released! These units are not even sold yet.

Posted via CB10

And because of the spam I will never subscribe to your channel.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Stop spamming every article! Mods, please ban this guy! Or at least block this channel pin from being posted via the profanity filter.

Posted via my Z10

Always encouraging to hear news like this

Lilly's hand stitched Frankensteined Z30 Powered by

Nice to hear this. I'm from Ukraine and I already got Z10 for something like 300$. And I see on local Internet stores that demand for BlackBerry is growing steadily.

Posted via CB10

these companies keep climbing on board but no stock movement, you would figure things like this significant investment would at least cause a blip.

Almost nothing will significantly impact the stock price until after Friday's earnings report, or some sort of leak of information about the report.

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Finally someone will bring BB in normal way! MTS (local #2 carrier) promised to launch BB10 line of devices but BBOS7 devices from them are 2 times more expensive than in EU.

Continuing good news. No. They are not sold...YET. the istupid mentality of North America is not prevalent elsewhere on the planet. Sell? You can bet they will.

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So what is the difference between the US market and these markets? Why's BlackBerry struggling in the US? Collusion between Apple, Samsung and the carriers? Or sheer incompetence on Blackberry's part with its excrable marketing? A bit of both?

Hopefully this means that BlackBerry will bring both Cyrillic keyboards to the phone not just the one. It would be kind of as dumb as launching an app for the US that only runs on 10.2. Just saying.

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The difference between the markets over seas and the markets here in North America may be apps, pathetic as that is. Netflix and Instagram do not believe in BlackBerry so why should the other brainwashed iFollowers? Maybe you are right about Apple and Samsung to, how much did Apple and Samsung pay Netflix and it Instagram to say bullshit like "BlackBerry has no users so we won't make any money" yeah o.k Netcrap. Burn in hell and die.

Team BlackBerry

I hope BB/Asbis will be smart to organise advertising campaign in Ukraine. Otherwise, sales will be limited to corporate sector and small "hardcore" community of BB fans.
Z10 has been chosen due large stock unsold - probably? Q5 could be better choice to start with, in all three colors (50% premium for red one).

If you are looking for signs of change, please note.

"The range will initially begin with the launch the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone, which is now available from ASBISc Enterprises PLC."

Although it may seem like a small change, suggest it is not. The part about "now available" is significant. BB in the past would announce something like "available in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week of Q whatever". Between the whacky fiscal year they are on, and the vagueness of the release date, they confused a lot people and lost all of the bang from the initial message. lt made them look flaky and indifferent, these things matter, I hope it is a new rule!

"Baby Steps Bob, Baby Steps"


The bad news is that only one operator in Ukraine have 3g network. Unfortunately, this operator is not a BlackBerry partner and is not stored on the SIM card apn settings, and you can not use the mobile internet in his network. Operator- partner BlackBerry provides only edge.

Posted via CB10

With the presence of many Wi-Fi hot spots and prices going down as low as 1cent per ~8 MB data on cellular the only thing I'm still missing is Ukrainian localisation.

Posted via CB10

That's not true. We do have four 3G networks here in Ukraine and you can potentially use 3 of them(3Mob, Intertelecom and Peoplenet).
And as BB10 doesn't depend on BIS anymore, you can use it in 3Mob network flawlessly.

I'm a 3Mob consumer, and i can't use mobile internet with my Z10, because i can't edit apn settings.
With MTS sim-card apn is set up automatic, but connection speed is so ugly.

Hey, what we are talking about? There is no even Ukrainian language support for Z10, no user manual in Ukrainian... If someone from BB reading this forum here me: 33 languages including 2 Chinese and 2 Portugal this is a shame!

To add some language support there should be a market developed.
Chinese and Portuguese are primary languages for little bit less than 2 billion of potential customers while Ukrainian is like one for 20 millions. So no shame here, it's just a business.

He, he, my friend... I mentioned about Chineese and Portugal because they counted twice.
About the market size. Firstly, the population of Ukraine is not 20 millions. Secondly, BB OS 10 has support for example for Basque, Catalan, Galician, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian.
Do you realy think that this languages has more speakers than Ukrainian? Or market of Chroatia or Romania is larger then Ukrainian?

I have switched from BB, because I am tired to wait for my language support. And one more, with BB I fill no respect to me as to customer. For example, Apple even without having official sales in Ukraine had Ukrainian language support (GUI and keyboard). So, please, do not tell me about business models. We all can see how RIM business model works: it brought company to the grave.

OK, there are 2 variants of Chinese and Portuguese languages, isn't it? :) There is a significant difference between Portuguese Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
Not all of 44 millions of Ukrainians speaks Ukrainian.
I believe that market penetration level in Spain, Hungary and Romania differs from that in Ukraine.
As for OS X, it took Apple 6 years to introduce Ukrainian language in OS X :) First localization of OS X was made in Ukraine and was a custom hack for a system.
So common, when where will be a lot of devices on market and some significant number in Ukraine, Ukrainian language will appear in a list.

> Not all of 44 millions of Ukrainians speaks Ukrainian.
Not all Ukrainians live in Ukraine... See the demographic situation in Canada (btw, twice shame on you BB).

> I believe that market penetration level in Spain, Hungary and Romania differs from that > in Ukraine.

Yes, for sure. But what is the reason for this. Did BB come to Spain without Spanish language support???

> So common, when where will be a lot of devices on market and some significant number in Ukraine, Ukrainian language will appear in a list.

Ok, so you propose the following philosophy: "Here you are device we have and when you will buy enough we may be will do something for you". No way!

BB should propose me device which I would like to have.

So, you ignored my point about Chinese and Portuguese, ok :)
You added Canada to list of countries where Ukrainians are living, ok :)
Let's add 1 million more to 44 millions of Ukrainians. I'm sure that not all of 1.2 million of Canadians with Ukrainian origin speaks Ukrainian and consider it as a selling point.

You ignored my point about Apple started in Ukraine (unofficially, of course) without support for Ukrainian language. BB come to Spain with Spanish because there is 20% of US population which is Spanish native speakers, so Spanish language was just transferred from US.

I fully support the point that localization efforts for market where sales are weak shouldn't be in 1st priority.

> BB should propose me device which I would like to have.
So you shouldn't buy iPhone before iOS 6, isn't it?

No one is perfect at the beginning of their journey.
I believe if there will be a demand for it, BB will localize an interface.

4 Ukrainian letters in Cyrillic, which can be used from Cyrillic itself. As for manual they will print it, no rocket science

Posted via CB10

In order to get good user experience BB need to provide:
-- GUI translation
-- Keyboard + language dictionary for autocompleting and spellchecking.
Otherwise all strong sides (especially nice virtual keyboard) of BB are lost. And hence no chance to have good sales.

As for manual. First they should print the manual and then start to devices sell.

Good news is better than negative news. Sell and get those people hooked on blackberry! :)

Posted via CB10

Lack of Ukrainian language input on BB's is what holds off many (that I know) from delving into BB10 experience, even though they very much like the platform. Shouldn't be *that* difficult to bake-in at least Ukr language input and add dictionary, etc in future OS updates.

Yet when every attempt at contacting BlackBerry on the issue is met with complete silence... No indication whatsoever of any efforts to incorporate Ukrainian in future OS updates. BlackBerry's silence on the issue is almost deafening.