An array of Amiga games come to the BlackBerry PlayBook - time to reminisce

By James Richardson on 20 Sep 2012 05:00 am EDT

Remember the Commodore Amiga from the old days? If you are as old as me then you may well do. The good news for those of you that are lucky enough to own a BlackBerry PlayBook is that a bunch of Amiga games have arrived in BlackBerry App World over the last day or so. There looks to be about fifteen classics including Turrican, Xenon, Alien Breed, and several others, so if you fancy reminiscing then pop on over and get downloading.

I was more of a Spectrum kinda guy when I was a youngster so no video demonstrations for you on this occasion but our good man Zach may well hop on the bandwagon and review a few. In the meantime feel free to head on over to our forums and discuss the good old days with the rest of the CrackBerry Nation.

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An array of Amiga games come to the BlackBerry PlayBook - time to reminisce


There's some interesting symmetry between the Amiga and RIM, both very good, very specialized platforms that were in some ways ahead of their time, both berthed by engineers, both unable to execute or market, both left behind and starved for cash.

That said, I'd like to see Lemmings, or perhaps Blood Money. Maybe Shufflepuck Cafe. I did see Bard's Tale a few days ago, which was the first game I ever bought.

RIM isn't starved for cash and isn't selling over priced smartphones. Two completely different companies and time differences.

I wish Nintendo would enter the modern age and start pumping out NES and SNES games for tablets - officially - in the app store.

Cannon Fodder or Populous would be welcome additions though most of the games seem to be Team 17 or Rainbow Arts titles

If Monkey Island came out for the PB that might be what would tip me over the edge to get one - an all time favourite

Wow this brought a smile to my face...while the Amiga is long gone, these remain classics!

If anyone from Amiga sees this, please port some of the all time best games...don't get me wrong, the ones you started with are great, but we would love to (and be willing to pay for) more!!

- Shadow of the Beast 2
- Lemmings
- Cannon Fodder
- Sensible Soccer
- Flashback
- Speedball II
- Syndicate
- Elite
- Leander
- Worms!

Chaos Engine, Cannon Fodder, Speedball 2 & (SWOS) Sensible Soccer and I would quite literally cry with gratitude :) Pretty sure Speedball 2 made it to Android and so could be ported already?

This may sound stupid or far fetched. I had this dream that Blackberry and Nintendo aquired each other and developed a gaming console that ran on BB10. The eShop became part of Blackberry World and 3D was incorporated into the Playbook future models. What happened was the Wii U had failed and they needed a buyer and they merged with Blackberry and Mr. Heins and Iwata were the Dual CEOs. Very strange dream. Two markets that needed each other. Believe me, I used to be a Nintendo gamer way back, I have a PS3. This dream was just weird. In reality in constrast to having Amiga games on Playbook, the Playbook could be a tablet gaming device, plus use an existing BB smartphone as a controller via Bridge.