Arrêtez ce que vous faites et regardez ce françaises BlackBerry clip dès maintenant!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jun 2013 06:18 pm EDT

C'est vendredi. Ça a été une longue semaine. Je me bats contre un rhume ont donc été un peu sous le temps et dans une humeur grincheuse. Mais je viens de recevoir un email de Victor sur l'ancienne ligne de pointe de CrackBerry sur cette vidéo youtube il a trouvé que je n'avais jamais vu avant. Il a découvert la vidéo aujourd'hui la lecture de cet article sur le créateur de la vidéo, Marc Fischel. Dans la vidéo, Marc est le problème d'un Bold 9000 encore (la vidéo a augmenté en 2012), mais d'après l'article d'aujourd'hui, il s'agit d'utiliser un iPhone. Avec plus de 500.000 vues sur la vidéo, peut-être que BlackBerry devrait obtenir une Z10 ou Q10 dans ses mains afin qu'il puisse écrire une nouvelle chanson d'amour BlackBerry.

Quoi qu'il en soit, la vidéo m'a fait sourire, alors je poste en ce moment afin que vous puissiez avoir un sourire aussi. Profitez de votre week-end!


Kevin Michaluk

So how did I do on my french?! :)


Did you use Bing translate?

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Vraiment Kevin? C'était une très mauvaise traduction. Ouch.


I just happened to be in Montreal this weekend with family that is visiting and when I saw this article, it tripped me out because I thought that being here somehow rerouted the French version of Crackberry. Hahaha. I was freaking out. LOL.

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Haha I would've tripped out too bro

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Me too! I happened to be visiting a friend in Drummondville and I thought, wtf?!?

Anyway. My poor grade 10 french seemed to understand what you wrote Kevin, so kudos.

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yeah, we're full of surprises like that! LOL


All I bothered to learn in french class was

je ne sais pas comment parler francais

I know i wouldn't learn french in one semester -.-


Nice try, but still going to need practice ;) lot of sentence structure problems... Some makes no sense :p Vocabulary is good though and again, effort very appreciated! :D


That's cool Kevin !

As a french guy I read it twice, surprise it's in french wow !
Even if the translation is not perfect, I stop everything and I watch the clip!
If that was your goal, it succeed!



Eh bien you're fluency is acceptable. Tres bien monsieur

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tres bien?

Did I spell that right other than the lack of accents?


Oui only the accent are missing. :).

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Some errors but it's understainable. ;)


Ton français est super !! ;-D

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Not bad..... but, you're "under the weather" translation.... not great.
Couple of words that aren't used properly.
sentence structure is really what you need to work on! :)

Considering your not a francophone. Good job!


It translates on Google flawlessly!


I knew there was something wrong. It just didn't seem to make much sense.


Très bonne effort! C'est toujours une bonne chose quand on essaie de s'exprimer dans notre langue seconde. Google peut offrir des traductions passables. Mais je préfère le clavier multilingue du PlayBook. C'est une des forces les plus importants de l'appareil.
Je pouvais toujours bien parler le français. Mais l'écrire avec confiance était impossible. Avec le PlayBook je fais encore des fautes de grammaire et l'orthographe. Mais la qualité de mon écriture a amélioré assez que je ne suis plus trop timide pour essayer.


I hated french in school. Never could figure it out.


Yeah, it's like they have a different word for EVERYTHING!! (channeling Steve Martin)

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


English Please. :)

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Kevin Michaluk

Ok, since you asked....

"It's Friday. It's been a long week. I've been fighting a cold so have been a little under the weather and in a cranky mood. But I just received an email from Victor on the old CrackBerry tip line about this youtube video he found which I had never watched before. He discovered the video today reading this article about the creator of the video, Marc Fischel. In the video Marc is rocking a Bold 9000 still (the video went up in 2012), but according to today's article he's using an iPhone. With over 500,000 views on the video, maybe BlackBerry should get a Z10 or Q10 into his hands so he can write a new BlackBerry love song.
Anyways, the video made me smile, so I'm posting it right now so you can have a smile too. Enjoy your weekend!"


That's exactly what Google translated for me ;)


That's because it's exactly what Kevin put in to Google to get the French part! Haha

Nonetheless, appreciate the bilingualism!

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So, Kevin, no French immersion for you?

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The public school teaching French in western Canada is pretty awful.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'


Indeed (although in my case it was a private school). I remember when I had to correct the teacher during French course during my high school. Ah the memory.


Kevin is trolling on those that can't read French. Jajajaja!

El Platanero

You must be latino. Google translate won't convert jajajaja

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Kevin, did you set your BlackBerry Z10 keyboard to the second language as french and just swiped this post together?? if you did, that's cheating LOL!!!!



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That's what I do, lol.

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That's what I was thinking too. LOL.


Pas pire! J'adore ce que tu biens de faire Kevin!

Kevin, est-ce que tu connais des franco-manitobain?! Tu es né au Manitoba si je me trompe pas.

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*viens, pas bien! Hehe lol un petit typo!

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Wow,ca ma surpris que tu a écris en français. Je rêve ou quoi ?! :P bien fait.

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My head hurts...

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You need french lessons lol...Google translate isn't that great

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Some typos but well done

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Your French is horrible. ;-)

Kevin Michaluk

So let's say we put CrackBerry into more languages... do I have any volunteers in the house who'd volunteer to translate and write (local carriers, etc.)??  French, Spanish, German, etc. etc.


I can do both French and Spanish...
And your french isn't bad at all


BTW when I opened Crackberry and saw the first post I was like WTH what's going on in here, did activate so sort of translation option or something -_-'


Sounds interesting. I may be able to help you with Spanish. I'm in México.


I'm in México, if you want any help with spanish articles let me know.


Ik neem met veel plezier de Nederlandse vertalingen op mij, ter meerdere eer en glorie van BlackBerry gebruikers aller landen!

There, just volunteered to do the Dutch translations.

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I can help out with Italian translations.

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Je peux aussi aider en français !
J'ai cru que CB10 avait été piraté quand j'ai vu cet article :)
Nice one !

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I can translate to French :)

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El Platanero

I can do Spanish and Spanglish

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Tomas Carrillo

I'm Peruvian, and I could help with Spanish. My Spanish is neutral :P

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French or Arabic no problem !


French without a problem!

I'd love to help out!


Spanish would be no problem for me. Been bilingual my whole life and learning Japanese too :p

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Jumped out when I saw an article in french on CrackBerry, as I live in Québec. But in a good way!

Ça serait vraiment intéressant d'avoir une section en français avec les articles traduits. Je vais déjà plusieurs fois par jour sur CrackBerry et je me porterais volontiers à la traduction bénévolement.

It would be really interesting to have a section in french with translated articles. I'm already going on CrackBerry several times a day and would gladly volunteer for translations!

Et pour le français... c'est compréhensible mais ça demande un effort. ;)

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Au Québec ici aussi! Et ca serait vraiment intéressant que la communauté soit multilingue! Ya t'il des groupes BlackBerry francophones du Québec ?? Plein de gens sont volontaires pour la section française, et ce n'est pas de trop: bcp d'articles d'aide qui sont à traduire !!! On s'y lance ? Sujet dans le forum ??

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And french Spanish Japanese german

Send from a A10


Super idée, Kevin!
I'd be happy to help on the French side. Here's my contribution... Cheers from Mtl et bonjour à tous!

Arrêtez tout et visionnez plutôt ce clip français sur BlackBerry sur-le-champ!

Nous sommes vendredi. La semaine n’a pas été facile. Comme je lutte contre un rhume, je n’ai pas été au meilleur de ma forme et j’ai plutôt été d’humeur maussade. Victor vient cependant de me faire parvenir, par l’ancienne ligne d’information de CrackBerry, un courriel sur cette vidéo YouTube qu’il a dénichée et que je n’avais encore jamais vue. Il a découvert la vidéo aujourd’hui en lisant cet article sur l’auteur de la vidéo, Marc Fichel. Dans la vidéo, Marc se sert encore d’un Bold 9000 (il faut dire que la vidéo date de 2012) mais à en croire l’article, il semblerait qu’il se soit converti au iPhone. Comme cette vidéo a été visionnée à plus de 500 000 reprises, peut-être BlackBerry devrait-elle lui faire cadeau d’un Z10 ou d’un Q10 de sorte qu’il puisse écrire une nouvelle chanson d’amour dédiée à BlackBerry.
Quoi qu’il en soit, comme cette vidéo m’a fait sourire, je vous la présente sans plus tarder de sorte qu’elle puisse, vous aussi, vous mettre de bonne humeur. Bonne fin de semaine à tous!


Now that's a perfect translation! :)

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I can do brazilian Portuguese :) I am, actually, a professional translator :)


I volunteer to do the Pig Latin part.

Ayoub Br

we got your back Kevin :D
BlackBerry fans are from Japan to US :D
I can help with french and Arabic ;)


I've done translation jobs from English to Spanish in the past, I also was a content editor at overclockers dot... I basically proof read articles. I even proof read my boss which works in the aerospace industry. I'm just very perfectionist... and that's probably the reason why I enjoy being a quality inspector. Sounds tempting but I can't do Voluntary jobs right now. Lack of time...

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Kevin I'm your man for english, french italian and german, the latter two native, so let's hang in there!!!

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I could do german if you like


Dis-donc Kevin, on savait que tu étais de Winnipeg, mais j'ignorais que tu étais plus précisément de Saint Boniface ;)

Seriously, you write much better in French than most of the people I meet here in BlackBerry City. Even those who claim they were in French immersion.

Félicitations ! :)


Bahahahaha! Nice one. Do u have any friends that can proof ur french? If so......

Kidding. It was nice to brush up a bit. Keep em comin'.

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Bon travail Kevin, I'm sure the trip at Montréal for the grand prix helped a bit :)

Peter Lee4

Could be cool to have a French version of the site based in Quebec!


I think it's fun to have articles in different languages when it applies to certain local populations, but then again, English will probably be understood by most...

Winnipeg actually has quite a large French speaking population. Nothing as large as what's found in Quebec of course, but still quite sizeable.


Your french is good

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Your french is good. Signed from a French Parisian living in Toronto

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Peter Lee4

Parts of it are ok,

But this makes no sense:

'peut-être que BlackBerry devrait obtenir une Z10 ou Q10 dans ses mains afin qu'il puisse écrire une nouvelle chanson d'amour BlackBerry.'

Translates to:

'Maybe Blackberry should obtain a Z10 or Q10 in his hands so that he can write a new Blackberry love song'


C'est la preuve qu'a Paris ils sont pas du tout capable d'écrire du bon français "correc"... Omar m'a tuer... you know...;-) I am not french native, but my french girlfriend manufacture 100% artisanale française De France tells me I write better french than the most french people... with all due respect...

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Alicia Erlich

Merci Beaucoup Kevin. Mais J'ai oublie ma francais. Je voudrais revenir a l'ecole pour la langue. At least I was able to translate most of it.

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It would actually be "ce clip BlackBerry français", but I won't call the grammar police.

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Better we leave the language police out of this....

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Yeah the OQLF causes enough of a headache for me daily. Crackberry is my safe space!

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From Google Translate: (*LOL*)
It's Friday. It's been a long week. I fight against a cold so have been a little under the weather and in a grumpy mood. But I just got an email from Victor on the old line CrackBerry tip on this youtube video he found that I had never seen before. He found the video today reading this article about the creator of the video, Marc Fischel. In the video, Mark is the problem of a Bold 9000 again (the video has increased in 2012), but after today's article, it is to use an iPhone. With more than 500,000 views on the video, maybe BlackBerry should get a Z10 or Q10 in his hands so he could write a new BlackBerry love song.

Anyway, the video made ​​me smile, so I post this time so that you can have a smile too. Enjoy your weekend!


Opened up CB site and was like wtf did I do with my browser now xD


I volunteer for Filipino

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Loool I was scared for a minute. I was like french??? Google or bing translation are not that bad.

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piko 72

Mon dieu ! Un article français sur CB.. j'ai tombé en bas de ma chaise !! Nice one :)

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piko 72

By the way, I'm from Montréal :)

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Moi aussi J'apprécie! Signé d'un franco Ontarien.

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Petite dedicase à la France sa fait plaisir car je pense que nous sommes plusieurs à suivre crackberry merci à Kevin et toute la team !!!!
I love crackberry !!!!

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What would be really interesting is to find out if anyone in that video is still on a BlackBerry device? Looked like all the females were rocking a BlackBerry. Be interesting to find out.

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For a second, I thought that crackberry had been hacked by 'anonymous'


Quelques petites fautes :) mais on comprend tout à fait.

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Lol not bad but some things don't really make sense in the French version of your article ^^

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Ok i not french nor want to be french or like reading french nor care to translate french.


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lol funny.Just listend to Kanye West leaked album Yeezus. Track 6 ''im in it'' First line goes ''damn your lips very soft, as I turn my blackberry off''

Peter Lee4

The song is totally awesome. Love it.



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Ok Kevin, my wife (who is a French teacher in Manitoba) "tried" to read your article. She had a really tough time not putting her fist through the screen while going though what you thought was an article in "French".

It's probably best that she not find out where you live! Otherwise you will get a French lesson you will not soon forget (ie: she will make you do it over until it's right!!!!) It works for her kids, so it should work on you.

I think she's planning on using your article in her high school class as an example of what's really wrong with online translators... Hope you don't mind!!!


One other thing is that Québec French is not the same as France French.


True! Very true! But even "I" know that it was neither!

She and I both had a LMAO moment after reading it... Sorry Kevin!

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Kevin Michaluk

That's awesome. She should totally use it as an example of that! :)


By the way Kevin, she has room in her tutoring schedule if you want to brush up on your French! LOL

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Hi Kevin,

The video in French was very interesting. As for the quality of your translation efforts, let's say there is ample room for improvement. Coming from someone involved in English/French technical standards, I professionally would tend to be rather picky on this matter. But let us not forget the fun of it all, improvements would permit you better appreciation for trips to Montreal, Quebec City or travelling to Europe while impressing the ladies, it is all a matter of choice. You have several volunteers for the French portion, so enjoy it all. rarsen enjoying his Z-10


Hon hon, oui oui, sacre bleu


Bobo Le Clune

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Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.


Lire cet article m'a donné un petit sourire. Je te donne A+ pour l'intention mais D pour avoir utilisé un engin de traduction. De retour à ton Bescherelle et ton Robert et Collins.

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I can do any language you want...

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Good job on the French Kevin! A little rough around the edges but pretty awesome to see a French article on here. I thought I was going crazy for a minute there lol

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C'est si bon! Ooh la la! ;-)

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)


Hey yo check it out son (kevin) I'm down wit dat ebonical s#!+ if ya need, ya ming....holla back playa

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Don't understand a word of what he was singing, but I like it.


''ce clip BlackBerry en français!!!


Really?!?!... WTF!!

Pas parler français ( using Navita Translation )

Follow Me on Twitter @mongezaurio


Pas parler français : sa sé kreyol (this is also kreyol -french patois)

Je ris très fort (lol)

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Jerale Hoard

Everyone should get the Navita Translator. It translated perfectly.

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Merci Kevin pour cette publication en français. Un petit clin d'oeil aux francophones qui sont, j'en suis sûr, nombreux à suivre CrackBerry. I'm following you everyday. Thanks. I really appreciate your work.

pat bis

Vous avez très bien fait ça... Depuis quand parlez-vous Français??? (French Canadian)




Finally! 6 years of taking French has paid off! :)

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6 years?? Two words:

Rosetta Stone. Très bien.


Vraiment cool Kevin d' avoir oser écrire ce post en français même si c' est une traduction. Tu as réussi à piquer la curiosité de plusieurs ! Nice Job. From Rosemère, Québec.

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Mr Gill

Bon travail, Kevin! Ces't parfait (presque)


Une très mauvaise traduction, mais bel essaie.

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Great post. Blame Canada. I am Canadian.


Excellent vidéo!
En effet un Q10 ou Z10 serait mieux, alors attendons la version 2.0 de ce clip


Terrible. Period. :)

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This clip had brought a complete disgrace on our french cultural exception.
Why are not Daft Punk, Air, or Woodkid doing a commercial with a Z10 in the hand ?


Quelle bonne idée Kevin!

It does not really matter if you use google to translate ;). From the perspective of a Québécois, it is highly appreciated.

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What the...?

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Marc Noel

Great job!!!!

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Pour la plupart c'ete correcte sauf quelques auxilliaires , j'amerais plus des article en francais avec ton niveau si elever ;)


Müssten Sie Übersetzung ins Deutsche? Ich konnte damit helfen.

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Yeah sure, ich bin mir ziemlich sicher dass das nicht gut kommt!

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In Deutsch, natürlich.
In German, of course.

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Love my Q10, best blackberry device with best of BlackBerry 10. Made my life so much more productive.

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Ik snap er niks van...


Kevin bravo pour ton article en français !! Ca nous fait très plaisir vraiment !!

Quand viens tu a Paris discuter BlackBerry avec nous ? Les membres de te recevront avec joie! (ou Adam ou bla1ze ou kris ou Alicia.... whoever...)

A bientôt


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Let me know if you need Indonesian translation

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Je suis..... err.... BlackBerry


Haha. That ain't french!

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What made me smile is your attempt to write in French :) it's very nice of you !

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What about us Russians and Ukrainians. Any articles coming with that translation?


When you guys asked what 10.2 should have, I answered for 4 contemporary languages setting in my awesome BlackBerry virtual keyboard!!! ;-)

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Kevin: I would give a mark of 7/10 but i give you one more point for this very nice effort!
Great to read you in French and please the whole French speaking Crackberry community!

jojo beaconsfield

I really liked it..Isn't BB the No.1 selling phone in France,right now?


I was surprised to read this article in French, the structure was a bit weird but understandable. Bravo Kevin ! I could do the translation for french and german !

Send from my lovely Z10 with English, French and german set as writing languages

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Falls noch jemand eine Übersetzung ins deutsche braucht, könnte ich das tun.

If someone does need a translation into german, I could do that.
Nice idea to get more languages on board...

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See Kevin! That's what you get for not using your Z10 to translate your sentence. There's a cool program called "Navita Translator" and it's ten times better than Google's. Thanks for sharing with us as usual. Now translate this " Bois beaucoup de jus d'orange et fais attention aux boissons froids."


Just the title made me grind my teeth.. Bonne fin de semaine !


There are a few mistakes. Nevertheless, it was still alright.
Let's start with the title; ''Arrêtez ce que vous faites et regardez cette vidéo de Blackberry en Français dès maintenant!'' would have been way better. :D


C'était du Français ?

Posted on CB 10, browsing on my Z10 and typing on my Q10


Merci pour la vidéo !
So are you doing like Serena Williams who accepted her Open Title in French (her coach is French and she learnt French recently)?

I'm not sure translating all the blog articles in other languages is possible in the long term, and it would also required localized forums and same for the shop...

I have to admit quite numerous French blogs are today specialized on translating nearly word for word the CB articles anyways ;-)


I can translate to Ebonics


What he said!

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jojo beaconsfield

What about Pollacks,I'm one ,Kevin are you too!!

jojo beaconsfield

I tried to delete that one , I hope I didn't offend anyone,after all I am polish!!!


Kevin, that's official : "Tu parles français comme une vache espagnole" !!!
One more thing we share, dude !

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Hilarious superfly_fr!


Bien fait Kevin, A+ pour l'effort!


Allez quoi! Il faut trouver un autre frenchie genre du fin fond de la petite Normandie qui ait le courage de nous pondre un autre clip de ce genre! Mdr.... si possible bien cuité après quelques verres de Calva ou d'Embuscade!!! Allez les Caennais!

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Bel effort mais le titre m'a sauté aux yeux. Un peu painible mais intéressant de voir sa langue maternelle dans un forum anglophone.

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