ARKick updated with tweaks and bug fixes

ARKick updated with tweaks and bug fixes
By DJ Reyes on 1 Sep 2014 12:37 pm EDT

Augmented Reality app ARKick only saw an update a couple of weeks ago, a big update at that but that doesn't stop the developer from working on improving the user experience. Our hands-on with ARKick v2.0 did raise some issues and the developer went straight to work to address the concerns made by users. This is always good to see, showing the developer and community working together to make apps better.

What's new in ARKick v2.0.3.1?

  • You can now view places in a 'List view' via button on the top right corner of the AR view
  • BlackBerry Maps integration
  • Revamped info page
  • Option available to directly call a place
  • Google Map view updated with Traffic Layer
  • Share ARKick option
  • Bug fixes

If you don't know what the app is all about, ARKick is an augmented reality app that allows you to discover venues around you. You can check out our hands-on review of ARKick v2.0 to see it in action. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices, it costs $2.99 but if you have downloaded it before, it's free to update.

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Reader comments

ARKick updated with tweaks and bug fixes


After the recent update, the app stops working. Are you guys posting reviews after trying it once? Or problem is only with my version

Same thing happened to me. The solution is to restart by holding down both the up and down volume keys at the same time until the phone reboots. The app worked fine for me after reboot!

Z-30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Try restarting your phone. Some users see a black screen in the AR view, this is due to the permissions not being given correctly- so a reinstall of ARKick with the permissions properly being given works sometimes as well.

Let me know if the issue is solved! :)

Been keeping an eye on this app but up until now have been holding off because of no BB Maps integration.
May have to take the plunge now.

Posted from my z10

Why are you being asked to purchase again? If you're using the same BlackBerry ID, you should not be asked to make another purchase.

DJ : That is a great picture you chose for this article.

It highlights why this app is useless for me. How is one supposed to navigate through and learn about a destination through a jumbled screen like that where everything is overlapped on top of everything else?

I have set the radius to the minimum value (1 km) and it still looks even more jumbled than the image for this article.

Until these ARKick guys fix this fatal flaw, it will remain useless for me.

And its a shame, since this app really does look great and has potential. Unfortunately, it has now been deleted it 3 times.

The overlapping occurs becoz there are lot of places in one particular direction usually all along a straight line, so we cant really help it.
To solve this issue, the app provides you with an option to delete the POIs from the ARView so that you can look at the POIs which are in the background. In addition to this, it also provides you with a list view which shows a list of all the places appearing in the ARView in the form of a list so there is no issue of overlapping. Also, you can easily navigate to the info page from the list view by just clicking on any places name.

It's one of the best BlackBerry developed apps out there. I really enjoy using it!
Thank you for the conscientious development! Appreciate your hard work!