ARKick for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - Check out their cool video demonstrating the app in action.

By James Richardson on 23 Sep 2013 12:48 pm EDT

The awesome augmented reality application ARKick has been updated bringing some new features and improvements. The ARKick team are extremely proud of their work and have put together the above video to demonstrate the power of the app. 

We took a look at ARKick a while back and I was certainly impressed - so it's great to see continued support from the developers. In fact, if you remember, the app launched first on BlackBerry 10 with other OS's to follow in October. The developers have supplied the following statement which goes to prove their faith in the platform. 

Many asked us this question, "Why BlackBerry 10 first?". The answer is simply, we feel ARKick utilising the newest Augmented Reality technology does 'keep you moving' (as is the principle of BlackBerry 10 as a platform) as it is a much more natural way of navigating in contrast to maps.  

New in ARKick version 1.1:  

  • Sidekick Engine upgraded to version 1.0.1 with more detailed contextual filters for better recommendations in Sidekick Mode.
  • More responsive UI.
  • Added miles/kilometers unit inter-conversion.
  • Added default radius input.
  • Enhanced info page for the Points of Interest.
  • Slight battery consumption optimization.
  • Z30 optimization.
  • Increased map area.
  • Minor bug fixes.

More information/Download ARKick for BlackBerry 10



Great to see an app development company believing in BlackBerry

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Marketing manager here......
Here is another reason the bb10 platform is the best.....
Now let's support the dev to show they made the right choice....
I am going to buy the app so they will make more app for bb10
.........lets spread the word for this app and purchase to show it off.......

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Already bought this app when it first came out. It is amazing, not only to me, but anyone who sees it. And when I tell them it's only available on BlackBerry they are impressed.


This app is great. You should install it and enjoy!

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I'm surprised the battery lasted until the end of the video....

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Haha. So the app kills the battery? That's unfortunate because I just bought it.

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Yea it drains mine quickly

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Looking forward to getting this update and see the difference, speed and lighter on the battery will certainly be welcomed!

Now hopefully the ARKick guys will be able to implement a search function, that would make the app infinitely more usable.


+1 Not being able to search limits my usage of it. Hopefully, the battery updates make a difference, as that was another reason I limited my usage of it.

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F*** instagram developers... ARkick developers are greater and much more open minded imo.

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Instagram is property of Facebook, and BBM Channels challenge too much the Facebook Pages.


Conflict of interests...


Just pure competition, where Zuckerberg is stronger right now (for that field).


I used ARKick in London and have used it a few other places. It is excellent. The only issue I've had is it works my Z10 hard which consumes a lot of battery and heats up the CPU. However, I use it sparingly when it is especially helpful and for that it works well.


Superb app.....also professional developers...keep moving guys...!!!


Great app, nice update and good to see developers with a clear head supporting BlackBerry 10!

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Great video. I think I'll get the app.

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I asked them to add the ability to find BBM contacts, like Wikitude does on legacy devices. Hopefully, they can add that.

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Ya even in rural towns/ areas it finds stuff which impressed me

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Great app but with the z10 battery it's not practical to use to long..

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Does this work in rural areas of England and Portugal? Anybody know? Thanks


Any comparison between this and a Wikitude app?

Saw on the forum that this uses Wikitude. Which seems odd, since they say they use a different AR engine.


Wikitude provides a toolkit to display Augmented Reality.
That toolkit is showcased by Wikitude, in the "Wikitude Places beta", to show what can be done with the toolkit (in that Places beta test, it is about fetching information in the Google Places database in a very clumsy way).

But the first real app that uses that toolkit for the first time, is ARKicks.
If you go to the Wikitude website, they have a huge banner about ARKicks.


Thanks for the clarification.

So, does that mean any Wikitude app will drain the battery?


BTW this is a great app


It's magical!

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doxa sub750T

Just bought it to support developer.


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Does it work in India.....

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Yes, I think it was developed there. Also it works internationally wherever Foursquare works.


Video looks like was made in India

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My favourite app on BlackBerry World! :D

Christopher Medrano

Quick, wake Kevin up. Time for another podcast!

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Just bought it. Love this.

Javid Gozalov

This video alone makes me want to purchase the app.

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nicky devriese

looks AMAZING,will buy this,so disappointed in blackberry


Just purchased this app. I'm looking forward to using it through my travels. #BB4life

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Nice app, but what about codepage , it shows ??? ?? ??? where should be text in Russian. I guess it is the same for other languages. Please add UTF8 support!


Bit the bullet, great job guys, frigging awesome!


I bought this right off the bat. Great app!


Hey guys, do you know if it works anywhere. I'm in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, and i would like to buy it, but i don't know if it works here.

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Yep, it works internationally. Wherever foursquare works.

R Field

Amazing app just bought it. Really cool. Built for BlackBerry 10 first :)

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BlackBerry management has Fairfax are playing dirty tricks under the table here.

The $9 target was set long time ago when the stock was trading at above $10 a share. Imagine when the stock price is $10, how can BBRY release buyout deal saying $9 a share?

So, the dirty tricks made this happen. The management leaked the rumor of layoff and inventory issue a week ago, then TH confirms it on Friday to drove the share price down. But it was just down to $8.50 which is not low enough for him to say selling the company at $9. So last weekend, BBRY purposely delays the BBM release saying a leaked version caused issue. This helps to drove share price further down on Monday.

Then in Monday afternoon, TH release $9 buyout LOI, saying Fairfax paying premium for this.

The whole thing is a dirty setup and conspiracy.

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I updated and it's amazing!

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Wow, my Z can do that.....i likey

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John de Gelder

Went an bought it as soon as I saw this! Way to support bb10, everyone should get it, if only to show apparition for this developer

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Leecarl Liwanag

I want to try this but, I'm in Cayman Islands. Is it working here? Any body?

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If foursquare works there the app will also work.

nasi goreng

Just bought it, amazing app, Thank you!

Serge Fisher

It doesn't support non-latin characters, so it's useless here, in Ukraine.

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