ARKick goes on sale just prior to version 2.0 being released

By James Richardson on 29 Mar 2014 05:38 am EDT

The popular augmented reality application from ReFocus Labs - ARKick, is currently on sale until April 3rd - just before they release version 2.0. Perfect for if you are in a unfamiliar town or city, the application will utilize the camera on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and show you points of interest around you. 

If you haven't yet tried ARKick it's pretty impressive and now maybe the perfect time to give it a go. If you missed our hands on video with the app you can catch up here

Press Release

Pune, India  – ARKick is going on a 33% sale for one week just ahead of the launch its second version. Version two of ARKick will be available as a free upgrade to current users.

ARKick is a Contextual Augmented Reality app. It helps users find the best places around them using contextual factors like weather, time, movement, temperature and popular personalized places through social networks. 

The update will add various features like a completely new native user interface built ground up for enhanced performance, traffic layer for the map, estimated time to the place, multiple category selection, quick shortcuts and it will be powered by version two of Sidekick Engine.  “The next version of ARKick will come with a much more detailed and increased contextual understanding apart from the UI enhancements,” says Shashwat Pradhan the co-founder of ReFocus Labs.

Currently exclusive to BlackBerry 10, ARKick will also be coming to iOS & Android in the April. 


ARKick for BlackBerry 10 is available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront for $1.99 (The sale will last till 3rd April)

More information/Download ARKick for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

ARKick goes on sale just prior to version 2.0 being released


What location database does this app use? What are the differences between Arkick and wikitude?

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This is one of those apps that has a lot of potential, and it's good to see the developers constantly improving it. I downloaded it a little while ago, and really like the view in Sidekick Mode. Unfortunately it failed to load details of the items clicked on. I contacted the developer, and they were really quick replying (which was nice) and they said this (and other things) would be fixed in the next update. Might be well worth while to grab this now while the price is right so that you've got it in your arsenal of apps when the updates come!

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I have the same problem. Select a location, and it just continually says "Loading...". I just contacted the developer as well.

I bought it when it first came out and have been stuck waiting for a useful update, I hope the new version capitalises on the apps potential because I do regret purchasing this app.

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Does it work outside the US? If so, how well?

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Yes it does work outside the US, and very well at that. I use it in the UK and it picks up things that I wouldn't even expect.

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Should make visiting Redmond and Seattle more fun. :-)

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I purchased on 10.1 but just didn't think it was for me, maybe too much battery consumption.

How is it on 10.2.1? Q10?

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Worked great last year until VZW Updates broke my compass. Now ARKick doesn't know which way is North!!

I hope they give us the ability to perform more refined searches. Sometimes, I know exactly what I am looking for but just don't know where it is and would like ARKick to help me pinpoint it. I also need a way to figure out what's what when the bubbles indicating a place are on top of each other. It's hard to select each of them.

Other than that, I love this application. I don't use it that much, as I am not in unfamiliar territory that often but, when I am, I cut this on and it's been very effective. Not always accurate but nothing is perfect.

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It's cool, but if you live in a big city with tons of restaurants and bars etc... then your screen gets filled with too many locations : they often overlap and it's not possible to select a location when it's covered over by another location in front of it.

You need to be able to dynamically decrease the search radius and be able to choose overlapping locations.

Hope v2 addresses this.

If they could fix this issue (where too many locations get

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I bought it and tried it, used it for fun while board, but from a practical standpoint it is way easier to just use the yellow pages app (in Canada) or Google with location based search on if you are looking for a specific type of place. The Arskick gets really busy in a city as suggested by another comment, but you can scale back the distance it covers. You can also delete/clear tags that are on top of others if you are trying to get to info for one behind another.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

This got me to load it back up to try again. Once you figure out to tap on the place bubble (in sidekick mode) and then tap the garbage to remove or the document to pull up the actual place details, it makes a lot more sense. It uses Foursquare for the locations, but it would work way better with the Yellow Pages Which offers very similar looking location based context info but with a lot more detail.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

No support for no latin characters like Greek. I contact them and told me that their sdk support only english but in the future will be utf 8 support. Greek names appear with ???? mark.