ARKick brings their contextual augmented reality app to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 14 Aug 2013 12:31 am EDT

I have always liked the idea of augmented reality apps, hold up your device and find cool stuff around you from places to eat right down to places to stay. I was a big fan of using Wikitude back in the day so when I saw ARKick in BlackBerry World I had to give it a go. The app is put together by Refocus Labs who has built the app for BlackBerry first instead of going Android or iOS and they've laid claim to being the first contextual augmented reality app. If you're not familiar with AR apps, maybe their description will help explain a bit further:

ARKick helps you find the best places around you using contextual factors like weather, time, temperature and also popular personalized places through social networks. Apart from showing places, the user can get information like time to reach the place, directions in a map view, an option to call, ratings and other essential information. 

Having used apps like ARKick before, I decided to see how it would compare to some other apps and I was honestly surprised as to how much information it was pulling in, even in my small neighborhood. The app is powered by the newly-launched Wikitude SDK for BlackBerry 10. To coincide with the launch, Wikitude has graduated their own Places app out of beta as well. The only real downside I can see in the app for some would be the pricing as it's currently set at $2.99.

That's a bit high for something you might not use all the time or just want to give a go of. We'll see if we can get a hands-on video up for you all shortly but if you're wanting to try it out already, ARKick is available now for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones through BlackBerry World.

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ARKick brings their contextual augmented reality app to BlackBerry 10


Guess wikitude should have worked harder to get their app out of beta status

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wikitude should already done this. Or I will have to buy other augmented app that I find interesting. Maybe this one.

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A few things to add to the story here. ARKick is actually really closely tied to Wikitude.

  • The app uses Wikitude's newly-launched BB10 SDK.
  • Wikitude Places just got out of beta today. 

I agree, $3 is less than I spend on my coffee st Starbucks. Supporting a BlackBerry first developer is very worthwhile.

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Think the AR will show the nearest outlet for my Battery Bundle? I remember Wikitude wearing out the battery on my 9900!

I sure enjoyed showing it off, will likely DL this one after a few reports from first adopters.

Thanks Bla1ze.

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I thought I'd try it and it looks very cool. I'm travelling next week, so I'll really see how useful it is. You're right though, it sucks battery life quickly. I dropped about 10% in about 3 minutes! Otherwise, very promising.

Killer app. Honoured that its a Blackberry 10 first app.
This is definitely the best 3$ I spent on an app ever. Thanks so much Blaze.

Wikitude should have already been out of beta by now. Shame. I lived it on my 9900. It's lacking here. I'm not sure if I'd spend $3 however the fact they created it for BlackBerry first speaks a little. That said, perhaps it's because BlackBerry is built better and has a better browser as well as strong in html5. Who knows. Kudos to the developer. I'll wait and see what others have to say. I'm not cheap, I'm just thrifty hah

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Love it! AR is growing fast! Bla1ze, would you consider being a source for my channel? I.e just emailing me whenever you hear something new particularly about BlackBerry but in general too?

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

Bought the app. Need more Devs to boost BlackBerry and give us the best apps for the best OS. Works well, and will be very useful for me. But 1 problem for me (as an American) is the distance is shown in Kilometers. Have not found a way to change it. Love my Miles lol.

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Same here, kms mean nothing to me. Has to be good old fashioned miles. I may wait for the update first.

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Awesome...need some improvements but it works great.. they bet for developing first in the BB10 platform, kudos to them!

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Works great in Toronto. Really like this app, seems to run smoother than the wiki app I had on my 9900.

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Im going to go to local businesses and show them this app, then ask if they can find it on their phones. Of which they won't be able to.

I just installed Wikitude Places. Works fine in France on my Q10.
Businesses are taken from Google Places based on your GPS location.

For those who tried Wikitude places Beta... it is a total revolution.

Still trying to see the differences with the Ar app.

Thanks for the support for BlackBerry ! Gonna buy this now to encourage the Dev! Keep the good work!

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I tried its sister app, Wikitude Places (they use the same Wikitude AR SDK), here in Manila. Although there are entries, they are usually very few as it seems most establishments are not maximizing their online presence, especially in Google. Given that, purchasing ARKick might not be a good idea for Manila-based users for now.

Still, has anyone from Manila tried ARKick? Comments on how it went for you?

Oh, seems I read the wrong information (or read the information wrongly, haha). In that case, that could work. :) ARKick would really be >>>>> Wikitude Places. :P