Argentina temporarily bans sale of BlackBerry Smartphones

By Adam Zeis on 28 Dec 2011 10:52 am EST

Argentina BlackBerry

Argentina is temporarily banning the sale of BlackBerry and Apple devices across the country. Sales of both devices make up 60% of the smartphone market in Argentina, however they have been banned since neither company currently has a plant in the country (unlike Nokia, Samsung, LG and Motorola). The ban was issued in hope of stabalizing the current bad economy being that there is a 20.48% tax on imported electronics, in addition to the regular 21% tax. The companies could avoid the ban either by building a plant in Argentina or finding a partner with which to sell their products.

Source: Phone Arena

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Argentina temporarily bans sale of BlackBerry Smartphones


They are attempting to stabilize their economy and create some jobs. It is desperation but not any more desperate than what any other country is trying to do to stop the negative decline.

In so called FREE economy and human rights that the WEST try to force down others, this is an irony itself. Where is so called rights activists we see on news when things like these happens in countries like India or Iran?

RIM invest 23 millon dollars for a plant in Argentina. I think that RIM have thr desesperation.
In fact only in this year in Argentina the operators sell 10 millons of smartphones in the country.

RIM now has a factory in Tierra del Fuego, the models assembled are 8520 and 9300, the assembly in Argentina allow the import of other models.

This is extortion pure and simple. But when it comes to international business, one man views it as extortion while another calls it smart business dealings.

Its their country. Unless you have Argentina citizenship- its really not your call what their government decides to do about cell phones.

Of course it's their country. No one disputes that. However, if you want to attract foreign investment and foster positive business relationships, this is not a smart way to do it. If Argentina wants global participation in providing products and services to their country/citizens, they had better be ready for some comments on how that participation is managed.

Why you said that? You think that i have to leave my country because BB have to put a plant here?
I´m from Argentina and I love my country.

true, but what's good for the Goose, is good for the Gander. Canada should make similar demands of Argentinian companies, if not a total product ban of Argentinian goods.
That'll stop that bullshot.

You don't think Canada does stuff like this?? Look at Wind Mobile, Telus, Rogers etc..... They are not allowed to have foreign ownership above a certain level. The folks at CRTC force CANCON on us so we get to listen to the latest hits from Streetheart and Trooper.

Radical protectionism like this never works. When their FDI plummets through the floor they'll lift this stupid ban.

This action by the Argentina government is a perfect example of a socialist/marxist regime that trys to control the economy through direct control.

There is NO country that has been successful in stabilizing their economy using command and control draconian tactics. Government's that practice this attempt to control the economy and their own people.

Obama is using executive order to control the things that congress won't support. These actions are not democratic and serve to impose the governments will much like Argentina.

You and I had the same thoughts. I could stock up on the devices and make a killing. Just have to find a way to smuggle in electronics.

Think it's a silly move on the Argentinian govts part. They would be better off giving incentives for RIM and Apple to build a plant versus a flat out ban.

I´m from Argentina.
If you live here and if you have to pay for the BB Torch $700 dollars you shure don´t think that.
In fact, I don´t think that you will have a BB here.


US$ or Canadian?

Are you aware of the difference in income between you and for example a person in another country?

BTW I paid 550 EUR xD
(way to much in my opionion)

Bad for the consumer and good for the country.

I wish the US government would implement something similar but they haven't figured out the difference between "Manufactured" and "Assembled" yet. Of course the US government hasn't figured out that taxing internet sales would help also but...

Mike & Jim, do nothing! Let their consumers complain to their government. Don't fall for that rubbish. Where will it end? Fiji will soon ban BlackBerrys if they don't get a plant too. Indonesia, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil?

Argentinians should complain and buy online instead. It's a global economy!

Flysersfan76, why do you subscribe to those protectionist ideas? They can't work in this modern world.

I'll wait a couple of months or so, then I'll show up off the coast of Argentina with a cargo of BB7 or BB10 devices for sale! Muhuhahaha!!!

Neighbouring countries will also benefit too! There will be a huge blackmarket for devices as Connor83 suggests.

Doesn't RIM have a plant in Brazil? :)

In an article I just read:
"Research In Motion, the BlackBerry maker is reportedly in talks with an existing plant in the country to ink a deal".

Read more: This is happening to Apple to. Sorry, my link might not show up totally--do a Google--it'll come up.

Personally, I think it's a way the Government takes control...I am neutral on my view on this--on the control aspect. Also the socialism talk in a few posts up above is pretty annoying. Sometimes if you factor in desperation like light of this country you might soften your view on applying this to socialism Apparently, there in talks to build a plant there. They might have a point. Anyway...remind me how socialism works the next time you get your mail out the mailbox or get your tax refund. ETC"....

This is what happens when you have a socialist system and a centralized economy. Vote Obama out next election or we'll have the same thing here.

As a socialist I find that comment ignorant and uninformed. Obama a socialist? For pete sake he all but gets on his knee's to give corporate amurka a blowjob. I want him impeached for letting corporations rape amurkans and allowing war criminals to parade around on fauxnews, but a socialist? Laughable.

Dispite it's true or not, RIM has a plant in Uruguay. Argentina and Uruguay are part of Mercosul. Basically anything produced within Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay are considered internal.. no Taxes applied...