Argentina to start manufacturing BlackBerry smartphones October 2011

By Michelle Haag on 20 Jul 2011 02:23 pm EDT
Bold 9900 Argentina

It looks like Malaysia isn't the only new country that will be producing BlackBerry smartphones. It was just announced that RIM has chosen Brightstar Corporation to manufacture new devices in Argentina. Based in Tierra del Fuego, Brightstar Corporation expects to begin production in October 2011 with shipments heading out later that same month. This is, of course, in addition to the other locations that already produce RIM devices.

Tierra del Fuego is no stranger to cell phone production. Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, and ZTE all have cell phone production facilities here, and Hewlett-Packard recently announced they will be manufacturing laptops there as well. Over 5 million cell phones were manufactured in Tierra del Fuego in 2010 and government forecasts suggest 8 million will be assembled and shipped this year.

Source: Brightstar

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Argentina to start manufacturing BlackBerry smartphones October 2011


RIM is definitely on the hunt for new production facilities. They must believe that the demand for their products will increase. That also makes me believe that they will start making top of the line (specs included) products that are comparable with the leading gadgets in the market. GOOD NEWS!

Waiting for those people who screamed like idiots in the announcement about the new facilities in Malaysia and blaming RIM for abandoning Canada and the US... LOL....

I don't think they are abandoning any existing manufacturing facilities, just adding more.
I'm a patriotic Canadian, but I think this is great news. It just makes good economic sense for RIM.

Then how are you a patriotic Canadian? What benefit does this offer Canada if RIM opens production facilities in Malaysia and Argentina? It doesn't matter if they don't "flat" out abandon existing US/Canadian facilities now, because within a years time, when they see that the public is eating up the Argentian-made phones and that the workers there are making less than $3 dollars a day versus $18 an hour plus benefits in Waterloo.

People need to stop foolishly pledging allegiance to multinational corporations when they will sell the rugs out from under their own citizens. And yes, only 15% of the Bold 9000's were made in Canada while the rest were made in Mexico and Czech Republic.

It makes great economic sense for RIM, but eventually will be bad for Canada just watch. People said the same about Apple moving manufacturing to Taiwan and Mainland china, and now, nearly all Apple manufacturing has moved out of the US.

The answer is simple. This keeps the prices of handsets down. That benefits anyone that buys them INCLUDING CANADIANS and it keeps RIM in business allowing it to maintain thousands of high paying jobs in programing and R&D in CANADA.

So what... It will STILL cost 3x as much to buy them down there. It is just a cheap excuse to increase profits on incomplete products. How about just considering what the open letters said and give what the customers want - not what the carriers do. #ShameOnYouRIM

AND... While we're at it... How about giving me a full discount trade-in for the Torch 2 since you are releasing the product that the Torch was supposed to be 6+ months later? #RIMRant

Good thing they aren't building them in China, thank goodness. So much intellectual property theft goes on there.

What's wrong with China? The iPhone's are made in China and look how solid their phones are. China has improved in the years. I used to be against phones Made in China. Not anymore. Motorola's are Made in China and their phones are solid. I rather RIM go with China than Mexico. Look at all the build quality issues RIM has with the BlackBerry's Made in Mexico.

My Bold 9700 is built in Mexico, and it's been solid for the 8 months I've had it. I know certain early builds from Mexico had issues, but not the newer ones.

This is probably some of the most exciting news BlackBerry enthusiasts could get. While Android is most certainly a competitor for RIM, it is hard to compare the production capacity of Android devices to that of RIM devices since so many manufacturers are behind Android.

A better company to compare RIM to is Apple, as they are similar in that they make their own mobile OS (without licensing, which HP seems to be planning with webOS), and keep production in-house. Apple definitely has more production capacity and is able to respond quickly to changes in the environment, whereas RIM cannot do a turn-around as easily in the face of changing demands from consumers.

To stay competitive, RIM is going to have to increase this capacity. Especially with the great news of RIM's growth worldwide it is imperative they build relationships locally by providing jobs and cutting operational costs down by having products made near their ultimate destinations.

Good job RIM!

I have a 9000 manufactured in Canada. 3 years and not a single problem. My friends have Hungarian, Mexican Blackberries, quality is different. Hungary is ok but Mexico is bad. I do not think that Malaysian or Argentinian phones will be good too.

RIM and other cellphone manufacturers aren't interested to make phones which will work for years. For them it is better to produce a phone which will work 1 year and then consumer will purchase a new one.

I think RIM should not make phones using unskilled cheap labor. Phones will be unreliable. But for RIM is it a large amount of profits, so I guess, they have already made their choice.

Is it just me, or does anyone else get super excited whenever they see a picture of the new bold?

On topic, I don't really care where they are built, as long as they maintain that super high quality BlackBerry feel.

Yes we should keep all production in Canada, imagine if Americans said that, Canada would be a total backwater with still about 10 million people. A small country like Canada lives off of trade and anyone suggestkng to keep all components of a large company like RIM all in Canada is just plain dumb.

I'm currently living in Argentina and what happens is the following: Argentina has trade balance problems and tries to solve them by blocking imports, trying to force companies to manufacture in the country. right now there are for example 40.000 in the customs depot of the main harbor not allowed to enter the country before the car importers start exporting whatever product for the same value (yes, sounds nuts, right?). I have a friend working for Lenovo that gave me quite some details of the productions in Tierra del fuego. What happens is that kits get assembled there. Blackberry is going to produce for example in Malaysia and then going to dismantle the product again into lets say three parts. This kit they send to Argentina where it gets put together again and where it receives the "made in Argentina" stamp. From here they might even export it to Brazil... To sum it up, this news doesn't have anything to do with growing production numbers but with fighting against loosing the market in Argentina because of the import problems!