Are you the winner of a free BlackBerry Q10 from Bell and CrackBerry?

BlackBerry Q10 line up!
By Michelle Haag on 7 May 2013 09:36 pm EDT

The contests never stop at CrackBerry, especially when we have hot new phones to give away! Last week we teamed up with Bell to give a lucky reader a brand new BlackBerry Q10, and it's time to announce who the chosen one is! Now, if you don't happen to see your name below, don't fret. There are always more contests just around the corner, and more opportunities to win free phones, accessories, and more!

The winner of the BlackBerry Q10 from Bell is:


Congratulations KSavvage! We'll be in touch soon to get your information and get that BlackBerry out to you. If you're a Canadian looking to score a new BlackBerry Q10, you're in luck because we have another contest underway right now! Head on over to the link below and get yourself entered.

Win a new BlackBerry Q10 from @RogersBuzz and!

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Are you the winner of a free BlackBerry Q10 from Bell and CrackBerry?


Congratulations. I was really hoping to win this one. Probably more upset about this loss more than others. I am a Bell customer, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to win. I appreciate the opportunity very much though. I'm a loyal BB fan, and I will remain faithful to my Z10 until I manage to get a Q10 lol.

Don't feel too bad. I've been with Bell since my first phone. I've changed my number twice and had the same number for the past 5 years. I have a bold 9900, not even a Z10. I want a Q10 as much as the next guy, but all I can keep doing is entering these contests. Better luck next time Sarvey. And congrats to the winner!


But Booooooo I never won for my my son who needs surgery at sick kids soon.

Oh well next contest I hope I can keep his dream alive.

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I'm from Aruba, Caribbean Island right beside Venezuela.. Would I get a chance to win something too??

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Wow. Never thought I'd actually win it.
Thank you Bell and Thank you CrackBerry.
This made my week!!!

*patiently awaits new Q10*

I currently use the Z10 but love the keyboard available on the Q10. There is such a classic BlackBerry look to the Q10 model. Great job again!

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