CrackBerry Asks: Are you using Picture Password?

By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2013 02:25 pm EST

All kinds of things are being uncovered in the OS leak (most of which we've listed out here). One of the coolest new features is Picture Password. It's nothing like we've seen on BlackBerry but it's really an awesome password option that has been received with open arms by users so far. 

Typically BlackBerry users were limited to a standard password unless using a third-party app with something like a pattern lock. BlackBerry recently added a simple password which gives users the option to go with a PIN-type password and using a simple on-screen keypad. OS 10.2.1 adds the new Picture Password and yet another option for keeping things locked up tight.

Picture Password asks you to choose a photo for you lock screen and then presents a grid of number on top. To unlock the device, you drag your number over a specific portion of the photo and boom, you're unlocked. You can choose any photo, any number any any area of the photo you'd like, making this option uber secure. The number grid changes each time, so even if someone looks right at your device while you unlock it, they won't be able to discern your actually password. You can tap anywhere on the grid to move it so you don't necessarily need to hold right on your number to do the trick. 

If you're running OS it's really worth trying out. Though it's not for everyone, it's a fun and totally secure way to keep you device safe and sound. 

Simple poll for this one - if you're on, are you using Picture Password? Yay or nay in the poll below then hit up the comments and let us know how it's working for you!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Asks: Are you using Picture Password?


Not running the OS, and honestly doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing like how it is implemented on windows.

actually i didn't like the picture password on windows 8 ...its much like pattern on Android,,, but this one is different and its really nice

The 'aesthetically' pleasing Windows picture password sacrifices security for looks, not something that should ever happen if a company is serious about security.

If someone watches you draw your 'password' with the Windows implementation then it is compromised.

With BlackBerry someone can watch you and have no idea how to reproduce it.

Posted via CB10

Damn straight. They'd have to watch you tens, possibly hundreds of times to figure it out for certain, and have a camera or photographic memory to boot.

Or I could just tell you that if you find my phone drag #1 into the Assassin's Creed symbol on Ezio's belt. I personally think the blackberry one is secure and visually pleasing, I showed it off to 3 of my friends with their faces practically pressed against my screen and they couldn't get it.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Seen ur signature thousands of times, OCD about that it should be, I like big blackberries and I CANNOT lie D: xD

Posted via CB10

I'd like to end the echo saying that when we refer to the company it's BlackBerrys not Blackberries, and grammar is poo >.<

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

It is a simpler - - and perhaps more effective -- implementation than the Windows one.

If you actually watch a Windows user once, you stand a pretty good chance of picking up which pattern they're using on their chosen photo. With the BB10 implementation, you could watch over my shoulder 50 times and still not pick up the code I've set.

Posted via CB10

By far the best password combination I've come across on any o's, considering you set it properly.

The Final Destination - 859 Portage ave, Clothing|Tobacconist|Tattoos - C00016D82

I tried it but my fat finger couldn't position the number properly. I gave up on it and went back to my fast text password.

Posted via CB10

You can put your " fat finger" anywhere on the screen and then move your number to your spot on the picture, no need to put it on the number as the OP said

Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!

Plus there are multiple instances of your number to line up...

As you can tell I like it very much, it's really ingenious

Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I spent 2 hours trying to figure out the picture lock and couldn't. Your comment made it clear and it works now!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

I didn't actually realize that at first and wonder if other people don't as well and have given up on it. I was initially placing my finger on the number I wanted and dragging it to the proper spot and thought gee that's pretty easy to figure out if someone watches you but then once I came to the realization I could put my finger anywhere on the screen saw the genius of it and have actually been showing people and seeing if they could figure out what I was doing, almost like a little game.

I suspect other people were doing what I did initially and gave up on it right away.

I had the same issue until someone pointed out that you don't need to have your finger on the actual number to move it into position. Since then, I love it and its super easy.

You're surprised? They are also getting rid of the up/down call screen because many people were completely unable to comprehend it.... so its no surprise people also look at this like its a grad school calculus problem.

I don't get it either, but that is the reality :/

"Clewley!!! We got sum more 'think points' ova heyah!"

I know, right! How inept do you have to be to not grasp the concept of swiping up to answer or down to ignore a phone call? It even had the animated green and red arrows to show you which way to swipe! I read a comment on the article about the new swipe and somebody literally said the up/down swipe was too confusing! LOL In what universe is swiping up/down more confusing than swiping left/right?

Unless you're that German guy that did a BB10 OS Run through a few months ago with the huge hands, I doubt your finger can cover the whole screen

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Some visual indicators are easy for people to guess if they watch you enter it in. Without a good visual indicator you tend to get the password wrong more often than right. I find it slight more secure than my long password if setup correctly.

Posted via CB10

I downgraded from 10.2.1 back to 10.2.0 because everything seemed a bit more glitchy for me. I was using picture password while I was on it, but for my use I think it needs to have a little more tolerance. I found myself frequently missing the mark by what must've been only a few pixels. Cool concept though; I hope they refine it for use really soon.

Had the same problem. Got the. "10 th attempt and your device will be wiped " message and promptly deleted the use of pic password. Although I love it and think it's the bees knees. I can't afford to wipe my device by being uncoordinated. Lol

Posted via CB10

I too entered it incorrectly 5 times in a row and received the warning that after 10 failed attempts the device would be wiped. That only happened when I was still trying to position the number my finger was over. Once I stopped being an idiot and grabbed the screen somewhere other than the number I picked it was much easier and I would get it right away about 50% of the time and have 1 or 2 failed attempts 50% of the time.

I think it stops at 5 only if you also have a device password set. Luckily, I did and overcame this problem.

Cool but it wouldn't let me set a picture password without having a device password first, the picture pads option was greyed out until I set a device password. Same with encryption.

Posted via CB10

I'm raving this option. The combination of ease (so fast ! + I don't have to "watch my back" anymore !) and efficient security is a dream come true. Wondering who would like to make the maths for the strength of the protection ... should be something based on [picture surface]/[drop areas number] and a 1 from 10 choice ... uhhh ... who's clever enough ?

I love it. It's elegant, easy, and surprisingly effective. One of those "moments of delight" that Heins used to go on about.

I'd normally prefer to stab myself in the eye than set a device password but works great for me.

Posted via CB10

Again, visual indicators are key to having success. Christmas tree with lights and bulbs is a great pic. Dark picture of a cat with only eyes showing is bad pic.

Posted via CB10

Definitely am. Took getting used to but worth it.

Some good discussion in the forums revealed the value and innovation here.

Try telling your friends that they can watch you unlock your phone three times in a row and then give it to them. No chance.

Then have them do the same to you. No problem.


Posted via CB10

Totally showing this to my good friend who was going on and on about how iPhone is the most secure because it has finger print scanner. LOL you can lift a finger print and hack it easily. I will bet 10 bucks he can't figure out my password even if I let him watch me 5 times in a row!

Posted via CB10

Works fantastically! I too had problems at first, but as mentioned above, don't put your finger on the number you're using, tap & hold somewhere else on the screen to move your number to it's proper location.
If only you could get rid of the "Emergency Call" button (I know it's law but....), I could go back using swipe to wake up.....

this new leaked is defenitely very bad at all.. kinda boring leaked.. boring software content including picture password.. build some animation on tbe lockscreen, themes, as well as ringtones.. includes also very slow update for their software applications.. today bb are not tough when it comes of smartphones..

Posted via CB10

Wow. You should hand the device back to your parents. They probably don't know you are playing with it. Get back to your animated toy I phone.

Posted via CB10

I'm not on 10.2.1 yet. Hopefully someone can answer this question. For those of us who are corporately connected, will we be able to use the picture password? It sounds a lot easier than the current system and yet just as secure.

Posted via CB10

That depends. I have the BES Policy option that forces device password to be your work password and the option to use Simple Password isn't available due to our Password Complexity requirements.

I tried it but it was super buggy. It took a long time to get to my home agreed once I "entered my password." Sometimes it would crash right after. It's the only area of this leak that has give me trouble. Cool concept but it needs more work to be stable.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

This is a leak so we understood there would be leaks when I set my phone to use the picture password; we found that sometimes it would take ages to get into the phone. A work around that we found was if you put in the password than use the key at the top to put your screen to sleep and wake it back up it was super quick. My phone a Z30 did not have the issue; but my old Z10 that my girlfriend is using does. Once we figured out that work around all is good; I'm sure in the official release this will be resolved

I find it very convenient. The combination of picture plus an unknown number location is perfect to dodge peekers

Posted via Q10

I love it! My Apple and Android friends are envious.

That being said, on my z30 I think some tweaking may be necessary.

For example, let's say I was working on an email or have a panel open and my screen automatically locks.

If I try to unlock my device with picture password it would hang for a moment or present with a black screen.

My remedy is usually tapping the on/off switch to get the device to respond.

That's all I got.

Posted via CB10

I was also hitting the on/off switch on the blank screen, but learned if you start to swipe up from the bottom, but then pull back down, it will get rid of the blank screen.....

Can't vote because the choice I need isn't there. I have an active sync work account on my BlackBerry and Picture Password doesn't work with active sync accounts from what I've heard (and tried)

No BES but it's on a work server through Active Sync. Any time I've setup picture password it shuts off as soon as I exit out. Next time I go back in its turned off.

Can't use it with a group policy requiring text password (exchange).

Want to though!

Posted via CB10

It can't lock you out. After the 5th try you have to enter "blackberry" and then it asks for you device password.

I had the same problem. I couldn't even access the picture password. Just got a darker wallpaper screen, then nothing. Had to re-load my OS As well.

I would like to be using this feature. If anyone has a reason that I have this issue please pipe in.

Posted via CB10

After using picture password ( which I really like) My screen goes black too. But all I do is the simple "upward swipe" or "wake-up swipe" from the bottom bezzel and it's fine. So, for new users. Move your number to your specific spot on your chosen pic, remove thumb/ finger from the screen (phone will unlock but present a black screen). Just swipe up from the bottem bezzel and voila. Good to go.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

It locked me out....didn't even get to the picture password page. All i saw was a dark screen that stayed that way and so had to reload the OS after about 1hr or restarting the phone and doing a hard reset over and over again

My girlfriend and I both love the picture password; our daughter enjoys watching us put in our passwords and on the old Android she would always learn the pattern; on the iPhone she would always figure out the numbers. But she can watch us do the picture password over and over and over again and never guess it. It's super easy; secure and looks awesome. Great Implementation by BlackBerry and my favourite password unlocker to date

Picture Password is brilliant and no one can figure out my password even after watching me unlock my phone any number of times. Simply the best protection for a phone on the market. BlackBerry nailed it!

Posted via my Z10 -

The blackberry picture password is awesome... I had 5 friends sit around me trying to figure out my password and they couldn't.... this is a secure, fast, and easy way to unlock your phone.

Posted via CB10

yes i am but there's a bug/glitch.

whenever i am in the hub or SMS, unlocking the phone using pic password just give me a black screen. then i have to swipe up to go home.

any idea how to fix this? or anyone else experienced this?

I love it.. once u notice that all u have do to is find ur number no matter where it is and drag it to your spot. BlackBerry does it again !

They type. I flick :p

i love it, i showed my friend the picture password and she was like "wth, it look like your just rubbed your phone a certain way and it unlocked" . I didn't go a direct route to the number, i messed around with it for a little bit.

Did BlackBerry remember to patent this? Don't want some Android hacker copying it for the competition.

Posted via CB10

I heard it is laggy -- especially Android apps. If I could be sure it ran as fast as 10.2.0 I definitely would!

Would love to see apps like Instagram, PicsArt, and FlipBoard run on a 10.2.0 Z10 versus a 10.2.1 Z10, then I could make an informed decision.

Going forward, I think a critical issue for them will be to increase the Android runtime speed on the Z10 and Q10.

Yes I am using it, and it is a very nice password method. Among my favourite 10.2.1 enhancements. One of the only password methods available where someone can be watching you but still not be able to crack it.

Other than fingerprint I don't know what could be better.

I tried it, set it up, when I first tried to unlock it it told me it was wrong. After failing 5 times, I typed my pass and turned it off. Haven't touched it since.

Posted via CB10

I'm guessing you actually did what I did initially and placed your finger right on the number you choose. The trick is to put it somewhere else. ie if you pick 4 as your number place your finger on the number 8 and then move one of the number 4's to your spot. I found I couldn't place the number properly until I figured that out.

I'm not on 10.2.1 yet. Still on a leaked 10.2.0 OS. I read the bug reports and decided to wait on 10.2.1. The picture password lock, however, sounds like something I would definitely use. Simple, smooth, and secure.

Posted via CB10

I responded in the negative, however I will be using it once it's ready for prime time. It was buggy a lot of the time, and I think it needs tweaking to be more user friendly.

For example, I think a grid that the numbers snap into would be perfect, as right now I get no feedback on whether the system thinks I'm close to the spot I chose. It seems that your placement needs to be pixel perfect, which is annoying for quick unlocking when needed.

Posted via CB10

Love it and show it off to everyone. It does glitch sometimes though and loads a black screen instead of the picture.

Posted via CB10

Can someone help me, how do I get this? On 10.2.0
"BlackBerry recently added a simple password which gives users the option to go with a PIN-type password and using a simple on-screen keypad"

Found it too sluggish and it failed too many times when I know I'd gotten the right number in the right spot. Can't have my phone locking me out cause the lock screen can't keep up.

Maybe some day, I like the concept.

Posted with my self-refurbished, increasingly less red Q10.

Yeah nice feature, but I dont have 10.2.1 installed. Patiently waiting though.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

yeah nice feature, but I dont have 10.2.1 installed though.Patiently waiting for the official release.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

Absolutely love it and think it is very secure. This as I can touch anywhere on my screen and guide my number to where it unlocks the phone. I no longer have to be overly concerned about someone prying to catch my passcode.

Another great enhancement to the OS, one which we should all be fond of and not spout unnecessary drivel towards. I swear some here are nothing but trolls.

Posted via CB10

I use it and like it, but there are a few flaws in there... At least with my Z30. Haven't tried it on my Z10 yet...

If I do the following:
1. Open the HUB and keep it active
2. Lock the phone
3. From the lock screen swipe up and unlock the phone via the "picture lock"

My screen turns black and doesn't light up until I do a swipe up gesture...

Also if I do the following:
1. Open a few apps and keep one of them maximized
2. Lock the phone
3. From the lock screen swipe up and unlock the phone via the "picture lock"

The screen now shows the previously active application as minimized and when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen the app title behaves very unusual :0)

To show the other apps again put your finger somewhere on the screen and swipe left and then right without lifting your finger...

Is there anyone else out there that have the same problem?

Since I’m from Sweden I’m having Swedish language chosen but the device is the very same as is sold in the UK…

Haha, I've never noticed this bug until you pointed it out. It does exist in every circumstance that you listed. Thanks for pointing it out!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

Tested my Z10 with the same result...

It looks like if you are setup the display language to Swedish, Norwegian or Danish it will fail :0)

I like Picture password, but it only locks the Personal side; you still need to enter a password for the Work side. I'll stick with Simple password for now.

This is the most secure picture password system hands down.

It took me 2 HOURS to figure out how to make it work. Once you do however, it's like magic.

Thanks to one of the commentators above, I realized that you don't have to put your finger on the number. This means that someone can watch you unlock your phone many times without figuring out how you did it.

Thanks BlackBerry, make your explanation better though.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

Well I was until I my battery ran down from 100% to ZERO in just 4 hours! Then I reverted back to the official OS!

Posted via CB10

Yes, it is amazing once you get the hang of it!

I touch the numbers somewhere under my number, then move my number up to my spot instead of trying to guess where my number is under my big fat thumb.

Yes, all day long...
My sister (iphone5) visited yesterday for thanksgiving and even though I wasnt showing it to her, when I unlocked it, she noticed and immediately said "hey what was that?" and was impressed that no-one can just watch me unlock the phone and repeat it.

She, of course has to draw a repeatable pattern that is nicely traced on the screen for anyone to see and try to replicate.

Also was watching football with a buddy yesterday (gold iPhone5s fanboi) and he was trying to show his fingerprint goodness and had to fidget a couple of times because he said....ahem...."you need to hold it right" LMAO, then he realized what he had just said

Pick up my phone,Scan my thumb print,which is already on the screen,scan my eyeball,which is directed to the screen,and I'm in.What,s the big deal?Is someone going to chop me into pieces?

Every iOS and Android user I show Picture Password to are in complete awe of it. The first question they ask me is if it's available for their device. I politely reply "Nope, it's a BlackBerry 10 exclusive" :)

I was using it and thought it was really cool, but I ended up turning it off. Not because of anything with picture password, but because i'm just not a password using kind of guy. When I want to get to my phone, I want it as fast as possible and passwords just get in the way.

I'm using it. I also enjoyed people faces when you unlock your phone. They just don't have a clue.

Posted via CB10

Not even have the 10.2 update...

USA carriers SUCK Big time!!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Adam, I think you need to ask the serious questions. There's a burning issue at AC and here in CB. I'm sure you guys are already writing something up about it or perhaps a podcast.

Yaaaarr! You're a pirate because of!

I like it. Works good although at times just opens to a black screen, and have to flick up to get into my phone screen

Z10 with Awesomeness

Will use it when the official version launches!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Aside from it completely crapping out and stopped loading when rebooting my phone so I had to reinstall the OS, it's apparent that it's not stable yet. It does feel a bit buggy at the moment, but when I did use it I enjoyed it. I'll use it once it's no longer buggy!

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

No, but I have to admit that this is only because I read about so many people having problems with it.

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

I use it and my both my Android sons and Apple sons thought it was really cool. They liked how the numbers always changed places. They watched me do mine several times and could not figure out my number or spot.

Posted via CB10

Tried it and it locked up my device as in the picture password screen would never appear and I could never unlock my phone. May be a bug where it can't properly handle photos on the SD card.

Posted via CB10

I didn't like it on the first go cause I thought you had to click on your number then drag. Will give it another go now after learning you can click and drag from anywhere on the scree.

Thought it was gimicky at first but nope, it serves a real purpose. You can now allow people to watch you unlock your phone and they still won't know how to unlock it even after multiple sessions.

It's nice, but still needs refinement. It unlocks but sometimes shows a blank screen. I have to press the power button to see the screen.

Posted via CB10

Yes and yes! And honestly, I too had issues at first. I put my finger over the number and try to move it in the right place... failed miserably almost every time! Turn it off. Then I realized just how it works and was more precise on where in the pic I would put the number (my picture was of a car so I selected to"0" to center in the rim). Now I know I am off sometimes, but it pops everytime! The only glitch was that once open the screen was black sometimes but now even that is gone. But it did take a day or two for the OS to settle I am guessing. It's an awesome and ingenious feature!!

Secret squirreling with my Q.

I love the pic password! Genius! Showed it to an iPhone friend. He was blown away! My pic is a roulette table. The combination of numbers is actually something I could have typed as a simple password but it's way more fun this way. Anyone who plays roulette knows you can also bet on 2 to 4 adjacent numbers. Awesome! Oh yeah, I never try to drag the actual number cuz it's too hard to see where it's landing under my thumb; I grab next to it.

Posted via CB10

Yeah its really good. So simple. And yet you have to know the number and the exact location in order to get it right so even if someone is looking at your phone while you put in the password. They won't know what your doing cause the same number is scattered all of the pic. Along with many others. I tried this test with my friends. And even though I put it in from of them they couldn't get it right with out knowing the exact number and location that number has to be placed

Posted via CB10

You don't need to grab that exact number. You just have to make sure the number you want moves to the location you want it. So you can grab anywhere on the screen .

Posted via CB10

This is the BEST password lock screen ever! Provided you 1. Realize that when unlocking you should never pick the actual unlock number, pick something else then move the correct number to the correct spot. and 2. Pick a proper picture that has a spot/marker that YOU can easily identify. Love this new feature and will not be using anything else as this is the best. No more worries of anyone spying my password (in fact I've been telling people to look and they can't crack it lol).

Yeah I actually agree with that. They can have it turned on by default and we should have the option to turn it off. Maybe they could make it so that it stops working for 5 minutes after 5 tries to make it slow down. I've actually had 2 phones misplaced/lost and the person that found it was trying to get in so they could find out who it belongs to but ended up wiping the phone. I got both phones back minus all my pictures. To make it even better after 5 tries it should show the owner's name and how to contact them to return the phone.

Neat feature I like it but .. I find it takes me longer to get my selected number into precisely the right spot, than it does for me to pop in my 4 digit code to unlock (I'm on Q10).. so I just use the regular password lock

Posted via CB10

Not running leaked update, but it's not that appealing bring something else, like numbers passwords or letters.

Posted via CB10

The grid of numbers are too tight and precision required is too high. If they spread out the grid and lower the tolerance, it would be perfect. 6 rows X 4 columns?

Even if the solution is almost perfect; I would like it to be configurable to make it even more tough to break:

1. As is
2. Several digits to be placed at their right position one by one in the same picture
3. Several digits to be placed in their right position one by one with the picture flipping between predefined ones each time

If I was running 10.2.1 I would definitely use it. Looks awesome. 2 thumbs up for pic pass from me

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

After I'm load os 10.2.1,my file viewer apps,photo gallery,video gallery is can I get it back?and more issue,my alarm is not working too..actually I have more issue :(

Posted via CB10

Love the picture password. There does however appear to have a small bug with it in the leaked version of the new 10.2.1055. Sometimes after entering my picture password, the screen goes blank/black with a faint BlackBerry trademark in the background. It fixes itself though with a swipe up or pressing the top screen lock button. Hopefully this is fixed in the actual release of 10.2 through Verizon.

Posted via CB10

I just wish the numbers where better looking...looks a little weird an not in line with the UI. maybe a little more transparent numbers and the bar at top make it more like the icons in the home screen

Posted via CB10

i like it but right now there's a huge lag between taking the password and showing the home screen. the screen is just black for 5+ seconds. when they fix this i will use it

I'm using the new Blackberry picture password and I love it. What an idea. If you haven't tried it please do!!!!

Posted via CB10

Love the picture password. Found it less than ideal until I realized that you didn't need your finger on the number you want to move, then accuracy was easy, and privacy was greatly enhanced

Posted via CB10

Same here, love it! Creative feature to an age old problem. Keep the added features rolling BlackBerry. Love the 1055 leak!

Posted from my gorgeous Z30

I welcome it. I've been using it since the leak and it's a nice quick way to unlock the device. You do need to figure out clever ways to align the numbers so as not to make it obvious for people around you. (i.e. Using another number to move your chosen number to the chosen locale on the picture)

Posted via CB10

Like it. It's a little slower than entering a pin but definitely more secure. Had a few friends try to guess my "code" and had no idea.

Sort of glitchy if you are in the hub when the phone locks, you get a black screen after unlocking. But one swipe up and it's fixed.

Posted via CB10

Using it and loving it! Usually takes a few times first thing in the am when I'm still half asleep, but it's all good!

Posted via CB10

Can't read all the posts right now, but will this work if you have a work exchange ActiveSync account and you need a 5 digit password?

Posted via CB10

I have no idea why but in my phone sometimes shows up and others don't, when I go to the privacy tab under settings, sometimes is there but others not and when I set it up it never keep it!!

Posted via CB10

I really like the concept but for me waking up in the middle of the night or early and grabbing the phone all sleepy eye can't get it to unlock.

Not the fault of the phone its just me and my sleepiness lol.

But overall I really like the feature and it is definitely something cool.

Posted via CB10

Have tried once, then I am relocated the photo I am use for password (yah, I got it, I am stupid), then can not log in. I think picture password should build some fail safe, so if somebody else doing the thing I did, still can allow to use password to log in at least.

I'm using it, although I'm not 100% happy with it. Often times I place the number right where it goes, but I'm apparently a mm off. Sometimes this happens 5 or 6 times in a row, but most of the time I have no issues.

Posted via CB10

I tried it. It's tough getting the placement just right. It shouldn't have to be so precise.

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

It's too finicky on my. 1055 leak. You have to hit the exact spot which is smaller than what they show when you set the position.

Quicker to type in a 4 digit simple password for me.

Posted via CB10

I don't always use a password. But when I do its picture password.

-- The most interesting man in the world.

Posted via CB10

There should be another option in the poll: You can't use it due to IT Policy.

I had corporate account and I'm not on BES. Whenever I tried to enable Picture Password, it becomes disabled. Not sure it is because of I have corporate account or something.

Wat a secured picture password.. no one can track or crack it.. BlackBerry salutes for it..

Posted via CB10 of Z10

For the people who are having trouble with it....u don't have to put ur finger directly on the number. You can touch and drag anywhere on the screen to place ur selected number in ur desired location. I like using an optical illusion photo just to mess with people further. ; )

Posted via CB10

I love it and I love the fact that you don't look like a paranoid person trying to hide your password every time you are putting it in.

With that said, it is a bit sluggish and it takes some time to get into the phone. This is especially noticeable if you tap on an email home screen notifications, then "tap to open" a specific email for example. This will then take you to the picture password and the whole thing becomes a long procedure to get to a notification, but I like it, and I think I will continue using it for now :)

Ok not being a fan of loading leaked os's i have to say im sorely tempted to try this one just for the locking feature.

Posted from a phone....

If you've not tried it, you can't really appreciate it.
Just started using it yesterday and I can say that it's the best phone lock system I have used so far.

Posted via CB10

But it's the most effective and simple but very secure there is no way you can make out what my password is

BlackBerry Z10

Finally figured out how to not "fat finger" the picture password from this thread! Just re-enabled it and I think I am going to like it now...

Since we are amongst friends, I'll admit: I hadn't figured out that I could press anywhere on the screen. I thought I had to tap the number and drag that to the right place. I was miffed that it was hard to hit that spot with your finger covering the number. I missed too often and disabled this feature.

That is pretty dumb of me. I'll get this back up now, must be easier by far if you can see the number hitting the sweet spot...

I tried it. Then disabled. My success rate was lower than the simple pwd. Dah.....

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My phones been a little glitchy since I did the update. Not complaining, glad I did it. I'm just saying. How long until the official release?

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I'm not using a password. I like the idea but its still not simple enough that I want to spend the extra second it takes to get into my phone.

It's tempting, but I've read too many posts of people's phones freezing or giving black screens when using the pic password, so I think I'll shy away from using it.

First time I set it up it broke, and I could not get into my phone even with the pin code. Had to wipe and start over.

I'm using it now with the marbles image but I find it a bit picky about the number placement. Of course I had to realize that you don't have to put your finger on the number (duh) but even then getting it on the right spot is a bit of a struggle. Not good when you have had a few drinks, lol.

But it blows away people when I unlock my phone, and I get to explain that yes, BB is alive and well and we are moving into the 3rd significant update since 10.0 in January with some pretty innovative features.

Not surprisingly there is a lot of smartphone fatigue out there, but it comes down to what sort of functionality people need. People will stick to iPhones because it is less of a struggle to get certain things done.

Yes I am. I didn't like it at first but now I appreciate it's cleverness. With ease I can now unlock my BlackBerry with one hand.

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I have seen and set it up once but just not using it ....can definitely tell it really secure though ....I don't like the fact that if you go to numeric it asks you to change your password again instead of using the existing one ....just one users opinion :)

I'm using it but did not vote because there was no option for "yes-and it sucks". Seriously, it's too darn finicky. I'm only able to correctly place my number like 1 in every 60 tries. Thankfully it resorts back to the typical password after the fifth failed attempt.

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Read some of the posts. You don't have to put your finger on the chosen number. Better to place elsewhere so you can see what you are doing also confuses any onlookers. My success ratio went from 1 in 3 to like 19 out of 20. Actually more success than keyboard password.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I'm not running 10.2 yet but I think I'll give it a try. It looks pretty cool and it seems like it would be a tough one to break into.

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Wish there was a way to lock single apps or folders. This would make "facebook hacking" obsolite and I would stop announcing my "homosexuality" or "engagement" to my 600 'friends'

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The area where you have to drag the number in too small. After 3 attempts to unlock the phone I deactivated the picture password.

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It's not working for me. I've turned on the setting and nothing. It just turns off after a few seconds.

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I was really impressed and I even amused some friends with it up after a few days it was just annoying. It was just too hard for me to unlock the phone. I had to stop and think which broke my flow. I hope they improve it on the next versions.

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Your responses should include one other option...
( ) "No - my Enterprise Workspace does not allow it"

That was my sad discovery once I activated the Enterprise activation.

This feature isn't working for me! I can set it up ... as soon as I leave the Device Password screen, the picture password feature is turned off. Very frustrating.

In the beginning I found it kind of complicated but now it is one of the best improvements I could name. KEEP IT SIMPLE! ;-)

Wow that's a brilliant new way of security. I hope Blackberry patent this because I hate to see Google hijacking this idea and putting it on their Android phones.

I just set it up and knowing that you don't have to touch the actual number you've chosen and you don't have to move your finger on top of the very small point that is accurately the 'destination' makes it a lot easier to use than my typed password and I believe just as secure if not moreso.

I'm a convert: no more text passwords for me.