CrackBerry Asks: Are you using BBM stickers?

By Adam Zeis on 21 Apr 2014 02:16 pm EDT

I have been loving the new stickers in BBM lately. I may or may not be more annoying than normal with my messages, but I actually love throwing stickers in my conversations — even more so than just using emoticons. They add a new level to BBM and are a welcome addition in my book. I didn't think that I'd be a big fan, but I think they're a fun way to add some flair to messages.

On the flip side though, I do think that there is still some work to be done. There's still a few things that need to be addressed to keep BBM and stickers up to par with the other big IM services.

Obviously there needs to be more sticker packs as the few that are currently available will quickly get old for most users. Some more mainstream packs for well-known brands or even just more "generic" stickers like the recently added Work pack. I know that we'll get there, but I think that BBM needs to get them at a faster pace to keep interest from new users. I'm also not a big fan of how the stickers send immediately without a preview or confirmation, so hopefully that gets fixed down the road (thought it's not a terribly pressing issue I'm sure.)

We're curious to know who is loving stickers in BBM and who is just getting by without them. They're obviously not for everyone (and that's ok), so let us know your thoughts on BBM stickers in the comments.

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CrackBerry Asks: Are you using BBM stickers?



Definitely, a lot. I downloaded the new stickers a few days ago. My friends love them.

However, a new issue came about, that they only received notification that they got a sticker, however not the sticker it self. There's no notification how to retrieve the sticker.

It's only when I looked at their mobile, that I updated their BBM to the latest version.

Now my example is on two friends, how many out there are experiencing the same. BlackBerry should automatically send out notification along with the sticker if the BBM is of an older version.

Not only does this look bad, but BlackBerry is losing out on potential income stream from new users who may not know they can get access to the stickers.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

The other point I've noticed is that the stickers look great on black theme, however 2 of my friends have OS 7 devices, which still have the pale background in the BBM, and the stickers look washed out.

Maybe the sticker developers should take this into account when developing.

Just a thought

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Also the stickers I think are too big. Should make them smaller

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Do you have proof of this? I asked someone who has outdated BBM on BB7 if they could see the poop sticker I sent they said yes.

They don't need the sticker pack but they do need the latest version of BBM which does BBM Stickers

Posted via CB10

Exactly. None of my friends with BBM (none of whom have a BlackBerry phone)have upgraded yet to the latest version and don't see the stickers I try to send :(

So I stopped using them (even though I want to)

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Man. Tell your friends to upgrade already. What are they waiting for?

Someone commented about this before, and it is definitely true; BlackBerry needs to change that message from "sticker received" to "Your awesome friend just sent you the coolest sticker, but it looks like you don't have the latest version of BBM, so click this link to update and enjoy!" Or something like that.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

My wife had the free smiley pack and we sent stickers no problem. I had the wwe ones and she didn't get stickers until she downloaded the same pack. So I wonder if this is a bug.

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Wow I think I'm the first vote. I looked at the results and it was 100%. Lol I use them but I'd like to see more that weren't so cute. Let's get some nfl stickers or more of the original smiley stickers

BlackBerry 4Life

Right. And how about sharing the STATE secret as to how to make the stickers???? I know a few people who could make us some nice ones....

I'm neither those choices... I'm More of a spur of the moment sticker guy... when the time calls for it lol

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Only when I talk to Kevin. We just talk entirely in Ultimate Warrior stickers. Explains a lot.

By far my #1 sticker.
There should be annual bbm sticker awards, so the Ultimate Warrior could be MVP for years to come.

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I don't think they read these comments. If they do, they just don't give a flying fu*k.

We have been asking for a fix to the "tiny vote", and well... nothing comes of it.


They vowed to open-source the app code, hope we get / create a fix then. Shouldn't be too hard...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

other than selection my biggest complaint is, i type my bbm message open stickers click sticker it sends the sticker without my message. Wish i could type message select sticker and it all goes at once.

Posted via CB10

Yes, I thought this was a bug. Apparently it's a "feature" or an omission by the BB devs.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

We need some new ones NFL, NBA, NHL, English Premier league, Star Wars VII, etc.

Come on BBM, get to work !!!

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Or maybe having BBM channels with like a 100K followers get sticker packs with their theme.

Posted via CB10

Yes, I do use the stickers. But, I fine myself only using the free ones. I haven't seen any that I think is worth buying. This is just my $0.02!

I bought 2 packs to help bb team, not as much though, if BlackBerry is smart I think they should have the blackberry shop in the bbm shop, so people know that blackberry sells phones without having the need to go to the carrier. I'm sure a lot of people aren't aware that blackberry us selling, z10, z30, or q10, or q5

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Excellent point a about the BlackBerry shop for phones.
Considering that all payments details are held in the phone, this would make it easier to purchase a new handset.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I'm willing to be this is just the first step. They're trying to monetize BBM in some way and stickers are an excellent way to start.

Selling handsets through BBM may not directly pay for BBM, but it sure would help it in the long run. It's all about increments.

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

Never really seen the appeal of stickers. Used them once for a kick but that's about it....apparently a lot of people like them though so I'm for whatever helps blackberry to hang around a little longer.

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Really enjoy sending stickers. Bring on the update one day, that let's you post stickers in group chats and channels.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

willing to pay 100's even 1000's for a nice The Legend of Zelda set!!! MAKE IT SOOO! hehe kidding 5 bucks max! call NINTENDO NOW! Also would pay 5 bucks for a mario set.

He'll ya I am luv them and so does my GF but we need more choices come BlackBerry bring them on, kinda seems like a no brainer to me cash in on an great idea. : )

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Stickers are great. I just wish there was a way to delete installed sticker packs. And it'd be nice if stickers didn't automatically send when you select them. Should be like emoticons, you still have to hit send before they're posted.

Yeah #1 complaint, hate that the sticker automatically sends once you select it, can't tell you the amount of times I've sent the wrong sticker first as I don't get a chance to go back and select the correct one.

Agree, stickers are not quite universal as yet. However the work stickers are great.

It's just a matter for BlackBerry to release as many mainstream stickers as possible.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I would,but I don't use BBM with too many others and they haven't purchased any. We do use the free ones. And with 4 in our family, i'd have to buy each pack 4 times which gets kinda pricey. :/

You can still send stickers to your friends if they don't have any.
Maybe if they like it they may purchase some themselves.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I think they're awesome because they display larger than emoticons but to make the most of them, I'd like to have more of the type that conveys an emotion so I can express in one sticker what would normally take a sentence. Also, rather than un installing a full pack, I'd like to be able to order them so those I actually use appear first

Posted via CB10

I use them frequently but I'd like a larger assortment of BBM emoticon type stickers to help me get just the right tone and as a few others have mentioned inserting my own comment/ tag with the stickers would be great. Once in awhile I have to resort to Shawn the Sheep to get my point across ;)

I've used them with my girlfriend and daughter. Need more selection. I was surprised about how few were available, I was expecting dozens ,or even hundreds, then I remembered this is how BlackBerry does it lots of talk then launch with a half bottom job and no momentum.

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I use them all the time...they rock! my issue is that your paid stickers don't move with you. I switched from my z30 back to my z10 and lost my Shaun the sheep stickers. :( When I switched back to my z30...still gone. this needs to be fixed!

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All the sticker packs suck. The little Shelton ones are okay. But all the other ones are for fags.

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Count me in. Straight hetero married white geek Christian fag and loving my stickers. My wife loves them too.

Wish they brought out JC stickers, John Chen, J_Caloy and Jesus, well... the Christ.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Agreed. I mean what the hell is $2.00 to you once in a while? If everyone who used bbm bought a pack or two, 4 times a year, that is some serious scratch!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I used one once, a giant thumbs up of approval which seemed to entertain the recipient. I'll probably occasionally try more, but I'm not going to force it into conversations when it doesn't make sense.

I like the concept since I love the emoticons, but I am limited in my usage right now since I don't see many I would use.

Posted via CB10

Yes. Purchased the little green turtle guy. Wife loves him lol. Nice stickers.

Posted via TheBATBerry Q10

Too childish. Would use them more if they were more adult in content. Office stickers or even kama sutra style stickers :)

From my new z30

Sure am! It is fun and also if they created more stickers for various categories I think they'd be used more widely.

Z30 Canada

I'm still fifty-fifty on stickers. Any chance we can print them? Just don't care to trade physical gold for virtual magical items.

I am glad someone else said silly and childish as I have to agree with them also. Maybe if I was 13 years old I would find them amusing. But I'm not and I don't!

Love them, buy you need to make sure the person receiving them has the latest version or they won't be able to see them. wish there more available.

Posted via CB10

Stickers are useless over sized smileys.... Give us Push-to-Talk. I would even pay a onetime fee for this option to be in BBM.

Posted via CB10

I use them, but not very often. There needs to be more choices and more adult oriented stickers. They can be a bit of fun, but not really my thing.

We use them and we are all grown ups in our family. They're Now let me ask BlackBerry a question. What is taking so damn long to introduce more stickers?

I'm guessing, it's about getting the income stream in from the first few batches.

Not sure Blackberry's contract is with the sticker developers, whether it's royalties from each sticker sold, or an upfront payment for the job.

But yes, they could, if they wanted to, is to push out new stickers pretty much every week.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I use them.. but haven't bought many packs.. Just one, Work. And my girlfriend is still on OS5 she doesn't get any of the stickers.. she's waiting for BlackBerry Classic to come out..

Posted via CB10

I'm sure if she updated her BlackBerry World and her BBM, she woke be able to receive them.

Anyone out there able to confirm that?

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Make cuter stickers, follow the drawing style of the Facebook stickers and you can't go wrong Lol

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-

I like the concept and the idea behind stickers, I use then but not as often as I would like.

Posted via CB10

Since I rarely use person-to-person chat, I don't use them. If they were available for groups, then that might be a different story.

I use them here and there but, I think they should combine stickers with the smileys in one section the "stileys" the smileys are too small where stickers are too big,... with then some packs to buy... but come on 2$ for 20 stickers? I personally find too expensive...

From my super Z

Yes I use them a lot. I would still like the options, to view before send, send with text, use in groups. I'd also be happier if our currency wasn't so weak but that's not BlackBerry's fault.

Posted via ZedTen

I downloaded the wwe ones and used one once but I didn't really recognise any of the images...they were rubbish. and now they've disappeared!

Posted via CB10

Size is a bit too big especially on the Qs...

I hope they first fix the bbm voice calling issue though.

Still waiting for a pack that I really like to purchase.

CB10 + my Q2^3+2

I prefer emoticons. They are inside messages and they are many. The stickers I purchased do not look good. Why do they call them stickers?

Posted via CB10

Yes, i use the stickers but we need more stickers, like naver line stickers!! i don't use Line but they have a strong advertising campaign in Latin America and the Spanish-language networks in the U.S., marketing that Blackberry unlimited not have.

I wish there were 1980s cartoon stickers - TNMT, Transformers, ThunderCats...
I wish there were video game stickers - Mario, Zelda, Halo...

I wish you could add your own stickers without them being available for download in the Shop, then once you sent it your friends could download directly from you. Then you could have cult hits that you couldn't have unless someone sent it to you first that would have to spread virally.

I've purchased all the packs thus far. But.. I wish there was a "gift to" option, when purchasing a sticker pack, that would allow me to multi-select which of my BBM contact(s) to gift the sticker pack to. If I could gift a sticker pack to multiple friends/family in one go, that'd be helpful.

.. No. Don't use stickers as I really don't see the point in them. My sister loves this type of thing and she is no shrinking violet so to speak. Great that other users tend to like this stuff, but culturally, it's lost on me. Maybe I'm getting old!

Posted via CB10

Nope. Can't even figure out where they are after downloading some.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q"

I think it'd be cool if you could buy stickers for other folks and gift them to their cell. So like I buy the pack and send it to them on bbm, and then they get the access to it instead of me... then you could do seasonal valentines and bday and xmas packs.

Posted via CB10

I tried them at first, I will uses them once in a blue moon if i'm screwing around with someone. But they are for kids, i'm a business man!

I love e'm. Yes, i was one of them who thought they would be dumb. I'm eating crow.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

I love that we have the ability to send then however, the price is too high, the variety is too low.

.99 cents a pack is more than reasonable.
I start questioning what I'm doing near the 1.25$ mark

I am only using the free smile ones. I like them most and hope for moe like it. non of the purchase ones so far are working for me.

Oh sorry I'm rambling. Vote: Yes I am

I've sent a few stickers but find no use for them... I use emoticons quite a bit. I'm still 50/50 on stickers.

I actually like how it instantly sends. I would like the ability for my 42 year old eyes to see it in detail before sending. That's when I can see what each one is. So I just sent all to one person and annoyed them for 15 min so I could see them. Lol.

Send more out! Love them!

Posted via CB10

Their way to big, and maybe it's just me, but I'm not getting what a sticker does vs the regular emotions.

Posted via CB10

I think there needs to be stickers with emotions, like emoticons or they are kinda useless. Like when would I use a WWE sticker in a conversation?

And it only shows when both sides have updated bbm. I sent a sticker to my mom (who has iphone) and she said "what's a sticker" because nothing was shown. So there's some work but I believe BlackBerry will get it together. Just don't take so long.

Only use the ORIGINAL BBM emoticon stickers. For the others, BBM can pay me to download them and use them.


kinda stupid how they dont notify anyone when new packs are available. They just expect users to look in the shop daily to find out whats new.

I have the same problem. When I type my message and select sticker the sticker is sent but not the message. Also how do you respond to someone on this site? If there is a reply button it is hidden.

Posted via CB10

No -__- they're nothing special. BBM is great the way it is. They should focus on the app world more. They need to improve twitter and facebook. Interface and looks.

Posted via CB10

BBM stickers are just large emoticons, they don't carry any additional value. Viber has great stickers, they carry a message in themselves so are used as quick replies or greetings without having to type anything else. And they are funny. By definition is sticker carries a brief message all by itself, they could consider that.

We need better looking stickers! The only nice ones are the one made from BBM.

They should do paid stickers for the rest of the BBM emoticons

Posted via CB10

I'm ashamed to say it, but I like them. I didn't think they would be something i used, or even gave a (William) Shat(ner )about .
I tried it and I like it.
My only warning is when I threw my sim into my 9780 and restored my BBM, and then reversed the process back to my Z10, and restored my BBM, i lost the two packs I paid for and it hasn't been resolved yet, and I'm not rebuying.

I'd probably use them more if i actually had people that use BBM... when BBM went cross platform all my friends with iPhones got it then deleted it within the week. It was just another pointless messaging service to them. So, the only BBM contact I talk to is my Dad, that is all.

Posted via CB10 for Q10

Well... it's not life "life changing or anything" & I certainly won't go outta my way to buy a sticker set but yeah... I simply use the free ones 'cause they're there.

Posted via CB10

I think a cool thing to do would bring out limited time packs. It would definitely be cool to have exclusive stickers. The wwe ones for example. A lot of my friends want them. Especially with the unfortunate death of ultimate warrior, they were very popular with my friends.

Posted via CB10

Hate to say it but all my BBM friends no longer use BBM and I'm the only person I know who has a bb10 phone.

Posted via CB10

"Yas we are going for the enterprise market"

"Grab your stickers!!!"

Anyone see a complete hypocritical statement.

I love the stickers. Bought all packs. Not only to use during chats but more so to support BlackBerry. Keep them coming!!!

Posted via CB10

I honestly thought I would hate the stickers but I use them all the time lol they just need more variety of packs and brands of stickers

Posted via CB10

1. Need more ( said my 13 year old)
2. Needs sports packs logos of Nhl, Cfl, etc..
3. Needs activities hiking, weather, camping
4. Military, cars, dancing...
5. Don't stop, keep em moving :)!!

Posted via Z10/ CB10

Use them....have bought all the packs and everyone asks where to get them in they are on ios or android. Do they should add a revenue stream in the short term

Posted via CB10

The thing I don't get about stickers is how slow they are to add more. Doesn't really make any sense to me. My wife and I use them as a joke mostly, but some are pretty funny.

Posted via CB10

Stickers are pointless unless the person you have sent it to has the latest BBM (and I know many people who don't update their apps) and am I correct that if the person who received the sticker doesn't have that sticker pack they can't view it? Personally I think stickers are just a gimmick. Would rather just add an emotional if need be. Who ever came up with this whole sticker stuff anyways. Lol

The best ones are the ones BlackBerry provides for free. If they would release more of the standard BBM emoticons branded stickers that would be great. They are the only ones that I like and I like them very much.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

The stickers have grown on me, especially since the release of li'l Shelton the turtle!! Keep 'em coming! (oh and make them $.99). :)

I like my coffee BlackBerry Black! What?

Definitely love them. It was a great idea to come out with stickers for BBM. Although they don't make money on the BBM app they will make good money on the stickers. In the future I'm sure they will increase in popularity when they come out with new stickers, and I'm sure they will.

Stickers are a positive move for BlackBerry whether you like them or not. It gives users a choice.
And I love them. My choice.

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