CrackBerry Asks: Are you using BBM Channels?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Dec 2013 12:25 pm EST

Just a few weeks ago, BBM Channels left beta and was made available to the masses. It adds to the already great features of BBM by giving it a whole new social aspect and allowing for anyone to create their own specialty channel. With BBM Channels, users can create a channel for everything from brands to hobbies to personal stories. BBM Channels also lets you open up BBM chat with people who aren't contacts, letting you discover new friends or just chat with fans of your channel.

We've seen a huge increase in subscribers to our own CrackBerry channel recently, but we're curious to know just how many of you are using BBM Channels. So hit up the poll below with the option that best fits you, then drop a comment letting us know why you do or don't currently use the service. Of course you can find out all you need to know on our BBM Channels topic page as well. 


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CrackBerry Asks: Are you using BBM Channels?



Not really. Don't really think BBM channels is gonna take off. But hey I was wrong about Twitter when it came out lol.

I initially thought the same thing but there are some really good and interesting channels available. I love it.

It's all based on interest. If you love food, there is a channel for it, if you love sport or football you have the channel etc.
I currently run a channel on a somewhat new concept of shirt subscription, mens style, gift ideas for women to buy their man/ brothers etc. If you get featured it almost sky rockets your subscribers. I'm still waiting paitently; might be my Christmas gift lol. Check it out and subscribe to the channel C00122EC9 it is fun trust me. As long as you have interesting posts to put up and interactive subscribers. See you there ;)

The shirt addict blueprint | BBM channel = C00122EC9

I doubt it's available for Playbook. Bbm is not exactly fully available for playbook except through bridge. There is now a search function on the channels page so you can search for areas of interest.

Not sure why you'd want lock picking though lol. Merry Christmas :)

The shirt addict blueprint | BBM channel = C00122EC9

Thats what I thought...maybe they will let android do it (tether) sometime?

The reason for the lock pick channel is cuz I'm into LockSport and have a channel on YouTube....
Thanks Qollars...and a Happy Holidays to you & yours...

I'm with you, I subscribe to number of channels and I also have 3 I'm managing.. BBM channels is like Twitter on crack. I find myself checking my channels more then I do twitter now a days.

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

I second... I haven't found any channel that really makes me love it yet. I will not say I don't like them all together but just not for me right now.

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"The Best Channel "

Best quality posts, no compromises.

Sensible posts, best picks from responsible sources.

Life values.

Channel will get new overhaul on friday.
Please support and let me support you.


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As do I, it's good for businesses.

Z30 :D - The Final Destination - 859 Portage ave, Winnipeg Mb Clothing|Footwear|Headwear|Headshop|Tobacconist|Tattoos - C00016D82

It would be better if the BBM Channels had all the new stuff in the. New release BBM.

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That's crazy. How do you get so many subscribers.

Z30 :D - The Final Destination - 859 Portage ave. - 260 Watt St. Winnipeg Mb Clothing|Footwear|Headwear|Headshop|Tobacconist|Tattoos - C00016D82

Or of you are re posted a time or two by a high subscriber Channel it gives your Channel exposure and people subscribe. Happened with the "Space and Astronomy " Channel. The general science Channel "Bits" was featured by BlackBerry and his Channel shot up to 3000 subs, then he re-posted a few of the Space and Astronomy Channel posts and suddenly subs there went from 300 to over 3000.

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Nice... I was featured by BlackBerry at the main / home site... my Channel exist since September.. I was one of the first channel user (beta program)

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Me too, but mine is a family, invite only Channel. To me that's the best use so far, rather than posting family news and happenings for the whole world to see on Facebook, I'd rather keep it invitation only. I haven't tried to start a public access Channel yet, but I have a few ideas that may happen at some point.

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They are fairly nice if you keep the number of channels subscribed to small, otherwise it reminds me of Facebook update overload. :-)

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I love BBM channels, I check them at least 5 or 6 times a day. They're another source of news and entertainment for me.

Most certainly do!

Owner of 4 Channels!

FACT-CHECK! - Over 8,500 Subs,
The Strange News Channel - over 1,800
DylanHabkirk Designs

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Definitely a fan of strange news and a subscriber great work.

Question do you have a channel with your renders on it or do you just post them here.

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You can search BBM Channels for DylanHabkirk Designs.

I post all my Device renders on there! :)

Thanks for subscribing!

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When I was bored and had time I used to go on Reddit, but BBM Channels has replaced that. More constructive and specific, I love it!

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I've joined a few good good I mean of interest to me and there's regular actively..........lots of channels have no activity at all

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I started up with channels being a bit cynical. Now I check avidly and run one (which I update frequently) for the industry I have worked in for over a decade.

I have subscribed to a few, and I do find some pretty useless, but loads are great.

As this is the starting point, things can only get better!

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I'm using it..but not too often. I do post to it once in a while.

Here is my channel in case someone wants to check it out: C0003871C

Yeah, I've got one channel for classical music. 70-something subscribers at the moment.

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I love BBM Channels. I find myself on there a little more than Twitter now. Looking forward to it going to Android and iOS. Though, I wish they would fix the notification issues, only getting them for new subs now.

Me too! Twitter was my go to social network, but now Channels is. I subscribe to a few really interesting and active Channels among the 100+ I'm subscribed to.

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I use it daily. I do find that some channels do not have enough activity though.

I manage a channel personally. It is a companion to my craft beer blog. Mike's Craft Beer. C00012735

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I want to like it so I'm sticking with it but my experience so far is the channels I want to comment on like BlackBerry are not open chat... and a lot of them are slow to add new posts.

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I do. Love C0012331C

And got my very own too :-). C00124A90. For the book worm geeky friends only. Not for everybody's a cup of "coffee". More or less a jar of coffee.

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Have been enjoying it, gr8 way to be connected? ;)

Have given a try making 1 of my own channel :)

 belt-factory

Himanshu's Z10

I think BBM channels gonna hit it up when they finally go crossed platform and make the way to iOS and Android
It's incredible but the are so powerful and promising.
BBM channels has a better and absolutely more complete concept than any other social network... it's all about the same in Blackberry10... a matter of time

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Every day! I've subscribed to over 100 channels, 10 of which I check every day and sometimes multiple times /day. Some very active posters there in areas of interest to me. Lots of potential here!

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Nope. I'm subscribed to a dozen channels, but never actually look at them. I probably would if I got notifications of new posts and replies and such. I just never think about it.

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Yes, that should be in the next round of upgrades, option to link a Channel to the Hub, so any postings or maybe even any comments on the posts set off a notification in the Hub. Not all Channels I subscribe to, just ones I choose to go with active notifications. That would give more control to the user than other social networks!

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I still think BBM Channels is the next Twitter.

I will now wait for the laughing to subside.

Cheers. :)

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I disagree... twitter is used by almost every big TV station, celebrities, entrepreneurs, firms.. bbm channel has much to do to get more interesting for all not just for BlackBerry fan boys!

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It took Twitter a long time to get past the general perception of it being a vapid narcissistic outlet for vapid narcissistic people who are expressing every little thought bubble that enters their pea brains. But it has managed to now that many use it to post links to the actual content they have available on the Web. Channels can do this and much more already. It will take time and exposure to a broader and broader audience over time for its utility to become apparent to the general public. In the mean time, it's OUR Instagram.

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I run one with a handful of subscribers (Kate Bush being the topic, there's not often a lot of news, so I'm one of the infrequent updaters). Have another private 'Family' channel reserved for the eventual day my relatives get BBM. Only subscribe to a few channels myself, but I can see that growing as the months go by.

Yes it's nice to see some channel do update daily... would be great to be able to put some stuff (articles) in favorite!

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Yes! There's no way to document the stuff you like unless you run your own channel

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I tried running one (Gentlemens Club). Kept getting shut down. BlackBerry does not want pictures of sexy girls on their Channels. Which is odd, because I see other sexy girl channels. Jerks

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is it possible to secure the channel or make it private and can not be opened by anyone if ur not a member or subscriber?

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The only option aside from a public channel, is to own a private channel which cannot be searched for, and is invite only. Under channel settings, this option is available.

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I think I'm addicted to it can't get enough. The trick is to find great channels which really isn't that easy

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Agree. I suggested to BBM team to do some things to help, like put categories on it. Let's wait and see what happens.

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Great channel, which is updated daily, and has 8600+ daily readers is FACT-CHECK!

A proven, and BlackBerry Featured Channel.

Another great is "The Strange News Channel" which has almost 2000 daily readers, and is also updated daily!

Search FACT-CHECK! And The Strange News Channel on BBM Channels to subscribe!

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I check several times a day hoping Timmies will do a special Channels offer. Of course what would a Channels line up be without the Sexy Yoga Pants to make ones day brighter.

I certainly hope they figure out a way to monetize it. I also hope more businesses jump on board and use it to lure (yes in a creepy way) in more shoppers, perhaps link the new Glympse feature that's coming in a way to advertize or send out e-coupons of some sort. (loving Glympse by the way. I've already started using it with my field staff)

I have a small niche channel, Alt Country Music Favs C0031BD24 that I post everyday on. Small sub base but it is nice to see engagement on my Channel. I like to take requests to keep people engaged. This us the key to any channel. Interactions and engagement.

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I am FINALLY on BB10 as of last night when I bought a Z10 outright from VZW for myself as a Christmas present and so far, the one thing I miss on my Torch 9850, is BBM channels!! I wish VZW would push out the 10.2 update already!

Thanks man! I have been a CB member since Oct 2012 and have been drooling over BB10 all year… I am surprised it took me this long to jump on board lol

Can't say I love the Channels but I have found some to be interesting which I may check daily for updates. Not many of my friends and family are using BBM yet or able to access the channels so don't frequent often.

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I don't know about you guys, but i think channels still lacks of an viral feature. You know, something like hashtags on Twitter. I mean channels is great. I use it every day, but this is something I really missing at this point.

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Agreed, it needs a viral feature like hash tag. Maybe " * "tag to go with the spark sign.

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Using the he'll out if them. I have 3 and it's my main time killer at work too.

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Channels are great. You just need to take a little time to find ones that suit you. Also ones that are active. There's a lot that only get updated maybe once or twice a day, or even once or twice a week.

You also should adjust your notification settings. Please do that instead of whining about channels that are active. BBM Channels need activity. Not channels that just sit there stagnant most if the time.

[URL="bbmc:C00123875"]Visit Geek Lite[/URL]

Look up Sexy Chick's in Yoga Pants. You'll be hooked then. Haha. I didn't like channels at first but it seems to have added a lot of channels since open launch.

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I subscribe to about 6, don't really check them on a daily basis, I have enough social accts that I barely keep track of as it is.

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I am. One of my favorites is the strange news channel as a news junkie its a fun alternative to whats in mainstream news.

Thinking of creating my own channel.

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Yes... I use it a lot more than I thought I would... it's very intimate and engaging. the concept is really solid and could gain some serious traction when it rolls out to IOS and Android... I have narrowed my channels down to 20 or so now that I check a few times each day!

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Yes I do, I run two one of my company and one of my wife's paintings C003C6C2F and C000FBBBB she's an amateur painter but I like her style

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I use channels everyday. The Canada Deals channel updates all through the day with great deals. I find some of the others I subscribe to are very inconsistent with updates.

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That's a big yes from me - Geeks United, Goal. com and of course Crackberry.

Who needs to waste paper with posting flyers, create a channel and reach your followers easily

Just need to get the big clothing stores on board and the rest will follow. Exclusive sales and promotions all from the BlackBerry channel.

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I have a single channel that features different hotels around the world. C00124BBF. I had been hanging out around 30 subscribers and then one day, boom, i shot up to 91. I'm still hanging out about 94.

I've been digging the channels since I downloaded it in beta. Now I don't go without checking it more then a few times a day lol.

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I check out my subscribed channels daily on my train ride. Love how easy it is to navigate and some pretty niche stuff is available! BBM Channels is off to a good start. Just waiting for more channels...

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Yup love it. Hope it goes big. But with BlackBerrys marketing skills it won't

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I've found some nice channels but don't understand the communication part to it? Feel kind of stupid. I see like a news feed but for the most part can't comment or get in on conversations

Posted via my ridiculous BlackBerry Z30 on VZW from Philly

I like them and all...i just don't think of checking them...not as easy and quick as hitting Facebook or twitter.

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I am subscribed to like 30. Love BBM channels :)

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If you are looking for other ways to make money, check out my channel . Is something very serious and works great as a par time job in the beginning . After 3-4 years if you are ambitious can become the only job you need . C000E96F6

I follow about 15 channels, and run one of my own - UK mobile DJ's - I look at it at least 5-6 times a day. I try and update my channel once a day, if not every other. I find some subscribers still don't know how to interact properly, but I think that is due to not understanding the concept of micro blogging. (random Hello's on your post etc)

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Believe it or not. I don't know anyone with a blackberry. They all think I am crazy for having one. So I don't BBM. And I don't have the updated version so I have not even tried to download it. BBM channels.

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I was using channels but my bbm stopped working so I had to side load bbm back onto my q10. Not an easy task for those who don't know what they are doing. I'm a huge BlackBerry supporter but this is something that needs to be addressed asap!

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Thank god for Crackberry or else I would have no idea how to fix this.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

The BBM Channels are awesome. I have subscribed things that I like. Please keep on developing it.

Rockin' with the Q10…

I think it is nice. I don't believe it will blow up like Twitter though but it is a nice feature to have. I'm subscribed to about five channels and currently am running one

It's just a movie/book/tv-shows recommendations channel tbh;
"Everything Uniquely Literary => C0020A654"

I like it! And it's another great way to get more awareness for my blog... The Chinese Quest - Five Jewish guys on a Quest to find the best Chinese restaurant on all of Long Island (and Queens/Brooklyn too).

My Channel PIN is: C002BF120

Are you looking for a kosher Chinese restaurant? I guess you'll be looking for a while....

That is really funny, love it...

Posted via CB10

We not only found a Kosher Chinese restaurant on our Quest, but we reviewed it, "Cho-Sen Island" in Lawrence, and we liked it. Surprisingly! LOL

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I subscribe to a bunch of channels, planning to start a channel for a friend's company in new year.

BlackBerry Z30 | | Via CB10

Of course I am. My thing is we leaked OS users should have access to the Beta BBM though!!!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Less since it came out of beta. The comments are impossible to read (too many silly characters and symbols in usernames) and the comments are full of "add my PIN" messages.

Oh, We need a large file video transfer method for BBM and video upload for BBM channels!! The same way that I'm able to post a video directly to facebook; I'd like to be able to post to my BBM channel. That'd be nice.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

The potential in channels is extreemly high.
Like what I've seen so far.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Yes, I use some of the BBM channels. But I a waiting for new channels. Stop using Flipboard because of Channels

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I had 3 channels, but deleted two and now iam focusing on one.

Iam an accountant, artist and learning dev so I will give my best to keep it upto date with best posts.

I will follow good channels with values, so far 30 following.

My channel : C001214CA
Its called "The Best Channel "


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I have no facebook or twitter or any other social media so that right there tells me it may not be for me. However I do find myself subscribing to some channels and checking it daily. I guess more features the better! Go bbm and bb10!

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Was browsing in checkout line ( long) at publix today. And the kid behind me was so fixed on watching me. Had to explain my awesome phone yet again. Lol. It was so fun. He was totally looking into BB10 at his upgrade next month.

Posted via CB10

BBM Channels isn't what it is all hyped up to be. It will never replace other social networks. Quite useless if you ask me. Barely anyone with BlackBerry anymore. As a long time user and fan, I am thinking of leaving soon.

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I subscribe to some and I am dry running one of my own (not public yet--I need to work out an easy way to integrate channels and Twitter, then I'm be away. ) I am on a channel run by a chap called Ciarán J Utting. It's just a stream of dark, surreal, hilarious, adult trivia. Recommended for those who are into that sort of thing. What better way to make use of the umpteenth social medium to launch in the last 5 years?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I will say I would check and use channels more, as per use when I had my last BBOS handset, the torch 9810, but with this Z10/BB10, headless notifications do not seem to be available, so I am not prompted to check what's new in channels as much as before.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Nope it has been Un blocked from about a week.

C001230B6 New wallpapers for your BB10 device

Yup, my channel was the first channel to post exclusive bb10 wallpapers, and had the most subscribers but they've features bb10 hd wallpapers channel.and left mine :S
I hope everyone subscribe to it @ C001230B6 also my other channel for posting dp's @ C00155BBF ;)

C001230B6 New wallpapers for your BB10 device

I do..i have my own as well as several that I'm subscribed to. Loving this great feature here.

Posted via CB10

Nope, and I don't use twitter either...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Now that it's out of Beta I'm using it again! I created a channel when it 1st came into Beta and my channel (Prepper's Dinner Table C00227BB5) was very successful but my 9930 Bold's Gps wasn't working so I closed my channel deleted Beta BBM. I had over 100 subs at the time. Now I'm starting from scratch but I love channels & I have learned a lot of interesting things due to this feature!

Go BlackBerry!

Keep The Faith

I like Rapid Mobile C00040F5B and Re-post C0001C779 ... just started one for Kanban C001FBF94

I find the discovery could be better (search by location, freshness, popularity, those my friends subscribe to, etc).

Initial signal to noise ratio is poor.

The animated profile graphics some channels like Re-post use are annoying

Would like to be able to share as a stream on Web or Twitter.

Posted via CB10

I really like channels, and have taken to it more than twitter and Facebook. You let others interact with you as much or as little as you want them to. I have had several chats thru channels, but a lot of conversations thru comments as well.

It is private, interactive, interest based, and there are a lot of good channels on there.

There are a lot of channels that were started, but only had a couple of posts and then quit. I guess they expected a flood of subscribers immediately. If the content doesn't catch an hold their attention, then no one subscribes. You have to be original, post consistently, have information they can use, and be interactive to their requests. You have to manage your channel.
BBMC has big potential.

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I have my own (C00123A7E) , put lots of effort into it hoping to be confirmed by BlackBerry. Yesterday, I logged in and look at the featured ones and saw that channel ( that was just started with only 3 posts already confirmed. Seriously, what's wrong with bbm channels? I don't feel like supporting channels any more. It’s managed totally arbitrarily.

As I said before, the featured channels should be selected randomly and constantly to give at least a chance to non-confirmed channels to get some exposure. As it stands now, there's no benefit in putting too much effort into it.

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I just wish I could filter out all the nonsensical, dis / dat / dem / comments that distract from adult conversations, and all the idiotic attempts by greasy losers trying to flirt/bbm with any poor female who happens to display her photo

But OF COURSE I am!! :D I have been pretty active in supporting other Channels owners and even started up my own Channel about my favorite sports team The New York Knicks! :D The Channel is called New York Knicks Nation for those of you that wouldn't mind helping me out with a subscribe! :) I join and subscribe back! :D

Posted From MY #SwagBerry ALL BLACK BlackBerry Z10! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryGang #BlackBerryFaithful #BlackBerryLoyalty #BB10Swag #Z10

I like channels but I've noticed one or two blatantly copying the post style of other, more established channels.
There's a few that mine sources too.

Hope BlackBerry start filtering the rubbish out.

Lots of people report posts for kicks - not funny.

Geeks United is the channel I run, come and subscribe here: C00122408

You can create more than one channel. I have 3 channels. I know people who have more than that.

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

Ohh yes I am and I am Canada is the best I love that channel and many other ones. I have faith in bbm channel I think it will take off.

Posted via CB10

I really really really LOVE the concept of BBM channels. It's amazing that you can create your own channel and that other people who share the same interests as yourself, share ideas, comment on posts, repost them. It's amazing! :) it's so simple and easy to use.

Posted via CB10

I love the channels, I find the updates sometimes a little slow. I do however like how I can share things out from my phone to any social media. It makes the BB very user friendly and sharing is easy.

I want to use it for my business, but until it goes multi platform I'm limited with what I can do. Don't want to alienate my customers much as I'd like them all to be on BlackBerry

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No channels sucks, it will never crack Twitter or come close to it. Shaun the sheep? Really? Good work BlackBerry *sarcasm*


I have some but I don't check them everyday. I want to use it more but I'm just not into it yet.

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Yes but can't comment or share in channels, when try to share blank screen with select channel banner appears.

Posted via CB10

I would really appreciate it if more companies would catch on and do promotions through BBM, as well as more constant updates, like crackberry!

Posted via CB10

I use it to look at pics of half naked chicks when I need to kill some time... that's about the extent of it for me.

Not on do I use it as I have a channel that's actually growing! >> bbmc:C00018178

I can't wait for Channels to go cross platform so I can see a boom in users!!

I don't do a lot of posting but it's like Tumblr on BBM. C0009668D

Posted on CB 10 app via Z10STL100-4/

I really love the BlackBerry channels I think it's an awesome
Medium to keep the world a global village and it has a touch of personalized feel that I love. I'm using it for A few weeks now and enjoys it to the maximum.

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Feel free to add my pin or check Channel pin is C003CBD37 my BB PIN 2B719EC6 M's Exclusive Radio is the name of my channel. I'd like to get some subscribers.

Posted via CB10

I love bbm channel. Subscribed to a few and managed 1. Very few subscriber though but its just for fun.

Posted via CB10