Are you still waiting for your carrier to release BlackBerry 10.2.1?

By Bla1ze on 17 Feb 2014 09:41 pm EST

Ahh, BlackBerry 10.2.1. For many it has brought a ton of welcomed changes and features to BlackBerry 10 that were missing from previous releases but for a good many others out there it has brought noting but frustration and anger. BlackBerry 10.2.1 went official on Jan 28th and while a lot of carriers released it the day it was announced, there's still a lot out there that have yet to make it available to their customers.

Some very prominent carriers such as AT&T state they're still testing the OS or that it's already been released, while T-Mobile hasn't said much of anything aside from conflicted reports from customer service reps who say it's already available and others who say they've heard nothing about it at all and Verizon, well no one really knows because realistically, they actually started the roll out seemingly by mistake a day ahead of the actual announcement. Sprint can't even muster a response it seems.

In Europe though, it seems most carriers have already pushed the update in one form or another with some even releasing a higher version then what was initially announced. The same has happened in Canada. Canadian carriers such as Rogers, Bell, TELUS and their various subsidies have all managed to release an update or two by now so it really does seem the majority of those remaining are simply U.S. carriers.

Keeping track of all the carriers that have and have not released the OS update is a bit of a daunting task, in part due to the fact that some folks on carriers ostensibly noted to not have released the update HAVE actually received it through various ways, be it after a device wipe or simply by connecting their device to BlackBerry Link. A lot of folks using unlocked devices also have received updates on carriers known to not have released the update and overall, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the roll out pattern.

For those who have not received the update, there is a number of things to try such as wiping your device, connecting it to BlackBerry Link, checking for updates without your SIM card in your device and for those who REALLY want the update, you can always use one of the autoloaders from the CrackBerry Forums or use Sachesi to perform the update yourself manually. But, not everyone is comfortable with going through such measures for something that should be readily available from every carrier.

With all of that in mind, we figured we'd at least try to crowd source some idea of which carriers have not actually released a BlackBerry 10.2.1 update yet. If you're making use of a carrier purchased BlackBerry 10 smartphone and have not received the update, let us know in the comments. To be fair, this update seems to of have actually been one of the better rollouts of an OS for BlackBerry but alas, that doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot to those still waiting.

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Are you still waiting for your carrier to release BlackBerry 10.2.1?



Oh yah. For those that haven't got it try removing the sim (as mentioned in the article). My z10's don't have Sims in them and they got the update.

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HELL NO! Not waiting for AT&T! Installed 1925 leak and waiting a few weeks to try the latest one.

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Sachesi is your friend, no need for leaks provided ONE carrier has released the OS for you device model.

234/15 should get you: Bundle (OS: + Radio:

Added bonus - your device won't get wiped.

I bought my Q10 from BB Philippines, use a Smart simcard (Ph network) and staying in Seoul and no update. Still on

I got Globe and I'm on a 2-year contract with it. So far I receive updates :) with the OS

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I'm still waiting for my carrier to bring out BB10 ....

Open a web shop for devices and see sales multiply themselves!

Not quite, Bla1ze is inaccurate here. They have explicitly said that they are working on building Wi-Fi calling into the OS and that this is one reason for the delay, perhaps even the main reason. TM have explicitly said they expect to release in late February and we'll see what happens.

OTOH do Note that I'm just as upset with TM as anyone:

But to be fair things are not quite as ambiguous as Bla1ze makes it sound.

I c you contacted John Legere about him removing BlackBerry off the shelves
Thanks for that blaze

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His initial answer was useless, so I had to dig in for more. I dunno how much it really helped but glad to try. :)

Thanks for that. Thanks to him for continuing support. And mostly, thanks to those who blitzkrieged his twitter account to show him the BlackBerry consumers are a loyal force.

Posted with my Q10 running

I know, he gave the most hopeless/vague answer I ever seen.
Anyways at least he noticed our concern about him ditching BlackBerry

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I too got it from Verizon on the Z10 but not the Z30. Still waiting...customer service is clueless as to why it was released for 1 and not the other.

My coworker stated that he received an email this past Saturday that a software update was available for his Q10 on the Verizon network.

I am still waiting for AT&T to release the update for my Z10.

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Don't bother waiting on sprint. Use sachesi and load yourself; I did. *highly recommended*

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What country and carrier codes did you use? Every time I changed the device on Sachesi to SQN100-4, it changed to USA/Sprint, thus not showing any updates. I was afraid to try any other devices, but if it's working for you, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what you did. Thanks!

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WVberry when using Sachesi, the 100-2,3,4 part doesn't matter. Use one that doesn't change it back to a US carrier. I've done it with both my Z10 and Z30.

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WVberry, with Sachesi, this got me the update for Rogers (on my Verizon Z30). County code 302 carrier 720 device Z30 sta 100-5. Afterwards I deleted a few Rogers apps that it had added.

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Still waiting, refreshing every minute! TMOBILE, hurry!!! What good is a top notch device without the necessary updates to make it work at its best!?!

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Why wait for your carrier when with a few key strokes you could easily load 10.2.1 onto your device.

There is plenty information in how to use an autoloader. Take your time, backup your device and get going. That way whenever these US Carriers decide to send out an official update, you'll already be well verse in using 10.2.1.

I still can't believe you guys on US carriers put up with this blantent disregard for BlackBerry support.

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Got it on my VZW Z10, but my wife is still waiting for her Q10. (If only she would put it down for a few hours-- I would Sachesi the damn thing into it).

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Nice use of Sachesi as a verb. Haven't noticed that one before...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Same here. Customer service told me they had "notes" for the Z10 but nothing for the Z30. So much for the rumor that it was going to be released a couple of weeks ago. :( I'm tempted to do one of the leaks because I really want 10.2.1. I at least have 10.2.0.

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Got tired of waiting on Verizon for my Z30, so yesterday updated with Sachesi. Was really easy.

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Still waiting on Verizon official. No big rush for me on a leak, but it'd be cool for those uncomfortable with installing leaks to get in on the 10.2.1 action.

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That's me, Q10 on Verizon and I don't want to install a leak on OS since phone gets used for business a lot. I continue to wait with my 10.1 OS.

nothing for Sprint on 10.2 yet
down graded from to 10.1 in hopes of the official version coming out in the next few weeks

1925 seemed buggy and a number of things didnt properly work

Just checked out John Legere, (CEO if T-Mobile) twitter page most of his recent tweets is all concerning BlackBerry users! We got our point across no to see how long it takes for them to roll the update out.

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He's full of it. Hanging in Central Park, that's what he was doing. He has no clue what's going on and only a morsel of control. He's feeding BB users BS.

Getting tired waiting for AT&T so I went with sideload. It works perfect. I'm glad I did. After install did full restore.

Still waiting, really want the latest 10.2.1 features, the PS4 App and the Battlelog App!!! AT&T hurry up!!!

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I grabbed the Rogers OS as soon as I could. I'm on AT&T. Fiancee got the official AT&T update a couple weeks ago.

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Still waiting for Verizon. Just switched from Tmobile to Verizon after 11 years, since they aren't showing BB any love. Now they know where my loyalty actually is.

Verizon isn't much better my friend! For what it's worth welcome to Big Red!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Verizon is the only U.S. carrier selling the Q10, Z10, *and* Z30. That makes them better than T-Mobile. Their plans are more expensive, but their network is more expansive. Tradeoffs...

Got my awesome Z30 from Verizon 3 weeks ago and still no update? What's up Verizon? Why don't all Verizon customers have it?

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Att sucks. Still 10.1. Can we just get the next update and skip this one? That's how long it has been since att has botched this latest update.

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I used unofficial update way, that's work, but I'm still asking this question : why someone like me who own a free sim BlackBerry. can't get the update directly from BlackBerry server, my carrier is 603/ 01.
I simply want to have a simple way to update my device.

Posted via CB via my Z10 )

Waiting for T-Mobile still. Worried that it won't come since BlackBerry 10 phones can't be found in its stores or website in the U.S.

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Tried the autoloader for my Z10 and it went well. Hardest part was restoring the backup and reentering passwords to email accounts etc. All in all it took a few hours with about one hours time of actual work by me.

10.2.1 is the OS that should have been on the Z10 from day one. And now with real Android integration this is by far the best mobile experience out there. Really.

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I am patiently waiting, and still enjoy the 10.2 "legacy" call answer screen on my Q10 on Telstra. Much easier on the small screen to pull down.

I got my Z10 on Optus on 10.2.1, and can't quite warm up to the androidish call answer screen. With all the apk loading, I sometimes doubt it's still a Berry, not a Droid.


iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Still waiting. Verizon oakland ca hurry up mofos

Posted via the Android tab 2(a gift) CrackBerry App! when not on my wht Q10

I wonder how much Apple is paying the U.S. Carriers to not make the update available.

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Agreed. There may not be an explicit payment to NOT release it, but I am pretty sure AT&T are making more profit on iPhones, so it is in their financial interests to dissuade people from choosing anything else.

I am using TMo on a Canadian Z10 & received the update a week ago. Still nothing from Sprint for my Q10 :(

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US carriers just sucks ....I feel sorry for the folks there ... How can most of the world have it and US don't? Terrible!!!

I want to go to all US carrier stores and do some gangsta stuff if ya know what I mean!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Berry in da hood, bro!


At least I managed to press the update button in my local JB Hifi store to upgrade the poor display Z10 on 10. -dare I say- 0.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Good old T-Mobile USA is holding back.

I guess at least John Legere got a wake up call with all the twitter complaints and sent off some twitter messages himself in support of Blackberry :/

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Still waiting on AT&T here in the USA. I'm beginning to think it's not going to happen. Nobody cares about BlackBerry any more.

Loving my Q10

Tmobile is delayed cause WiFi calling was having problems. Sounds like the first or second week of March before release.

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Still nothing from T-Mobile USA, but used an autoloader for the update. Really not a hassle for me but it shouldn't be this hard to get it through the carriers or OTA.

I have a factory unlocked STL100-3 on T-Mobile USA and I received the update about a week and a half ago.

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I couldn't wait anymore so I finally took the risk and installed 10.2.1 using Sachesi. I used the Rogers (Canada) profile and the only issue I have noticed is no WiFi calling but I am not pressed since I don't use that feature anyway.

I still really don't understand why manufacturers are not allowed to directly deploy updates?

Autoloader 4 ALL. Can't believe I'm saying this but, Claro PR hasn't released 10.1 for those on 4G plans, so the 10.2.1 idea seems far-fetched. To be fair, they did rolled 10.1 for the pre paid plans... which I'm not part of. So autoloaders always for me.

Hard core BlackBerry 'er

Still waiting on it for my Verizon Q10.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

T-Mobile USA has not rolled out an update, unless your device was originally unlocked.

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Still waiting on ATT. Yes I know Blackberry has pushed it to carriers but Mr. Chen if you are listening Blackberry still has to shoulder some of the blame. You have loyal customers that can't use their phones to their best ability. If Blackberry wasn't in the position it is now you could lean on the US carriers more to get it out.

Spreading the love with my Z10

I don't think the USA has a decent carrier any more. I'll do whatever hack is necessary to get the updates when they are officially released by another carrier, rather than listen to whatever lame excuses AT&T wants to offer. The current official OS released by AT&T is 10.1. 10.1!!! That's insane!

Testing?!? Puh-leeze. They could have released 10.1MR or 10.2.0 months ago. Most other major carriers have released 10.2.1. Many of us have loaded the software onto our phones in spite of AT&T's need for testing. Now it is thoroughly vetted. Get over yourself and your bloat ware.

Release the software so the average user can enjoy it.

Off my soapbox. Tired of editing out all of the strong language I'd like to use...

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I am a long time Blackberry user and have mostly loved my Z-10. Though in the past I have readily updated my OS with leaks, with this phone I find the update to leaks a little more difficult, especially with having to reset all my login information for each of my connections. It is both tedious and troubling. So, I have been anxiously awaking the release from AT&T for some time for 10.2. I sure would like to see it come along, since I updated to the new BBM, but was unaware it needed the newest version OS. (Is there a way of rolling back to an earlier version of BBM?)

So come on AT&T and get 10.2 pushed out to all of us out here!

Unlocked Z10 on T-Mobile... no update.

If necessary, I will do it myself, but if I do I'll need to change carriers because I'm a heavy WiFi Calling user due to lack of coverage at home. It's too bad really, because I really like T-Mobile otherwise.

Att is so slow, how can BlackBerry gain traction when some of the top carriers are so slow. Should honestly just spread the word about leaks on the cb website because half of blackberry users probably don't know anything about it. Maybe more.. I'm done waiting, I've been using leaks for a wile and never looked back.

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Still waiting on Tmobile. Switched for the q10 and have been genuinely disappointed in them.

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Sprint hasn't released anything for the Q10 (the only new BlackBerry they carry). I check frequently and have asked them multiple times but they claim they know nothing. Very frustrating.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Nothing this morning on Att so I used sachesi. Loaded up fine, and because it's an official release, no need to reload apps and email accounts!

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Stopped waiting for AT&T. Used Sachesi for 10.2 and now just yesterday used it to get Rogers I think this is the route I'll take from now on.

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nothing from TELSTRA!!!

but i've made a workaround here, i always get the update by using the prepaid voda UK sim..

My Q10 isn't showing an available update. Not concerned about my Z10. I don't want to mention the carrier but it rhymes with "play D&D".

Z10 (STL 100-3) Superphone with vitamin

I'm still waiting for mine on Verizon for my Q10. My brother got the update for his Z10 from Verizon the week they announced they were releasing it. I tweet, chat and email them every other day with no real response.

AT&T in Texas has not released 10.2.1 as of yet. They said they are testing the update and I told them I am 61, and to hurry every chance they get before I pass away. They didn't think that was amusing...

My Verizon Z10 got it, but I don't even use that phone as its a backup in the drawer and turned off. Only turned on to update.

No update on my Q10 or Z30 with both on Verizon.

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10 or Z30 on VZW from Philly

Theres a conspiracy against blackberry. I swear. Either that, or its a company that is actively trying to make its loyal fan base hate it. I have been checking everyday since Jan 28 and everyday I get a fucking green check mark. No bitch I do not have the latest software

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Hello, am from Paris, France. got the update OTA for my Z10. Got a Z30, and nothing for my beloved Z30. Just a remark. here in France, carriers are not at all up-to-date concerning BBOS 10.2.1. Names like SFR (Vivendi-Universal owned): they keep on delaying the upgrade.
Another major problem: Z30 is not sold here by carriers. So you pay for getting one from UK, unlocked, put you carrier sim inside, everything works but NO OS UPDATE-NEVER, this is the response you get from french carrier. mine, BTW, is B&you (Bouygues Télécom). Would like provide this info, found no customer support service in this country. If someone can get any info about Z30 upgrade to BBOS10.2.1 (official one), please share info. THX

That sounds like Bogus Telecom. No update, no wonder, lol

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Well with Verizon they could roll out 10.2 tomorrow or a month from now. It's like being back in the Army, hurry up and wait.

Not yet on Sprint, I've had my "Q10" for almost a week and am really enjoying it.

arTie's berry "Q10"

I feel sorry for all the Americans, if I was in that position I'd put a leak on my unit or order up a Rogers sim card, I wouldn't be able to handle not having the newest OS

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

I get it; the USA is horrible for BlackBerry and the carriers are screwing BlackBerry. I've heard it over & over. What gets me is why announce it in the first place? Mr. Chen apparently heard us according to that one article posted a while back, but he says he's working on making sure every carrier releases the update by the end of February. Then here we are in February, no word from any of the carriers, BlackBerry doesn't say a thing either, and those "We understand your concern..." stupid responses from BlackBerry are also gone. I get that we have a few days until the estimated time (Feb 10-20 for T-Mobile Users), but no word from T-Mobile and no word from BlackBerry.

I have the STA100-5 unlocked model running on Tmobile USA and I have Software release Is that the new release? I bought my phone off ebay so I have no clue if that's the newest update

Z30 Verizon,I autoloader and all my utilities disappeared and my alarm stopped working. Back on 10.2 :(

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Have a T-Mobile Q10 and an AT&T Z10; still waiting. Both are running official 10.2.1 retrieved using Sachesi (Rogers 1925 on the Q, Vodafone UK 2142 on the Z). Once official T-Mo and AT&T are available I'll retrieve using Sachesi.

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I am using Blackberry Z10 STL 100-2 here in india on update yet for my model number...what the hell....

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Z10 from AT&T nothing here as usual. Did update through Sachesi on 2 phones, the 3rd one will do it this week. So far so good!

Z10STL100-3/ on AT&T

Yes, I'm still waiting for 10.2.1 on my Z10 from T-Mobile USA.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Sitting on verizon here. Didn't feel like waiting any longer and loaded 2124 with the autoloader to stick it to verizon. They are a multi billion dollar company, the line of "we're still testing it to make sure it works" goes over for about a hot second. Testing should be done BEFORE the release date.

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Still waiting for AT&T. Well, not really; I installed the leak a few weeks back and have been loving my device ever since.

Posted via CB10

No go on T mobile although they have changed their standard "soon" comments on Facebook, stating now that it is in the works and that it will be rolled out sometime over the next several months.

Posted via CB10

AT&T has shown no love as of yet. Tweeted them and got a canned response. They need to step up and be accountable to all of us BlackBerry owners who have stayed with them

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Every time a new app is available for OS 10.2 or newer I post the screen shot of "not available for this device " on the T-Mobile Facebook page.

Posted via CB10

AT&T hasn't released a single BB OS 10 update since June of 2013 and there now have been THREE Official Blackberry OS 10 updates.

Why should anyone trust anything AT&T says.

After harassing AT&T people on the phone with multiple calls and even showing up into the store and telling AT&T store employees/managers how much they are failing finally upgraded to the leak OS and loving it.

AT&T is the worst US cell phone carrier and they are biased to All Things Apple with their $14+ billion lock in to sell able iOS products or they owe Apple the money every year.

I bought stl100-2 device from Vodafone UK(pay as u go) and using it in India airtel carrier. No update... pls tell what to do... I installed an autoloader from blackberry developer zone and it dint work well... so reloaded device and it updated to!!! I really need latest 10.2.1.. help me

Posted via CB10 on my z10

Buddy i m also in the same boat....same airtel n BlackBerry Z10 n STL 100-2 in mumbai no update yet.....can you plz add me in ur bbm so that we can discuss it further my pin is pin:24D4EA84...
Plz do add.....

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I used autoloader but waited for the 10.2.1 to be available and not the leaks. My z10 stl2 is working like a charm. I don't want to wait as my vendor Id was "0" and I am on Airtel India. My friend with Q10 got his update with the same vendor id and being on Airtel as well. So no point waiting use the autoloader and get over with.

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Verizon, Q10, NO! Verizon Customer Service Technical Support says it may have to do with a legal/liability/security issue or some such nonsense, but they're not sure. Nor do they have any idea when it will release.
It seems that, in terms of percentage of customer base, Blackberry is in the 0% bracket of users, and their efforts are better spent on products people actually use.
Woe to Blackbberry and Verizon. Attitudes like this could doom Blackberry, and will likely cost Verizon some business as well. But, being in such a low bracket probably concerns Verizon as much (or less) as how many warts are on a hedgehog's butt.
Needless to say (but I will anyway), i'm a bit disappointed. I expected Blackberry to push harder for carriers to support the product. Their answer? It's out of their hands because they expect the carriers to deliver.

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T-Mobile USA, no update love for my Z10.

Thank You Bla1ze!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Merica, always # last in BlackBerry 10 updates. Still waiting on T-Mobile to push 10.2 :(

Posted via CB10

Still have hopes for TMobile to come through for us die-hard BlackBerry users. Nothing as of yet. Using leak .2141 but I'd love to get WiFi calling back with an official TMobile version.

Here in nz hasn't got it just and it is extremely frustrating!! So I just downloaded loaded the latest leak :) love it

Posted via CB10

Refused to wait on AT&T. Really believe they are conspiring to get BB off their inventory. I used Sachesi and downloaded and installed it from Rogers. It is working FLAWLESSYLY!!! I even posted the step-by-step process for getting it onto a Q10 device (I have a AT&T BBQ10 and have been running 10.2.1 for almost 2 weeks).

Had mine for a while via a leak. But my wife hasn't received her official release from T-Mobile US. Sucks cuz they were always the first ones that came out with the newest updates

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Have you heard when are they going to release it?
Has averiguado cuando haran la actualización...usuario de Claro Ecuador..Z10