CrackBerry Asks: Are you still hoping for another all touch BlackBerry device to be announced?

By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2014 12:07 pm EDT

With all the hype surrounding the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic, a lot of folks have been pretty vocal about the lack of announcement of another all touch BlackBerry. Sure, there's rumor BlackBerry has a possible successor to the BlackBerry Z30 in the works but at this point it has not been officially acknowledged like the Passport and the Classic have been.

With that being the case, we figured we'd put together a little poll just to see how many people are satisfied with the idea of only the Passport and Classic keyboard devices being available and how many people are actually still holding out hope another full touch device is coming. I pretty much already assume people want another all touch device (I'm among them) but let's put some real numbers behind it.

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CrackBerry Asks: Are you still hoping for another all touch BlackBerry device to be announced?



We need a successor to the z30 with a better quality screen and etc

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

We need refreshed updated versions of Z10, Z30 with a consistent set of features. If they want to round out the handset fleet, maybe a Z50 with large rectangular all touch screen, that would be awesome too.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I want an all-touch Blackberry that, first of all, will land on Sprint so I can get it in the first place GRRRR. And second, I would like to see a non-generic-looking non-cheap-feeling all-touch blackberry 10 device that compares to the design and quality of OS7 and previous devices. The Z3 would be perfect if they added some silver/gunmetal accents and majorly updated the specs, but to me, as is, it looks more premium than the Z10 and Z30. Speaking of, I haven's seen a single Z30 in the wild here in Southern California, and only about a dozen Z10's, and haven't seen a Blackberry commercial in AGES.

Although I am now used to my all-touch HTC One (m7), I wouldn't mind going back to a qwerty Blackberry with a large screen and a touch-sensitive keyboard like the passport, which looks amazing and has a very interesting concept, but that thing is WAY too wide to be practical for my own purposes.

Edit: I saw the P'9982 in person at a mall in Laguna Beach the other day and that thing is way nicer in person than it looks in photos and it feels amazing! That is the type of thing I believe Blackberry is known for and what I want to see in future Blackberry devices design-wise (just maybe not with all those premium materials that make the 9982 so expensive).

Yes but in the in between time I will be getting /taking the Passport. The next all touch would have to have top of the line specs to kill all talk of not having the latest specs, quite frankly personally speaking, I don't need those specs as the OS works excellent without it.

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That's fine for ppl who want a physical keyboard phone. And than there are ppl like my self who prefer only all touch phones. Z10 was a very good phone minus the weak battery. Z30 is a great phone just the screen is weak.

I guess the sales of their all touch phones the z10 and z30 weren't all that impressive to bother coming out with a successor this year. So they re focusing on those hardcore qwerty users who haven't upgraded from their 9900's or did but down graded back because lack of the tool belt buttons.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

I was a hard keyboard user. Till the Z10 and agree with you. I really didn't want to go back to that, however the Passport seems revolutionary so for that reason I will get it. Seems to be a hybrid of sorts between both worlds. :-))

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Yeah, that's where I'm sitting too. I hadn't expected to be interested in another "keyboard" phone.

I think there's been some confusion around the Passport, and that comes out of too-rigid expectations. People seem to want to pigeonhole phones as being either "touch" or "kb", but the Passport blurs the lines.

sale of z10 and z30 was not impressive because of lack of apps and poor marketing.... hope u got my point.
if they dont provide native apps, every device they are gonna release will show the same result.
poor bb they still thinking they can impress peoples with providing the android runtime

Yes . A new A touch phone should please the Apple IPhone generation. BlackBerry is not all about touch, entertainment. it's about efficiency productivity. BlackBerry Experience.

Let's hope BlackBerry gets it right like BB10 Classic & Passport. Always improving on predecessors.

Make it military grade dust proof & waterproof. Excellent camera. And BlackBerry Passport like trackpad/security pad. It will increase BlackBerry touch consumers.

Remember Apple has finger print security as well in 4.7 and 5.5 inch form.

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

I'm afraid BlackBerry hasn't really shown their commitment to productivity when it comes to Contacts. There aren't many games (or other decent apps) because developers have lost confidence in the viability of BlackBerry.

The z30 is a great phone but by early next year my z10 contract is up (bought the z30 off contract) so I will need a new BlackBerry to upgrade to.

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

I personally prefer qwerty but I would say to keep all sides happy it would be better to a newer Z model. The Z30 is a great device to expand on.

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Agree. Might buy a passport but looking forward to a replacement for the Z10/Z30.

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Same. What's up with the limited either or selection in the survey. In some surveys it is appropriate, not so here.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I'm still waiting on a successor to the Z10. The Z30 should have been a different line. They are different devices, one is not an upgrade from the other.

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But maybe all the 5" screen devices have a "3" in the name, and all 4.2" screen devices have a "1".

So maybe we get:

Z3 : low cost 5" screen device
Z30 : released late 2013 as a flagship
Z300 : successor to Z30

Z1 : low cost 4.2" screen device
Z10 : released 2013 as a flagship
Z100 : successor to Z10

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Given the new devices being named Classic and Passport I suspect Chen and co. have opted to ditch the letter/number naming convention and go with descriptive/memorable naming going forward. I have been using/supporting BlackBerry devices since the two way pagers and I still get confused between devices and their numbering so the new naming is a welcome change.

That's like saying the iphone 4s and 5 aren't true successor. Smaller screen is dying. Those who don't adapt will get left behind.


Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

I'm done with BlackBerry. I'm saving up for a Galaxy s5. My Z10 could have been a good phone but BlackBerry has shown minimal interest in fixing problems like Piss Poor Contacts performance , poor battery life, speech to text while driving, maps, etc, etc, etc.

I do like the Z10 camera, screen, browser and a couple of other things.

Too little, too late too bad BlackBerry.

As an Android user, I welcome you to the club of terrible email management, awful texting, and generally terrible battery life. Cheers! In fairness though, the battery life will be better than the abysmal Z10.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Yeah, those definitely are the negatives. Exactly my own frustrations. Would it be too much to ask to have a maps app that tells you whether your destination is on the left or the right? "Your destination is straight ahead". No, no, it's not. The road is straight ahead. Am I turning right or left? Which lane should I be in? And speech to text with background noise is horrific. Come on blackberry. Get it together.

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Completely agree. If BlackBerry made another Z10 v2 right now and just upped the specs, battery and camera I'd be all over that. I love the form factor of the Z10. Call me crazy but I 5" display phones are just too big.......

That's what she said........;)

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My thoughts exactly. Most likely getting the passport but still very curious about the next all tough. (hoping it comes with at least a 64gb on board memory option)

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Agreed. Something all aluminium like HTC one with a 4.7 inch amoled screen and the running gear of a Z30. I really don't think that would be to far fetched.

Posted via CB10

You nailed it right there. In fact last year's HTC One with a regular Camera and BB10? Take my money now!

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Z10 form factor for me 2... we need a poll to prove there's a big demand for this..

Posted via CB10

Just as long as it has specs that are on par with the Samsung and Apple flagships. Tired of feeling left behind.

And a successor to the Z10 (4.2" screen) is gotta have a *massive* battery.

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Also, really want some higher end materials. More metal would be really nice.

Also: OLEOPHOBIC screens! BlackBerry screens really do get insanely greasy.

You literally need a screen protector, since the bare glass of BB10 phones are oil magnets compared to flahship Samsung, Nokia (Lumia), and iPhone screens.

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What?? Lol

My ipad mini always looks like someone smudged margarine all over it as does my son's iPhone 5S screen. One swipe of my Z30 on my t-shirt and it's crystal clear.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Exactly. My naked Z10 comes out of my pocket clean every time just from moving against the pocket material.

I am not very happy with the design of the Passport - Its just....... too....... square :( I do agree with you however that an updated Z30 with greater specs and battery life would be a great option to have.

Z30 upgrade with a thinner footprint but no loss in battery life prowess. This said the Z30 is the best device that I have ever owned.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

Damn right! LED is what is keeping me from the Z30.

...well, that and the size and the fact that it's not available for me on Tmobile. and I'm in contract for the Z10 till Next august.

Basically: if there is no high end touch coming when it's time for my upgrade, I will have to move to a Galaxy S5 of S6. Not interested in a QWERTY (unless it's a slider, which will never happen).

Definitely a thinner Z30 with high res display, and no silver "lip" at the bottom. Something more chic.

As for IPS--the Samsung S5 screen is actually better than IPS (crisper and just as easy on the eyes--not over saturated like early amoled screens -- also it draws way less power than IPS).

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Just cause you're due for an upgrade doesn't mean you have to upgrade. I'mma stink with my Z30 till a a new fill touch screen comes out. I'll be saving for my upgrade. I'm with the family share plan and I'll save! 25$ if I don't upgrade. It's a win - win for me

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So... most users are on 2 year contracts now. Since the Z30 came out November last year, even if you had one on day 1 you've got well over a year until that upgrade. The odds are excellent that by then there will either be a higher-end Z or a Z30 replacement available.

Have you been so thoroughly conditioned by Samsung's and Apple's refresh cycles?

I'm a seld-professed cell phone / all-around-gadget addict. After 2 years, I want something new and faster, even if what I currently own is "good enough".

I'm not satisfied with "good enough". If all I wanted was "good enough" I'd still be using my 9810.

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I'm waiting for the dream phone that was rumored on the German site about a month ago.

All touch device with built in Qnx desktop.

I dare you Blackberry. Triple dare you and I will pay ANY price.

Posted via CB10

THATS what we are waiting for baby and BlackBerry should deliver and statify customer needs ASAP
If they would follow CrackBerry they would know long time :)

Not like John Chen at all. But it seems i´m the only one.
Wait until CrackBerry Community gets bored because no leaks :D

If BlackBerry is clever they made a limited beta programm for 150$ anual fee already. Many would pay ;)

I did the error of being too impatient and getting the z10 instead of the Q10 since it was released later! As much I love the keyboard on the Z10, I still miss the physical keyboard

This why I fell in love with BlackBerry, their physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10

Personally yes. From a business point of view not yet. No reason to repeat the wasted effort that was the (otherwise awesome) Z30. Maybe once BlackBerry wins back some mindshare.

Posted via CB10

This a good point.

The Z30 is a great device.

But it got released during the "for sale" days and it got totally upstaged by the doom and gloom.

BlackBerry needs to focus on making devices that they can sell profitably.

Agreed. Z30 is the best BlackBerry 10 device I have used. If it had the same resolution as the z10, it would be nearly perfect.

Passport is on my wishlist though...

Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 (STA100-5) w

That doesn't mean much being that it is the *only* Blackberry 10 device in that class. In fact, Z30 is a pretty bad device as device goes. The Z10 was a better device in almost every aspect. If Blackberry didn't bomb the battery life so bad on it and had used the Z30 internals thy would have never even needed to waste an effort on two devices.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Passport has won me over, but I can definitely see how someone would want a full touch "Z50"

Posted via CB10

You could fit a 5.0" 16:9 display by making the screen as tall as the current Z10 glass, and increasing the width of the device by 7mm if the side bezels are to stay unchanged.

Agreed, I would like to see an updated Z10. However, with even the iPhone going to a 4.7" screen, I think the days of having a screen smaller than 4.5" are gone.

Posted via tin can telephone

I agree. The Z10's successor should have a larger screen and better battery life. I would go either for that or the successor to the Z30. I love the BlackBerry touch keyboard.

 Proud BB10 user. The best kept secret in mobile 

I love the Z30 but I miss the size of the Z10 - truly optimized for one handed use.

Posted via CB10

Z10 is the perfect size for some (a lot) . If i would want a bigger screen i would buy a Z30, simple. Also not like the Display better from Z10. And only because a slightly better CPU and miracast (or what else is "better than the Z10) hmm nope. And no red color Z30 :)

The Z10 could fit a much larger screen in its current form, so your statement isn't entirely true. The Z30 is just too big for me. I want a top of the line z10.

There needs to a be a third option in the poll.

Something like:
"Waiting to test devices in person to make a judgement."

I love my Z10 and would love if BlackBerry made a modern successor (no, Z30 is not it). If I like the passport or classic enough I may switch.

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There should be another option!!!
I'm satisfied with the passport but I still want an all touch!!!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs to stop playing catch up and start setting a trend in the fill touch device side of things

Posted via CB10

Yeah I'll never do a qwerty. I just don't see it. Waiting for all touch. If not I'll stick with my z10 until it's abysmal.

Good thing about having a z10.. unlike when I had iPhone 4, I don't have to worry about someone making fun of my phone.. yes people I'm 19 and it still happens .

No one really knows what a z10 is so when I pull it out there isn't an "updated model " that would just try and brag or mock others X,'D.

Posted via CB10

He said he's 19. That means he was born in 1995, and that also means that he and his friends are too young to know of Blackberry' rise and fall from grace. When the iPhone was released and Blackberry was "it" he was only 12 years old and in a world where smartphones (term did not exist at that time) were exclusive to those that made good coin. In short, none of his friends even know what is "a Blackberry".

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I'm not going back to a qwerty phone. The passport/classic is fine for those who want a toolbelt etc but I want a full spec successor to my Z10. I would get a Z30 if it was offered by AT&T. I will not pay full price for a phone and I am not having any issues with my Z and I will be waitng......

Yes, I'm a keyboard convert as of recent. Made a switch from Z30 to a Q10. Best decision for me. But I do still appreciate a full touch.

Posted via CB10

I have a Z30, and I love it, because BlackBerry 10 is great and the software keyboard of BlackBerry 10 is awesome! I will buy a Passport, because it's a very interesting device, and I want to see, how it works.
But I hope, BlackBerry will release another great full touch device, which is like the Z30, but even better.

Yes, a true next gen full touch screen and it would like a true next gen q10. The classic is juice but i don't think I'll need the belt and the passport is worthless to me.

Yes please, something fresh and new and with killer specs, something like what the Passport offers!

Posted via CB10

Z50 for sure. But I can understand why BlackBerry may not be talking about this for now..let the passport and classic get some attention then blow the consumer and touch screen users away with an all out spec war warrior to win over some market share. Can't wait!

From my z30

Technology development in mobile industry is moving at very fast pace. After every few months new flagship is launched by different manufacturers. Yes, I am looking forward to another Blackberry touch device with physical keypad. But as for now I will enjoy Blackberry Passport.

I really want both a Z50 and Passport. Didn't see that as an option so voted for holding out for Z50.

Clearly, the advanced details on the Classic & Passport show that there is market demand & room to innovate w/in the qwerty space. However, the small & large all touch devices continue to dominate among all consumers. Berries will continue to need to update devices in the small & large all touch to remain relevant -- even if qwerty makes a comeback.

Sí sería bueno cambiar mi z10 por el z50
They should Bring out the z50 Thats its the Phone They need to release

Posted via CB10

Love my Z10 but the battery has left me wanting to switch to the Z30; holding out to see what BlackBerry has in store in that regard. Didn't think I'd give up the physical keyboard after my 9900 but the swipe gestures make typing much easier and faster!

Posted via CB10

I want a Z50 when my contract expires next spring, until then I'm happy with my Z10 with my 4500 mha battery, that lazy all day worked hard !

Posted via CB10

Have considered buying the battery but unsure how bulky the phone becomes. Does it make a big difference?

Posted via CB10

I don't mind the extra bulk at all, the ability to use it all day on one charge is the payoff ! You can still use it with one hand unlike the Z30, don't get me wrong, the Z30 is tempting me but I can hold out for the rumored Z50!

Posted via CB10

I played out with the z30 and one hand is possible but you're right, that's stretching it! Thanks for the reply about the battery!

Posted via CB10

I love my Z30, and won't upgrade for another year, but I would love something compelling to bring more people to bb10....something that is actually a top spec phone. I think with the features of bb10 a top spec phone may attract new customers.

Posted via CB10

I was scrolling to make sure I wasn't the only one thinking about the Octa-core device they were rumored to be working on. +1 for that. Might have to call that one the Z100. Lol

Posted via CB10

I want a Classic or a Passport but I think it would good for both consumers and the company to have another all touch device coming out.

Posted via CB10

Upgrade to Z30 for sure. But a decent screen size please. I think another one on 4.2 inch screen size layout would be awesome.
And of course a upgrade for P9981 as well. But with better specs, not an Q10 inside please. Haha.
#BBrocks #BBMrocks

Posted via CB10 from P'9982.

Z50. Make it 6.5 inches, full hd, 12 mega pix camera, atsc tuner, laser pointer

The new BlackBerry. Ahead of the curve.

... and dual SIM, dual SD slots (one dedicated for expanded application storage).

The new BlackBerry. Ahead of the curve.

Thanks for transmitting our pain to the front page, Blq1ze! You are my hero now! (Even though Z50 is not being announced!)

I have no intention of going back to a keyboard phone. A 4.8 inch 16:9 device with the pixel density of the Passport would be perfect...

I want an all touch to be successful, Which I guess is the main question since BB lost money on Z10 Z30 and probably the Z3 as well. Hence team BB is probably holding back on an all touch. The general Joe public knowledge of BlackBerry being in the all touch game and out of the BIS/ business game is generally spares. In Denmark you couldn't buy a BlackBerry unless you were a business prior to the launch of BB-10 so a lot of people still concieve BlackBerry outdated work quwerty phones - And not modern day all touch smartphones

Why do you think they lost money on the Z30 and (especially) the Z3?

They over-manufactured the Z10 and we're left with unsold stock that had to be written off.

There is no indication whatsoever that they over-manufactured the Z3 or Z30.

What information are you basing this guess on?

Posted via CB10

In fact, the Z3 seems to be selling very well, *and* it is manufactured by Foxconn who assume the inventory risk. So it's very very hard (almost impossible really) to see how they could possibly be losing money on the Z3.

Posted via CB10

I have been hoping for a new all touch for a few weeks now, something high-spec, octa core, 3GB Ram and a GOOD camera. Otherwise im losing hope

Posted via CB10

I went from a Z10 to a Q5. I personally prefer a physical keyboard after all is said and done. BUT I would love to see a super new all-touch device. BlackBerry needs to keep on with innovation to add some more steam to the turnaround.

Posted via CB10

Yes absolutely! I think the Passport will be a success. I have a Z10 and a Z30 and am loving them both. I miss the screen resolution of the Z10 and love the smoothness of the Z30. If they could marry these two and make a baby we're talking super powerful phone with beefed up specs. I'm all in.

Posted via CB10

Qwerty phones are not ideal for me but with the passport i make an exception,but they should make another full touch phone

I'm sure the majority of people who are still loyal to BlackBerry prefer the physical qwerty keyboard (citation needed) but the majority of smartphone users seem to prefer the all touch. I'd like to see a successor to the Z10. It seems to me that it around the size of most touch screen phones out there.

Posted via CB10

This poll will show two things:

1. JC is backing the wrong horse.

2. Physical keyboards won't sell.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

#1 priority should be getting legacy users over to BB10, and I think the Classic will go a long way toward that (as well as BES 12). The Passport is interesting and I find myself intrigued. I am still going to hold out and hope for a beast of a full-touch device. The Passport may catch users that left BlackBerry and miss the physical keyboard, but need something more that what the Classic will provide. I think the large screen and the gesture-friendly keyboard will help.

The Z30 hasn't been out a year yet, so I think the Z30 should hold out for a bit. I really think they need to make a real statement on their next full touch in order to lure in more market share. Hopefully it'll come out early 2015, so I can get it to replace my Z10 without waiting (my upgrade eligibility is in June). As it is, my Z10 will get 10.3.1 and I'm happy with it (other than battery life at times).

An upgrade to the awesome z30.

1. 1080p display.
2. Brighter (more sunlight readable) super amoled.

3. More memory.
4. Faster processor.

Posted via CB10

Yes indeed! I would sure hope BlackBerry makes a waterproof device too so that folks who want to migrate from the competition do have that option too.

Posted via CB10

Just want BB to make money on whatever they launch. I dont believe another full touch will do that today.

All in due time of course. Ii don't think BlackBerry is wanting to come out with 10 devices every year like they use to. Sure they have to keep current on technology because there are those people that all they look at is specs. I would prefer BlackBerry not to do what apple does and tweak a few things then call it the best iPhone made to date (dah). They need to build a strong clientele first. Yes I know your going to argue that they need the best phone on earth to do that, I disagree. Look at the devices they have come out with, they are nothing to laugh at.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

No no no no. I love my Z30 but I could never use that for pure communication, and I've tried. When the Passport comes out i'll be first in line

Posted via CB10

I will be checking out the passport and expect to buy one, but at some point in the following year I will need to replace my Z30 with a full touch screen device. But it is just fine for now, maybe when it is 2 years old.

Z30 Rocks!

Officially been rocking my Z30 longer than any other device I've had. In fact my original 'bricked' last week and I thought of going to an Android, but ultimately got my hands on another Z30! Really hoping for an upgraded BB10 device to replace this one with.

Screen size is a big one for me. The glass is also slightly curved at the edge. It's a small thing, but I find really helps with gestures - wasn't nearly as smooth on my Z10. Battery is killer. Screen is larger so it eats more power, but Z30 lasts much longer than my Z10 every did (1800mAh in the Z10 vs 2880mAh in the Z30). Speakers are best in class (have the edge over the HTC One). Could just have been a newer OS at the time, or perhaps it's advanced hardware, but I always found Android apps to run smoother on my Z30 vs Z10.

The 5" displays are useful on the road for insurance salesmen. They could use online premium calculators on client premises & show off tables of rows & columns of trend data comfortably without straining eyes or repeat scrolling.

This is a nightmare in Qwerty models.

I will buy the passport, just because it is 100 percent different than any other phone!! Would love to see a new flagship. But personal the passport is my next phone.

Posted via CB10

Yesss...eagerly waiting for a Z10 successor with the same size and bigger screen and battery...!!

Posted via CB10

Holding out but losing hope. Need a z10 replacement very soon. Have been waiting and waiting. Looking at windows phones lately (breaks my heart as a due hard BlackBerry user). With the announcement of classic and passport...not arriving for a few months and the absence of any touch devices it appears none are on the horizon for 2014. They make a great touch screen keyboard, get people hooked and then leave them all hanging. Losing faith in their abilities...and for god sakes you can't sell products without marketing!!!!!

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Z50!.... replaceable battery, octi-core, multicast, FM, 12Mpixel camera or better, .... longer lasting battery... 11.1 BBOS

Why give up screen realestate for a keyboard when you want to view a web page? or a Movie? I love the virtual keyboard with the flick up words, the context switch for the rows showing or the keys.

I still like the size and feel of the Z10, phones are getting too big! Z10 with awesome specs is what I really want, I won't hold my breath tho... with the way the first one went.

Posted via CB10

A Z50 with a 3ghz processor. 32 gb of internal storage and a SD slot for up to 128gb. Plus it has to be able to run Google services

Posted via CB10

The only concern I had when I switched form my 9900 to a Z10 was the typing experience but I had read so much positivity about the new virtual keyboard I decided to give it a go. I needn't have worried, it didn't take me long to get the hang of it. Now, when I use my work issued Q10 I find it awkward and I'm not entirely comfortable with it, I've put in a request to use my own Z30 as typing on that is a breeze. Oh I could adjust back to a physical keyboard but I don't particularly want to. So yes, I'm hoping for another full touch high end-ish phone to come down the pipe but it won't be the end of the world if it doesn't happen.

does anyone know when the passport is due to be released i can't stand showing off products with no release time I really want this one just came back to BB and really looking forward to the large screen with a physical keyboard that this offers. Thanks....

Its not easy to answer anymore. In the beginning (announcing the Passport and the boring Classic) I was disappointed very much cause I hoped for a successor of the Z30 with impressing and competitive specs. In the meantime (I was a diehard fan of the physical keyboard in former times) I have decided to prefer the virtual keyboards of BlackBerry.
But with every day more fall more and more in love with the passport. And cross my heart- the physical keyboard is still the unique feature of BB and the Passport keeps this mythos alive incombination with suitable specs and a laaarge screen... I will purchase the Passport and will wait for the Z50 3Q 2015... It will be a hard decision again...

BlackBerry really need to announce an upgrade to the Z10. And before anyone says it, no, the Z30 isn't it.

Those of us with Z10s have them a while now so we are itching for a upgrade. If BlackBerry doesn't produce the goods then customers will leave.

The overall size of the device should be no bigger than the current Z10. Of course if they can squeeze an extra. 1" or. 2" without increasing the overall size then that's cool with me.

Premium feel with metal bezel please.

Posted via CB10

5" display : Z30, Z3
4.5" display : Passport
4" display : Z10, P9982
3.5" display : Classic
3" display : Q10, Q5

The form factor variety is more than adequate to all market segments. Now BlackBerry should focus on boosting specs to use the processor capabilities fully.

I'm a hardware keyboard fanatic but after experiencing the Q10 double typing issue I'm seriously thinking of going for an all touch.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

It would be dumb move to not offer another full touch screen. As it stands BlackBerry holds the bragging rights for offering both.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

More than 70% waiting for an all touch... think Blackberry have made a big mistake not having one to WITH the classic and the passport.

Posted via CB10

Yes. But why re-invent the wheel? Both the Z10 and Z30 are beautiful phones. Just upgrade the specs.

The Z10.1 and the Z30.1...


Posted via CB10

AND make them work with all carrier LTE (thinking of the Z30 and AT&T, which has been talked about a lot).

Absolutely hoping for another all-touch device!
I was sceptical of having an all-touch phone, but BB10 made me a believer.
I love my Z10 and would love a Z30 for the upgrades to hardware, but that won't be practical right now so BlackBerry had damned well better keep making the all - touch devices.

Posted via CB10

I went Torch1 slider to z10 once I realised no slider was coming soon. Love the all touch and personally didn't want to return to keyboard. (I fumble with them now.) Upgraded to the Z30 and love it. I've got 20 months left on contract and will be happy if a new all touch is released before then to upgrade to. Until then, very happy with the Z30.

Posted via CB10

I want a z10 premium, live my Z10 size just want a better battery, I had then z30 and hated the size of the phone.

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I want a hybrid option. Like the Torch! You could use on screen keyboard or physical keyboard! Best of both worlds!

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I would like the passport. But I need blackberry to add a virtual keyboard to pop up on screen when I type in a different language

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I want a smaller phone with a smaller screen similar to the pearl and similar keys. I really don't like all of these bigger phones. I know that I am in the minority but I would really like a modern version of the Pearl.

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I love my Z10 and would definitely get another all touch! The Z10 is the greatest BlackBerry I've had and they have really impressed me with this new OS. I once tried a Sony Xperia for a weekend and was dying to get my Z10 back. I definitely don't like the Android OS. BlackBerry 4Life!!

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I really don't know...

I have a Z10 and somehow I start to miss buttons...
The Classic sounds nice - but only midrange hardware?
The Z30 is too big (plus costs given its only 6 mo the younger than the Z10).

The Passport I don't know - somehow the more I hear about it, the less I like it.
That arrangement with the shift keys on the screen just seems daft to me....
Plus, again, size is an issue...

I think a Q10 would be good for me, but I cannot justify spending 200 pounds on one - other expenditures are higher on my list.

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I want to see a slider. I want the keyboard and large screen but don't want to carry a massive square on me at all times. Something like the z10 or z30 in size but thicker to accommodate the keyboard.

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I'm waiting for another top tier high end all touch device. The classic is backwards compatible to bring in the people still using classic phones. The Passport is for business. That leaves the consumers for all touch devices un cared for right now.

 BB 4 ever 

5 inch display in a smaller frame than the Z30, maybe thin out the bezel. Love my Z10 size but slightly bigger with radio and upgraded features will have me sold..

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Cracks me up . . z10 gets announced, people scream for a keyboard. Q10 gets announced, people want the touchscreen updated. Z30 comes out, people want the keyboard and tool belt. Passport and Classic come out, people want their upgraded touchscreen . . . . and on it goes . . .

Yes, and YES!

It also needs to smoke everything out there, just to show the world what the new BlackBerry can do; not to try to constantly keep up with Spamsung et. al., but just say "Hey! We can do that"!
Octacore, 4Gb RAM, 1080p, 5.5-6"... we are talking something to take on the Galaxy note eleventy-billion.

1080p only? Think 4k better! Yessss blow them away BlackBerry or go home! Classic, Passport they can keep for themselfs we want top noch Fulltouch Flagship with best CPU out there, 20MP Cam, lots of RAM, great battery , superb consumer privacy and oh jeah dream on with my Z10 wit 2011 hardware :(

4K output yes, but I doubt that on a 5" screen that 4K will show superior to a real good quality 1080p screen.

Agree with your other thoughts.

I wish there was a 3rd option. I prefer qwerty but the passport/classic are not upgrades in my opinion. I won't be buying either. BlackBerry should have kept the basic style of the Q10 and stretched the screen to a proper HD for movie/presentation playback. The processor could do with an upgrade as well.

And They can claim too much cost researching and whatnot, but a basic BB10 os tablet would make me drop $1k in a heartbeat. As it stands now, I am looking at being forced to settle for a Surface Pro.

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the current blackberries are holding their own. But i am holding out for an all touch device. it is part of what the market wants as well. While the physical KB units have their place. So do the all touch devices. Now if only we could get a horizontal home screen as well with the next versions of the AT (all touch)

Half undecided if the passport wins me over after using it no... if it doesn't yes i want another touch device.

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Please make our BlackBerry passport with out physical keyboard. Replace as lcd touch display

via BlackBerry 10.2.1

The truth is, that I'm still hoping for a portrait slider with a size similar to the Z10 or Q10 (means smaller would be better). But a physical keyboard is a must, so if no slider I probably will go with the Calssic or stay with my Q10!

I got a feeling that the passport is the upgrade for both the qwerty and all-touch phones for now.

The Z3 may be the only new all-touch phone for awhile. Don't know what the final sell-through numbers were for the Z10 but it was brutal and almost tanked the company.

BlackBerry needs to get the qwerty people migrated to BB10 qwerty phones before it makes another push into the higher-end all-touch side of the business.

I really like the virtual keyboard that allows me to switch between English and Swedish keyboard setup with just one simple tap. So yes, I'm looking forward to a new full touch.

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With all due respect to the passport and classic, which will definitely serve BlackBerry customers well, I am saving my money for an all touch device successor to the Z30.

I will definitely be willing to throw down my hard earned money for (what I hope to be) a monster of a phone BlackBerry puts out.

Here's to hoping it comes sooner rather than later!

Definitely need a touch line. Arguably, I would rank its importance in front of the Classic - which to me is a massive waste of R&D (retro fitting bb10 to work with a trackpad and physical buttons) for very limited returns (if any, besides keeping legacy user who do decide to jump happy).

The future is in all touch devices. The industry as a whole is going down this route. While I can appreciate there are legacy users out there, they need to keep up with the times and make the move. Besides, where would these users go if there was no classic option?

There's a reason MS doesn't sell win2k, XP, and Vista anymore.
There's a reason why you can't buy a 1st Gen ipod / ipad anymore.

Seriously folks, get with the times.

I REALLY hope they do. I held off on upgrading my Z10 to the Z30, simply because I wanted to see what else they had to offer. I'm happy to see the PassPort, that'll likely replace my BlackBerry Q10. So, here's to hoping something great in BlackBerry's future.

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Ultimately I feel like I'll be happy with whatever they release. I went from all-touch (Storm 9530) through two with keyboards (9780, 9900) to an all-touch (Z10). I thought I would hate giving up touch the first time, but didn't. I thought I would hate giving up a physical keyboard, but I didn't. Now I feel like I would hate giving up all-touch again, but I probably realistically will adapt again within a couple of days.

So I'm saying my best-case scenario would be a Z10 successor with updated specs (mainly battery) since right now it feels like my perfect size, but really, I don't think I'm going to be upset one way or another. Plus with that contest win I'm probably trying a Passport anyway - if I do really hate it I can sell it and grab a Classic or a Z10 successor.

Buying a passport as soon as it becomes available, but would love to see another new BlackBerry touchscreen phone too. A successor to the Z30 would be a sure seller with top shelf specs...or a Zed 10 with specs upgraded ( the screen size is perfect for one hand typing).
Make the specs mind blowing and world class, in whatever new touch phone they build.customers will buy it...

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I do not waiting until late 2015 because that's when my contract is up and by that point I'll want an upgrade to my z10. In fact I prefer if it was an upgraded z10 and not a phablet

I had a Q10 and was curious about BlackBerry all touch Z10 keyboards. So I bought a used one. My contract is up next spring and the Z10 has got me waiting on an all touch device. If not then the passport should serve me well enough with the screen, but I really do enjoy the BB touchscreen keyboards. It's something they did right.

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I'd love an all touch beast soon but if nothing gets announced by September I'm gonna upgrade to the passport.

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Unfortunately, if they felt there was a profitable market for the Z50 they would probably have one coming this fall. The crickets are indicative that they don't and it isn't.

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The Passport looks like a nice device, as does the Z30. But they are both just too big to be my daily driver. So, I'm also hoping for an updated device close to the Z10 size and form factor. But I'm in no rush. I'm happy to wait as long as the Z10 meets my needs. The longer they wait to bring that device out, the bigger improvement I'll see.

I have a Z10 now and it's great. Have been thinking about moving to the z30 but am hoping for a newer model. If one isn't in the cards, the Z30 it will be.

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

yes I do. Want a successor to the Z30 however my carrier does not offer the Z30 (AT&T) and I use the Z10. Love the screen, speed and functions of the 10.2. OS. Definitely want to the 10.3.

BlackBerry should come out with an all touch screen with the same features as the passport

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I really want an upgrade for the z10. Even z30 internals with full hd screen in z10 dimensions would be awesome!

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I love my Z30. I just want them to continue to support and provide OS update for a long time for it.

Want 10.3 and 10.4 etc :)

Love the all touch. Z10 size, but with a screen right to the edge. Faster with even better display would be awesome.

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