CrackBerry Asks: Are you running OS

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2013 12:11 pm EST

It's not often that we see a leaked OS offer up as much as does. This is one leak that has seemingly topped all BlackBerry 10 leaks we've seen in the past, offering up a slew of new features including APK installs, picture password, new call screen, contact profiles and much, much more. Users that have stayed away from leaks in the past are firing up autoloaders to get in on the fun and see what BlackBerry has been up to with future OS versions. 

We're curious to know just how many of you are currently running the leaked version of OS right now and how it's working for you so far. Hit up the poll below and let us know yay or nay, then drop a comment with your device model and how you're finding the OS thus far.


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CrackBerry Asks: Are you running OS



Of course not, these idiots always leak something for you to install on your own risk. When they get a failure proof leak, then we can talk, sure enough CB always put a disclaimer meaning that it might not work at all. So why bother?

Because if you follow the steps, there's no risk. The worst that can happen is it doesn't work for you, for whatever reason. In that case, just revert back to where you were before and restore the backup. This leak is also quite stable, and who couldn't pass up all the neat features?

Q10SQN100-3/ using CB10

It can be, but you can also use the BlackBerry website I believe, or an application (Sachsi, sp?) developed by an active forum member here (xsacha)

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I'll add this leak is just as stable or better than the 10.2 official. I'm betting more features are coming.

STL100-3 CB10

Yea I have less issues and less lag on this than the last leak which was better than the official for me. All in all these leaks often run better than what's officially available (at least in the US).

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"Because if you follow the steps, there's no risk. The worst that can happen is it doesn't work for you."

Seriously?! Did you even think about that before you typed it out? Listen to yourself. If it doesn't work for somebody, that's a risk they are taking if they already have a phone that uses an OS with no headaches whatsoever.

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A BlackBerry 10 IS with no headaches? You're kidding right?

Posted by Dr. Emmett Brown from my Google iBerry Cranial Implant

Some of us are more technical than others. We're fully capable of installing leaks and we know what we have to do in the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong. That's why we're on CRACKBERRY.

Sure there is a risk, BB Link has been failed to retrieve my backup, either full backup or partial backup. I have change computer / laptop / re-install still failed to get the backup (4GB partial or 8Gb full backup). So who said there is no risk? Lucky I always sync when I connect to BB Link.

Just a note as I've had this issue - the solution is to do two things:

1) Ensure your BBID is logged in on the device with the new software

2) Go in to settings - about - and change your device name to the identical name that is identified in the name of the backup file that you're trying to restore from.

Once you do this, link will recognize it as the same device and allow you to restore.

This worked for me restoring a backup from onto the new leak ( Worked perfectly.

morpho4444 I cannot believe how uninformed you are regarding installing leaked os's. I have installed 6 leaked bb10 os's on my Z10 including the latest 10.2.1 version. It is great to see the development of the os and to be able to get an opportunity to "play" with the os before the official releases. With the very helpful instructions and impute from so many on the CB forum why not give a leaked os a might be pleasantly surprised!!! :-))

I mean yes!!
Leaks are just great... Sure you run into a few problems here and there, but if you have your information backed up properly, you have nothing to worry about. (I'm using third party apps to backup, not so keen on Link) is Awesome guys!! It's really going in the right direction. This OS will kick ass in the future..

Cant wait to install the first 10.3 Leak.. MWUAUAUAHHAHAH :-)

The leak prior to this one became official the following day. The word leak doesn't necessarily mean broken. I'm on Verizon, if I've waited, I'd still be on 10.1 or 10.0, I can't remember, it's been that long since I've waited for them.

i've never installed an official os since i started using my z10. been comfortable so far with all the leaks thrown out and i can say that is the best and most stable of all

Your the idiot. Why do you own a BlackBerry? Where are your balls? Why are you on crackberry at all? You need some apple kool-aid. You sound apple material not BlackBerry

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Lolllll, I bet this guy is having a good time fooling everyone....almost everyone. can't believe some people think he is being serious.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh

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The latest Link surprisingly worked well backing up and restoring my 10.2 official stuff. I don't however backup applications data afraid it might get messed up with the restore like I used to have all the time with prior 10.2.0 leaks.

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I totally agree with you. Totally. This latest leak is awful. I have a ton of apps now, and some cool new features. But hey, it is still awful. Just awful. And, you are definitely correct; this leak is not foolproof. Look at all these fools using it. Ugh. I am really glad you brought up these valid points.

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hey wait a minute... my sarcasm detector is getting strong signals from your post. I might as well check for cancer myself.

Hey Morph.... way to take it. roll with it :-). Your humour/wit is entertaining.


Don Diego loves and endorses the Zed.

Busdy, make a youtube chanel or something. I will pay just to hear your jokes. I will show this thread to my friends, they might stop calling me the sarcastic ba$stard

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First - this OS is not really a leak. The radio and most of the OS is an official Developer release. Second - This OS like so many others has far fewer bugs than most every other so called official release. Third - most bug reports are from those who do not follow the COMPLETE OS installation recommendations. When changing any OS you should perform a full security wipe first. Then install OS then - do not install your back-up. Back-ups often have little pieces of corrupted or fragmented data.

So for instance my Facebook works through the Hub without problem. I can and do save drafts in my Hub. I have no random reboots, no memory leaks, no lag. Just perhaps the best experience I have had on a Blackberry in more than 5 years.

I need a step-by-step how-to video of a BlackBerry 10 OS install. I'm dying to try to but I'm a chicken sh!t.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

There are many step by step guides and a few videos floating around. This is not a difficult process - not like rooting an Android.

Forums will point you to correct autoloader for your device. Download from Mega.

Do a back-up through Link (just in case you want to go back to prior OS) I do however highly recommend not restoring a backup on a new OS, it's great if you go back, but not so much for moving forward.

Keep your BB connected by USB to computer - go to settings> Security> Security Wipe (this can take half hour to hour depending on what's on the device.

Leave device connected to Computer and click on the autoloader - - Done.

when you say "highly recommend not restoring a backup on a new OS" how do i get my stuff from previous back ups? like contacts, pictures, videos, notes, etc ?
sorry I'm new to blackberry, loving my Q10 !

Your bluetooth to audio working? Yahoo accounts? I haven't installed this leak yet but these are issues I've seen posted

BT audio working fine. That said, this OS is supposed to have BT working for Android applications. Of that, I have yet to see any Android Port or APK utilize BT keyboards, gamepads or heart rate monitors.

BT is working for Android apps, I've tested my Pebble watch with the official Android app (got it from 1mobile market place directly), and so far everything is working. One little fun fact, I closed the pebble app, and it is still working (as it does on android): it seems "headless apps" are already a reality for android runtime.

So you're saying that we should reinstall and sync all those third party applications? That sounds like a very tedious process.

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Josh - Yes - exactly. Do things the right way, the first time. You will save yourself endless aggravation and time in the long run.

Yes. You're absolutely right that it's a tedious process (setup all the emails, apps, etc...).

But 99% of issues can be avoided by doing it this way. It's definitely worth it in the long run.

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Nice language...'these idiots' are people at Blackberry, getting the OS out to people who get it to us, willing to try as as kind of 'open beta testers'. I've been using leaks for years, back to the 8330. Some are great, some have issues. If you follow that instructions usually provided in the OP of any leak, you will either be successful, or find the leak has issues, and then you just go back to best prior OS.

Yes, it can be a bit time consuming, but the people that do this usually are willing to put up with that.

This latest leak is worth it for some of the essential features it includes (finally bringing back some features that were sorely lacking since the change from BBOS to BB10.

Personally I have found this leak a bit buggy/laggy, but I also tried, this time, the no-no of backup and (full) restore, which is known to be problematic. I knew that going in, and risked it. Now I will likely wipe and not restore, doing essentially a clean install (also recommend for any computer). I am familiar with the process, so know how to manually save and reload all my essentials.

To be clear, THIS OS IS WORTH IT. I will not go back to anything older. But I do look forward to the great things BBRY is doing, and am even considering buying stock. That is how good this baby OS is (remember, that of the current main phone OS's, BB10 is the newest, and it kicks royal butt on what the early iOS and Android were).

This OS it's well worth it, I've installed the first day. The only hassle ( minor) it was the missing media player. Sideloaded an older version and BANG! I've got It's working way better than 10.2.0, which it was flawless Btw!! But there are some major new features!! Strongly recommend!!

LMAO - No. Official OSes often have bugs and issues. They just do. I have been doing this with BB a looong looong time. Trust me. Many 'leaks' are more stable and bug free than official BB releases.

I don't care how long someone has been utilizing leaks. Until I read a complete thread touting such stability, and matching the flawless nature of the two official BB10 OS I've used (not ONE issue in 9 months), as tempting as it is, I'm sticking with official builds. Everything I read (and I have done an awful lot of reading pertaining to this in the forums; more than I probably should; proving CB is addictive. :-), makes this leak thing seem no better to me than the issues I used to have with my old BBOS devices. Now, that it's perfect, with no issues, I'm not going to go out of my way to possibly cause any. Patience isn't a bad thing. Lacking the will to have patience, now that can cause real problems for some, whether they realize it or not. It's never good to fall for the, "Oooh," Furthermore, I'm not a lab rat. So I'm not keen on being used to test out an OS. Just give us the complete official goods already, BlackBerry. You, and no other company, will EVER be able to please everybody. So, stop trying to. If you are not happy with the OS you ultimately put out, then upgrade it. Stop all of the OS delays and leak nonsense. Let's get this show on the road and come across as a company that is confident in itself and what it is doing.

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All OS's have leaks (BB, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac etc) so get over leaks. It's one ways companies get real world feed back, and they are all steps in OS evolution, and many leaks become official. So get over that.

If your system is running fine, and you don't want to try leak/new things early, then that's fine, don't. But don't be a fool thinking official OS's are so much better. Read the threads on official releases. There's often just as much inconsistency there in how they work for users.

What is the risk that you mean? will burn the phone? or brick the device? .. I don't think it will be like that, the developers must be already doing the experiments and tests many many times before they posting so they know what they're doing.. I've been doing installed leak OS in my BB & android many many times... I always follow the procedures & directions from the developer posting very detail and read the comments from people, don't do something out their directions... if they posting like in and they have done it hundreds posting , I'm sure they already capable developer... Right now, my Z10 using leak and my HTC android using 4.2.2 jelly bean also leak (and it needs rooting etc, more difficult) ... and the result, I'm happy with my leak right now because more powerful, more life battery, more features, more smooth, faster etc. Also I have new experience with my phones (not just for calling, texting, browsing etc) and I can help my friends/family when they got trouble in their phone because I have experience... Usually problem that we got when we install leak OS we don't follow their directions very detail and it happened to me before.. Beside the developers also give troubleshooting if we got problems during the installation etc, they'll not just leave us like that... So I think they're not idiots because at least they give us something new positive experiences.... But it's up to all of us ...

Con un verdadero tutorial para el Z10 STL100-1 podria intalar el OS pero lamentablemente aun no lo hay, me refiero a un tutorial especifico para este OS. ojala y pudieran crear un blog destinado para eso y no generalizado para todos los BB con OS10.

IGNORANT!! WE ARE 639.7 MILLIONS OF LATINOAMERICAN PEOPLE IN AMERICA AND NOT ALL ARE MEXICAN!!! I'M HONDURAN!!! and your knowledge this blog is worldwide not only for you, gringo or Canadian, tell me the awesome Blackberry with the OS10 are only for you??!! ignorant!

IGNORANTE!! SOMOS 639.7 MILLONES DE LATINOS EN EL CONTINENTE AMERICANO Y NO TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, YO SOY HONDUREÑO!! y para tu conocimiento este blog es a nivel mundial y no solo para ti Gringo o Canadiense, dime Blackberry con OS10 es solo par ti? IGNORANTE!!

Always Latin americans yelling in anger. I was doing a parody of Americans thinking everything below Texas is Mexico. I was just joking. Sorry if I offended you by calling you Mexican, is such as disgrace to be mexican for you that I apologize.
Nomas ganan uno en el azteca y ya nos odian mas.

This is way BlackBerry doesn't need a big test team, mora than 600 users testing it by free reporting bugs, giving users views about the new features , etc.

Well at least we get new in dates without waiting for carries :)

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...said Goldilocks, as she tasted the porridge, tried out the chairs, and laid on the beds.

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LOL...How long have you been waiting for the right moment to use that "Oh so original" (No, not really.) statement?

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I also have a work phone. I installed this leak over the weekend. well worth it for all the changes.
If your office has Blackberry Balance setup, then the only additional step necessary is to go through Enterprise Activation for your account.

Yes and I love it! Best os, all I need is a new sim card tray and I can use it all day instead of only wifi

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If I load a leak OS will I be able to update to the official OS when the carriers release it? I think this is my only trepidation as it pertains to leaks


Yes.. I think.. I installed leak and it can install official when it release..


Don't listen to morpho4444, as he/she really don't seem to know what they speak of.

Yes, if your leak is an older version than an official, it will update. I have done this with several leaks.

With the proper, available, tools you can remove an OS, and then with loader for OS you want, you can reload/downgrade etc.

you will. dont listen to morpho. this person is trolling with information he doesnt know. he aint ever try so how will he know? there is a procedure that will allow you to go from any OS to just about any OS. theres no need to worry.

As long as the official build is higher than the leaked build you are running (and it will be), then you will receive the update notification.

Agreed about that poster. Says he's never installed a leak and never will, then posts information as if he knows what he is talking about.

Q10SQN100-3/ using CB10

no, I installed 10.2.0 when there was a half baked leak, now I can't update via ota because it says I have the latest software.

Then you DO have the latest OS that your carrier has approved.

If you're in the US, this is unsurprising since the US carriers have yet to approve any 10.2 OS versions.

I was running and still got a notification to update my OS.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

So far so good. Loving to be able to load android apps!
It's like having a new phone. Curbed my want for the Z30...for now.

In what kind of horrible place do you live? Being forced to use a Macintosh or Linux computer? The horror!

I'm joking.

If you install Windows on your Macintosh through Bootcamp (NOT in a VM), then it will work.

Q10SQN100-3/ using CB10

Haha...OR, just get a PC. :-P Because Apple's proprietary bull shit can suck a hairy one. :-P

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Yes - fantastic o/s. Real game changer being load Android Apps directly.

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It's a great leak, brilliant, had it for over a week now. BUT past day or two noticed a battery drain, after 4 hrs :( using it pretty often but still terrible

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It's not normal for it to happen days afterwards. It's only normal when you initially do it. It drains battery quicker but then it settles to the usual amount per usage.

Posted via CB10

Again, avfc said past day or two. That falls in line with the expected drain as per every leak warning.

"This goes for every leak you load. The first 24 to 48 hours after loading a leaked OS your BB will be very busy settling in, syncing all your information and re-indexing everything that's on your phone. Because of that it is not uncommon to experience a huge battery drain at first, a high percentage of CPU being used or a battery that gets hot. I repeat, this is not uncommon!"

Posted via Z10, with 10.2 envy

Nope, waiting until maybe the version goes higher so I would be more sure I would have a stable OS rather Than a glitch software that might freeze on me or lose data

Posted via CB10

I think it will not work with my backup from my official 10.2.0 :( every showing pin release wasn't compatible with no pin.. :(

Posted via CB10

Strange..i took my chances with my official 10.2.424 stl-2 and back settings and media up (that's all I ever needed anyways) and to my surprise it worked. Just make sure u updated to the latest Link as well before backup then after loading this os, install all the apps you have previously and add back all the email accounts prior to restore. Should work, otherwise you could restore back to your official 10.2.

Posted via CB10

Okay thank you for this information.
I wo install the leak tomorrow :)

Not sure why it had never worked before with my backups.

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yes!!! on Z10 and on Q10! loaded both with double wipe before and after autoloader, no restore, runs both great!!!!!

Posted via CB10

I just installed it this morning! So far so good. There's a double clicking noise on my keyboard when I flick a word, is that normal?

Posted via CB10

I'm on and I'm experiencing the same thing so it's not new; whether or not it's normal remains to be seen in future versions.

The first click is recognising that you've pressed on the button, and the second is registering that you chose the swipe-word.

Didn't you notice that the clicks are slightly different sounds?

I actually really like this feature. It is super-handy because I like the aural feedback since there is no tactile feedback. :)

Also, I type really quickly on my Zed so being able to recognise what is going on is awesome. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Yep! I'm running the new leak on my Z10 but I'm having a big issue: when I send or receive a call I can hear them speaking but hey can't hear me I ahve to use loudspeaker or headsets! :s

It'll be awhile....2-3 months....just so you know...

Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!

No, my Z10 is my primary phone that i use for work and all stuff i dont want to reck it by installing a leak but im keeping an eye on 10.2.1 when it finally arrives/

Runs great on the Z10. I was thinking of reverting due to the loss of Bridge, but the latest Bridge update makes this better than ever.

I do wish the Android runtime was a little more stable though.

Posted via CB10

Too many nasty bugs being reported for me. Usually I install leaks all day, but I use my phone for work a lot and can't take the risk.

Check out my AZ MTB Channel C0006F5EB

Sure! Installed on a Q10 and a Z30 (both connected to BES10).

This OS release is running pretty stable so far with a bunch a great new features!

I used to be scared of leaks. Then I did one and it worked perfectly, just had to reinput all of my accounts bbid etc. but other than that everything works smooth as butter coated butter.

I'm running this leak and loving it! Now I can download some android apps from my phone! So far it's has been great leak.

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For a leaked OS it is really stable. Fix a few minor bugs and this OS will be great.

No. . Just uninstalled it after the OS have problems with the back up file. .. can't wait for the official release .. the leak was awesome anyway...


Radio works for me on the stl-3. Right after the install of the OS, my connection to the phone network was losing connection but eventually it stabled itself and seems to be holding up now.

Yes it does. SirJes's posts is the one you will find with working radio / full autoloader for stl 2/3/4

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Only on my dev phone because I do not want my daily driver wiped. I wish there was a way to restore bbm chats from a backup.

If you have 2 BB10 phones and you have same ID for both, switch the BBM to the first phone you successfully downloaded the leak to. That's how I do it.

Two phones can't have the same ID but I can switch IDs easily enough. Does that actually preserve the chats going back and forth?


Still waiting for 10.2 at&t USA... US carriers SUCK!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

At the rate the US carriers are moving BB will release 10.2.1 before your carrier drops 10.2 -- One more hash tag for you #ImNotWaiting4ATT -- Just do it and live a little. Easy as pie and lots of help from the forums.

I got tired of waiting on AT&T to release the latest updated OS, hell I was still on 10.1 which we got not too long ago. I couldn't resist so I finally went ahead and tried out the latest leaked OS! I love it so far even though I lost some of my contacts.

Loving it so far, only problem is APK files were loading but stopped now

STL100-1 Cell C South Africa

Posted via CB10

Hmm...they're still working for me. I'm on Vodacom and the STL100-1.

Tried rebooting your phone?

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Probably not since I can upload via mac even with virtualization and i'm not going to bootcamp just for a leak that may be buggy.

Even though I had a no leak policy but is too damn good to wait several months for an official version.

Posted via ZCB10

Overall, a very solid version. I do have a couple of observations:
1. Battery life is not optimal. It wouldn't last through the day without a charge and I usually don't use my phone that much.
2. Noticed this yesterday while composing text message. The characters don't appear. A reboot fixed that problem.

Yes, on a VZW Z10. Some apps seem to load slower (twitter, CB app) but otherwise this is definitely a game changer. Things can only get better from here.

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No, the update is no where to be seen here in south America. Official update that is.

Posted via CB10

Yes. My first leak. Had a problem with restoring settings. I would lose BlackBerry symbol and BlackBerry service. Did a wide and restored my application data. Love the features and the Apk install! The only bug is that clicking a Facebook update or message in the HUB does not open Facebook.

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Loaded it up and worked well then crashed and could not get passed the password screen. Reinstalled and it is still not working correctly, but after using the new features I am reluctant to roll back. Going to try and reinstall and cross my fingers.

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No - The reported bugs make me shy away just yet.
I'd like to, but I'm not willing to trade in features such as issues saving draft emails as my phone is vital for that due to using Linux in the office.

Posted via CB10

No. Won't bother with leaked versions. Annoys me how often I see leaked versions posted all the time but no official versions yet. But, it's gotta be tested somehow, that I get.

Posted via CB10

For what I see I definitely want to but I'm afraid to brick it, besides the money I paid for it to get one in my country is a hassle, import of phones is restricted and I have to find someone that goes to the US, buy it and send it to his address and wait for the person to come back and bring it outside the box like it is his personal phone so I don't have the unboxing happiness :(

All of this may be months so very afraid to install a leak.

Hmm...I soft-bricked my phone on a previous leak when I tripped over the USB cable whole an idiot.

I literally just removed the battery, held down the power button button for 15 seconds, put the battery back in, connected it to the PC and restarted the installation. Worked fine.

You can also just reset the device using Link.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Wife and I are both using it. Battery life is better than previous Ability to turn off sim card contacts is awesome (since they never worked correctly). Now have an AT&T address book for the cloud storage of contacts. If this was on the previous leak, it never showed on my phone, or my wife's. Camera has new face focus option and I like it. The new swipe left for answering an incoming call is easier and more responsive. All things considered, this is a great O.S. We highly recommend it. Note, we do not use Android apps so cannot comment on the new ability to load apk files.

This is my first leak, and I decided to go for it after reading the interview with Alec Saunders.
This version of BB10 is far beyond what I expected. The new features are amazing, performance is incredible, the Android runtime with the capabilities of getting android apps directly from stores is mindblowing, battery performance is 30% more effective....cant wait to see an official release. This version is definitely good enough to compete with IOS and Android....

I'm running it on a Z10 stl-100-3

Posted via CB10

I'm loving everything about it... pinch hub is amazing and the actual radio built into the music player :) nice touch... works flawlessly with one exception, any one else having issues updating apps? I get the notifications for updates but it doesn't open to the update screen in BlackBerry World... then if I look for updates manually it says all apps updated???


Mega stuck again at 22%....
I have been trying to download the leak for past two days... unsuccessful... both with mega and bitcasa...
Pls... need alternative for STL100-1

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

Z10 STL100-3. Has been absolutely flawless for me! Love the new features (expanded app monitor, battery percent on homescreen, new call screen). This really is the best one to date!

No. Because I dont like battery percentage on the peak. Its annoying. Sometimes people dont want to know your battery percentage everytime you use peak.

Posted via CB10

I think you may be misunderstanding... it's not some intrusive large display. When peeking it replaces the little battery icon with the percentage. I didn't even notice till I watched the video.


Not sure if being sarcastic or just a bit misinformed...

BTW, it is "peek", not "peak".

Why do so many people keep mixing that up? *SMH*

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Yes this is the first leak ive ever used and I got it mainly for speed dial and apk (Which so far works perfect) dont fear the change you could be waiting till january for official release by which point I shall be due the next update :)

Posted via the awesome Q10

I am having trouble downloading the autoloader. Message says it's not compatible with Microsoft. Frustrating.

Posted via CB10

If I was running a dev alpha or has a company phone, I would give it a shot. Alas, the z10 is so awesome that it replaced all my other devices and so can't risk it with a beta os...

Posted via CB10

i'm to poor to take that risk,in my country 1 blackberry OS10 phone means 2 months of work and no eat and stuff,just to buy a ,ill wait always for officials

Yes, and what a major improvement. Nice to see the added and improved features. Looking towards the future!

Posted via CB10

No I'm not going to run a leak. And I may never be upgraded to 10.2 here in the US.

Posted via CB10

LIME Jamaica STL-100-1 everything works good so far, including downloading APK apps. Looking forward to the official and more leaked OS.

I'm thinking about making the leap but it's been so long since I've had good battery life so I'm sticking with for a bit on my Z10. The new features are really tempting though.

Posted via CB10

Yes. I've found that loading apk's are pretty hit or miss. I've been able to get a bunch working. But one game I can't get to work is Gun Fu - Stick man edition, which I found on 1Mobile. It's a great game, if anyone can get it to work, let me know!


Have been running the OS now since it landed and it's great. I have had no problems thus far with any apps. Battery life is good.

I installed it on both my wife's and my phones and I'm loving it. Only thing is my hub is doing some really strange things today. It us unresponsive when I try to open an email or switch between email accounts and I can no longer share files. Might have to do a wipe and restore.

Posted via CB10

I use this leak on my work phone and I would say I am a heavy user! It works great, ok there is a nasty bug with the accounts screen but it's easy to sort out plus once you have all your accounts setup then it's all good. Great leak! The pinch gesture set to show unread emails is in full use.

The apk installs are not stable at all, constant closing and lag but I can live with that as their is not one single android app that I actually need to use so for me it's no problem.

Posted via CB10


Love the new features and the android runtime! Gotta figure out a way to get google play to work - that's about it!

No glitches, no crashes, (it's a pretty idiot proof leak if you ask me).

Posted via CB10

Nope, but that only because I need Tmo Wifi calling to work. I need it when going overseas.

I have installed leaks many times on legacy BBs. So as soon as there is a 10.2.1 leak that is compatible with Tmo Wifi, I will join the gang.


Posted via CB10

I am running the leaked on my z10. No flaws as of yet, and I must say I have grown accustom to the new features just fine.

Posted via CB10

I did for a day but causing all of my currents apps to open with a black screen and stall was not fun so went back down to the carrier official os!

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HEEEEEEELLS YES!!!! I'm never going back to anything less than 10.2.1. This is just too much fun. I can only imagine what 10.3 will be like by the time Q30 and Z50 comes next year.

BlackBerry 4Life

Loaded it two days ago. So far so good. Netflix and Instagram both loaded OTA. Awesome!

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