CrackBerry Asks: Are you picking up a new tablet or sticking with your BlackBerry PlayBook?

By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2013 07:04 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry PlayBook not set to receive any further significant upgrades, there has been plenty of folks out there looking towards Android, iOS and even Microsoft to fill their tablet needs.

A new Nexus 7 was just announced, Apple has the hottest selling tablet ever with new iterations on the way and while Microsoft hasn't exactly been making waves with their tablets, they did recently see a price drop making them more affordable than ever before.

So, the question has to be asked. If you're in the market for a new tablet, what will you be going for?

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CrackBerry Asks: Are you picking up a new tablet or sticking with your BlackBerry PlayBook?



Yup, PlayBook for me too, I use it every day. That being said however, if I win a Nexus 7, I'll take it because I use a bunch of Google cloud services.

Posted with CB10 on Z10

Playbook does most of what I need a tablet to do. I will be keeping it for now. But the Galaxy note 8 is a very nice replacement since bb wont be making a tablet :(
Unfortunately I cant say the same for my Z10, it will be returned as it doesn't do what i need. My old 9810 was a more capable phone for my needs. I will going Android as of Monday. BB has let me down for the last time.

yeah.. I keep my playbookS too... I already paid for them... is doesn't make sense to loose more than what I already have. That being said I bought it waiting for being leveraged by apps at least... no crossplatform video solution in 3 years? this is bullshit, at least BBM would helped to do the trick now that we will see it on iPhone and Android...

What it does do is a shorter list than what it does not do.
the big ones were apps that I had on my 9810 that don't have a replacement on the z10.
Websites only go so far to replace app functionality. I tried it for 2 weeks and it just wasn't a replacement for my 9810. Then my 9810 started having problems and couldn't access company info since they switched to google corporate mail. That was the nail in the coffin.

The day RIM stepped back from BB10 upgrade for PlayBook, i was so disappointed that i never looked back I never wanted to touch my PlayBook again. If Rim can't be loyal and keep their words I see no point to stick around. I had spent money on 2 (64gb) PlayBooks bought on regular price. But now I Dont even wana turn them on. What a waste.
Few days ago got new Windows RT Surface and found it way more productive and useful. Good battery, USB, and mem card. Able to hook up a usb printer directly. MS office 2013 (full) instead of a half cooked version of some sort of office suite. And even it's Browser works too.
Z10 is good though. I like it and pretty smart and handsome device. I hope Rim will start making good decisions some day.

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Yup PlayBook still does all I need. Between that and my far superior to any phone on the market Z 10 I'm set for a while.

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For small and portable, I think I'm sticking with PlayBook till she is dead by MY standards, not those set by BBRY. For a large tab, already have a Note 10.1 for that.

Here as well. Tablets made a poor business tool in the long run for me. I have reverted back to my trusty lap top. There are times I needed the power of a computer on the road and was left wishing I had brought my lap top. Tablets were a fad for me. I have the PlayBook and iPad both. I'm back to phone / lap top combo.

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Yes. Very rarely have I thought, I need something with slightly more power than a smartphone but much less than a laptop.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

Lol. Me either. And since day one on my Verizon Z10 (leaks installed) I hardly use my laptop (even). Let alone the PlayBook. I miss it. But it needs support from above.

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I agree. Since I have my Z10, I almost never use my Playbook.
Most of my web/program use is on a hi-power desktop anyway.
I long lost interest when the numbers of quality apps for PB is no where near what is available for iPad's

I agree 100%
Now with the z10 and it awesome browser, i actually don't need a tablet

Typing on tablets suck i am way quicker on my z10

By the way I have 2 play books.
Used them till the day I got my z10, now they collect dust

Between the hdmi output and the bigger screen than my old torch, this thing does most of what I need

For business stuff, i use my desktop to fill the void

The only real use i see for tablets is for watching movies or videos

So, my next flight, i will pack my playbook, other than that, tablets are a gimmick, for me at least

Tablets are great for data entry on specific apps built for a specific need, other than that, i giant toy

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Also ditched the tablet altogether. The news seemed to confirm that I don't really need one personally. One less device to charge and may consider going for a 5inch device once the A10 roles out, having been on smaller screens until now

If BlackBerry announces a new tablet, I'd buy, but since that doesn't look likely, a surface looks tempting.

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I stopped by a blackberry experience van that was near my work location today. According to the people there, blackberry is working or has a new tablet in the works and they are debating whether to call it the PlayBook 2 or something different all together. I would go with the latter, stay far away from anything even remotely associated with the PlayBook. Smh

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Well they were planning on pushing out 6 devices this year. I thought a tablet for factor was one of them...

Posted with CB10 on Z10

Who in their right minds would buy a tablet from BBRY after the Playbook fiasco?

No skype, No proper email solution for a year, no regular updates.

Android is the complete opposite.

Crackberry user base cannot keep BBRY alive.

I'd expect hardcore fanbois to continue purchasing tablet 'experiments' from this company as shown in other posts: they are quite eager to forgive and get back to side loading popular apps. The rest of the consumer / business market has shown otherwise. The hardcore fanboi base is also eager to forget that the execs responsible for this category have been pushed from/left the company. The hardcore fanboi base has conveniently forgotten that their hero Thor has already stated that he expects the tablet market to be dead within five years.

Critical thinking anyone?

I've sold one of my PlayBooks and the lil one uses the other for kid games. Which is the proper niche for this particular ill treated product. Tools not toys indeed.

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I would! I'm not happy about what happened to my PlayBook, but I'm more excited to get a new BlackBerry tablet that will be everything I was hoping the PlayBook would be.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I got an iPad mini, but I still use my PlayBook quite a bit. In fact, between the two tablets and my Bluetooth keyboard, I don't need to use a laptop or desktop.

If a new PlayBook comes out, I'll probably buy one. But I won't be an early adopter this time. This time I will wait a few months for the price to drop. I'm not going to pay full price for a PlayBook again.

Seems like a good plan. One thing I've learned from this company is to have patience. Another is to not be an early adopter.

I'm also with you when it comes to not using a desktop computer. I found, starting with my 9800 a couple of years ago, that I hardly turn mine on. Sign of the times.

Yup, I haven't needed a desktop for hardly anything in quite a while. One thing that I really like about the PlayBook is that it can be used with a Bluetooth mouse (unlike the iPad Mini). For this reason, my PlayBook makes a good mobile work station.

With the way Playbook users feel and Thorsten's view on this segment, at this point, I would be surprised to see BlackBerry release a tablet sized device, period.

There are supposed to be two more devices this year, including the A10. I wouldn't be surprised at all, since the Aristo is "supposed" to be the flagship phone.

Really... Wouldn't that contradict Heins comment of tablets being void in the future? And if that was the case and to appease loyal fans wouldn't it have been better to announce that a newer model was going to become available during the whole playbook fiasco?

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I picked up the Surface a few weeks back and quite like it. Took a week or so to get into it I was tempted to take it back l. But after I started to see how much potential it has to do more than email and Angry Birds, I really started to like it. I'm not really happy with many of the tablet offerings because there isn't much more I need or want to do that I can't on the Z10, so buying something that did the same thing on a larger screen didn't make sense. So I went with the Surface since it's got a lot of basic PC functionality that makes it a great "work" tablet, without the bulk of a laptop. When 8.1 is officially out, the addition of a full blown version of Outlook will be very nice. Decent battery life, RT takes no time to figure out. Just be prepared to have more of a PC experience than a tablet experience, you'll spend the first hour installing OS updates. :)

I bought a Surface RT last week and upgraded it to 8.1 Preview straight away. I've been very happy with it. I technically still have my PlayBook but I've not used it since and will be selling it soon.

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This would be ideal, my guess is that something will come with the A10... More of a wish then a guess.

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I hate tablets. I have a phone and a PC. That is all I need. Tablets are horrible for photography editing. I am not talking snap shot editing. Also horrible platforms for video editing.

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For now I'm looking up Android as a replacement tablet. I have the PlayBook in a drawer awaiting something useful in the way of official news from BlackBerry before I decide to sell or trade it in.

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+1. I decided on the SG Tab 2 and so far I am loving the little bugger. It was a wonderful thing being able to make wifi calls using Magic Jack while on vacation. I still love the PB but just can't find enough to do with it (other than as a ereader and audio/video player) given the lack in the ecosystem and other functionalities.

PlayBook...ride her till she breaks. hopefully new BlackBerry tab by then.

Arizona MTB Channel C0006F5EB

I've had my PlayBook for over 2 years, so when the new iPad comes out, I'm gonna get one.

Can't wait around for a BB10 tablet that probably won't come.

I am going to do something similar to this. Whenever I get tired of my BBOS device, and thus lose tethering, or when the Playbook stops fulfilling its purpose, I will be looking at an Android tablet in the very far future.

I think Microsoft should do a special offer: "Trade in your non upgradable BB PlayBook for a $100 credit towards a new Windows tablet". I would totally bite on that.

You need to get that idea to Redmond immediately. You are the only person that has made any sense to me on this site in weeks.

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That is an outstanding suggestion for any other tablet manufacturer. Create goodwill and a positive name for the manufacturer, expose the customer to a new line of products and OS. Perhaps that customer would then purchase their next phone from that manufacturer also!

Posted via CB10 & my Z10

I agree. Basically, the manufacturer can go to Google or Microsoft and say "hey, we want to do this promo to capture the BlackBerry users can you hel subsidize some money?". I originally mentioned Microsoft because Android and IOS already have such a strong foothold.

Maybe I'll tweet it on the Microsoft page or something and see what happens.

To be honest though I would much prefer CrackBerry to go an actual crusade / campaign to get more support for the PlayBook rather than mods / writers shooting people down and writing pointless articles like this. Go use your sharp tounges on BlackBerry...

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Here here. Very disappointed with CB and it's stance on this. It is obvious that they are centered around BlackBerry the company more so than the users.

Posted via CB10 & my Z10

I like my PlayBook but I have the 16GB version. Nearly maxed out of memory. Trying to decide if I want a new PlayBook with 64GB or a Samsung tablet.

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I like my Playbook as a media center to stream to my tv. I like it more now that I installed the Kalemsoft media player(it seems to be compatible with most video formats). I really have no other use for one. I'll keep the Playbook for as long as it stays alive. Tablets are wayyy overrated IMO.

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I will probably buy a Nexus. I have a sailboat and there very cheap and very good navigation programs available for Apple and Android. I don't expect to ever see these on a BlackBerry device.

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Some still don't believe man landed on the moon.
For those of us still on Terra Ferma, fortunately enough, side loading Android apps on a PlayBook has been proven to work.

Getting the new nexus 7, met 2 guys today that ditched their Q10 one went back to bold one to iPhone. Not good.

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Lol. Why would anyone downgrade to Bold from Q10 -- thats like trading in a Lexus for a Toyota

Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10

Damn I hate judgemental dips: bb10 does not and- from developers contacted- never will have the app's I use most on my bold. And from everything I've read about "disabled" basic functionality from os7 and bridge: i'll stick with what I have for now. It's not always about the newest, you know.

Hey. Some have contacted all those devs who made 700,000 apps and they said that much. Yo. People are connected, like me!

Hold up. I've gotta call Barry!

I'm still hoping that someday the browser on the Playbook will be upgraded. But at this point the Z10 takes care of all my needs.

PlayBook here as well. Even without BB10 it still does just about everything I need it to. It keeps me entertained on my commute, it works as a service manual reader, and it gives me SSH and RDP access to my servers.

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I already have an Asus Transformer to go with my Playbook. I loved my Playbook, but I'm afraid I pick up the Asus (Android OS) more.

I'm done with Tablets and I agree with Thorsten!

Until they are as fully functional as a laptop, I'll just stick with my Playbook until it dies.

I have a Z10 that I purchased at Rogers launch and my Playbook that I purchased at launch.

I have vowed to never again be a early adopter, regardless of platform or manufacturer.

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I never had much use for a tablet, so I'll probably stick with the PlayBook for the next while - my main use for it was Bridge back in the legacy BBOS days. If I feel the need for a new tablet, the new Nexus 7 seems like a good candidate, but I don't see myself shopping for a tablet in the near future.

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The Playbook still does everything I need it too, and along with my Z10 and my laptop I don't see buying anything new. If it ever breaks I'd likely consider a windows8 tablet or android, I'll never buy an apple device.

I'm sticking with my PlayBook for now... I like my PlayBook and it does what I need for a tablet to accomplish for me.
And the times I don't have my PlayBook at hand, I always have my Z10 around!

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Nook HD purchased with gift cards. Truly a great tablet, though may be as dead as a Playbook in the future. At least the Android updates will still be there.

Selling my mint condition PlayBook with $60 worth of apps and $70 worth of accessories. Barely used it. I was waiting for the BlackBerry 10 update. And I'm buying the new Nexus 7.

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Two playbooks, one for sale. The other is for keeps. There is nothing like a BlackBerry 9900 bridged with playbook. I'd rather only use my pc and my 9900/Q10. No other tablet in my life please.

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Sold off my PlayBook ages ago. Am looking at toshiba portege z10t. That coupled with my z10 will be perfect.

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Ever since I got my Z10, I find myself using my PlayBook less and less. I'm going to keep my PlayBook until the battery gives up on it. When that happens, I'm probably going to the Dark Side and getting an iPad mini (after using the PlayBook for so long, anything too much bigger than it will be too for me).

Nice touch "dark side " :)))))))))) I'm happy with my PlayBook 32GB, don't need more, and don't need less (surface)

Funny. I was just talking about this today with my daughter. I love my PlayBook and I haven't considered another tablet yet. I only use my PlayBook for videos via in transit to and from work. I actually just purchased additional accessories on eBay. Gotta love that PlayBook.

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After the PlayBook physically stops working - I won't use another tablet unless BlackBerry makes a new one. I will do everything from a BlackBerry 10 phone until that happens.

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Had to pick up a note 8. I like stylus's. It's an awesome tablet. I agree with Heins sentiments on tablets long term but feel for the next year or two their is still a need for them.

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Oh and for those looking at the surface pro.....dont. wait for the next iteration. I have the current and it pretty much blows. Again where are the apps. In the case of the surface the productivity apps. Lots for the classic desktop interface but that defeats the purpose of win 8 and touch interface. Office is good but just find a simple app to annotate pdfs with cloud integration.

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The PlayBook still even looks better than most 7 inch tablets available. It also works better than other tablets.

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The need for a tablet is perceived. It's only benefit is a larger screen and even then it's not that much better. Less is more. Don't get me wrong, I still like my PlayBook, but as far as a "need", it's just perceived as that.

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I find that tablets are better than smartphones in work meetings. I type up my notes on my tablets rather than my smartphone because it looks more professional. Before I got a PlayBook, I used to use my BlackBerry to type notes. It worked well, but my colleagues thought I was texting during meetings. It doesn't matter that I can be on Facebook on my tablet. People assume that you are being productive with a tablet and that you're texting on a phone.

Just pickup a second tablet...

Another playbook, now I have 2, well my wife took one... Guess, I'm back to one..

Bought it used for $70, not the best condition, but beats having to buy a generic android in the LA alleys for 100 and breaking down the next week.

I know playbooks are good quality product.

We both love blackberry, she got the white Z, and I have the Black Z.

So together we have...
2 Zs
2 playbooks
4 curves

Posted via CB10

Sticking with my PlayBook but investigating Microsoft Windows options. A full desktop capable replacement. With fully powered CPU, docking station, multi screens, full keyboard and all. I can wait. I'm already seeing some promising ones. I wished the PlayBook had an upgrade that gave it a bit more zest, but I'll accept Thor's judgment and move on.

Posted on CB10 on Zany Z10

Sticking with the PlayBook. Works great for mobile document viewing. If I did need another tablet, it would probably be the Nexus 7.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I'll stick with my PlayBook and Z10 combo. I'm still hoping for a bridge update but the PlayBook has always been enough tablet for me. :D

Posted Via CB10 -Jack!!

I already have a Nexus7 first generation that I picked up a few weeks back off of eBay. I never got the PlayBook though, but I'm good with my Z10 and the Nexus7.

White Z10 Verizon

I bought a playbook off a friend the day before BlackBerry announced they were not going to provide BB10 as an upgrade. I was initially pissed off but have come to realize that the Playbook already does everything I need anyway. I use it for business and easy access to my documents and schedules etc.
I also screen videos on it for work as well.

I'm not sure what else a new tablet would do for someone that needs a tablet for business. If a toy is what you need then yes, go grab the newest tablet.

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Still have my PlayBook, but looking at windows tabs. How bad has the landscape gotten that I now see Microsoft as the other 'not evil' company. I just want something that can compliment my Z. An android or I pad would be redundant. I can use my Z for everything, and a windows pro I could use to backup and side load. :)

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Am sticking with my PlayBook and Z10 for the time being although may look at upgrading to an A10 early next year depending how good the reviews are.........

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I'm at a crossroads. My Macbook is acting up, my PlayBook is terrible for browsing and is relegated to a remote control, games for the kids and a Slacker streamer.
I'm finding that for when I really need a pc, I need a Windows machine, and when I want to sit and browse I want something light but with a real keyboard. I think there's a Macbook air and a cheap Windows desktop in my future.

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If I was to get a tablet now it would be the nexus 7. Maybe if BlackBerry announces a new tablet I will take a look at it.

Posted with the awesome Z10

I'll keep my two PlayBooks but I need compatibility with a few (sadly) Android-only applications that I need to use in conjunction with the office that won't work correctly sideloaded. While I was hopeful for the OS10 upgrade, I also understand BB pulling it due to performance considerations. I'm hoping that 10.2 for the handhelds will accept these sideloads but in the meantime, I'm fixin' to buy a third device that is (preferably) a Verizon LTE tablet.

That said, if BlackBerry releases a new tablet, count me in!

Ill stick with mt playbook does everything i need as of now and i dont see a need to get smth new as i use my z10 more then the playbook

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Got my z10 and my playbook which I still use daily to stream media. No use to purchase anything else.

Posted via CB10

I'm sticking with PlayBook..... for now. But I'm considering Android as a possibility in the not too distant future which is kind of sad to me.

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Sticking with the Playbook until it dies. Don't really have a need for a tablet except as a reader or to play games. My Q10 satisfies all the other things that I was doing with the Playbook.

Posted via CB10

I own 3 PlayBooks and have no need for another. I wish the browser was better but Kalemsoft Media Player rocks and the size is perfect for trips.

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I already did after Thorsten announced that BB10 won't come to playbook, I purchased an iPad mini. I bought my playbook for 2 resones: 1- I LOVE BlackBerry. 2- Even OS 2.0 doesn't support my language but I bought it since BB10 support my language and Thorsten said many times before and even After launching BB10 that the update is coming.

So, unfortunately I can't stick with it since I can't write with my language :)

My firm is heavily supporting the iPad so I'll pick one up once the new model arrives.

Posted via CB10

I will not be picking up anymore tablets as the new nexus didn't give me enough reason to spend another £200 when my PlayBook does (mostly) what I need...

PlayBook delivers on my limited tablet needs. Nexus 7 was a bit of a let down - nice specs, but nothing else. If the new iPad mini or Surface RT are game changers I may consider them, but they would have to be pretty damn compelling.

Getting new Nexus 7 Wifi+ cellular when that finally comes to Canada. New Nexus 10 in the Fall and hopefully new Surface Pro with Haswell. Blackberry is finished for me.

No more tablets for me. I think I had every tablet available under the sun, and they were all collecting dust. In the end I always go back to using a laptop.

Staying with playbook. wish they would bring bridge to the way it was on my 9900. But I think that's a. z10 issue not a playbook issue.

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I'm sticking with my playbook. I have a desktop and a tablet pc too, oh and a laptop somebody bashed the screen in on, that, if it works, will be my spare slimline under-the-desk computer too. I don't need any more technology. :D

Giving my playbook to my kids, getting a nexus 7. Sadly it never lived up to its potential. Still a great piece of hardware.

my Playbook does everything and anything i expect a tablet to do, so no need for anything else at this point anyway.

if there is something these other tables can do my PB can't I'd be curios to know about it

Who needs a tablet when I have a 12in laptop and a Q10? What I'm waiting for is she'll consoles that you can plug your phone into to make a tablet or laptop...

Posted via CB10

I was just thinking of that as this whole debacle unfurled. What if a developer could make a PlayBook/BB10 app that would allow the PlayBook to be that shell. It would basically mirror your phone, but convert the aspect ratio from phone to tablet. That way we could use the processing power of our BB10 phones but take advantage of the screen size of our PlayBook's!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Wheres the I don't know option ... I'm kinda digging the new Nexus tablet. But it still doesn't feel like a tablet OS to me...

I'm sticking with my PlayBook. It still works just as well (well, other than a hardware issue I just sent in for RMA) as before. I have invested a lot on games and apps. Tablets are really a niche product. No reason to invest in another when the current one fills the role.

I still have and love my PlayBook and use it everyday. As a gadget lover tho I still like trying out different things and to familiarize myself with what's out there. 

Earlier this year I took a flyer and bought an Android phone off a Chinese website for just over $100 and got a dual core with android 40 with 1 gig and installed a 32gig card on it. Obviously it wasn't locked and it even takes 2 sims but I only use 1. I had some problems getting English to load but took it to a phone store in Vancouver and a Chinese guy had it all working within 5 minutes. It has worked great so I decided to order a 7 Android tablet off the same site for $65 which has only 4 gig but takes a 32gig card. This time, no problem with the English as it came with a complete description of how to change the language. It runs Android 4.1.1
So far, so good with all apps and software working fine and it has all the features you'd expect such as cameras and it even included an hdmi cable.
Best part is that while I expected to pay some taxes and duty, both were delivered by mail (free shipping) to my home even though the prices and contents were displayed on the customs label.
So, there are far less expensive alternatives out there if you are willing to take a chance. They even say I can ship it back within a year for warranty but I'm obviously hoping this isn't needed.

Playbook still does the things I want to use a tablet for, no need to upgrade/switch to another platform.

Heck, some of the bb10 developers are even still making PB versions of their apps available, so it's just fine for me.

I guess I will just wait for 'the next big thing'...

I'll wait until my playbook and laptop dies. Hopefully by then Windows 8 has matured enough to replace both and kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.

Posted via CB10

I was a huge PlayBook User before I got the Z10. Now I use it less and less each day. Between my Laptop and Z I never really need a tablet but if I do it will be my PlayBook. Upset how it got left in the cold but it's still a great tablet to fill any gaps needed.

Posted via CB10

Call me sentimental but the PlayBook is what made me hang on for the z10 and still does all I need. Some more upper tier apps would be nice but to be honest all I really would like to see is BBM. My daughter has a Kindle and we use ipads at work, but still prefer and will even use the PlayBook over them. Hopefully BlackBerry keeps moving forward and some day when the time & technology is right they release a new tablet.

Posted via CB10

I'll keep my PlayBook for music, video and casual browsing. If in the future I buy any computing device bigger than a phone, then it will have to be a Windows device due to general software compatibility and greater likelihood of useful software updates + support. I might buy a BlackBerry BB10 phone in the future when prices drop some more, but there's a snowball's chance in hell of me buying any BlackBerry tablet again.

PlayBook will still be used. I think I might check out the new PC form factors and maybe a surface.. never apple android though.
P.s what is the deal with poll text box being so small in the Cb app. Can't seem to zoom in so I can vote. #fatfingers.

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The kids love their playbooks, for movies and games and I'm not worried if they destroy them cause I can get them for cheap. I still use mine for browsing, games, music and movies.

Posted via CB10

I haven't used my Playbook since I got the Z10. It's not that the Playbook fell out of grace, but rather the fact that I can do everything I want with my Z10 (when I'm mobile) and my PC (when I'm stationairy).
Now my Playbook is just collecting dust, together with my netbook.
Maybe Thorsten Heins is right, and the tablet as such is a dead end.....

I'm rocking my PlayBook with blue tooth keyboard and blue tooth micro mouse. Live it does what I need. I also have an iPad 2. Use the PlayBook more.

Posted Via my Z-10

Dear Blackberry,

You've got until December 20th to give me a viable tablet option, or I will be forced by my child to buy "something". Ok, so maybe it's really me, but still. I'll be comparing, shopping and studying until then. I can only be faithful for so long.

(ps : Z10 forever!)

The battle it's not lost until you are still fighting! PlayBook it's a very good piece of hardware. And that counts for something. It's 2013 and I still use a Palm Treo 650, which it's also a great piece of hardware! ..and a Z10 ;)

BlackBerry PlayBook...

The bridge functionality is something I really can't do without lately... so I'm going to stick with it

I dont really have a use for a tablet except for long trips, thus I havent been using my playbook, because my Z10 does everything my playbook used to do

Staying with my Playbook until the app Eco system is so antiquated that it looks like I'm using Windows 3.1.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Both actually...I will keep the PlayBook until it dies. I still love using it nightly while I sit in bed, but I will be upgrading to a Windows 8 tablet in the new law future. Most likely the HP Envy X2

Posted via CB10

Staying with a play book for me and one for my wife and my Z10. Hardly ever use my desktop

Posted via CB10

This is not normal, creating pol for blackberry playbook which Blackberry announced EOL/EOS. It is a shame for blackberry to abandon such a good product. HP has abandoned TouchPads but at least they unlocked the device so owners could install other OS and released OS source code (if community would fix the bugs by them self and find their own way). that is what professional company would do. They announced end of support, so no more bugfixes, etc. The newest BB10 is bloatware, believe it or not 212 processes that are running, while iOS only 20-25. They should clean their OS and remove some unecessary apps, services that are bloating the OS. If they don't really want to deal with this, than please open bootrom/bootloader and give us source code of the current OS so we as community can fix it...!

iPad mini and Q10 combo. Loving it right now and between the two devices I feel I have a great balance. Blackberry for communication and iPad mini for games, movies, web browsing .

I'm looking at a chromebook otherwise might get me an ipad mini or maybe the new nexus 7 cause it's cheap.

Posted via CB10

One more year and PlayBook "die, forever ". And my girlfriend breaks it into the heads.

Posted via CB10

Z10 has pretty much replaced my PlayBook. I rarely turn it on anymore. Just my trusty desktop PC is all I really need.

My playbooks are doing everything I need. The z10 takes care of what my PlayBook can't do.

No more reboots. I love my Z10 again.

Staying away from tablets looking into buying a laptop BUT if BlackBerry were to bring another tablet out I would consider it just as long as it isn't another PlayBook name it something else please

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I still use the playbook but BlackBerry need to update the software to improve on some of the glitches.

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Still use my PlayBook every day. It's my photo portfolio, drawings viewer, quoting spreadsheet, quick document editor and more readable browser than my Q10. And without a separate SIM or data plan. I hope BB puts out another tablet, even a dumb screen bridged to a BB10 phone.

I have both a playbook and an ipad. I like both but use the ipad more. I was hoping that the playbook would also get bb10 so I could harmonise software systems and dump the ipad. But unfortunately Heins has no vision for a system approach. I need a tablet to read. My eyes can not read for long on z10. If there is no tablet to link with my phone I will eventually drop the z10 and bb10 software. Question is to go android or ios. I think ios. Its too bad. A BlackBerry phablet replaces the z10 but not a tablet. To me it seems a no brainer to put bb10 on a playbook type tablet...just put the software inside the current shell and go. The vision of a phone plus bridge to a tablet is a good one.

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I couldn't have said it better myself, pretty much what I feel. iPad mini for me next, I think, and I'll drop Z10 too when contract is up. I don't want a bigger phone, but I do want a tablet that shares an ecosystem with my phone. I thought that's what we were getting here, wah wah go cry in my cornflakes.

The surface seems interesting, waiting for one with a Haswell processor for more battery.

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My z10 and Toshiba laptop work best for me. No need for a tablet.

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I actually bought a cheap android tablet last weekend-so I could compare one OS to another. Took two days to convince me that I'll stick with my PlayBook until it dies-then I'll surf ebay for another PlayBook.
The availability of apps like Firefox, some car sales/auto dealer apps etc that I use for work Were good to have on the android tablet-but overall the tablet "experience " vis a vis the two felt substandard on the 'DROID tablet. Frankly the DROID acted buggy.
Different strokes for different folks, but to me PlayBook is the tablet for me,still.

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I have the 64 GB playbook because I thought I would need for expansion. Not! - I pretty much have everything on my Z10. When I had my Torch and I could use BBM, and text on my PB from the bridge I practically ate, and slept with it. With that gone it's basically just a larger viewer me if my readers are not handy and the PB is. No other tablets for me.

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The playbook is 2 years old...even if it was getting the BlackBerry 10 update I would still be looking into getting another tablet. if the iPad mini gets a retina display and updated processor and ram I'll be moving toward that. But for right now I'm set for my playbook and looking into a nexus 7 (7 inch is the right size for me. Which is why I choose the playbook to begin with.)

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As much as I loved my PlayBook, I ended up selling it. Picked up a Surface RT for college and I must say, it's an excellent tablet for productivity. Pretty good game and app selection too.

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PlayBook. Still a great productivity tool for ppl that actually do something, and I'm not into playing games or other time wasting apps, so the PlayBook still does the job for me. Though the Bridge functionality with PlayBook and BB10 is horrible, they need to at least create the same Bridge functionality as OS7 and PlayBook.

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I've actually moved back to my HP TouchPad 4G from my PlayBook . My children have commandeered the dust gathering PlayBook for the games I have on it. I bought them both around the same time, and while each has its strengths, only one has been opened up for modifications to keep the value and usefulness going. I'll let you guess which that is.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Got a N7, BlackBerry gave up so I moved on.

Will always have a BlackBerry phone though!

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As I watched this, I couldn't help thinking that this is the exact vision BlackBerry has for it's phones and mobile computing in general. They've the exact same vision. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

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I have a playbook and this tablet is collecting dust. I'll give it away to a relative for sure. I bought the Nexus 7, 8 months ago and this thing fly's. I just cannot wait for the new Nexus 7. I'm a BB fan but it's hard to be a fan of nothing...

I have a PlayBook but I admit it was shelved when I have my Z10. The phone practically does all the work for me.

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Since I got my Z10 I don't use my playbook that much anyway. I have it loaded with kids games and my 18 month son uses it more than I do.

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I'm keeping my PB in hopes that Bridge functionality gets updated for my Q10, so I can use the PB like I used to with my 9930.

Having said that, I used the code Bla1ze tweeted earlier to get a 7" Kindle HD for $129. That's gonna be my daily driver tablet for a while.