Are you in the Philippines? It could soon be time for a BlackBerry bargain

By James Richardson on 2 Nov 2012 12:45 am EDT

As you can see from the above funky video the 'Action Starts Here' campaign is also in full swing in the Philippines.

It is supported by some of the brightest names in Philippine show business including long time BlackBerry and BBM users Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, Liz Uy, Tim Yap, and Raymond Gutierrez. In the Philippines, they are known as an A-list barkada (barkada is a Filipino word referring to a group of friends).

To encourage more Filipinos to take action, RIM is introducing attractive prices on their BlackBerry 7 line-up, in time for the holiday season, with up to 35% off the price of many BlackBerry smartphones. I suspect the Christmas offers are going to be in full swing all round the globe over the next couple of months and we will of course bring you the best deals as we get them.

If you are in the Philippines then it may well be time to think about picking up a BlackBerry bargain.

Reader comments

Are you in the Philippines? It could soon be time for a BlackBerry bargain


i like the 'action starts here' slogan/campaign.

in the US, they could do something that revolves around "time", "capturing moments","creating experiences","communicate with confidence". something like that.

"another moment". and when you're talking with someone on a BlackBerry 10, it'll feel like they're right there next to you, even if you're far apart. something that makes you connect with people.

"grab hold of life" - BlackBerry 10

Hey RIM, how about 'up to 35% off' for some of your North American Customers? $500 outright for a 9900? hahaha get lost

I'll be in Philippines in the next couple weeks. Manila specifically .... wonder what kinda deals there will be!!!

He who doesn't know that BB10 is coming to town will benefit from this promo, sorry RIM not me, you will benifit from me when BB10 is on primetime :-)

And beside the Mighty Thor and the CMO Team are all awesome in barong tagalog (made of pineapple fabric (check my twitter below link). I just do hope that BB10 will be available on the two giant network here, Globe Tel and Smart Tel to bring competition and make BB10 affordable.

@horhe316: "@BlackBerryPH:RIM CEO Thorsten Heins vsted the Philippines recently to pave the way 4 d upcoming BB 10." #bb10believe


PS. Solenn is 2011 FHM Anniversary Cover Girl.

Sounds great!

35% is nice. Tempting and all :D

Been looking at 9810 or the 9900 as my next one. And a playbook, of course.

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

where is manny pacquiao in the video? he is a blacberry user too. and of course news staff of gma7 use blackberry bold whenever they broadcast live on tv. blackberry forever here !!!!!!! bb10 will come 1tr qtr more than storm sandy.....