Are you having WhatsApp issues since the last update? A fix is on the way

By James Richardson on 23 May 2014 05:09 am EDT

It was only yesterday that we saw a welcome update for WhatsApp Messenger drop for BlackBerry 10 users. However, the word on the street it that some folk who are running OS versions below 10.2 may not now be able to open the application.

The following hit my email inbox overnight:

"We have discovered an issue that affects users on OS 10.0 and early versions of 10.1 that will prevent WhatsApp 2.11.604 from launching.  We've already submitted a fix to BlackBerry World, which we hope will be approved shortly. Once available, this fixed version will appear as so look for 2.11.605.  Newer OS versions are unaffected by this issue."

Now I'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of the above as I'm running 10.2.1, so if you have been having problems let us know in the comments.

At least the fix is due imminently. Thanks for the tip Derek

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Are you having WhatsApp issues since the last update? A fix is on the way


Unfortunately many users they don't bother to update their OS, I see the same with IOS users too...

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Especially ios users. My wife for instance doesn't even know what an update is.

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hey i use bb curve 9300 nd i hv got the whatsapp update issues too. can any1 help me out upgrading my os? i hv os 6 nd whenevr i try upgrading it says no updates available. please help.

I'm on 1.2.1 but didn't wanna update because of all the negative reviews. Still don't update it due to the risk if may not work..

Negative reviews? Really? All I can say is you're missing out. Just back-up your phone and update. Worst thing that will happen is you have to reload the OS and restore the back-up.

Pretty horrible recommendation lol. Update to a bad app release knowing it has an issue. Recommended fallback...reload entire OS hahaha!!!! hope to God nobody follows your advice.

Really? I rather a have an important app working without the last update than to update to the latest version with possibly a non function app as a result. With that many negative reviews I am not gonna update.
(now I know it's only for people with and above 1.2.0)

It works great. This version was removed after the beta release happened. Too many new features to miss it

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Bought my Q10 yesterday and was with this problem whatsapp was not opened till I update it today now itz working!

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Congrats on your new Q10, and great to hear you got WhatsApp working too!

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I got os 10.2.1 and my what's app has stopped working since I updated it. BlackBerry need to accept updates quicker.

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I was BBM'd yesterday from a friend with a Q10 who said WhatsApp wasn't working. I don't use it so I asked my wife about hers and it was working. I couldn't find any news on CB last night or in my twitter stream about issues so I didn't know what to say. I think this will be a cool opportunity to do a screen sharing session to help her verify her OS version.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

I'm running on and after updating Whatsapp to the latest ver it crashed when viewing a picture, but after I deleting all conversations it works fine.

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As with all my problems I went to the yellow pages and found an affordable Gypsy. After carefully reading my Palmolive smooth hands with her wrinkled leathery mothball smelling fingers, she knew right away I was using some kind of foreign hocus pocus. She asked me to leave as if I was some kind of Demon or person who drags little kids into gingerbread houses. I begged her forgiveness and pleaded I only want to be normal and without this shame. She hesitantly pulled out the tarot cards, asked me to close my eyes and smeared bat urine on my forehead ( ya I know. Weird eh?). After what seemed like forever she handed me the remaining card. It was blank. "What kind of Gypsy are you. Is this some kind of joke?" I asked. She let out a cackle like no other and told me to stick the card to my forehead. I did and as the card soaked up the bat urine it revealed my future. "Now leave and if I see you back here again I will be unable to save you" she mumbled.
I got up and left and promised myself never again will my eyes water from the fumes of bat wizz again for ignoring something that's been here for what seems an eternity longer than whatsapp.
BBM.COM because Gypsies say so.

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I am running version on a BlackBerry Z10 and can not send or receive messages with WhatsApp anymore. The app ran well for a few hours after the update, but stopped to work yesterday evening. I hope they will fix this really soon.

Well isn't that a weird thing to say on a blackberry fan site... and please watch the language. Also my post was ment for crackberry staff... but I appreciate your feed back I do it was thought provoking, try again with out the language.

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Why so aggressive? Most people here use BBM, a few uses Whatsapp.

And to comment on " no one uses BBM " 113M users do use BBM so please we don't wanna hear you talking.

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I am one of many who posted there opinion of bbm over what's app, there was no frustration only the brainless response I got.

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I am running 10.2.1 and was having issues. It is so sad that BBM has not been able to implement the group features What's App has, so it could be more widely accepted. I hate What's app and only have it because people feel BBM is sub par due to these missing Group functionalities (video and pic sharing, specifically).

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I am running the old version. The reason I am not updating to the latest 10.2 + is I am not sure if all my 3rd party apps will be supported. And if everything else will remain the same. Any feedback will be appreciated.

I always update, and from the leaks, but never had a issue with any apps. The only apps than could had issue are Android app that need to connect to the Google Play services (like the last update from Candy Crush), but that is not a problem of the OS.
And the good new, if you decide to update, is rumored that BB is working to fix this in 10.3.1, so my advice is UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!!!

Personally I stopped using this app with the facebook purchase! But it was a nice app before the cross platform of bbm!

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You have 2 options, wait for the fixed version to get approved in App World, OR upgrade to 10.2.1. :)

Why do you still have 10.1? You're cheating yourself out of much better software than you currently have.

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Sorry but I stop using whatspp right after BBM went cross platform.

Posted from from the god father of phones Z30

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Everyone I knew that was using this Facebook spyware has now changed to the iphone ver of BBM. Now we are all on BBM. Having a BB Q10 I like that.

I'm still trying to get BlackBerry Link to work on our household computer which runs a fully updated Windows 95 operating system. What the heck! :P

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Well....should have stuck with BBM.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

Works fine with me
I haven't updated... or have I? Brb let me check.

Nope I haven't I'm still at 10.2.1 but works fine with me :)
And I haven't received an update alert. According to my Z10, I'm running the latest OS. Also my What's App works perfectly!!

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My hub, get STUCK! , and the only way to go back to normal , was restarting the Z10
Never seen, something like this..

 BBLatino

I m using BlackBerry Z10 with OS and Whatsapp account of version 2.11.604. I am not able to set profile picture to my Whatsapp account.
I tried to set picture as mentioned in the FAQ, But it's giving the error "target not found " as soon as I select the picture.
Please help.

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I'm on I've always been having problems with my WhatsApp.

It's slow, takes forever to open, drains my battery & my data too. Sometimes it takes up to 20 or 30 minutes to open WhatsApp as it keeps crashing, wish all my anti-Blackberry friends will install & use BBM soon.

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Hi there.. I'm using BlackBerry q10 with latest update 10.2.1 works flawlessly.."Whats app" works cool...:) I'm from India and seeing frequent numbers switching to BBM :) happy to be a loyal customer of BlackBerry q 10

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The new what's app version 2.11.605 suckss,with the new version you can't open a picture they share with you cause the app close instantly and it is very annoying ;)

Hi guys i know its not BB related but i really dont know what to do. dont know whats with the new wasapp but when it asked me to update i did and as it began to download it stopped half way and said insufficient storage space and after i deleted nearly everything off my phone still does the same but now it goes to 100% and as it says installing it stops and gives me an error for the past few days i tried to download the app maybe 100 times and still the same pls help guys :) Posted via Galaxy S2

HI! I upgrade to leak 296 after installing whatsapp i got that message saying unsupported OS version Does anyone have BAR file of previous version. ?