Are you a Flickr user? Check out Upload to Flickr

Are you a Flickr user? Check out Upload to Flickr
By DJ Reyes on 31 May 2014 12:09 pm EDT

We don't have an official Flickr app for BlackBerry 10 and as always members of the BlackBerry developer community will jump in to fill the void - iGrann, Whine, Snap2Chat. Though, Upload to Flickr is not a full blown app, it does allow you to upload pictures to your Photostream or add to existing albums in your account. I used to be a pretty big Flickr user way back when. I still ocassionally upload to my account. With apps like this, it may make me use Flickr a lot more again.

Setting up the app is easy, when you first launch the app, you're prompted to login to your account or can create one if you don't have one already. It's free to sign up and you get 1TB of free storage -- so much more than you'll ever need.

Upload to Flickr - choose files  Upload to Flickr - upload details

Once you're logged in, just start selecting the photos you want to upload. When you've chosen your pictures you can choose where to upload them to - your photostream or any other existing albums. You can choose the default album in the settings within the app. You can also choose who will be able to see these photos - public, friends, family, etc.


  • Upload photos to Flickr 
  • Upload videos to Flickr
  • Upload multiple files at once to Flickr
  • Configure important display privacy settings for your content on Flickr beforehand 
  • Clean and functional intuitive user interface

Upload to Flickr is free to download, from the list of features above there are two that will require you to have a pro version - upload videos and upload multiple photos at once. However, if you want to upload directly to an album, this would also require the pro version. The pro version costs $0.99 and if you want those features, you're hardly breaking the bank.

The good
  • It's natively built so you get a smooth experience
  • Can upload multiple photos at once and also upload videos (pro version only)
The bad
  • Cannot view or browse photos in your account
The bottomline

I do like that I can now upload photos to my Flickr account. If you've been looking for an app that does it this on BlackBerry 10, then look no further. It does what is says on the tin - Upload to Flickr. Straight up. No fuss. It would be nice to be able to browse photos within your account. Perhaps this is something that can be implemented in time. It's free download anyway, so why not give it a try?

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Are you a Flickr user? Check out Upload to Flickr


I though flowr was our native BlackBerry app for Flickr that was right up there with igrann, whine and the rest. Am I missing something?

Need to let BlackBerry employees go? Start with the entire BlackBerry Link team including the "genius" behind the idea. ;^L

Not to take away from the app under review, but it's not the only Flickr app on BBWorld. I've been using Pichkari and Share on Flickr in addition to the sideload of the Android Flickr app. Pichkari flows much better, although the initial display size for the thumbnails is tiny. The only real advantage the Flickr app has is that you get notifications in the Hub. Pichkari doesn't allow for multiple file uploads, but both it and Share on Flickr integrate into the Share menu.

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Why would you use this kind of apps? It's useless! Just time and net plan consuming. The average dumb user don't understand that between the corporates behind these kind of apps ( Facebook included) and the mobile network it's a very tight connection, for sharing the profits of the dumb consumer.... don't be stupid and keep for yourself the photos and videos.

Proudly Z10 owner

I wish someone would develop an app that does as much as possible with as many social networks at once. I'm tired of dealing with several apps for all my different networks. A real nice one that does twitter, Facebook, bbm, channels, candid, google+, Instagram, etc. Watch feeds, upload video/pics update statuses etc, all from one app.

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Even blackberry. Should at the very least integrate their twitter, Facebook bbm and channels apps into one app.

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Social feeds did this. It was actually pretty nice. Not the prettiest ui, but it got the job done. Very berry in that regard imo

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Hmm, if it had like a 24hr free trial or something I would test it out. Hard to tell with only 8 reviews how good it is.

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Just good ol android Flickr works perfectly for me. In every aspect. Uploads, add to groups, join groups,view explore, view my contacts recent uploads etc etc. No need for any other app.

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I liked the upload to Photobucket in bbos7. Never used flikr

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'Upload to Flickr' is a great app. One of my favourites!
Clean, no fuss and nicely integrated. It remembers your last chosen dir, let you automatically resize the pic.
The upload via share is straightforward.

And you can browse Flickr with the superb browses. Why overload another app with this? (ok, if you want notifications in the Hub, that might be an argument).

I used to have Flickr but no app for it that is legit haha I don't use it anymore so it's OK :)

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So this is to upload photos you take with your berry right? Most flickr photographers are serious amateurs and professionals so don't see the real need for them? Or I'm missing something?


Glad to know about this and other mentioned apps. Thanks!

Android Flickr App wants my contacts, so it's an instant delete.

An advantage of Flickr vs. some social networks is that it permits uploading full-size, full-resolution images (vs. down-scaling size and resolution). This is nice for sharing high-quality photos of a wedding or other event between multiple people.

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I want to start a open conversation with a bunch of people about random stuff. If I create a BBM group for that will you guys/women join?

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