Are you a Documents To Go user? We need your help! 5 $50 Shop CrackBerry gift certificates to be won

Documents to Go for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2010 02:30 pm EDT

The good folks at DataViz are seeking some feedback regarding their popular Documents To Go for BlackBerry. The software comes pre-installed on most newer devices and is really beneficial when viewing Office documents from your device on the go. Both casual and business users have found a multitude of uses for Documents To Go, and DataViz wants to know all about it. 

What we need from you: If you're a full-time Documents To Go user, DataViz needs your feedback regarding how you use it in both personal and business environments. Leave a comment on this post with your experiences - how you use Documents To Go, how the software helps you, how it has helped you in the clutch, what you find best about it. We'll be picking 5 winners who best describe how they use the applications in either their business or personal life (or both!). Keep in mind we're going for quality on the comments for this one. Also, your comments may be used in future marketing materials, so keep in mind anything you say may be public forever. The 5 chosen winners will each reveive a $50 gift certificate that is good for accessories at Please only leave a single comment, contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. 

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Reader comments

Are you a Documents To Go user? We need your help! 5 $50 Shop CrackBerry gift certificates to be won


Documents to Go has helped me view Office Documents and has given me the ability to change documents while out in the field and then email them back to the office without stopping what I am doing to drive back to my office PC. In the past I would have to stop, find a computer, hope it would have Office installed, view the document, make any changes, then email it back. Now I can do all of that from my Blackberry. Awesome application....

I'm always on the run and to be able to access my work documents when I have those rare snippits of time I feel that I can make some headway. I love the idea that I can open an email attachment without seeing an unformatted jumble. Very much worth the price!

I am a long-time owner of an advertising/marketing/graphic design business. It is extraordinarily common for me to send and receive PDF files. I'm not always near a computer, and sometimes I have to make critical decisions.

For example, just last week, I had a time-sensitive project being produced at a print shop. A change was necessary just before going on press. The print shop was able to make the modification, send me the PDF file, and I was able to immediately approve the change at this critical juncture in the process.

Had it not been for Documents To Go, the project may have been delayed for an extra day, and the overall production schedule at the print shop would have been jeopardized.

I use Sheet to go to keep track of my mileage every week. It's nice that I can insert formulas and such but i'm not able to add/delete sheets or change a cell's format. For example, if you wanted a cell to be in date format or text, etc. you're not able to it directly on your BlackBerry.

As a PC tech, I use both the Word and Excel features of Docs to Go. We update our various user names and passwords which is kept in a Word doc. I email those to myself all the time to access on my BB. Additionally, we have a huge Excel spreadsheet which has our tech inventory of PC's, printers, smart boards, scanners, etc. This too is updated constantly with IP's, serial numbers, etc. Again, I get it via email and rely on Documents to Go to access this file when on a job site.

Most use of the Documents to Go app is when i get into a meeting or a discussion which was not planned. I'm able to view excel spreadsheet of the sales figures mostly and do a quick analyses on the go. Easier to view the excel sheet and really have key decisions numbers on the hand.

We have several different prefixes here at work for the different departments and I have a hard time remembering which prefix is which department, with the PDF of the company phone list on my Curve I am able to have all of my clients numbers close at hand. I also use the spreadsheet portion of the software to keep track of my mileage as well as softwares I've downloaded along with their serial keys. This tool has proved to be invaluable on my device and I don't know how I lived without it before, keep up the good work guys!

and I use it daily for viewing a spreadsheet from Flying J with daily discounted fuel prices through the company I'm leased to. It works very well on my Storm2 running the latest OS upgrade.

I work on wall street, and review several reports on-the-go daily with docs-to-go. Also, when on flights I create word docs and excel spread sheets too. This is definitely the most used app on phone.

and I use it daily for viewing a spreadsheet from Flying J with daily discounted fuel prices through the company I'm leased to. It works very well on my Storm2 running the latest OS upgrade.

I am a D2G Premium user. I primarily use Word, Excel and PDF to go. I have uninstalled PPT to Go as I don't normally work on presentations.

The applications has been great for both personal use and business use (even though my device, a 9550, is not a business phone). While on the road I have been able to review and edit documents that were sent to me and return them with my edits and comments. Not having to break out a laptop is a great advantage when on vacation :)

I also use the D2G Desktop Sync tool for certain important business and personal documents on my work laptop.

There are numerous times where these apps have come through in the clutch. Some general examples are: the ability to open a PDF attachment from an email for details on events I was attending or directions in attachments while traveling.

This is a great app that always seems to prove its worth.

I emailed a client an old invoice from my desk once, and my boss was FURIOUSSSSSS!!!!! Invoice was for roughly $35,000. HOWEVER........I copied myself and saved a copy on my blackberry. Thank God I was able to modify the invoice on the side of the road and get it to the client before close of business!!

Simple process...

- I went into Word to Go
- Opened the old invoice (which I had to download from my sent email and save in my BB documents folder)
- Click on the file
- When prompted as to whether I wanted to "Edit" or "View", I selected "Edit"
- Modified the invoice to include up to date/accurate info (it takes some getting used to if you have the trackball...LOL)
- Click on the BB/Options button on the device
- SAVED IT (to a new file name)!!!

I opened up a draft email after I did the above steps and attached the document that I saved on my device (click on the BB/Options button on your device and select "Attach File")

That's all folks. (Was this overkill?)

I use these apps all the time. I'm constantly on the road. CLient here, client there. I can provide resume feedback to the candidate/client over the phone right away, and all parties are pleased with that.

I use Word/Powerpoint & PDF almost daily....I am in Sales and Marketing and we get 10 - 15 attachments a day that I need to review on my Blackberry.

I own and operate my own small business along with working with the USAF. I can honestly say that without Documents To Go I would be lost. Through working with the USAF I am always traveling. I have sent and recieved documents while being in the desert for the AF and I have also used the software for my small business while being deployed. I use multiple spreadsheets for my own business and without Documents To Go I would not be able to operate while traveling or out on the jobsite.

I work for a university and Docs To Go is almost a must. I get tons of docs from students for review and comment. I also get a lot of admin docs. I can download and review and save them on my BB. Then I can synch up later and transfer files to and from my laptop. This alone is a huge timesaver for me. The other use is I have presentations that I give so I have the Powerpoint deck on my BB and I give the presentation right from my device using a cool gizmo we have for displaying presentations. It sure beats lugging my laptop around. At the end of the day, my BB and Docs To Go is a lifesaver and pretty much gives me a simple handheld solution. Keep the innovation coming. My students and I are loving the application of these technologies in an educational/learning environment.

I use documents to go everyday. As a college student I usually have papers and assignments due on a daily basis. I am a science major so i use excel alot for data entry. For labs and such i get documents emailed to me by my lab partners and it is incredibly convenient to edit my documents and enter my data in before i send it back to them. For other assignments it is very useful to have the documents and papers that i can show my peers for suggestions and editing.
The convince of this for me is amazing. Thanks!

It helped me to throw away my personal computer. Without office application like DocToGo it's not possible not to stuck on PC's.

Hi! Since I use Documents To Go many tasks are going easy now. I always get quotations, prices information and also presentations for my customers. Many times I need to fix an error on any document and I can do it directly on my BlackBerry and make it possible to re-send that info in a few minutes. It really makes easy to have anything at hand.

Just a home user, but I have Word and Excel documents on my Media Card. Really great to be able to check them out at anytime.

I'd like to see the ability to type in the zoom value in PDF to Go. I find the presets not quite right for my 9630. Why not let the user specify their preference with a zoom value.

Also, I'd like to see the zoom factor saved so next time I open a PDF I don't have to specify it again.

I belong to various groups in my personal life, and I use Documents To Go all of the time to view and do quick edits on documents and spreadsheets for the groups, allowing me to quickly do updates and email them out. It allows me to work with documents when I am not in front of a computer, including bringing up documents to get information during meetings. The PDF viewer is also a great help for viewing PDF docs that I receive in email.

I am a college school student and I need this app to survive now. Every student was given a macbook at the beginning of the school year. (Most would think this is good but all it means is a lot of written work) About once a week we would have a major paper due. We would go to breakfast, blackberry in hand putting the final touches and revisions to my papers. I would not have found time to finish these papers with out docs to go! Once it was the best I could do I just saved it one last time and emailed it off to my professor. It helped my school work and I was able to be successful in school because of it.

Ps I wrote this with docs to go :)

Im a Unit Supply specialist for the Cordele, Ga National Guard my job has to deal with alot of paperwork and spread sheets, so when some last minute paperwork needs to be checked or changed but im not a my laptop i can us documents to go on my phone to do it when im on the go

Documents to Go is very useful for me... I recevie work emails with .doc, .pdf, and at times .ppt files attached and I'm able to open and view these items on my BlackBerry when I'm out of the office, as well as edit and create my own documents on the fly. It has become a staple on my device, and has become quite the selling point for my business customers. This program keeps the user from having to go into the office or carry their laptop to complete a number of tasks.

I play mens league baseball and the coach emails the lineup for each game to the entire team. Sometimes he forgets to print it, but with excel on my BB I am able to view it and we can write it down. No need to create a new lineup or worry about who plays where. We can just warm up and play ball!

I use these apps every week. I am always meeting new clients and presenting ideas/demos. There isnt much to say regarding the powerpoint app since i just do slideshows and I will never ever even attempt to create a presentation from my bb even if that were an option because id think id just go crazy being that the blackberry is to small and I use a lot of special affect and change around font a lot. If there were an easier way say a user created toolbar than that would make life much easy and I would consider trying to do powerpoint from my BB.

As far as the Word doc and excel documents go I would have to say pretty much the same thing. They are for viewing onky and I would never modify anything since I make pretty lengthy statements and its not user friendly in the sense that I cant get a page view. I normally have to keep scrolling on my phone and it makes comparing number hard so the best option for me is to send it to an email address and view it from the computer.

In conclusion I would say that these apps are just good for quickly verifing that the documents are accurate (in the sense that it is what I want to send to my client). I think that there could be many things done to improve the quality of this app. Even though I ave the premium version of these apps I still prefer to use my memo pad when I compose ideas, once I finish I usually copy and paste it to email and send to myself to be revise by Word on my desktop.

I love Docs 2 Go. I use the spreadsheet and word docs almost every day. With the Spreadsheet I can track my sales as I make them which is awesome when I'm away from my computer. As for Word docs, I keep my resume up to date and at my finger tips to send to anyone that is interested. I also love the fact that I can open any Office attachment on my phone wherever I'm at, edit it, then send it off to whoever needs it. I can't even begin to tell you how convenient this product is and it is a great selling point for devices I push in my job as a Wireless Store Manager.

I use Docs 2 Go to write my essays and lab reports on the go. It has helped immensely, but quicker ways to switch between edit and view mode could help, also quick shortcuts to make bold, italics, and underlines can help.

I have used it on literally almost every single assignment, and it has done me no harm. Going to college next year will make it even more useful to me, and will help me keep in sync with all of my assignments. I would have failed highschool without Docs 2 Go!

I use documents to go everyday in my business life mostly. I have owned the full version for about 2 years now and love it. Even though it is kind of expensive, I haven't been able to live with out it. I use the spreadsheet for tracking business mileage and expenses, as well as keep call reports for my sales position. PDF to go is nothing short of awesome! It renders PDF's fast and very viewable, especially on my storm 2. Sending quotes to customers via word to go and presenting a few presentations on slides to go. I have been very pleased with my experience with Documents to go and look forward to many more great updates. The only downside I see is the cost.

I use excel to go the most for work and docs once in awhile but since I use the free version I can't create any docs from the phone iit is solid addition to my blackberry.

I have to admit that I'm a relatively new user of DTG. I needed a way to be able to read .doc files and edit and view .xls files while I was on the go. I a support tech with the Fire Department here in the city and am very often not at my desk but at a fire station miles away. For instance, in a recent job involving inventory, I was able to have my documents with me to verify that a computer and scanner were in the wrong location. It saved me a lot of time by not having to go back to my office to verify it and then go back to the station to correct the error.

I have found DTG very easy to use with pretty intuitive commands, however, in the beginning I was a little confused on how the setup put files on my Blackberry. I do not hold this against DTG at all because it was just my learning curve. Since then I have had no issues with it.

The only drawback to DTG is the fact that I can't plug it in to my BB Desktop Manager so it sync's automatically when I sync my phone. I have to remember to open up the program on it's own and run that sync as well. THAT is my only complaint about the program, everything else works the way I would expect it to.

For Work, Documents to Go has enabled my to handle several different reports while I'm out of the office. I also use it to view and edit price lists and view PDF files.

For Home, it has allowed me to maintain lists of my large DVD and Book collections so that, when I find a good deal on a title, I can be sure that I'm not purchasing a duplicate.

I receive about 50 attachments a day for business and personal use via email. I have used DocsToGo on my Treo's and BlackBerry devices for close to 10 years and must say that it has bailed me out on a number of occassions.

The functionality of DocsToGo continues to get better with the addition of the desktop sync link.

The most useful things to me are the PDF viewer for business usage. The view given by DocsToGo is so much superior to the native PDF viewer on the BlackBerry OS.

For personal use the desktop sync application allows me to sync a couple of small spreadsheets that I use to keep track of attendance for teams that I coach. I can mark someone absent right away by opening the spreadsheet on my Blackberry and sync when I get home, so I do not forget who was missing on the ride home.

I use DTG Word to edit/study my sermon notes. Recently, I left my
paper copy of my sermon at home, and by the time I realized it, it
was time to preach. Rather than try to "wing it" (no angelic pun
intended), I pull out my trust Storm, click on DTG Word, and viola!
Did I get funny looks? Yep! But I was able to deliver my message
and stay on point...

I don't use it for work as I'm a student. But I can't tell you how many times D2ocsToGo has SAVED my A$$. I'm bad at leaving papers on my desk and not putting them in my notebook and backpack. I live right off campus so walk to most of my classes (5 - 20 minutes depending on building) and running back to get a paper and make it to class is impossible. So I always have my papers on my BB Bold 9700 and many times I've forgotten a paper and just load it to my microSD and remove the SD card and put it in it's adapter and copy onto out lab computers and print from school. I can guarantee DocsToGo has saved me a few times from literally dropping a letter grade due to a paper having to be late.


As a long time user of Documents To Go,(since my palm Treo 650 days), I have relied on documents to go to get me through the day.

As a Director of Sales I am always traveling and needing to send out sales forecast projections. With Documents To Go I am able to create templates, and from there insert information and send out to my sales reps across the country all while sitting in an airport terminal.

There is no need after a long flight, to have to rush to my hotel to fire up my laptop in order to complete my duties.
As long as I have a my documents to Go, I can be productive no matter where I might be.

It's truly been a life saver and a stress reliever!

Documents to Go has been imperative to my success as a working mother. When my daughter is sick and has a fever, I uploaded a spreadsheet that calculates the time of her next dosage for Tylenol or Motrin. I can update and review that spreadsheet with her doctor all from my phone. Fabulous! I also use it to draft letters for my husband's business on the go. I have even updated PPT(s) for work straight from my phone. I can even share my sweet potato pie recipe in Word with my cousins in Chicago, while I'm in Texas all by using Docs to Go. It's great! It's been phenomenal and key to maintaining my busy mom/work/wife lifestyle. No Blackberry user should be without it.

My company has a form that must be signed by various executives prior to our issuing a proposal to a client. Attached to that form are supporting documents such as financial spreadsheets, specification documents (Word) and Executive Overviews (PPT). The executives are scattered around the world and travel frequently so we utilized an electronic signature process that allows them to approve the form via their Blackberries. Prior to signing off they will view and analyze the supporting documentation. Without Documents To Go for Blackberry, this process would not have been possible.

I have used Documents to Go since it was first made available. Not only do the apps offer use above that of "standard" apps, they are presented in a manner conducive to continued use; especially the file sync abilities. I purchased Premium prior to the PDF being added as a bonus but this, oftentimes by itself, may very well be worth the purchase price.
I will admit that editing documents, especially PPT files, is at first a bit clumsy but, with practice, it is doable provided you have the basic template and any graphics needed already on the device.
All in all, I wouldn't trade it.

and I use these applications several times every quarter to look over projects, power points, spreadsheets and documents. Most business classes I have taken all require a team project, and whenever any of my team members send me a copy of the part they did, this is a great way for me to view it, and quickly edit anything and get it back to them in a timely manner if im @ work or not near my computer. I would say Documents to go is a must have for any students that use a BlackBerry! I have also used this a few times for business related spreadsheets, although I was new to BlackBerry back then, I didnt really know how to edit anything, but it was still very helpful to be able to view the documents from my BlackBerry

I have a very useful excel chart that I can use everywhere when I need to calculate the dosage of medication a patient needs.

Working in the construction industry, implies traveling from Mexico to teh Us and the Caribbean Islands. Constantly in need to review reports. But mostly having to correct, modify or produce them on the go. And while my Netbook helps me. It always happens that an urgent report update is needed where there is no wifi hotspot. Then my Blackberry and documents to go are my heroes and go the distance for me. I've tried other software but they are always hard to read in spreadsheets.

I work in the foods industry and I have used the excel part for inventory for me to take home and go over when I am not in front of a computer and I have used the powerpoint part to review slides for our employees for training exercises. It is great to have it on my blackberry as I carry my blackberry with me all the time.

I'll make this simple....I use it for everything....ALL THE TIME...for accessing desktop files on the go and performing actions. I am a project manager in charge of 2 to 4 projects at anyone time and lots of meeting to attend. Specifically I use it for:

XLS: Email account lists, project budget sheets, team rosters, etc
PDF/PPT: Attending conference calls without having to use my laptop to view the presentations.
DOC: Viewing all project documentation (design, scope, requirements, etc)

Nice to haves:
- Ability to edit sheets with formulas.
- Better memory management



Sheet to Go is by far the one that I use the most, actually I wish there was an option to uninstall the other modules. I create documents on my PC, transfer them to the blackberry and just input the data as needed.

Any worksheets that I use on my PC are on my blackberry as well. Not even complex ones have stumped Documents to Go. Very dependable app. It's so reliable that it has untied me from my desk and even from hauling a laptop.

Docs to Go has quickly become one of my favorite applications for my BlackBerry. I primarily have used Word to Go and PDF to Go, but the entire program has been so helpful for when as a graduate student. Working on papers and reading pdf formatted files from the convenience of my BlackBerry makes everything really easy and actually enjoyable. The program is easy to navigate and, there are so many options to choose from that I actually prefer using Docs to Go over my Microsoft for Mac at times.

Several key people to our companies' disaster recovery team all carry Blackberries and we store our critical documents in them for evacuation. The Blackberry is with us at all times, it's encrypted, and can be wiped remotely if lost. Using the built-in Documents-to-Go allows us to edit the documents using standard Office products and take them with us without the need to convert anything. In the future we will push these documents as they are updated (calling trees, vendor contacts, etc.). Docs-to-Go makes all this seamless!

Have been a DTG user since the Palm days, have it installed both on the Blackberry & the iPad

Don't use it much on the Blackberry as the display is too small (Bold 9700), but comes in handy to do minor updates and send a doc back in a hurry
Wish there was a way to support online doc services similar to the iOS...

Can't live without it on the iPad..

I use "Sheet to Go" daily! We manufacture and sell a high end line of Kitchen and Bathroom furniture. ( I have all of our price lists with sizes saved on my Blackberry and use when I meet with customers and designers. I also have two .ppt presentations I use in customer meetings with my BB Tour 8630! Could not make it a day without it!!

As a retired person money is tight but the free version on sheets to go allows me to update and copy my budgets each month. It is nice when my children ask for money to be able to look up the budget and say yes.

As a student, I have found it extremely helpful to have a native document/spreadsheet viewer. I often find it necessary to get academic information off the internet from several different websites. With Documents to Go I can view all these files on my Blackberry, without using my PC.

I'm working on my second novel. I used "documents to go" consistently. When I'm at work, I use Microsoft Office 2007, then I sync my draft easily with my Blackberry's Docs to Go, the Word processor. It allows me to conitune writing while at the same time, enabling me to save. This just makes it extremely easy to transition between work and home or on-the-go and conitinue working on my passion without worrying about accessibility and how exactly I'm going to make sure all my new ideas and chapters getting saved.


You must have Documents to Go while traveling. No one wants to carry all of their itinerary and confirmations with them on paper! I have D2G and pair it up with FileScout so that I can quickly access my itineraries and confirmations while traveling. You never know when someone will lose your reservation.

From a work perspective, D2G makes it easy to lookup information in a meeting in case you want to confirm something. No one wants to hear, "I'll research that and give you an answer later." With Documents to Go, "research" becomes and quick "lookup" and the information everyone needs is immediately available.

I primarily use my Docs to Go to view Word documents sent to our department email that detail our SOG's and personnel procedures. But I also use it to view Power Point training presentations and to view Spreadsheet documents specifically written to act as a memory aid for pump operations (friction loss, GPM flow, pressure, hose diameter, etc...).

I also use it to edit and keep track of our department checklists that are usually written in Word or Excel format. Checklists like Medical inventory, Truck inspection checklists, and Supply closet inventory.

Quite a handy little application suite if I do say so.

D2G allows me the benifit of being able to have at my fingertips access to all the documents that I need to reference for my job. I can easily pull up a recall roster, review presentations, work on memos and staffing papers without having to be tied to a computer. The pdf support allows me to have access to my AFI's and any other correspondence that needs my attention. Docs to Go ties all the office functionality nicely into one neat package.

I bought version 1 and the latest upgrade to 2 as well. The Word and Slideshow programs work well to open documents saved on your SD card.

I'm extremely disappointed with Docs to Go, though. Almost any document I scan and create with Adobe Acrobat will not open in Docs to Go - even though they will open perfectly well with the Blackberry atachement service. All I see is a Red X. Datavix directs me to a support documents that says there are a few pdf compression standards not supported but even after repeat requests, won't recommend a fix to this. I wrote a batch script in Acrobat that will make them work, so that I can store files on my SD card but its an extra step that I shouldn't have to take.

On the other hand, NONE of the PDF programs I have tried are any better with document compatibility - they all seem to suffer from the same flaw. Its a tough problem for me because I never know if a document sent to me will work in Docs to Go, or not.

Documents To Go is very usefull to me. I use the Excell spreadsheet to keep track of my workout progress, family vehicle MPG and at work I use it for Steel Conversions and opening all of my Email PDF files. Thanks to Documents To Go my Blackberry is an even more useful tool.

I use my docs to go quite frequently. But the life saving moment was the time when I realized on the school bus that I had a paper due in 2nd period. Oh man! I thought I was screwed! It wasn't a long paper and I knew a lot about the subject. I knew there was no time before school, so...I whipped out my Blackberry 8530 and opened up the docs to go! I sat on the bus and typed my heart out. I had never typed so fast in my life on my BB. I finished just in time then I emailed it to my teacher with a sob story about how my printer broke. She bought it! The signature on the email from my Blackberry says, "Sent from my Blackberry on the Sprint Network". Good thing I never changed it, my teacher started grinning and showed me here Blackberry and said, "I love my blackberry too!" Boy, docs to go saved my grade in American History! Thank you!

It works... just works.
When once I had to check how much will really cost carpet I bought in Africa during holidays/with transport, duty etc.
When once I had to change/re-calc offer for customer/during meeting-customer was thinking I answer important sms...

I'm a grant administrator and I work out of two rural communities (45mins apart) and I need to access my spreadsheets DAILY! I need to keep financial tabs on my 50+ (sometimes 100) clients and their spending. Then, I need to write proposals, follow-ups, summaries and LOF/RFP's. Then, I need to capture those statistics and present them to my board members and other sub committees. I use all those programs to keep me and my mobile office running smoothly. Docs-To-Go just makes it simpler!

I'm a grant administrator and I work out of two rural communities (45mins apart) and I need to access my spreadsheets DAILY! I need to keep financial tabs on my 50+ (sometimes 100) clients and their spending. Then, I need to write proposals, follow-ups, summaries and LOF/RFP's. Then, I need to capture those statistics and present them to my board members and other sub committees. I use all those programs to keep me and my mobile office running smoothly. Docs-To-Go just makes it simpler!

With a click of a button documents to go synch all my work files/invoices to my blackberry not only making them all accessible when I'm out on the road, and I basically work on the road, but also creating an all important back-up at the same time. When I'm not at the office my blackberry is my office thanks to this little app.

I work as the Communications Editor in a church. Each week it's part of my job to prepare PowerPoint slideshows for song lyrics, Sermon presentations, Children's Ministry, etc. Since many of us have Blackberries on Staff, if one of the Pastors wants to add to or take out part of the Sermon, they can edit it wherever they are (being always on the go) and I can add to/revise the slideshows and make notations on their sermon notes as to when the slides will switch, and send it to them for final review without them having to get to a Computer to check email.

Yes, your program does the work of God.

Now if they'd only support MS Publisher documents too...

I use Docs to Go on almost a daily basis reading and responding to email messages on my phone. I have also created many letters to customers from it also. It is must have application to have.

As a scientist, I was recently invited to contribute a scientific review as a book chapter to a forthcoming book series. Having one's PC crash halfway through the drafting process forces lateral thinking and Documents to Go allowed me to continue writing for the week it took to sort out the PC.
By the time the IT dept sorted it out I had already completed 90% of the first draft on my BB using Docs2Go. In fact I continued the process through all the subsequent drafts until final formatting (only using the standard version) was required. Amazing product set!

I have used Documents To Go steadily over the past five years, starting with my Palm TX device for school and personal use. Typically used it for editting Word and PowerPoint files for various projects. Currently, with the power of my new BlackBerry and Documents To Go, I utilize the powerful tools to maintain pretty complex spreadsheets and formal documents while traveling. Documents To Go is by far the easiest way to edit and continue development of Office Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations when traveling. My abilities with Documents To Go and BlackBerry are also complimented by superb devices like the Redfly Mobile Companion and BlackBerry Presenter. Thank DataViz for such a powerful mobile tool.


...I store word, excel, and pp files on my Storm2 that I use for business. In one case, I gave a short pp presentation to a potential client while sitting at the airport while waiting for a plane. In another case, I was able to supply vital information on a building we were constructing using one of my speadhseets in excel. This saved the owner thousands of dollars and made me hero for the day!

I first started using this in the Army. It was a great way to keep track of all the notes I was constantly being handed. As a Sergeant I was constantly using the spreadsheet to keep track of my Soldiers, all their info and even weapon serial numbers. When I was released from the Army I started focusing on what I wanted to do, and that is write. Word to go is excellent and I easily keep track of my short stories, notes, and premises stemming from my imagination. I start college in the fall and can't wait to see how much easier it will make my life. I'm 24 and have been to Iraq twice. Let's see how much of a novel using my previous experiences I can type directly from my BlackBerry thanks to Documents to Go!

It has been very useful, as I keep track of expenses, car maintenance, gas milage, and shopping lists.
I have even used it for vacation planing :)

I use it for real estate and I also use it for everyday things such as item tracking, property history, my resume; a whole bunch of documents. Every document that I had on my mac I just blutooth it over to my bb.

Hello, I use it to replace on the road my laptop. I use documents to go to create quotes in Excel and send it to my clients via e-mail. It works perfect for me !!!!!!
The Docs to Go include a PDF to go and the PDF sheets looks awesome y my blackberry 9700. Thanks to Data Viz !!!!

I have been using Documents to Go for about two years now, and it has proven essential as my role has changed from struggling student to successful professional.

As a busy student I knew I wanted a good PDA that could keep up with me and all of my activities. Once I got my 9530 I researched what other ways I could maximise my experience. Then I discovered Documents to Go. The app allowed me to work on papers and presentations while commuting, or any time I had an extra few minutes in my day. Many friends and family members were often impressed that I was able to write up important documents in my spare time this way. It was easy to draft a variety of projects, later download them to my pc to perfect them,and quickly save, email, or print the finished product. During work-studies, D2G was an important tool that I used to quickly summarise events of the day, when everything was still fresh in my mind. Later I would download my thoughts to my computer to flesh out and finalise, easily staying on top of updates that needed to be turned in to my professors.

As I begin my corporate career I have found D2G is still an important part of my life. Only a few months in and I have exchanged and edited several documents with and for my boss, opened PowerPoint presentations she has sent me, and used the Excel features to work in company-wide spreadsheets. I think I never felt better than when my boss asked me if I would be able to edit our employee handbook and I saw the impressed looks she gave me when I loaded the huge file onto my micro-SD, fixed it up in D2G right there on my 9530, and had the file edited and back to her in a matter of less than a half an hour!

This is truly the multitasking document tool for all!

I am a pastor and I use the doc and xls apps almost daily. I keep a list of my visits on a word document on my phone. When I get in my car after a visit I open the file and make notes on when I visit, what was going on in their life that I needed to stay aware of, and any thing else like when I should visit again or family members they want me to get to know. This allows me to make my notes when everything is fresh. It also means my notes are always with me so I can definitively answer"When did you last visit...?" and always be ready for the unplanned visits that pop up (ministry is 24/7 and thanks to cell phone we are always on call).

I have to keep track of expenses, including mileage, in way that is different than most business people because the tax laws for clergy are somewhat different. As a result, none of the expense report apps and mileage apps seem to do what I need/want. So I took the spreadsheet that I created to track expenses and mileage before I got my BB and put it on my phone. Now I can enter expenses as they occur and mileage directly into the spreadsheet (I used to write it down on a log and then key it all in once a month). At the end of the month I transfer the file to my laptop to print and store and then I start all over with a clean spreadsheet. I am guessing that this one use alone saves me about an hour a month, maybe two.
I would rank these as my #3 and #4 apps (Calendar and Tasks would be #1 and #2). I enjoy all the others, but without these 4 my BB is only a cool toy. With these 4 it is a tool that makes me a better pastor.

I use Documents to go quite extensively in my capacity as Marketing Manager of a CAD/CAM Software company. Part of my responsibilities are press relations at trade shows, and part of that is assembling a press kit full of our press releases on new products, etc. I keep a copy of all my releases (done in Word), on my Blackberry, as I may have need to edit them (such as engineers lied to me and told me something was in the new release that I discover on the show floor isn't) or perhaps tailor it for an editor's specific idea for an article. Either way I can make the changes right there, and e-mail it to them or BB Messenger it over, etc. A lot faster and better than lugging my laptop all over and trying to find wifi, etc. It's also immediate, rather than taking notes and replying later that evening from the hotel room or the following week when I am back in the office.

I also use the Powerpoint version to prompt me during presentations, where I am not using a laptop, projector and screen but rather it's me and a podium (if that). I keep my BB in my hand, and while I am speaking I can make it look like I am point or gesturing and peek at the screen and see where I am supposed to be in the presentation.


Jeff Bourque

As editor of our student paper, it blows my mind that I can edit word files in hebrew with all the editing options I need. And then to forward it immediatly to our graphics guys for layout ready witout any need to convert to other formats - it saves us so much time. Just the most useful app on my blackberry

Love it! Use it professionally for tracking employees, payroll and the like. Saves me time since I can have all my spreadsheets available to me anywhere.

definitely helps when on the go.
I love how I can open business related items and not have to wait to get to the office or another computer.
What would be really cool was if there was some kind of sync where, lets say I'm in my running biking log in an excel sheet, that when I enter "5miles" into the excel cell and save, that the same file I have on the computer gets updated - instead of me having to manually update that file on pc too.
just a funky idea.

I find Documents To Go immensely helpful when I receive items via e-mail the require frequent referral when it's not feasible to carry the paper version.

I do field-work in Social Services, sometimes comprising of three sessions in a day.

There is a legal requirement to document these sessions in a timely and accurate manner.

I use the Word facility to prepare and format these reports which are then submitted by e-mail in real time.

I also submit monthly mileage and expense claims in spreadsheet format.

Upgrading to the full version of Documents to Go saves me literally hundreds of work hours each year.

Am a casual user of DTG but find it very useful when I'm away from my computer and need to get some work done in a pinch. Works great for me.

I use both Word to Go and Sheet to Go extensively. I'm a pastor and I keep all my sermons, notes, lectures, and talks on my BlackBerry. Most of the time I use Word to Go to reference my notes & sermons, but I've also written entire sermons on my BB using Word to Go. I use Sheet to Go to update my budget & to track my expenses.
Docs to Go is one the major features for me that makes my BB the complete solution. Because of Docs to Go, I only take my laptop w/me when I absolutely have to. 85% of the time, my Bold 9700 is all I need.

As a store manager I have to juggle a lot of files around to run my business. I have payroll spreadsheets, inventory spreadsheets, Pricing files, Transaction spreadsheets, Closing procedures, employee training PPT's, etc... There are a lot of files that I need to be able to access anywhere at anytime. Whether it is at the store or while I am at home, Documents To Go have really made it easy and beneficial for me to be able to run my store efficiently and smoothly. The best part is already comes pre-installed on my device so there is no extra downloading required and I know I can trust it since RIM put it there to begin with.

I've used Docs2Go for over 5 years ever since I had a Palm Treo. On Sheet2Go, I have a spreadsheet that I keep all of the discs I own. This has saved me from making duplicate purchases a number of times - as recently as this morning. I'm really happy with it's performance and bought the Premium version out of loyalty because I'm still not sure what it does more than the standard version.

Thanks for one of the great apps available!

Hey! I bought my BlackBerry about...umm...4months ago...and i say that Documents To Go was first I had to noooo idea what exactly it was capable of!

I'm a board member of Circle K, a non-profit targeted at helping out kids in need, and starting my own. Documents To Go has helped me to view those essential word documents for approval, draft up some documents to be mailed, work on PRO info (as I am the PRO/Editor :D) and view info, making sure that my committees budget is in check, thanks to spreadsheets. I actually tried out the premium feature and loved the PDF reader...was a God sent. Slideshows the presentation app...can't tell how nice it me, its the most perfect part of the whole thing.

My only gripe with Documents to Go is possibly the UI, I mean its simple, but a little more pizzaz would be nice...again I understand its a business app, but dont forget the 20yr olds like me out there who use it for just that and would be more inclined if it was little bit more...spicy :D

Its also helped with starting up my own charity, biggest save is how the suite is soooo tightly integrated...not only withing itself...but within the entire OS!

What I have to say is, i'm not a person to sit down...or stay in one place...and constantly moving...the only thing constant is my bb in hand, and thankfully now, Documents to Go, thank to it, i'm constantly doing the work i need to and getting things out and done on the go...who wants to be tied to a desk and chair, when i can...type out a proposal for a promo event with a little device at the beach (which i'm always at:D:D) the next big thing for me...just would love a nice UI refresh...possibly a smaller memory footprint (i kno...with the ui refresh prob wouldnt make sense...but a guy can dream?)...

Documents to go saves me on a daily basis. My school is very open to technological advances which allows us to use laptops in class. Most projects are now done through Powerpoint, notes are taken in Word, and the teachers use Excel sheets to keep notes. I've been using the Powerpoint viewer as a note card while giving presentations to my class. I then just send the Powerpoint to my teacher via 3G. Whenever my homework or notes are late, i quickly type them up/fix them up on the Document viewer/editor and send them via 3G also. Documents to Go has literally saved my high-school career.

I use Docs2Go in both my business and personal life. The Blackberry I have is my personal phone but I take advantage of its features in my work life. For the business side, I email or transfer via usb, spreadsheets that I may not have the time to finish at my desk. I can finish up what ever needs to be done on my commute home. Doc2Go also helps me keep track of my vacation and optional holiday hours. I use to add the hours in my calendar at work, but I do not have access to the calendar 24/7. My Bold is always with me, so I created a spreadsheet to capture the days I use with a few formulas that calculate my remaining hours. On the personal side, I send and receive inspirational daily messages via. BBM. Word in Docs2Go is where I save those are meaningful to me. I considered using word as a journal, but with no password protection that was out.

As a Service Tech for an electrical contractor I use D2G daily ( sometimes hourly). I keep all customer info, complete work orders, etc on my SD card for quick reference. Also is awesome to be able to email a vendor and have cut sheets, manuals, price list, etc emailed back and have instant access to them on the job without having to lug out the laptop. D2G has saved me countless hours and hassles on the job.

Documents To Go is one of the few real professional apps in the Blackberry marketplace. Great for business folks or every day users. I view Word and PowerPoint documents frequently, it's great to change a ppt file on the go in the airport and email it without having to boot a laptop. PDF files are a snap.

The most power tool I use is the spreadsheet app, and the best example I use is a cash flow calculator for my rental business. I'm in the market for another property and built an Excel spreadsheet to calculate my mortgage with a given interest rate, depreciation, and cash-flows. I placed the file on my Blackberry and can input purchase price, down, and anticipated rental income. All my financial metrics in the palm of my hand.

I am in sales and travel a lot. I am able to keep an updated spreadsheet with all my current and past sales. If a customer needs to know the status on an open order or past sales history, I have it available immediately on my BB. I also use it at my children's ball games to keep score. All the parents want to know the score, but never seem to keep track. I have a blank spreadsheet ready at the beginning of each game and fill it in as the game takes place. I'd be lost without Documents To Go!

Documents to go is one of the main reasons to own a blackberry phone, if not the reason to own one instead of any other smartphone. Documents to go, to me, is like what halo is to the xbox, a vital app that will sell hardware.

When I travel the only reason I took my laptop with me was to work with word with excel and some internet browsing. With documents to go I no longer find reason to travel with my laptop.

I am happy that I own a blackberry instead of an iphone or some immitation from htc or samsung.

I love the product. Since Microsoft products are ubiquitous. No matter where I am I can take a look at the documents in the emails I receive to either work on, approve, call and confirm data or even give presentations from the info. I hope that they are still working on improvements to the products. I use the Word, Excel and Powerpoint & PDF viewer in Business as well as for my personal use with my Church documentation. I can review, change and resend info on all 3 platforms. You can even sneak away to the golf course and and still finish that important spreadsheet that must go to the managers without missing a hole.


I picked up my Bold about 12 months ago, just in time for me to start the last year of my degree, and having Docs To Go was basically the only way that I got through that year.

Every time I went to lectures or seminars, I had notes taken in one big searchable document for each of my classes, and all of the presentations were there in full PPT format whenever I needed them.

I wrote the vast majority of my dissertation (maybe 7,000 words out of 10,000) on my blackberry bold, both on my sofa and in the university library. Any time that I had an idea no matter where I was, I could just pull out my berry and start writing.

To be honest, simply having the capability not only to read what I already had, but also to write anywhere I happened to be when I needed to without needing to carry a laptop or find a pen or anything is quite simply the most amazing thing about Docs to go. When you can sit down and crank out an essay draft at 50 wpm in between classes while having a lunchtime pint, it totally changes the way you work.

From my couch, from the bath, on a train, the work comes with you. Even when you aren't doing the work yourself, being able to share notes with someone else just from your daily device really does push up your productivity.

Suffice to say I'll be continuing to use my blackberry as my main word processing device next year in my Masters course.

Lots of love to datavis!

In docs to go, i use the word, powerpoint and pdf. As a new college student, i'm not sure how to summarize all the times docs to go has saved me from getting an F in my subjects.
I use the word to continue my unfinished essays, lab reports and homeworks while walking to class and emailing it to my professor just in time.
I use the powerpoint to compose simple presenations i should have done, which i constantly forget, and present it to the class, saving me from humiliation and that dreaded F.
And the pdf? I use that to review the professor's lectures before quizzes and tests and i always end up getting a B or even an A.
Documents to go always have my back. It saves me time and not to mention energy from carrying my laptop everyday to school. I don't even want to imagine life without it. I even use it to write down my thoughts and transfer it to my journal later.

As a consultant i am working with powerpoint and excel daily and approx. 80% of my time. Word .. not so much.

I use Doc2Go almost daily in a train, plane and any other transporting vehicle where i am not the driver. I am using it on my Storm 2.

Doc2Go Powerpoint - a perfect way to go through a 20-40 slide presentation and give general feedback to it (content-wise). So, just looking and feedbacking.

Excel is a different story. I have set up templates on my computer, which i then use to input information through my Storm daily. E.g. my swimming schedule + result tracking (day, length, time). Its kind of hard to input the information on the Storm, but it beats every other sport tracking app available.
The thing is - i can do with excel so much more because after i document the data on the Storm2 and send it to myself per email, i can run analyses on my computer. Beats also every database programm (as long as its done on personal uncentralized basis).

best regards.

I've used docs to go since my palm days years ago. When I'm on the road the office emails me a doc for review, I edit it then send it back for mailing. Also, since my venders email me their invoices PDF to go is great. In meetings that are spur of the moment it's nice to have my docs on my bb for reference or so I can email what is needed at that moment, instead of doing it later. Saves a lot of time in the office. Docs to go is very functional and easy to use.

Documnets to go has become a staple in the operations of my small buisness. I own a small therapy care business where we provided Speech, Occupational, and Developmental Therapy to Young children with Special needs.

I use the premium verison of this aplication to write all my case notes for my appointments in Word to Go. It has allowed me to ditch the heavy and cumbersome laptop I was carrying around.

I also am able to keep my schedule and current openings on Sheet to Go as well as other spread sheets I have developed.

Documents to Go has been so beneficial for my productivity that I have reinmbursted my contracted employees for the purchase of the premium verison on thier particualr phones.


i use the program a whole lot and i love it. I can put my program on the computer and then transfer it to my phone and have no problems pulling it up.

Documents to Go saved me from losing my job a few weeks ago. I was on my way to a presentation and had been forwarded the power point from my coworker. Luckily on the way to the meeting I was able to double check the presentation and realized that he had sent me the wrong presentation. I was able to locate the correct project before the meeting and it went flawlessly. If I wouldn't have checked to presentation I probably would have lost my job but now instead I got a raise. Thanks DataViz.

I mostly use Documents To Go to keep a spreadsheet handy that lists all of my ICD-9 codes for my nursing profession. In addition I have several documents that list proper procedures when dealing with different medical groups. Having all this information handy without have to get out the laptop is a real time saver.

I love having the option to be out of the office as much as I could and Docs To Go helps in that respect. But one of the most memorable times I was glad to have the app this portable and so readily accessible, was while I was out running errands for work, my boss called and asked me to type up a proposal for him and he needed it ready in 15mins before a meeting. I was no where near my laptop and about an hour away from work. So I whipped out my blackberry and launched the app and 15mins later my boss was in his meeting with the proposal awaiting him in his email. When I put on my resume that I'm willing to take on any challenge at work, I meant it. I'm just glad that Docs To Go was readily available when I needed it. It is a valuable and great tool while on the Go.

I support the conference center in our law firm. I am always getting PowerPoint presentations emailed to me from our attorneys and clients. I use Documents To Go to verify the receipt of the PowerPoint file. It is a life saver because I don't have to go back to my desk to verify the file and I can provide instant feedback to the sender of the file.

I enjoy Documents to Go. I have used slide show to go with my business partner to plan events. When I'm on the go, she will design a power point for example, a dinner. She will include pictures of invitations, place settings, the meal, etc. I can then show our customers who may not be able to visit our office. I also use documents to go for proofreading purposes. When my neice has a paper due, she will send it to me via email.

I use it to read/edit inventory lists from clients. I even used it to view/edit a legal letter a friend of mine needed help with while I was away... It definitely gives great value to my Blackberry and quite frankly with how much I use it, without Docs to GO my BB will become a tad bit more useless...

I'm in my last year of my undergrad degree, and Docs to Go has been a huge help to me. I've used it to follow along with online class powerpoint presentations, and I always download and read the class sylabus on the first day of class if we go over it.
There was even one time where I used word to go to type a 500 word mini essay about the causes of the England's break-off from the Catholic Church and emailed it to my professor, because my computer was down and the school library was closed.

I use my Docs2Go for accessing my college course materials. Most of the books are in pdf format, anhd my premium version includes the ability to view those pdf's. My course syllabi, course calendar, and other stuff are in Microsoft format (MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel), and so I can still do my assignments from anywhere at any time, whether waiting at a doctor's appointment, sitting in a parking lot, off on a lunch break, or yessss - even in the bathroom, I've always got my reading materials on-hand. LOL I use it for other things as well, like writing contracts and what not, but I mainly use it for my college stuff so that I can maintain my A's in class. :-)

BTW, I used Docs2Go on my Palm Tungsten E2 and loved it; now that I've retired my Palm this past Christmas and traded it in for a Blackberry Curve 8310, I went and purchased the premium edition for my BB as well. My Curve's barely got any available memory to begin with, so I'm picky about what apps I install on it -- and Docs2Go is a "must-have" on my app list!

I am constantly using the D2G spreadsheet-pretty much on a daily basis because all my passwords, blog sites, important info, and etc is on it

Documents to Go is the best application on my Blackberry. I manage the technical support for a nation wide chain of stores who are our largest customer. Since I am the primary contact on a day to day (and night to night) basis, I must use Documents to Go to open the spreadsheet that contains all of the store's locations and phone numbers. We maintain a guaranteed response time of less than 1 hour for technical support and without Documents to Go I would be running to a computer to get the phone number on a continuous basis so I can contact the proper store. Additionally I must be able to access all the parts that have shipped to the stores over a three year period. This database of information is invaluable for allowing me immediate access to trends and repeat parts requests by the individual stores. This file is over 2 megabytes in size and Documents to Go handles it without issue.

In short, my time becomes much more manageable thanks to this excellent application. I have used it since the early days on a Palm, then again on my iPAQ, and finally on my Blackberry. Anyone with a PDA or smartphone should have this application in my humble opinion.

I am a veterinary technician. Docs to go are such an important part of my phone-I can't imagine life without them. I use excel constantly to formulate if a dog has ingested too much chocolate and is toxic, to sending instructions to clients. When you are on call, a 2am phone call asking important questions (when you aren't fully awake yet)is easily dealt with by all the word docs I have readily available.

I am also the wedding coordinator for our church. There is nothing like settling a bride down by listing all her important information right in front of her. I can keep all the weddings, information, ceremony info and details all down and at my fingertips.

Sheet to go, excel and word docs are a daily part of my life. The many hats I wear at the vet hospital (my paying job), and the fun one being wedding coordinator, are so much better with docs to go. My jobs may not be as important as some other member's here, but I wouldn't trade docs to go. Thanks

I am using DTG,PDF to go 2.004.012 on BB8900 OS5.0. It is very good for job. I justhave a suggestion: if there are solution for connect and prints directly from Blackberry and the printer is the great. Thank

We are in the process of selling our house and buying another and I created a mortgage calculator that allowed me to edit it more so that an out of the box mortgage calculator would ever allow. I figured home owners interest, homestead exemption, real estate commission, etc. It makes dealing with realtors and changes in sales prices so much easier to work through.

I use Docs to Go all the time to edit word and excel documents in my job as an electronic tech, as well as to keep track of radio frequencies for my scanner and amateur radios. Very good product, only thing missing is automatic syncing with the desktop in the basic version.

I currently work in the automotive industry as a service technician, and Documents To Go for Blackberry is by far one of the best investment I have made yet. With it's full excel spread sheet, I can easily keep track of all my work orders and labor times through out the day. The Word program is great for composing documents needed for e-mailing or just quick notes. Also having the ability to open Power Point and PDF document is a great feature as well. It is definitely worth every penny.

I am in sales and travel for a living. I use Doc to Go to access my pricelists to quote my clients. To access my clients contact list and to review my presentations before meeting with the clients.

It gives me the ability to perform my job better.

Im on the go a lot and I find it very easy and rewarding to have this app on my phone. I am able to go over powerpoint and edit and reports that I have to turn in. Excel has been my biggest use this month. It good to be able to turn my database work in over my phone. My teachers just loves it and commends me on it each time.

I'm a happy docs to go user (v 2.0004). The two main applications I use are Sheet to Go (XL) and PDF to Go although I've been using Slideshow to Go (Powerpoint) a few more times than when I originally installed it.

I travel a lot and in cramped airplanes it's sometimes easier to review/lightly edit things on the BlackBerry especially if you're stuck in the middle seat.

Having the ability to create little Excel worksheets when the laptop is put away is also a treat: Some things are just too complicated for the little napkin under your coke.

Finally - I store my wife's recipe DOC on the BlackBerry. She looks up ingredients while we're shopping and I've got the screen up and open to her recipe (while I get to drive the shopping cart).


Working on a college campus, I find myself constantly talking to students and their families outside of the office. During my first year on the job, I didn't know much about the campus, yet still found myself giving tours to students and their families. After one bad experience with attempting to carry a sheet of paper around, and experimenting with note cards, I decided to put my scripts on my Blackberry. Word to Go has come in handy when I am out and about on campus tours and such. I can easily glance at it when I am in need of some reminding and don't have to worry about losing papers/cards in the wind.

In my personal life I use Sheets to Go to organize my workout routines and the weights I use. I don't update it with my workouts while in the gym, but rather place all the information on it prior to, so that when I get in I can quickly glance at it to see my workout for the day and what exercises I need to be doing along with how many reps.

Documents to go have saved me several times doing investigations. I have been traveling to conduct an interview on a subject and the initial investigator pulled the information and sent it to me and I was able to edit the documents so they are ready for my interview. By the time I am walking in the door I have all the investigative paperwork with my notes on them ready to go.

I have also walked into a meeting and realized that my PPT was not quite right and was able to edit the document prior to my presentation.

I mainly use Excel to Go to keep track of my commission earnings at work. By keeping track of my labor dollars, (I'm a mechanic) I am able to gauge my paycheck before I get it to better budget my finances ahead of time. It is the main reason I went with the 9530. It had it pre-loaded.

Documents To Go Standard is probably the BEST program that was included on my Curve 8520! It's GREAT to be able to carry and access Microsoft documents without having to buy a Windows phone. I like being able to have my important information with me and sync it back and forth from Office 2007!

It's a winner in EVERY respect! I wish RIM would ship units with the Professional edition but even the more limited version is FAR beyond the usual clutter of useless junk that I've been saddled with on other devices!

At the beginning of the year I was conscripted to become the treasurer of a social group my uncle-in-law got be involved with a few years back. To aid in keeping funds and memberships straight I created a number of spreadsheets. It was deadnuts simple to copy them on and off my Tour so I can give my monthly fiscal reports directly off my phone. A lot of the elders in the group are stunned at this. My wife and I also recently were on the Host Committee for the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) that was here in San Jose, CA. My wife (also a Tour user) was CFO and used for a variety of budgeting and financial reports and spreadsheets. I was in charge of all Technology and found it useful for keeping my vendor RFP's and quotes organized and handy. I also used this application on my old Palm Treo. It is always nice to have a spreadsheet handy for that quick planning doc...

This is one of the most usable apps that makes blackberry into a smartphone. I usually use this apps to continue office jobs in the tram or in the train, many people open his laptop to continue working but I can continue my jobs in my blackberry. It really helps a lot because opening a laptop in a train needs a lot of time while my blackberry is already on and using it is easier because it was smaller than a laptop.

DocsToGo also really updated, they can open the office 2007 format which is .xlsx,.docx,and .pptx. This is really good because I can open all document in my phone without having to convert it to another format that can be read by my phone.

If I did not have Documents to Go, Dataviz, and all the other fine programs on my 8350i, I probably would have to refer back to making lists with pen and paper and working for the sheriff's office we generate more paper than the stock market. I have everything from schedules, office, and power point that I use for teaching my classes. Anyway, to make a long story short, this is one of the main reasons I bought my blackberry. Great product guys and I have recommended it to several.

I am currently a full time student in a post secondary school in Canada. Having Documents to Go has made my life as a student a lot easier. Whether I am working on projects while on the go or reviewing submissions from group members; Documents to Go has been an amazing tool in productivity.

I always use PPT to Go to study lecture slides while commuting to school before exams. As well I have even used Word to Go for personal reasons to compile my collection of thoughts and pet peeves on the people around me in daily scenarios (such as the guy who puts his feet up on the empty seat son the subway).

Truly one of the only applications that I use on a daily basis that improves my productivity and makes my life easier. This app is a must have for anyone who finds themselves using Microsoft Office often and has limited time to do everything.

Thanks :)

My laptop crashed right after school started and being a student i did not have the money to buy a new laptop after i bought food, gas, and neccesities. Documents to Go especially Word to Go saved me time and time again. I would be in the library half way through my five page paper when it closed leaving me nothing but my storm to write papers on. I have written 16 papers ranging from 2-8 pages on my storm. Several powerpoints were adjusted for last minute grade boosters. Having the power to write papers on road trips, in boring assemblies, practically anywhere is a a blessing that I attributed to my GPA boost. Even though i now have a laptop I know there will still be many times where i wont have the luxery to use it and Documents to Go will be there

I am a Police Officer and Union Rep. I have our entire contract on my BB and use Docs to Go to view and edit the contract. I get calls daily from my guys with contract questions, so I just open my phone and look up what I need. Sometimes I copy certain parts of the contract and send them as emails. I also work in a Section 8 Housing area and I have a Trespass List on a spreadsheet. I also access this list on my phone in the field with Spreadsheet to Go. When I interact with suspects, I can look on the list in my phone to see if they have been warned in the past. I can also edit the list and add names. I also have documents that contain our entire city and state ordinances. This is handy when writing citations or typing charges. I no longer need a hard copy since I can view all the information with Documents to Go. With these apps, I have reduced my time on the PC and time at the office. It has also freed up our dispatchers since I don't have to ask them for the information I now have access to in my phone. Last November we had a tax levy up on the voting ballots. I made a power point presentation and actually gave several public speeches viewing the power point information on my BB Storm using Slideshow to Go. I am happy that I purchased the premium edition. It has made my work easier and safer. Thanks.

im a college student and blackberry helps me a lot through documents to go! this app makes this phone worthy and proves that blackberry is just not a phone but a phone dropped from heaven! hahaha

I'm an executive chef in a very busy restaurant, and I use documents to go on a regular basis for EVERYTHING, to the point where I rarely even have a need to sit in front of a desktop anymore.

I made a word template for our dinner specials that I have saved on my SD card. On a busy afternoon when I don't have time to leave the kitchen, I simply load the file in Document to Go, type out whatever entrees and with descriptions that we're going to be featuring, and use Cortado Workplace to send it directly to our WIFI enabled office printer. A waitress picks it up, and doesn't even have to ask me anything beyond that.

Tonight.....Chilean Sea Bass served with roasted corn risotto. Hungry?

I was able to handle presenting a powerpoint presentation while on vacation because I could join the conference call & read the presentation on my storm. It was fantastic.

I have a BB Storm 2 so the large screen+ Dataviz are sure win for me!

1. Slide shows
There have been corporate opportunities where i couldnot get the customer to spare enough time to meet me in a conference room and look at my presentation. I cornered them in to an elevator pitch with a quick presentation handy on my BB loaded up on Dataviz PPt Reader. It worked great for me each time and i have actually made sales using it as a regular business tool alternative to presenting on notebook computer and projectors

2. Spread Sheets
I travel allot locally and between cities. with spread sheet to go i never feel the need to take my computer out to review reports from Finance or my Sales team. Saves allot of time and hassle.

I am a fan!

(Winning something will make me a bigger fan of dataviz and crackberry ;)

im documents to go premium user. menus are very simple and user friendly not like other softwares available to blackberry and very very useful software for people like me who is always on move. while traveling i write down the thing make it more presentable manner check spelling and send it to my staff across all offices. so it makes my staff and to other people to whom i send to reply me must and in good manner only.

documents to go has made life smooth.

I love the fact I can use Docs to Go, on the go, updating and creating documents and spreadsheets.
Then, when back at my PC, I can sync them directly. This means that I don't have different versions of documents all over the place!!

The ability to format and include formulas also adds to the overall experience.

For a real-life example, it came into its own when I needed to take the register of Cubs one evening, whilst we were out and about.
Since I only had an electronic copy of the list on my BlackBerry, I was the only person able to do the roll-call. Then, with them marked, this could be emailed directly from my device, so the official records could be updated. Brilliant.

A great time-saver, with all the functionality I need.

Great app.

I use PowerPoint to make study guides for exams. Certainly easier than carrying around hundreds of flash cards, and I can study anytime I have a few minutes free.

I also use Word to go over lecture notes, adding or moving as needed, and for proofreading papers one final time before I hand them in. Sometimes seeing things on a different screen helps me realize mistakes I might have oterhwise missed. The fact that I can have everything right in my BlackBerry is so convenient!

I am a doc2 go customer since I owned the Palm Tungsten. I use it with work in that we must share files verifying data and updating slideshows. I use it in my personal life where I can keep my check register via Excel; keep my resume updated via Word; and & wehat can't be done in Powerpoint (lol)? It has been a life saver for me, working as a contractor and keeping all of my contacts in order.

Our company uses Documents 2 Go anytime we go offsite (to a client). Typically, this is how we take advantage of it...

We make any final changes we need to make on our way to the client. When we get there, we send the file to their printer. Since we are a tech company they are always impressed at what we can do (how techy we really are). Oh, and we never ever worry about losing it or having a page missing or it being curled up or folded and messed up. It comes out looking nice and fresh. :)

I had Docs2Go on a succession of old Palms and, short of the sync with Word and having a Word file on my device suitable for emailing, it was terrible. With this, my first Blackberry (8520) I have found that the Docs2Go that came with it is equally underwhelming. Short of creating *simple* documents, its formatting and visual representation is weak to the point of being useless as a doc creator / viewer, while actual useful features (like PDF viewing) is relegated to a dearly-overpriced 'upgrade'.

I have docs that I may email on occasion on my media card (transferred over manually using 'mass storage' mode), but so pointless is Docs2Go that I have removed it entirely from my device.

Docs to Go is great! I am rarely in my office so it is great for reviewing work documents without having to go into the office. I wish though that the PDF to Go was included but it was an inexpensive purchase.

I work for a government contractor that specializes in writing manuals for anything pertaining to the military. In as much, I get sent all over the world to do research, gather information, and validate the manuals that we write.
I was sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa to validate two manuals (engine and transmission rebuild). While we were in the middle of the teardown, the mechanics wanted to edit some of the procedures and artwork that we had in the manual. My company does not provide air cards and there was no way we could've hooked in to the Army's wifi.
So, I was snapping photos and editing procedures in Docs To Go. Then I would e-mail the edited documents back to my home office so that my team could incorporate the changes and e-mail them back to me that night. Then I would review the documents in the Word To Go. So, not only did we get the changes the mechanics requested, but we had a turn around time of less than 14 hours. The client (U.S. Army) was very very pleased with us.
Sheet To Go helped me on a personal issue. I go to the gym straight after work 4-6 times per week. I usually bring a workout schedule and log with me so I can keep track of what I've done.
I forgot my log one day, so I text my wife and asked her to e-mail me a blank Excel file. She did just that, I was able to open and edit the blank file and use it as my log for the day.

As a Personal Trainer, I keep all of my client information on my Blackberry so at any time I can bring up a client's workout, diet, schedule and needs via Docs to Go.

Right before a training session I can quickly look at the client's progress, what is scheduled for the day, and what areas we need to work on.

Changes can be made on the go and no time is lost waiting for me to return to the office to update paperwork.

Docs to Go is an invaluable tool to help me provide exceptional value to my clients, allowing me to spend more time working with them instead of going through mounds of paperwork.

I love using documents to go in order to view and edit excel spreadsheets when I'm away from my computer at work. Also it really comes in handy when I go away and don't want to carry my laptop with me. All I need is my phone which I always have with me anyway!

Docs To Go is one of my most used software packages. It has come through for me countless times. I have used it to edit and produce sales forecasts while pulled over on the side of the road. I have used it to show a new prospect my company PowerPoint presentation while sitting at the bar. I pretty much use it every day. This is the one software package that allows me to leave my laptop behind when I'm on the road.

One of the things we've been working on is finding ways to reduce paper usage, as well as other methods for going green. Documents to Go has been a help there.

Our clients send us a list of specs for each job. I'll keep a copy of those specs (in PDF or DOC format) on my BlackBerry. My assistant also carries a BlackBerry and has a copy of them as well. It allows us to both keep track of what is going on throughout the day, and no longer need to print out two copies!

I also scan and convert client contracts to PDF form so I can always access that as well on my BlackBerry.

We had a planner send us last-minute changes while we were already on our way to the site. The e-mail was received on my BlackBerry and I was able to go over the changes before we met with the client. PDF to Go makes that so much easier to do on the road.

This App is helping me a lot while dealing with .doc, .ppt and .pdf while travelling to customer site. It saved me a lot of time when doing last min. editing and review before presentation.

Personally - I use it for Facebook notes. It is impossible to use the BB FB application or even try to use the mobile FB site. But I can type out a tremendous note on word, spell check and easily copy paste to FB. Sometimes I just use it to write a reminder to myself. I keep several ongoing lists (groceries, referrals, enemies (JK ;\ )). If I buy a new application, I always paste it into a spreadsheet with application registration information.

Professionally - I would never look at a .pdf without it! Again, the native BB viewer is horrendous. I have been lobbying my firm to buy a license and push the professional version to all users on the BES. I use an application called worksite to pull documents from my firm's shared network drive (document management system). I am often asked to grab a document make a quick edit or two and distribute. While in -office, this is a no-brainer. But if you are on the road commuting 4 hours a day, it can be a frustrating experience for all involved, as a 2 hour delay is unacceptable. With DTG I am able to make quick edits, save and distribute without leaving the train.

I have always believed the point of a smart phone was to free you from the office desk, by providing you the basic functionality of your office. DTG has without fail, helped me break the chains of my office.

I do 3 things with my BlackBerry's Documents To Go:

1) Budgeting

This is the thing I use it most for. I have created a budget .xls document which I use to keep track of my funds, and with various formulas put in place, I can update figures to have a road map of funds which I will have in the future, as well as my upcoming bills, etc. It is very useful on my home and work PC's, but having it in my pocket is absolutely wonderful, especially when trying to figure out at Best Buy / Wal-Mart whether or not I want to buy a new gadget.

2) Writing

I am a writer, and while I don't tend to use Documents To Go to actually write, I love having the ability to read and edit (if I feel the desire) the chapters of the story I am unfolding. Being able to bust out the BlackBerry and read the chapter I am currently writing while in line for Coffee or at the Mall waiting for checkout is incredibly nice.

3) Cataloging

I have an exorbitant amount of movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, in addition to a large library of books. The two of this combine into a headache when trying to remember 'Do I already own this movie, or do I only have it on DVD?' or 'I have which books in this series again?' at the store. I love being able to whip out either an Excel or Word document (depending on the layout I choose) and view my list while at the store in a portable and efficient manner, even being able to update it on the fly if I so desire. Very very useful.

All in all, combined with an already very portable and useable phone, having my Word and Excel documents at my fingertips, editing documents or adding them to my phone via OTA or USB ... it's just something that has become hard to live without.

I have used Documents to Go since it first came out for Palm way back when I was just one of legions of PDA fanatics. Back then, I was a regular poster on's and It's been only four years since I finally made a permanent move from Palm OS to Windows Mobile (on a Palm Treo 700w, no less!), I was never as happy with Microsoft's own version of their mobile office suite as I was with DTG. Although I did indeed use both platforms interchangeably, once DTG supported native file formats on all devices, Windows Mobile's days as my primary mobile OS were numbered. The reasons for using DTG on another device vs using Office Mobile on Windows Mobile are simple; ease of use, functionality, scalability, and most glaringly (but of course unsurprisingly), platform compatibility. I use and manage many different types of documents from small one-page memos to entire texts of popular books and novels from Gutenberg. Word Mobile has a real-world size limitation of approx 500KB and even with much smaller files it is AGONIZINGLY slow on even the fastest pocket pcs. Word to Go is not only MUCH faster and more scalable, it also has far more document formatting and customization support. I also manage diverse types and sizes of spreadsheets, from simple one-sheet data displays to highly complex and interlinked workbooks containing as many as 20 sheets. Excel Mobile handles multi-sheet workbooks well enough, but even the simplest formatting is enough to bring it to it's knees, and don't even get me started on weak functionality and missing formulas. Excel to Go has much better formatting, formula, and function support, and can also work with much larger numbers than Excel Mobile if you're playing with higher-level math. As for device integration, even lower-end devices like BlackBerrys run DTG more than passably for both simple and more demanding jobs, and faster devices like the 3G iPod Touch and the Motorola Droid give DTG an almost PC-like level of performance and functionality for office tasks. In addition, desktop and server integration with BDM and BES are completely unrivaled even by Windows Mobile and Microsoft Exchange Server. Having spent six years in the Army as a company-level clerk, it was painstakingly obvious that the DTG-equipped BlackBerry was a vital tool for servicemembers at every level of the command chain in accomplishing day-to-day organizational tasks such as remote briefings, email, information management, and mission planning. In that regard, it should come as no surprise that President Obama and many of his high-level staff practically LIVE on their DTG-equipped BlackBerrys. Even though RIM has lagged behind Apple somewhat and especially behind Motorola, HTC, and Google in raising the technological bar with their devices, the inherent security and reliability of BlackBerry combined with the almost limitless flexibility and functionality of DTG will continue to make it my mobile communications and data management platform of choice as I continue in my present life to pursue an advanced degree in history and use my BlackBerry and DTG for a wide range of academic and non-academic pursuits.

Let me count the ways.

Docs to Go

I use Documents to Go for so many things.
I keep recorded files for all my bill payments and company's I deal with in word files and back them up with desktop sync.
I use Word to Go to write up reports for work on my desktop computer at work, and with my blackberry at home, or on the road and sync them with the powerful Docs to Go Desktop Sync, what a great tool!!
I use Sheets to Go to keep track of my work regular hrs and overtime hrs.
I used Sheets to Go (with Momentem) to view and track and bill all my phone hrs (excluding person calls/emails). More money!! :)
I use PDF to Go to view customer invoices on the road if my employees have any questions or need any authorization on them before they get sent off, comes in so handy and saves SO much time.
And we all use Slideshow to Go for passing jokes around etc. Lol.
I could go on and on, I even used Word to Go to type this up!!! :)

Steve S.

This week my professor had cancelled class. Yes, I know its summer but I am catching up on a few extra credits. Anyway I decided to make a trip out to Cape Cod for a few days vacation. With the full plan of relaxingly complete my homework.

While en-route I contacted Sprint customer service to RE-ACTIVATE the tethering option on my BlackBerry Curve 8530. To my great dismay and panic, Sprint eliminated this feature in February.

I was at the point of no return at this point and thought I'd have to bite the bullet and just cram a few nights to make up for the lost time. Then it occurred to me, Docs-to-Go on my Curve. I downloaded the full trial version. In a few hours time. I had completed: my course readings for 2 online classes, edit and submitted a 3 full course documents in correct MLA format, posted 2 discussion topics and 2, critical responses online in the Manhattan web client. If you're in college you should be familiar with Manhattan.

Moral of the story... It took me a little while to navigate but Dos-to-Go and my BlackBerry saved my trip. Instead of going home a day early to get my work done. I went to the beach with my friends with out the lingering thought of class work on my mind. I did end up investing in the full version, I highly recommend, it is so choice. The App. was a savior! Thanks!

I'm a BlackBerry-addicted freelance writer. I use Documents To Go Premium Edition on a daily basis for note taking and even, at times, writing articles. Last December, while on vacation away from my computer, I received an invitation to work on a long-term writing project. The contract terms were sent to me as Word attachments. I was able to review the contract, make notations to the document and shoot off my reply without a hitch. I returned from my vacation refreshed and with a profitable gig lined up, thanks to Documents To Go.

Becuae I work from home and is out of town pretty frequent. Docs to Go really helps me allow to edited paperwork that load on my Blackberry, which really helps me if I need to make changes to my paperwork. ITS A MUST HAVE!

My name is Carl Redemann and I manage 5 different internet radio stations for the Bible Broadcasting Network in Charlotte, NC. I am a full time Documents To Go user and use it almost everyday. During meetings I use Word To Go to take notes, type in my ideas or thoughts that help the meeting’s agenda move forward. In meetings someone may mention a website so I visit the website from my Storm copy/paste the information right into WTG. I have also used WTG to write documents for my staff when I am out of the office and can simply email the Doc right from my Storm. I also use Sheet To Go. With STG I can see the latest contributions report, modify the data and have quick access to other spreadsheets needed for a presentation. I like the integration of DTG into MS Office. If I need to print or add data from WTG/STG to an existing Office document it is as simple as 1 2 3 and the work is done. Our ministry is financially supported by our faithful listeners and more than once in a meeting my boss was looking for how many gifts came in a particular month vs the expenses for a certain language and all I had to do was open a STG sheet, scroll to the info and give him those numbers. Sheet To Go made me look really smart! Thank you DataViz for this product! Whether I win this contest or not I will keep on using DTG because it really works and make me look smarter than I really am!

I love my documents on the go application! I have my resume stored on my phone now and thanks to Documents On The Go I can apply for jobs and send my Resume directly from my BB. I also have the ability to edit cover letter as needed before I apply :0)

I have been using Documents to Go since the Palm days and always look for it on every smarthphone that I purchase. Docs to go, for me, has been a lifesaver because I used to put information in separate applications; but, over time, some of those applications have let me down. Docs to go, though, never has. I applaud you all for the constant inclusion of this software on todays greatest phones, and not so great. The blackberry version has taken some getting used to; but I have managed. I use it primarily for the Excel (sheet to go) component. I am an hourly employee and have to keep up with my time away from the time clock. A spreadsheet with formulas took only a few minutes. I also track my business mileage with it and , after three years of doing so, am happy to report that is has not let me down. I also use the other components for keeping a hotel rating list and other information that would normally be kept in a database. Thanks again for the great product!

I've used Docs2Go to manage my three adult soccer teams (Excel), give presentations to customers (Slideshow), provide quotes on company letterhead (Word)and keep all sales brochures, manuals, and technical bulletins handy when working with clients on our equipment (PDF). The ability to attach whatever document I need to an email makes my BB 9700 more like a netbook computer--only easier to carry and use. I even keep the Docs2Go manual on my BB and refer to it frequently in order to get the most out of this very productive program.Highly recommended.

I originally became a believer in Documents To Go way back on my Palm Tx. It seemlesly allows me to keep all of my important Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoints in the palm of my hand. I can't list all of the times it saved me. Ex. The time I had inadvertantly typed the wrong numbers into a spreadsheet that was emailed to all of the board. Turns out it caused a slight panic until they called me (I was on a beach in Hawaii at the time) and asked me about it. I was able to pull it up on my BlackBerry and noticed the issue right away. A couple of corrections and a TON of apologies later... I had the corrected information emailed to all of the board without ever leaving my hammock. I think that says it all.

I use DocToGo almost every day, and it helps me to get more quality time with my family, and to get my work done faster.

Most used, is wordToGo, but occasionally also excel and powerpoint.

Documents from my desktop computer, or attachments via e-mail from colleagues, i can now review, and do small edits wherever i am during the day and have some spare minutes.

When I receive e-mail with a word, excel or powerpoint document attached, i no longer have to wait till I get back to work, or home, before I read it or edit, I do it when I have time, and respond as quickly as possible.

Nothing more to it. Easy

Another life saver is the PDF viewer. More and more of the information i receive, is attached in emails as PDF files. DocToGo allows me top open these mails and read immediately - from my device, instead of waiting perhaps hours before I reach back to work or home.


I have been a Docs to go user for several years, haveing started using this product on a Treo 650 and Treo 755p, then Tour 9630 and now Bold 9650. I'm retired so I don't use it for business purposes; however, I have been carrying a number of documents on my devices which I use for referrence purposes for work that I do for my church and personal things. Don't use the update features all that often; however, when I need to make a change on the go they are extremely handy and don't require me to make notes to be able to make the changes later on my computer. Great product that has served me well.

I love documents to go.

I work in the Real Estate Development world. I have been able to comment on floorplans and marketing material in the PDF program. It is invaluble for when i need to review and give a quick decision back.

On the Word program i have been able to write up leases on the spot and edit them over a meal. With the spreadsheet i have worked up budgets and reviewed them in meetings.

It is simple and always availalbe on my phone. I keep templates updated with my laptop so i can always find the most up to date versions.

It has really changed the way a lunch or dinner meeting can go. Why let a client go back and wait for a reveiwed doc and have time to bring in competition when you can have a final version on their desk to sign by the time they are back from the meeting.

Big thumbs up

This application package has proved to be extremily useful at work and in my personal life. As an IT manager for a volunteer organization as well as an Emergency Services worker and trainer. Being able to stay up to date on what is going on and read, and respond to documents is a major advatage in time management and prompt response. I would recommend these applications to anyone who needs the use of anywhere with out having the ability to have it everywhere. I was able to mitigate an emergency with the network, read reports, create the work orders and change the schedules, which are all done on office documents, while on vacation sitting at the beach. This is a great product and I dont know how I managed with out it!

Got to love these programs. I wish to have them for free as i can't afford them at all.



While my 9700 is a personal device, I use D2G for a variety of personal & professional needs. I hate to leave work unfinished. Sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day. And while there's no "work from home" option in my area of employment, or overtime for that matter, if I let it sit I may forget. :). So, I will email any item that is not safety sensitive to my Bold & work on it on my commute home & then email it back to my office, completed. And no, they don't appreciate it, but I do. While I can't say that I use it everyday like most, I thought it was such a great set of apps that I paid for the premium edition.

As for my personal use, I use spreadsheets to keep track of my bills & being able to add formulas is a huge plus. I did a favor for a friend & that spreadsheet helped us keep our friendship in tact. Every payment was updated and emailed to her on the spot so that there was no question as to what was paid & when. I'm also a bit of a writer so when ever a topic hits me I just whip out docs and get to transferring those thoughts into words. I'm constantly looking for self improvement in the area of employment so I keep an updated resume @ hand that can be sent @ the push of a button. Literally!

The main reason why I bought a BB. I had Documents To Go on my Palm Tungsten and was glad to find out it was offered on the BB Storm1. I use the program for business and pleasure. or the business side, I keep my resume and cover letter on it so I can easily send out my resume and cover letter out quickly if needed. For the pleasure side, I use keep track of a number of things. Track my wife's and my Bowling scores, tracking of what hardware and software are on my computer/laptop and inventory of my model railroad of all my rolling stock(engines, freight and passenger cars). So for me, I was hooked from day one. And if and when I change phones, its the first thing I'm going to look for.

Docs to go has been invaluable to me. As a operations manger who spends a great deal of time in the field my blackberry is must but the docs to go app lets me receive information from our IT/GIS dept and my engineers instantly.
No running to my truck for a lap the message and boom I can review docs and reply. Saves time and keeps me going !

Docs to go has been invaluable to me. As a operations manger who spends a great deal of time in the field my blackberry is must but the docs to go app lets me receive information from our IT/GIS dept and my engineers instantly.
No running to my truck for a lap the message and boom I can review docs and reply. Saves time and keeps me going !

Docs to go has been invaluable to me. As a operations manger who spends a great deal of time in the field my blackberry is must but the docs to go app lets me receive information from our IT/GIS dept and my engineers instantly.
No running to my truck for a lap the message and boom I can review docs and reply. Saves time and keeps me going !

Docs to go has been invaluable to me. As a operations manger who spends a great deal of time in the field my blackberry is must but the docs to go app lets me receive information from our IT/GIS dept and my engineers instantly.
No running to my truck for a lap the message and boom I can review docs and reply. Saves time and keeps me going !

Docs to go for blackberry is a lifeline for me. I use my docs to go for several things. Im a student, activist, caregiver, child care worker, etc. At first I was happy that I was able to open files on it. I talk about it on Facebook, twitter, and to friends and family and they cannot believe the things I can do on it. As a student I write my essays and assignments on it and email them directly to my professors. I love that I can take my word documents on the go. I often send my essays to my dad before I send them to my teachers. I can attach the doc to an email and send it directly to him. I can edit, spell check, word count (which is important to English teachers for essays). I can also edit the size, the font, bold and italics etc. I used to send myself notes from my classes to edit, read, and study. For classes where I have to do presentations I use slideshow to go. I can also edit each slide on my phone its absolutely amazing. Every once in a while I will come across a spreadsheet and of course there is sheet to go to go for that. I constantly update and make resume's for any and all job's that I am trying to apply for. Now that I have a job I write letters to my job, respond to letters. I write and type of cover letters and I also do them for other people. I type up letters to companies, thank you letters, complaint letters, compliment letters, etcetera and I prefer to do this from docs to go rather than my computer for some reason. I send myself documents to just read. You can buy ebooks and pdf documents and read them via pdf to go, or docs to go. Depending on what site you are on you can actually download documents and save them on your memory card and open them. Since docs to go on my blackberry I use it more and more. I had to buy a computer so I could type up my essays and such and now I have that very software on my blackberry. I cant pick a favorite thing. I do all of the above equally. Everyday I write a letter, when school is in i'm always working on an assignment, and I'm still in the middle of reading an ebook. They are all my favorite because they all honestly make my life easier. Lol! :) and whether I win or not I am way to stoked about sharing that with someone I feel like a geek!

Docs to go for blackberry is a lifeline for me. I use my docs to go for several things. Im a student, activist, caregiver, child care worker, etc. At first I was happy that I was able to open files on it. I talk about it on Facebook, twitter, and to friends and family and they cannot believe the things I can do on it. As a student I write my essays and assignments on it and email them directly to my professors. I love that I can take my word documents on the go. I often send my essays to my dad before I send them to my teachers. I can attach the doc to an email and send it directly to him. I can edit, spell check, word count (which is important to English teachers for essays). I can also edit the size, the font, bold and italics etc. I used to send myself notes from my classes to edit, read, and study. For classes where I have to do presentations I use slideshow to go. I can also edit each slide on my phone its absolutely amazing. Every once in a while I will come across a spreadsheet and of course there is sheet to go to go for that. I constantly update and make resume's for any and all job's that I am trying to apply for. Now that I have a job I write letters to my job, respond to letters. I write and type of cover letters and I also do them for other people. I type up letters to companies, thank you letters, complaint letters, compliment letters, etcetera and I prefer to do this from docs to go rather than my computer for some reason. I send myself documents to just read. You can buy ebooks and pdf documents and read them via pdf to go, or docs to go. Depending on what site you are on you can actually download documents and save them on your memory card and open them. Since docs to go on my blackberry I use it more and more. I had to buy a computer so I could type up my essays and such and now I have that very software on my blackberry. I cant pick a favorite thing. I do all of the above equally. Everyday I write a letter, when school is in i'm always working on an assignment, and I'm still in the middle of reading an ebook. They are all my favorite because they all honestly make my life easier. Lol! :) and whether I win or not I am way to stoked about sharing that with someone I feel like a geek!

What more do we expect from our beloved blackberry? well, Thanks to documents to go, it can do what a pc can do! Everything including Office plus we have our blackberry messenger.

As technology and information continue to shrink the world one must understand how the growth of the "cell phone" greatly effects those who have embraced it.

What does this mean? A general understanding that the "cell phone" has morphed into a mini computer of sorts. No it doesn't even come close to rivaling that which a potent laptop brings to the mobile world. But Documents To Go from DataViz helps bridge a gap between being constantly connected to every documents in the technological world.

I have excel budgets and word documents that I carry on my belt for quick responses to financial inquireies from my clients. I don't have my laptop with me 24/7, but my BlackBerry Storm 2 in on my belt from wake-up to sleep time. Thus, at a moments notice I can pull up live documents to answer questions to my clients inquiries because Documents To Go enables me this power.

Documents to Go 2.0 is a life saver for me. I'll list the reasons why:

- I blog: I could use the Wordpress app... But I always feel better knowing that my scraps are safe and sound on the SD card and that I can sync them to the PC, after they are properly spell checked, with the Documents to Go Files. I hardly ever post on the go, but I do a lot of writing when I am out and about, either to make use of idle time or because ideas do not really wait until I get home. I stopped using Documents to Go Files in favor of SugarSync, but it works very well. Maybe DataViz should consider a wireless sync option now? That would be the icing on the cake.

- I'm a Project Manager: Since we do not yet use any cloud solution, we heavily rely on templates (MS Word files filled with tables) to convey information and to this date, I've had no problem filling them on Word to Go. I recently got a word document which was a requirements list. At the end of the document there were some images that for some reason were displayed as an x inside a box. To my surprise (and delight) clicking them would display the images, much bigger than they would have shown, making it a lot easier to read.

- I'm on a MBA: More than once it allowed me to "dot the i"s on a paper, prepare that spreadsheet that would calculate all the values of complicated equations I'd need for my paper's analysis, get started on the presentation allowing me to save some time and just work on the aesthetics when I arrive at my destination. More than once my classmates asked "how on Earth you managed to do that on the go?!" to which I answer, “I got a BlackBerry, not a toy”. The joy... I should not forget being able to properly read PDF files! I don't mean the whitepapers only: It goes as far as opening password protected files (I do need to refer to the PMBoK on occasion).

I must say that it could use a bit better setting up thou. I was working on a lessons learned document once (on site, typing things as they were happening) and it would just crash after a point. I found it then that Docs2Go had a recovery system similar to MS Word's and that was much welcome. Took me a while to realize but it was crashing because it was saving to the device memory instead of the SD card. Wonder why. That was the only time I had problems with it really.

A price drop would be welcome thou. I know many that would like to have this suit but think it is too high priced (especially when other platforms have it cheaper).

I was so impressed with Docs To Go I purchased the premium version. I'm a sub-contractor in construction and use Docs To Go to track my personal time, track material on various jobs, view documents that I need for meetings and for recreation, I download various newsletters to read in my spare time, all without hauling around gobs of paper!
I love how the desktop sync works, a place to drop files,ect, back and and forth between my BlackBerry and desktop computer.
The only changes I would like to see would be; Edit mode would be automatically engaged when you highlight a cell, with no need to get into edit mode to edit. And with PDF being used so much, it would be nice to be able to fully work with and edit PDF files. I know they are quite data intensive, so this might be stretching our present technology too far.

Having a paid version of DTG helps me run a successful volunteer organization. I always have my BB with me. With DTG, I don't have to have my laptop with me. I can make my agenda for a staff meeting or make notes for a search and rescue mission we are activated for. When I arrive at my office, I can print off the agenda or mission notes and give everyone a copy. DTG has helped keep my unit stay on the leading edge of technology.

I am a pilot. My company has a line of aircraft, each with their own performance as well as weight and balance numbers.

As a flight crew member, I use Documents to Go to quickly do my preflight performance and other calculations, such as weight and balance. These calculations are dependent on the specific load on the airplane, such as number of passengers and weight of luggage.

DTG is able to let me do a quick calculation and fly safely if my passengers change or some other variable changes.

I am a police officer and I have a number of Word documents that I use for reference out in the field on a daily basis. My patrol bag is full of all kinds of forms and paperwork and I find it invaluable to have all the Word documents I need handy on my Blackberry Bold 9700 without having to look through dozens of files and pieces of paper.

There are alot of times that I am out of my car and it is tremendously convenient to have these references in my pocket ready to be used at anytime and anywhere.

I am a public school music teacher and I also have a private piano studio in my home. I have been a user of Documents-to-Go (DTG) since the early days with my Palm Tungsten E. I loved it then and I still love it now. I purchased the Premium version specifically because I wanted to do a little more than just edit documents on my Berry. On a daily basis I use DTG to complete the following tasks:

• Create tests for my classes
• Review/critique student documents
• Compose lecture notes
• Create and edit PowerPoint Presentations for my
• Keep track of student attendance
• Keep track of student grades
• Create recital and performance programs for
• Proofread and edit email communications for my boss

I was really impressed with the fact that on several occasions I have been able to open, view, and edit PDF files on my Berry that could not be opened on the computers at work.

DTG has really been a lifesaver for me,especially when I accidently leave important hard copies lying on my desk or in some forgotten location. DTG is truly the one application that I should never be without.

As a full-time DataViz Documents To Go user it gives me the powerful tools and essential applications to edit and manage many spreadsheet, text and other files in this digital life where it can save time to plan and lets do your work, when and where you want, letting you get things and express your ideas from a PC, the Web, and of course a mobile smartphone easy and smooth with joy and a smile every day!

I use Docs to Go mainly for college and there has been plenty of times where it has saved me. Spreadsheets and word docs are the DTG's I use most often, if not everyday, then at least 3-4 times a week. My favorite about these two apps says it in the title, "... To Go", I can create and edit my spreadsheets and word docs on the bus, in class, or just anywhere I don't have access to a computer. Because of Docs To Go, last summer I was able to complete a big assignment on the bus to school. So the next time I party to hard and drink to much and pass out without completing an assignment, I can rely on Docs To Go the next morning, hangover or not. I can easily sync or email to my laptop or a campus computer and print right away, or with the help of an app I can catch a printer with a wireless network and print over that. There is nothing I can't do without Docs To Go. Although I don't need Docs To Go for work, it can be of great help editing my spreadsheets from simply anywhere I may be at the palm of my hand. Or even receiving an updated spreadsheet to review my business income and expenses, so in case of needing to contact a partner or manufacturer, I can do so then and not having to wait till the next day due to reviewing the spreadsheet when I come home that night.

Overall Docs To Go plays an important roll in my schooling. Whether it be saving my ass, or putting simplicity into a complexity situation. Thank you DataViz for Docs To Go!

-Richard Watson
Founder & Owner of R&R Sunglasses Online
Entrepreneur Major at Fullerton College
Business Management Major at Fullerton College

Good luck to everyone in winning the gift certificates!

I haven't a good english but i try to do this thing.. I work in internet at home, i haven't office and many times i can stay at home, this is the reasion to i have boghut a blackberry, i can answer mail out home.. But many mail have file and i can read it, not all but some yes.. If i can buy the completet documents to go i can do a lot of thing out my house but always in my office.. The world

For me, Documents To Go is the best thing on the go.
Being both a student and freelance journalist, I'm pretty much always out and about. A classmate contacts me to look something up, an editor who wants me to make changes to a document, I do it all one-handed while walking.
There is no device that can do this, except for my smartphone with the Documents To Go suite. Getting work done while on the go was never so enjoyable.

Document to Go helped me keeping my finances organized as I never knew where my money went, as I could keep an excel sheet with all of it, it is rather simple for me.
It is also very effecient to be able to read .doc/.ppt/.xls files when you get them as e-mail and you need to have it read while you're in the bus or somewhere with no bus access.

When I purchased my bold 9700, this was the first app I purchased. One of the reasons I prefer Blackberry over the IPhone is the ability to seemlessly transfer documents back and forth. Documents To Go is the key to making that happen.It was worth every penny!

I am in love with DataViz Docs to Go! I was diagnosed with RA six months ago. As part of my job, I travel and give PowerPoint presentations. I was finding it harder and harder to do so. Now, I can take my presentations with me in the palm of my hand without having to lug around a heavy laptop. This is HUGE! I am now able to do everything I did before without enduring hours of pain afterward. Thanks DocsToGo!

I have been using documents to go for many years on various devices. The only hang up I have noticed with the BB version is that plain text files are not supported on the blackberry platform as it is on other platforms.

As a firefighter I use D2G on a regular basis. I have made our incident report into an excel document. I can do the notes for my narritive while on scene and do the report on the way back to the station and email it without having to get to a computer. Also, keep important station and apparatus document right on my phone for use at anytime

I have had this app on Palm and Windows Mobile and loved it. So when it was available for Blackberry I had to get it. It works great for me. I mainly use it for personal documents and mainly use it for the Sheets To Go. I am a diabetic and was looking for a way to keep my blood sugars and not have to worry about carring a book with me or buy anothe expensive app. I created an Excel spreadsheet and am able to enter them right away and after I sync them with my computer they are easy to print off to take to my doctors office. I even have it set up to give different averages. The doctor is has complimented me on it. Now if I could just get him to let me email them to his office, that would save some ink and paper and I get them to him anytime he wants and not have to hand deliver them.

well whenever im studying for an exam or have a report i need to hand in i always have a copy of my documents on my phone and view them using the documents to go app. its a zillion times better than carrying a heavy laptop around all day around college. and its good for backup just in case i forget to actually put the paper in my bag. i can just go print it at the library and hand it in.
Also good for a quick revise before an exam in the car on the way to college ( not driving ).

It is just like having Microsoft Office on your Blackberry. And now with wifi on Blackberry, the sky is the limit!

I am a full-time student and I use Documents to Go to keep up with my homework and papers while I am not at a computer. It is great so that I don't have to carry my lap-top. My back appreciates it immensely.

I use this program for school. I store all of my Syllabus's with it, and even sometimes begin to write papers on it if an idea comes to mind, and I don't have any other way to jot it down.

In a company of BB users I am the only one who uses Documents to go. The Company I work for requires us to you an Excel Expense sheet to track expenses, an Excel Order Form to submit orders, and sample request. and a Word Document Quote request form, we get daily Excel reports about orders and account status, and our pricing files are all excel.
Being the Only Documents to go user I am able to read and reply on the fly to all of these reports and forms, I can track my expenses as I acquire them and not wait till the end of the day to boot up my notebook, I can work on submitting orders while on the plane much quicker than waiting for my notebook to boot up, When sent a quote I can read it and forward it to my customers much quicker again because of Documents to go.
Having my pricebooks at my finger tips allows me to provide pricing for a customer while on the phone quickly, not waiting for a laptop to boot up, no needing to have printed versions, going into a meeting I can asses the pricebook to give the customer and send it before even leaving the meeting, all from my BB with Documents to go,

My presentation building with documents to go is very limited, though I am looking at the Blackberry presenter if I were to get that unit I think using Documents to Go for PPT would be a requirement in my presentations, couple a pico projector and a 17" foldable screen and you've got a perfect mini office on the go, all starting with Documents to go and Blackberry.

Documents to go was so important to my daily life I had to buy it for my iPod touch to see if the iPhone could be used for my needs in the work place, documents to go was the ONLY app I cared about on the Apple platform.

All this said, I do have my complaints with Documents to go, It needs to integrate with BB better for copy and paste functions, I want to copy from a BBM into an excel file, or drop an image directly from my camera into a PPT presentation, work on that guys!

I use this app every single day. I use the Word program to edit documents employees send me so I can approve them before they send stuff out to clients. I also use the Excel app to keep track of goals for my locations as well as keeping track of inventory shortages and overages so I can make changes on a moments notice if I need to. This has saved me from lugging around a laptop and I can do everything I need to from the road since most of my day is spent traveling from location to location. It has made my life so much more efficient and made it so I don't have to spend extra hours catching up on work that I can do while I am driving or at each of my locations. I love this product and would like to upgrade to the newest version.

I am an on-demand financial executive with numerous clients. I use Documents To Go to respond to the needs of clients when I am not at their location. Primarily, I use the Excel feature but also review Word documents.

I am an avid user of Documents to go and have been for some time. I use to use it on my Palm Lifedrive and was jazzed to say the least when it became available for Blackberry and i decided to buy it as I found it very useful to have the PDF to Go abilities as well as the added functionality provided by the Premium version.

I have used it in both my business and personal life and here are my top 3 uses:

1. Review and update document attachments sent to me via email. This includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachements as well as PDF documents. Personally I use it as my primary viewer for email attachments it supports as I find it much better than the built in viewing capabilites provided via the natvie blackberry.

2. Create and email documents to contacts - this was very useful as a youth soccer coach as I could download the team schedule and keep it on my media card and udate it as needed and email the updated copy to the parents.

3. Search documents (primarily excel spreadsheets) kept on the media card as a reference. This is a great feature also to allow quick references to resources on stored on the media card.

Docs To Go has allowed me to get a new level of productivity out of my BlackBerry, with the Docs To Go suite I am able to successfully sync my Documents between multiple computers. All the while providing me the ability to edit/save/email my documents all from my BlackBerry, no matter where I happen to be. It truly brings a new level of functionality to an already powerful mobile platform.

The dataviz tools are more powerful than MS Office for Mac, so I prefer to use Documents to Go ;)

Seriously though, making a quick edit on the go and using my phone to instantly send the revisions to coworkers is a huge time saver and has saved my behind on a few occasions.

First of all, this is a great thing to use. I use the spreadsheets more than anything to keep track of my subordinates and their performance. I use it as a checklist for them.

Anyway, one thing I find difficult at times is being able to use the panes/frames or whatever it is called. I wish it didn't have to stay in the middle of the screen, but move to the left or right just slightly so I can see more of either side of the pane/frame.

That's really my biggest issue. Other than that, I love using it.

excellent software, I use more on a personal level. I got a version on my phone when i first got it but then upgraded to premium as wanted to have all the features. Word is great for letters on the go, i updated my CV just the other day whilst on the train saving me valuable time when i get home. Excel is ideal for keeping track of finances as you can manage all the fields exactly how you want them and program the fields to do the calculations you want. PDF viewer is great for viewing PDF docs on the go. All in all a superb bit of software that allows you to do everything you used to do on a bulky laptop. 10/10

Documents to go is probably my most favorite application that came pre installed on my BlackBerry. This powerful mobile office app was beneficiary to me in many clutch moments, and has provided me with a much more eased self. School is a major deal in my life. Many research papers and other projects are to be completed weekly, sometimes daily. In an average weekday, my focus is undivided to completing my college work and tasks. You don't always have a computer by your side, and this is where my blackberry shines. With papers always to be completed, and a world outside school where everything is different, you can't be perfect. Reality says nothing in life is easy, and for the most part that is true. Documents to go disregard's this belief, creating endless possibilities that reduce my stress that builds up from being a student in college. For one example of why this is so helpful in my life, not too long ago I was to give an oral presentation on a big project. Working frantically to try and perfect my abilities necessary for this typical project, I simply could not get a solid grip in the criteria of the purpose of the project as a whole. Thinking it would come to me the next day, a went off to grab some sleep. On the long bus ride to campus, a friend of mine was talking about the oral report that was to be given that day! In had somehow mistaken the due date of the oral presentation! I had know where to turn to except my BlackBerry. In a frantic mood, I quickly pulled up the web browser. Thanks to Documents To Go, I was able to pull up pdf files and documents. I edited them to improve my understanding and allow myself to have better preparation for this project. This is one of MANY examples of how Documents To Go has helped me so much in my life!

I'm mainly a Docs To Go business user, but I've used it for personal tasks as well.

On the business side, the .xls support within Documents To Go has helped me from a time perspective in avoiding duplicate or follow-on meetings, by keeping critical program timing and implementation dates for my project right at my fingertips - regardless of my location whether it's office, home or on the move.

On the personal side, I've used the .ppt support for helping to proofread one of my son's presentations for school. I had promised him I would help by proofreading and giving him some feedback on a project, but due to business commitments, I couldn't be home to review it with him in person as I happened to be stuck in an airport at the time! Docs To Go allowed me to receive his .ppt file, review it, and give him feedback over the phone. It helped from a schoolwork perspective, but more importantly it allowed me to keep a promise to work with him on the presentation. That's invaluable!

Documents To Go is an app I use nearly every day, it's a critical part of my work and personal lives these days, and as describe here it further extends my BlackBerry's ability to help better balance my work/family time.

Well, I use it very often, word to go and sheet to go mainly, slideshow to go have some problems, here my personal notes and points for optimization

Word to Go needs a little more flexibility to format texts, and a menu ordered by submenus, in bb 85xx its a little problematic find what you need from the menu fast and easy, the compatibility with docx works fine and the dictionaries work very good for me

sheet to go needs a better way to edit fast a book, when you open it, is in view mode, if you are the file creator, it should open in edit mode for fast data input, maybe if possible, a key combination for zooming in and out of the file

slideshow to go, this needs a major optimization for power point view, it show bad the file, the text moves respect to the original file, and the images don't fit well in the 85xx screens, the images kepps biger than the screens

Documents to go desktop needs to sync not only the files in the pc folder, it needs even download ANY new file in the BB docs to go folder, I receive files by e-mail and when I download and review them in my BB, if I forgot to download them manually to the pc, they keeps on my BB and make some trouble if you wish to show something to your partner and it's on the bb at teh office and not in the lap at the meeting room after you sync you BB with the desktop tool

the pack it´s a wonder and it's a essential, fixing this little points, and it will be unbeatable and not replaceable for the users of business and even home users will have a very handy tool for their daily tasks

A wish
one outlook to go to manage mail mainly that can sync with outlook and windows live mail to keep a real track of the e-mail and not duplicated e-mails in the business accounts

thank you dataviz pals