Are you a Canadian Student, Age 18 - 24, Wanting a Free BlackBerry Pearl Courtesy of RIM? If so, Watch This!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Nov 2009 06:58 am EST

As part of his marketing class at Concordia University, Jalal Hasbini drummed up two BlackBerry Pearls from RIM to give away in a youtube video contest. All you need to is reply to Jalal's video above with your own, showing why you realllllly need that new BlackBerry Pearl. The contest is aimed at Canadian Student, age 18 - 24. You can watch the video above for more details.

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Are you a Canadian Student, Age 18 - 24, Wanting a Free BlackBerry Pearl Courtesy of RIM? If so, Watch This!


This guy never going to make in life for marketing.

The idea of this contest was just done recently on crackberry, so no idea why this joker tells us his taking marketing in school and their whole project is to setup a contest similar to crackberry??

If I was a student in college and wanted my first blackberry, it sure as hell wouldn't be a pearl.

Well...first off in marketing he probably should have made things more appealing, maybe a dress shirt? Im a business student and im pretty sure if i wanted to market something i wouldnt be wearing a hoody...

Well, he's from Concordia... (i.e. the "we accept everybody" university). B.A. students from McGill or HEC wouldn't even attend class in anything less than dress pants, shirt and a tie.

Have we learned nothing from silicon valley and the IT moguls out there? ahaz86, you are a student still so maybe you just need to learn up a bit. Dress shirt, suit, tie doesn't equal success for one. Secondly, he's targeting other students. Being in business yourself you must be able to see the reason for sticking with this attire.


First of all, thanks to Kevin for spreading out the word.

I would like to note a few things:

1. We had no idea that Crackberry was running a similar project. It's not like we took Crackberry's idea and implemented it on our own.

2. This contest is "part" of a Blackberry campaign, this is not our focus. In fact, we were scratching this project but since RIM was generous enough, we're not dropping it.

3. I'm a business student and I have my own company. I've executed way more important projects than a contest and I've dressed up for them. But come on, this is IT, learn from the best. Take Steve Jobs or Bill Gates as an example. It's not what you wear makes you who you are.

4. Finally, if there's any constructive feedback to be said, I'm more than happy to address. But please do not bash someone's work just because you felt like commenting.

P.S: I am not a Canadian, I am a student at Concordia. And for those who don't know, JMSB is proven to be a better business school than McGill.