Are you a BlackBerry Power User? Try the Seidio Innocell 3000mAH Super Extended Life Battery for the Bold 9900/30

By Alicia Erlich on 20 Jul 2012 11:26 am EDT

There's nothing worse than having your battery die at the most inopportune time or place especially when traveling and you forget to bring a spare charger or battery. As I work in Manhattan, signal is normally weak in the buildings and my desk happens to be in a dead zone that drains the life out of my device.

While I'm not running a lot of apps (the heavy hitters are SocialScope, QuickLaunch, BeBuzz, BeWeather, and Foursquare), I average no more than 6-7 hours. Rather than carry around a USB cable and car charger or panic when staying late for work for fear of having no BlackBerry on the way home, I picked up the Seidio Innocell 3000mAH Super Extended Life Battery. Would I be stuck searching for an outlet once again? Click on the jump to find out.

Obtaining full capacity

One thing I must stress, it's that the charging instructions must be followed to the letter. To help, there's a little card included in the packaging that says the following:

  • Please charge for eight hours before using it for the first time. Performance will improve after 5 to 6 full charges
  • The battery must be charged for an extra 4 to 5 hours after the on-screen indicator shows full to achieve maximum battery capacity every cycle
  • Charge the battery AFTER the on-screen indicator turns red or when the low battery warning appears.

As your device is programmed to register the original's capacity of 1230mAh, the battery indicator doesn't accurately read this one. For instance, you could be in the red and still have more than two hours of battery life remaining. There is a slight learning curve on getting a feel for when the battery is low. In some cases, if not all, a battery pull would take me from the red back up to what it showed as around 50%. 


  • Made from the highest quality Japanese Lithium Polymer Cells
  • Specifically for BlackBerry Bold 9930 or Bold 9900
  • Includes replacement door featuring Seidio's soft touch coating
  • Keeps your device charged and ready to go, even with heavy data usage
  • Capacity: 3000mAh

To answer your question, yes the battery is bigger. It does add extra bulk and because of its size will not fit into most of your skin or regular cases. I used a generic holster made for my Torch 9800 and the Golla Bay Pouch. However, the Spring Clip Holster Zach reviewed can be used as well. The downside is that the sleekness of your Bold is diminished and the new soft door lacks NFC capability.

For the purposes of this review I gave myself a few ground rules. While running OS, I decided not to use Battery Saving Mode or Application Management, limited my use of WiFi at work, and did not switch off the stock OS 7 theme.

Battery Life

Now that we have the juice and the ground rules in place, let's get down to business. While there is no discernible time period of exactly how long it will last, it is based on your usage. The battery is more than double the size of the standard one so lasting at least 14 hours was my goal. Due to the many factors that come into play (i.e. Radio signal, Wifi, Apps, browsing, messages, etc.) your results may vary.

After using for a couple of weeks to get through the initial charging cycles and getting used to the discharge patterns, it was time to see how badass this battery really is. Over the course of two days, I tried with all my might to kill it in less than a day. Not only did I send text messages, BBM's, emails, and tweets, but I had calendar reminders snoozing every five minutes, constantly refreshed SocialScope every 15 minutes or less, and browsed the web for over 40 minutes on the train home. Apparently, it was time to up the ante.

While still doing all of the above, I played MP3s for about two hours, used WiFi for an hour in the morning and then again for two hours in the evening to listen to TuneIn Radio while paired with a Motorola Bluetooth travel speaker. I performed five battery pulls (uninstalled and installed a couple of apps), made a couple of phone calls, went through the subway and railroad tunnel and it showed ~30% juice remaining when I shut down after 17 hours (again the meter can be misleading). I turned it on the next day and went another 6 1/2 hours before it finally conked out. It's safe to say this battery exceeded my expecations by lasting approx 24 hours on this test. During other test runs, I would get between 18-24 hours even when I did try running an OS 7 custom theme. Not bad if you ask me.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 is a powerful device but unlike its predecessors does not have the power to last for days. Yes this battery is big and bulky and is not aesthetically pleasing, but it's an impressive power source. Using this battery depends on what you feel is important. Would you rather have great performance and battery life if that meant living with a heavier device or do you prefer retaining the slim form factor, lightweight feel, and being able to use your cases? 

I am pleased with its performance and wouldn't hesitate to make that decision. In the eight months I've owned my Bold 9900, having it last two days was never possible. Even in areas where it spent three hours searching for signal it kept going. I love knowing when I leave the house I don't have to worry about how long I'm going to last or annoying my friends and family for a charger.

If you're constantly on your device, traveling, or just want the mental relief of knowing you don't have to scramble for power, then I highly recommend this extended battery. For those looking for a case, Seidio announced that a compatible Surface Extended case is coming soon.


Additional battery options for your BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

Otterbox Defender Series Case Seidio Charging Vault JM-1 Standard Battery
BlackBerry J-Series Charging Bundle
"Charge a spare battery at the same time you charge your device so you can always have a spare ready to go"
Seidio Charging Vault Kit
"It is a highly versatile device that will have no problems recharging the vast majority of mobile devices and Smartphones"
BlackBerry JM-1 Standard Battery
"Super slim battery and you don't have to worry about your device dying when you need it most"


Reader comments

Are you a BlackBerry Power User? Try the Seidio Innocell 3000mAH Super Extended Life Battery for the Bold 9900/30


That thing is a hideous goiter on the elegant Bold 9900 design. Ugh. But physics is physics and a bigger capacity means a bigger battery.
But, I think I'd rather carry a spare JM-1...

Thanks for the review.

I was going to make the exact same comments, specifically use of the word "goiter". What a monstrosity. Keep a thin spare in your wallet....

I said the same thing but when it came down to it I got the seidio battery. I hate carrying extra stuff and to know I can be on a phone call for many hours without worrying if I'm going to have to stop the call and swap a battery is great. Also if your a power user every minute counts. I know battery pulls are a ton quicker but you tend to notice your battery is dying when its being used the most.

To each his own but the battery isn't sexy or slim but it does match the outer back of the phones soft touch material and man not looking for a charger when on a lengthy phone call is soo nice.

I just bought the 2800 mAH for my 9810. First day was stellar, today doesn't seem to be quite as good. But the instructions say you need to do 5-6 full cycle recharges before the battery settles in. So, we'll see.

The 9810 doesn't have NFC, so (unlike other BBs) that's not an issue.

There are two things that may be problems, though.

1) The instructions say to run the battery down to low battery indicator every time before recharging. Unless you carry a spare battery anyway, you could still find yourself out of juice. Just not as often.

2) After running the battery down, you're supposed to not only charge till it shows full, but 4-5 hours beyond. That takes it to full capacity. And you're supposed to do that every time to get the full benefit.

That #2 is my least favorite thought. Last night I was at 23% when I went to bed, no red indicator. I don't know about anyone else, but my phone being available when I wake up is important to the things I do. Or overnight for emergencies. I wasn't about to leave it off the charger when it was that low. But, charging overnight means I don't know when it gets "full" to determine when the extra 4-5 hours gets done.

My hope is that, after breaking in, I can get 2 full days out of the phone, put the Seidio on the charger, and rotate my two OEM batteries for the interim day.

Well I'm from uk was looking at this and to buy and ship* to uk 111 dollars about 80 pound in uk just 4 a battery and postage and packaging and I did email support see if they can do it on a deal but no so pretty much aint paying 111 dollars for battery that's just stupid price good review shame not avalible in uk :(

I'd pick it up but it isn't compatible with the Seidio charging pods. I have one at work and home. Oh well.

Ordered mine 2 days from the CB store and I just ordered the Surface extended case directly from Seido

I use the j-series charging bundle; that way I don't have to deal with the added bulk. That beautiful device is hideous with that battery on it. No thanks.

Extra stuff to consider while charging, no NFC and a vastly uglier device with less flexibility to bring along a second battery or not depending on your needs that day and all for more than not one, but two additional normal batteries, I think I'll pass.

I have had one of these on all my BBs execpt the one I have now.
They dont make one for the 9850!



nice review, been looking for a worth battery that would last me at least a full 8 hours. Im a heavy user for my bold, I actually have 3 chargers. 1 @ home, 2nd a car charger, and 3rd I leave one @ work. This battery is bulky, the design of 9930 is well suited and i like the feel of it. I must say " thanks, but No thanks. "

1 charger ( from my bold 9930 )
1 charger ( from my Playbook )
1 car charger ( $ 10.00 )@ frys elec.

again, good review. for the Price of this 3000maH, i'll pass..

And why RIM couldn't just introduce a 1500mAh battery (or thereabouts) that will fit in the 9900 in the first place? Ah - right ... "slim" phone. (I still don't buy that argument). Would be nice to have an official extended battery from RIM for this phone of the aforementioned capacity. Call it JM-2 or something...

Great for Seidio to provide this battery, may just consider it, but ... it's just honkin BIG.

Anycase, hope RIM realized this "battery boo-boo" and puts something worthy in their BB10 units - nothing under 2200-2300mAh will do on today's smartphones.

Such a FACEPALM to those who cannot appreciate what they have and are too quick to judge.

At least I APPRECIATE everything I have. I DON'T take it for granted. ***shame***

You'll always be complainers, bitchers and moaners. -.-

I'll be getting this by next year, with the case. Whoever judges my phone's appearance, I'll ask them, don't you appreciate anything at all? Why so quick to judge? What would you do?

I agree with 'Upset', RIM could easily put a smile on Bold 9900/9930 owners face's with an official battery option to the JM-1. I've been using a 9320 along side my Bold and the the larger capacity JS-1 battery makes such a difference to usability. It's the same dimensions as the JM-1(save for the corners).A minor mod to the battery case, and I suspect a small firmware update so that the Bold will accept a JS-1 type cell is all thats needed. An extra few hours battery life would make all the difference for me.

I bought this battery when it first came out along with the surface holster. The first battery was defective. No problem sent back got a new one. This baterry is excellent!! Have had to charge only 2 times since having the battery. Now over a week. I took the phone off the charger at 7am Monday and it didn't run down to the red zone until 7pm Thursday night. With at least moderate usage. Took phone off charger at 7 am today, still 90% battery. The bulk of the battery not an issue as it is much easier to hold. The phone sits in the BB rapid charger pod much more firmly now and does not fall out. Yes you lose NFC but who really cares about that.

Seidio just released their extended case holster combo (I ordered it already) which will provide more protection. I don't like the naked case as you will ding up the phone a bit.

When charging don't run down the phone to have it turn off. Just run down to the red zone.

All in all, if you are a power user then this battery is a MUST have!!

As I mentioned, further up, I bought the 2800 for my 9810. I notice that when I do a reboot, the reading goes up 6-8% again. Normal for BB? And is the "increase" real?

I bought the spare battery and charger. I don't think I'd be able to carry around the extra bulk on the phone, instead I carry the spare in my wallet.

If Motoroi's Razor Maxx was able to get a whopping 3300 MAH battery surely RIM can produce a Bigger capacity, maybe 5,000 Mah for the BB10.

that is a gorgeous battery..i must buy a new battery which can help me through my day.hope RIM will reveal a new device with high performance battery without sacrificing the size of the device..that is every person dream, RIM.make it happen please.

I was really waiting for this battery but since its the price of a car battery I am going to hold off on getting it. I almost drunk ordered it last night but I still couldnt let myself do it! THATS how you know its over priced!

Thanks anyways Seidio!

I've used this eye-sore of a battery for some time - and it is amazing!! Clunky, heavy, odd-shaped, but the power is unmatched..