Apps World 2012 in London - RIM had the 'wow factor'

By James Richardson on 9 Oct 2012 11:04 am EDT

Last week Apps World was held at Earls Court in Central London and good old Research in Motion had a booth there to promote not only the current BlackBerry platform with the PlayBook but also what the future holds in store for BlackBerry 10.

As you are aware, I met up with the developer relations team the day after when RIM UK opened the porting lab at their tech center. I had the opportunity to catch up with a few of the team including Aaron Ardiri and Alec Saunders to get some feedback from their appearance at Apps World and I was pretty impressed with what I heard.

One thing that really stood out was the fact that many people who visited the BlackBerry booth were not even aware that a BlackBerry device was capable of producing such apps and games. As well as the BlackBerry PlayBook being shown off the team also had some Dev Alpha's (running the dev build) on hand to show folk what the future has in store for BlackBerry 10. The general consensus from the public was 'wow, I didn't know a BlackBerry could do that'. In my opinion this was the perfect response as they will tell their friends who will tell their friends and so on.

As well as just showing BlackBerry apps to the visitors of the show the dev team also gave some presentations on HTML5, plus porting Android and iOS apps to BlackBerry 10. RIM's senior technical evangelist, Aaron Ardiri gave a presentation on gaming on the BlackBerry platform and in addition the rest of the team were on hand to answer questions about development from the shows attendees.

All in all a great event for RIM by the sounds of things. Roll on the New Year - we need our BlackBerry 10 phones!

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Apps World 2012 in London - RIM had the 'wow factor'


love the upside of things BB10 is gonna rock already got 2 planned devices :D one from work and one for my personal lol so i can get touch and qwerty fun

This is good news. Thanks CB.... Unfortunately... I'm forcing myself not to get my hopes up... Long time fan, but been disappointed to many times with the whole pb launch/debacle.... If bb10 isn't what it seems to be, SG3 here I come.

As far as I know, the sg3 is at the mercy of the carrier or manufacturer about getting jellybean. The galaxy nexas has jellybean right out-of-the-box. So choose wisely if BB10 doesn't wow ya. ;)

Great news that people are starting to give RIM their dues. Im absolutely fed up of phandroid princesses and iphags telling me that RIM is dead because BB doesnt have as many apps as their platforms do.

Which is true but hopefully that will change, for the record im loathed to admit that i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 myself but i really only have it for apps that arent available on the BB. I still use my 9900 as my daily driver as its a tool and gets me through my day alot quicker than my S3, which has been resigned to my multimedia device ie videos, apps, games and mp3s.


So as I am stoked this is getting good press, I can't help but wonder, where the hell the public marketing is? As we near very close to 2013, why is there no launch of BB 10 marketing? I would be promo'ing the shit out of it. It deserves the hype. I just don't understand why RIM is not marketing TV ads etc yet. Its not too early to get it started.

Perhaps but a good example of a product that's not out yet it is the Nintendo wii u. That's about 2 months out from release from certain regions and not a tv spot around. It's s still early to hype it up.

Great to hear about the event though because it's definitely true that there's a misconception and that bb10 is here to change that.

Actually I think it is too early to be pumping out TV ads for something that does not yet exist. Do you see any other ads on TV for products that you can NOT buy?

/Device agnosticism or bust!

"The general consensus from the public was 'wow, I didn't know a BlackBerry could do that'."

NOW we're talking! #RIMpirestrikesback

And that is exactly why apps, games, and features for a lack of a better word - despite what some vocal people on these forums and the absurd "Blackberry people do" garbage that RIM came out with - are so sorely needed in BB10.

The consensus amongst the public is exactly that; that Blackberry phones are products that can not do that - they can not do media, they can not do music, they can not browse the internet, they can not do Word documents, they can not be used to play games outside of a low resolution, poorly implemented Arkanoid clone that is so woefully antiquated compared to what it is out there in other products. In other words, the public is convinced that Blackberry is for old, antiquated dinosaurs that wouldn't know what "fun" is even if "fun" sat down and gave them a lap dance.

The hardest part in bringing BB10 to market is going to be convincing the public that Blackberry phones CAN do that. And I don't know what it is going to take to convince people of that. Articles such as this, reporting on the enthusiasm of developers and others, is one way to get the word out - but it's reaching out to a very limited group of consumers who, for all in tents and purposes, are already convinced of getting into BB10.

What is truly needed is a way to reach out and connect with those people described in this article; that is, to show them what's coming in the hopes of causing people to rethink what it means to be a Blackberry user. If RIM can do that, then their position will be secured.

The *biggest* WOW factor and "Wow, I didn't know that BlackBerry can do that" is:

If BB10 devices will have NFC compatable with the London Oyster Underground (subway) payment system, that would *REALLY* drive UK use of BlackBerry OS10 devices...

Imagine other consumers see you paying with NFC of BB10 devices, they say, hey COOL, what device is that... a BlackBerry? COOL! I want to have one!!

Now imagine you can start paying grocery with your BlackBerry OS10 device also through the London Oyster NFC system...

This is the kind of thing that can really win back consumers to the BlackBerry fold...

"Porting iOS apps" ... this could be a very nice editorial post ... kinda follow-up of the forum thread (splitted two lines to avoid trunk)

Where are we now with BB10 SDKs ?

Kevin, before the first phones come out I would like to see a blog on how we (the crackberry community) as well as you personally are going to objectively measure the success of the blackberry 10 launch in the sort term (first 6 months).

Because of the past, and as of right now, I can forsee and invision articles on this site a few weeks after launch (when the first numbers come out) titled such things as "why blackbery 10 phones won't sell well atfirst", "why the sales haven't been as expected yet", "It will take investor confidence and then sales will rise", "why first quater results after launch aren't as high as you might have expected", "After the second gen of blackberry 10 sales will rise", "Blackberry 10.1 update will give blackberry the update it needs for higher sales", etc, etc, etc, etc.

I realize as your passion, business, and source of income it is not in your best interest to post anything negative about RIM or blackberry. But you don't have to post anything negative! Just please post an objective way that the success of the launch can be measured against, and post this BEFORE launch. I do not see anything wrong with this.

Thank you.

If my memory serves me correctly, he has been writing articles such as the one you outlined since BB10 was announced. He's not ignorant of the facts.

Don't confuse that for saying that BlackBerry is weak, even in its current OS7 form. As a communication and performance tool, it does get things done. We all know what BB needs to succeed to the level that stock holders and "fans" want and Kevin (as well as the rest of the crew) have covered this topic (albeit maybe not in the scope you mentioned-6 months).

Not that I disagree with you, I would still like to see more of said articles too.

I actually was in Earl's Court last week with a bunch of friends. I spoke to one the guys from Rogers Communications who was attending the event. We had a lengthy discussion on RIM. He was also very impressed with BB10.