client Blue now available for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 30 May 2013 03:01 pm EDT
46 users have been out of luck when it comes to a BlackBerry 10 client, but today a new app has been released that should lend some sunshine to those sorrows. Blue is a new client made just for BlackBerry 10.

With some users getting overwhelmed by Twitter, offers a great solution if you're looking for something new. It's still in the newer stages but it's gaining users by the day. 

Blue lets you view your timeline, replies and profile, search, post and more. It has a simple UI and is a native app so you know it works well. While there aren't any settings to tweak, I don't really see the need right now as everything looks great and just plain works. 

If you haven't ventured into the world of yet (or have no clue what we're talking about) then head over to for more info or to get started. Keep in mind, is a subscription service unless you have an invite.

We'll have a full review soon, but for now, go download Blue - it's FREE!

More information/Download Blue

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Reader comments client Blue now available for BlackBerry 10


Sounds good, got neatly app and it's got all sorts of bugs and lags a lot ... even the dev hasn't had time to update the app which sucks even emailing him a few times... going to try this app and see if it's any good...

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I got neatly to & was sorta disappointed, got Blaq last week. Omg so sweet. Really a beautiful expression of twitter.

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Great. That was not there yesterday when I checked. But someone should tell them it's BlackBerry, not Blackberry.

You only subscribe if you want to - otherwise you're limited to 40 people you can follow.
It's both a Twitter clone and anti-twitter.

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Yes, you pay, but you don't see ADS as in Twitter or FaceBook... It's a choice...
Now using the good keywords at the good place, you may find some invites...

Plus they aren't selling our personal information. People will sell their soul for a service, as long as it's free.

Honestly, Crackberry is simply right with the free comment. The app download itself is free, since you don't have to pay for it.
The service of on the other side is a completely different story. If you already are a user of this service, you'd know about subscription fees anyways. I don't see no problem here.

Personally I am not sure wether I'd use it or not. It is nice to have a paid, ad-(and data-collecting?)free alternative to some of the popular free social networking solutions.

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No pay I no pay for dis a stufa.

Never will I pats, never

I not have nors will halfs

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Yep, Crackberry should stipulate that you need a NON-FREE account in order to use Blue.

Even worse... Crackberry has invites for free accounts and hasn't spread the love yet...

This is what so many people where excited for on twitter posts a few weeks back?! Personally I'm not impressed in the least bit ... I am glad another native app debuted (first as native especially) on BB10, as we need more developers learning and practicing their QML prowess.

They say: "Use your account to access a network of amazing social apps. Talk to friends with group messaging apps, share pictures and documents with file storage apps, and tell stories with microblogging apps—all while controlling your own data. Find apps you love and explore the possibilities: your account is your passport."

My comment: So what! Who cares. Move onto the next pony.