AppLock keeps your BlackBerry applications secure - 50 copies up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2010 02:12 pm EDT
AppLock for BlackBerry

BlackBerry is all about security, but one thing users commonly ask is how to secure specific applications. With AppLock you can do just that. The $2.99 app lets you lock down emails, SMS, 3rd party apps and more without having to lock your entire device. You can choose specifically what to protect and not have to worry about anyone getting at your stuff. It even has the ability to lock folders on your SD card and comes with an auto-lock so you don't have to think about it.

Contest: We have 50 copies of AppLock to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

AppLock keeps your BlackBerry applications secure - 50 copies up for grabs!



This sounds like it would be great to have especially when you have things on your BB you don't want prying eyes to see. I really like that you can lock away your sd cards info and pics. I would love to have this.

ever since i had my first phone stolen i've been obsessed with add passwords to everything i have. this app would make my curve even better

I've never won anything in my life! This little diddie would be nice! No more worrying bout who picks up my phone without the hassle of a bothersome key code!

Thats just the app I need as I travel alot and I would feel more secure know my data is safe.

Thanks for letting the deserving have a chance for this great little app.

Crackberry !!! :P
I just dont know ... i think im addicted ... im gonna soon check into ur rehab ... i just want my bb to be perfect and ur the only and best source to pimp my fruit !! :P
thank u for making a rehab session for us, and for prviding us with a rain of appss !!! :D
got to admit that my blackberry is the sexiest bb i've ever seen ... and thanks u guys ! :P
love everything thing u guys R doing !!!!
<3!! :P

This app is perfect it will keep my nosey little children from helping themselves rummage thru my phone for something to entertain them & finding something they shouldn't have!!! Thanks CB for the opportunity for some of us to get the chance to get it fo free & thanks AppsLock for finally bringing us an app to protect our "goodies"

This application is what should come as STANDARD with every Blackberry.

A real lock-down for everything - at last!!!

This is a pretty horrible app. I bought it back in February and stopped using it shortly after. It has not been updated since then either (1.31)

definitely need this, everyone at work tries to go through my stuff and im tired of trying to find my phone amongst the crowd. NEED IT BADLY

trying to figure this stuff out, looking for apps, will go thru your site and hope it helps make sense to me, security=good

I am scared to keep personal stuff on my phone because I have those annoying friends and family members that will go through ALL my ish ! This would keep them from doing that xD

I always thought this should have been a standard feature from BB anyway. GREAT app, SO glad to know someone created it! I'd love to have a copy. Thanks SO MUCH CrackBerry, as always CB ROCKS!!!!!

dont you just hate it when your friend love going though your phone and pictures and always asking who's that? and other stuff well i have that issue and this app will help me a lot pleaseeee?

This sounds very useful. Honestly think it would be much better then having to unlock the entire phone every few seconds.