AppLock keeps your BlackBerry applications secure - 50 copies up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2010 02:12 pm EDT
AppLock for BlackBerry

BlackBerry is all about security, but one thing users commonly ask is how to secure specific applications. With AppLock you can do just that. The $2.99 app lets you lock down emails, SMS, 3rd party apps and more without having to lock your entire device. You can choose specifically what to protect and not have to worry about anyone getting at your stuff. It even has the ability to lock folders on your SD card and comes with an auto-lock so you don't have to think about it.

Contest: We have 50 copies of AppLock to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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AppLock keeps your BlackBerry applications secure - 50 copies up for grabs!



I have been looking for something like this! I hate to lock my phone but also want privacy of certain things. =)

this would be a much needed and useful app for me...The ability to lock apps would be very useful and enhance phone security options..I hope I win a free copy

Aloha From Maui Hawaii
Please send me a free copy of AppLock. I would like to show this off.

Mahalo Nui Loa, A Hui Hou, Malama Pono

This would be great to keep my wife from snooping when she needs the inet! (Not that I have anything to hide)!

This would be great to keep my wife from snooping when she needs the inet! (Not that I have anything to hide)!

My blackberry is crucial for my home based business so I can keep in touch with my customers and orders. I would love to have this app as way to protect my business correspondence.

what if i lock a specific folder on sd card, new person finds my phone.. wants to open locked directory, so:

1) removes sd, pops in pc and views files?


2) uninstalls lock app?

(just curious)

This app will be the greatest app on my BB. Ability to just lock apps/folders without locking the entire set is neat.Hope i win it.

this app sounds awesome & is what ive been looking for because ive always got friends searching through my phone! a little privacy would be nice

Knowin mom is always taking my phone and looking at my texts and i just turned 16 and it was in august and i have had to reschedule to get my license 2 times and i go the 21st and plan on not arguing with her but i have a 9700 but on my 8310 from last year i never deleted my text till it went slow and my 9700 doesnt get slow but i cant get up to 15k messages on there bc mom doesnt even want me blurring words out and i dont wont her to see that im on facebook when i reactivate my account so could i get some of this right here yess! PLEASE....

With this I could hand my BB to a friend and not worry about what they could do to it or more imporantly to my info!

Would love to win this. A/o know if this functions like the bb lock- locks only if not used for "1 hour" - Or will this always lock the app on exit??

I am the defacto Blackberry expert/administator/customer service person at my company. My background is Windows Networking information security. Out of necessity I had to learn everything about Blackberry's including how to rebuild a dead one that a user leaves at my desk.

From a security perspective I am very interested in being able to lock out specific apps and data on a BB device. I have users who refuse to lock their devices (even the President and VP) and don't use encryption either. If I had something that would happen automatically, it would be a great help. I'd love to test it out.

Thank you.


I NEED ONE!! PLEASE CB HELP A BROTHER OUT! Im allready bumed out because i won't be getting a blackberry 6 update for my storm 2 so please just chear me up with this one

Blackberry is all about helping organize your life. Apps that help protect your personal information are golden. I'll take one!

I would LOVE to win a copy of this app. It would keep grubby hands off going through my pictures and what not.

I know I am in the 150+ in responding but work precluded me from getting here earlier. Now that I have pled my case - H.B.O. (Help a Brother Out) here.

Have a great day CB and company.


Probably great for those people who have that have photos they just don't want anyone else to see. LOL!

I would really want this app because I just hate when people take my phone and start looking through all my stuff. With this, I can finally stop it. Please pick me and I hope to win one of the free copies

How awesome... being able to lock my emails, SMS, 3rd party apps and more without having to lock your entire device! AWESOME!

Great idea, especially for SMS and BBM, many of us out there have for sure got in trouble from curious eyes.

This is exactly what I need! I dont need to lock my whole phone, just the files with all my account stuff!

Although I have nothing to hide on my BB It would still be nice to lock certain things. People always ask to see my phone cause they think its cool but there are just somethings I would rather them not look at when going through it.

My son uses my BB when he's with me, I would hate for him to see some of the messages regarding him between his mother and myself. I don't always remember to clean out my inbox. This would be nice, doubly so if I win it.

This only the second time entering one of your contest, certainly hope I win, after all nothing beats a failure but a try, so enter me, especially since it seems to be a nice app, one essential to privacy.

Thanks for the chance! I would love to use this as I do want security on certain features of the phone but find it annoying to lock up the whole phone...