AppleBerry Theme Suite on Sale - 100 Copies To Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 1 Sep 2009 01:54 pm EDT

We had a contest for AppleBerry Dark a while back, and it went over so well we figured a second one couldn't hurt. We have 100 free copies of AppleBerry goodness to give away. Winners will have their choice of AppleBerry Theme Suite for Storm, 8900, 88xx and 83xx or AppleBerry Dark for the Storm. Lots of options to choose from on this one, so you don't want to miss out. AppleBerry is also on sale for only $3.99 through Sunday. If you can't hold out to see if you've won, you can buy now and have your payment refunded if you are chosen as a winner (can't beat that customer serivce). Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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AppleBerry Theme Suite on Sale - 100 Copies To Give Away



sweet! I have OSX and I love making everything i own that has some sort of OS to look like apples OS LOL. Bring on the themes!

lol id like an apple berry theeeme! to go with these apple bottom jeans, and boooooooots with the furrr! lol

I have the free version and whenever i take it onto the phone shop (network, not blackberry problems) people are always like "wow, where did you get this? it's so different"

Come on, I have never won anything..
I was even stuck with a bill for my birth..
Ruined my cred for decades.
Nothing but me, and this Blackberry
Come on, let me win..
Lord Knows, It Would Be The First Time..

I wouldn't mind an AppleBerry theme. Looks very nice. This is actually my first post to all these giveaways. Hopefully I win.

This would be perfect to give my 8330 that nice new feel while I await my chance to buy the Storm 2 or Tour. Well, maybe not this Tour now that the Essex is on its way!

Pretty cool looking app, I must say. Is there a picture of the Snow Leopard hidden on it somewhere? A free copy would be totally cool.......TIA, TTFN

I love this theme and always wanted to try, just never got around to buying it. Please let me win a copy of this theme. It would be so sweet.

PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!! I want this so bad. My phone would look so cool if I had this theme. So pleae people, chose me for one of the luck winners!!!! :-( ok? LOL Thanks.

I'm a big Mac fan and love my Blackberry too. This would be a great combo. I'm a new member and am looking forward to the site!!! Thanks!!!

I would love to win this theme! I am not able to afford to purchase themes at this time, but this is my favorite set of themes. I have been looking at them for quite a while......

I work on a Mac at work, and everytime I'm at home on my PC I wish I could have the same interface as I do at work....this will make life that much better :o)