AppleBerry Dark Premium Storm Theme

AppleBerry Dark!
By Bla1ze on 29 Jun 2009 07:58 am EDT

After having created the highly popular AppleBerry Theme Suite, theme developer Hastings went into his think tank to come up with his next hot new theme -- and he came back with 14 new versions of it. Yes, you read that right, the man is a workhorse and designed 14 new versions of his new theme AppleBerry Dark.

Now, don't let the name fool you, this is not a rehashed version of the AppleBerry Suite series. This is a whole new generation of it, which looks, feels and works amazingly well. Currently only supported for Storm series devices this one will set ya back $6 but you get 14 versions -- not just one theme, a zip file with 14 versions in total for $6. For more information and screenshots check out the theme posting in the CrackBerry Forums.

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AppleBerry Dark Premium Storm Theme


I have the orig appleberry and it rocks (lately i have been using pro3)/ will be heading back to this as it looks really polished.

I've included every style that was previously featured in the original AppelBerry Theme Suite. So if you were fond of a particular version before, it is back in Dark. I've just added more versions to make it even better.

I love all the appleberry themes.

but I do wish there was a version where the inbox and other menus were white text on black background.

When you break down the cost, the price per theme is:

$6 / 14 = ~$0.43 per theme. Definitely far from what I would consider too expensive.

I have tried a Appleberry-like theme from others, but I just downloaded a Classic, Stacks, and a Spaces, and all three are amazing! I wouldn't recommend keeping all 3 forever, but I would test out which is more for you. I love how if you aren't happy with 2 icons, you can down it to one, and if you feel like you are missing the hidden today, you just download the one with it! You can go through the more simple, memory friendly classic, or go for the flashy Spaces. It's not often that I spend more than $2.99 on anything for my phone, but I must admit that this was a GREAT BUY and so far I am 100% satisfied! $6.00 is definitely worth it!
Thanks Hastings!!!

Hastings this is by far the best suite i have seen to date and those of you complaining about paying 43 cents, this is the greatest deal you will find around. If you want cheaper make them yourself and get off the posts. This entire suite is so worth it and it is for EVERYBODY thank you hastings

it gets better and better every time! it's the most professional looking theme out there and does not make me feel like I have an iphone wannabe. Thanks, Hastings! Keep up the excellent apps!