Apple World Wide Developer Conference Live Blog

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jun 2012 12:48 pm EDT

When Apple takes the stage to give a keynote, the tech world stops what it's doing to watch. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you can't ignore Apple as what they do impacts so many industries and soo many players. Computers, Mobile, Music and more. 

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference keynote is about to kick off and our sibling site iMore is on hand to report back all the news as it happens. If you want to watch as it unfolds, follow the links below. Otherwise we'll report back later in the day once the dust settles to measure up the impact, if any, on BlackBerry and to see where things stand as we wait for BlackBerry 10 to hit the market.

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Apple World Wide Developer Conference Live Blog


Let the Apple bashing comments begin! Lol.

Nah.. no need to bash for real. I'm curious to see what they announce. I really think RIM's BlackBerry 10 positioning is focused and clear, so am not expecting to see anything in iOS 6 that will detract from what RIM is working towards for BB10.

Will be curious to see if they announce any TV stuff, as in an actual tv set for the home. Not sure if that would be at this show or at another one. Guess we'll see.

The stuff they're announcing in the notebook realm is pretty amazing. More amazing -- totally alien in the BB world -- is that it's shipping *today.* Meanwhile, many of us have been waiting for RIM to deliver the frigging *keyboard* that was released to 16 Canadians in March.

And in the last half hour, Apple stock has risen by more than half the price of a share of RIM stock . . .


For $2199, their new laptop better be amazing. But I sure as heck would never pay that much for a laptop.

But as to your comment about "shipping today", I agree with you in that regard - Apple, unlike Blackberry, announces products and then ships them in the same day. Blackberry talks about products and then we're left wondering if they will ever arrive sometime in our lifetime.

It is to this last point that RIM needs to get a handle on; I'd rather that they don't say a thing until they are actually ready to ship. As I never want to hear the "its coming soon phrase" again.

Actually, looking at the features, it's not. I have no need for one, but there are a lot of business folk who do -- people who do professional video editing, for instance. It will make its money, and deserves to.

More worrisome in the BB realm is IOS6's ability to do secure things that heretofore only BB could do.


I didn't say nobody would buy it or want it. I said it's a ridiculous price for a laptop.

If apple charged $5k for the laptop there would be morons everywhere defending the price as "reasonable".

If I can get a gaming laptop for $700-800, good luck selling me on a $2199 laptop, especially when most people don't even need a dedicated graphics...

In other words, it's more than you'd be willing to pay for a laptop on which to play games. Fair enough. That scarcely means it is a rip, however. All it means is that its features are not features you find useful. Your argument is like saying that a $25 million 747 is a rip because you can get a mo-ped for $500.


I do development and graphics on my laptop as well.

So if I can do development, graphics and gaming on a $700-800 laptop...

Also the laptop is no mo-ped by a long shot...

If there was one I bet a PC manufacturer would have matched it Apples to Apples for 1/2 the price...

Same old story...

It's not even branded a "gaming" laptop, it just has an i-7 + Radeon 7690 so you can run games on it... Lenovo isn't exactly known as a "gaming" laptop company.

It's to early to study their stock (it's actually DOWN that half right now; 1.1%) as people are still digesting what has been announced. I wonder if they really expected an iphone to be announced.
That said iOS6 seems to have had a lot of functionality added. Siri invading cars, movies, sports etc; Maps are pushing into airports etc.

Just so. AAPL is down $6.09 at the moment, or 1.05 percent. RIMM is, though, down 0.54 -- or 5.15 percent.

I think the reaction re. AAPL was that only 40 percent have adopted OSX Lion.


Apples (pun not intended) to Oranges...

RIM is down due to general market instability. Most equities are down.

APPL is down. It's WWDC should have given it some boost. Instead it looks like investors are selling off their positions...

But as the post prior to yours stated, it's too early...

You realize that Apple is not much different than other companies in how they get their product built, right? Why are you singling out Apple? This sort of thing has been going on long before Apple got to where they are, but little if anything was said about it then. Bashing them is just to make you feel better. If you want to actually do something useful, point out what (exactly, not parroting what you heard somewhere) exactly Apple does wrong, what should be done to fix it, and if you can, take action to initiate change.

As it is, your bashing of any company, using some of their actions as a pretext, is moronic.

I choose to not support Apple and their child slave labor by not purchasing any of their products. If you think it's justified to use child slave labor just because other companies do it, then that's your prerogative and quite frankly, it's ridiculous.
A company like Apple, that is making billions of profits and can actually afford to manufacture ethically, should be leading the effort to end slave labor and child labor. Instead, they ignore it and have people like you who try to justify or bury the issue.

And it also costs $80 for an iPad HD, $70 for an iPhone, $60 for an iPod Touch, $50, $40 and $30 for their other products and $4.50 for OS X.

Round 10% off the actual cost, THAT'S how much workers are paid PER product, or much MUCH less. Apple inflates the price by 90%.

Try and defy or deny that.

I DO NOT SUPPORT APPLE SLAVE LABOR!!! I won't buy their products, ever.


I really could care less. Apple users come to our blogs and bash us relentlessly. Apple users are like a cult. Most of their users can't pay their bills on time but god willing, they will have the latest iPhone if it means robbing peter to pay paul.

RIM could come up with some really amazing things, like the pairing of the BB and the Playbook, and Apple users counter that with "Steve Jobs put an FM radio into the iPod nano"; not like someone else already didn't come up with something like that, but because SJ did it, it was just so incredibly magical with unicorns farting rainbows out of their asses and oh my golly gosh with puppy dogs; that is the bullshit that comes with Apple loons.

Blackberry users do. We run companies. We make the world go round. Apple users sit around all day downloading fart apps and the like. Oh, and do not forget about all the pedophiles on the social apps in their app store.

And lets not forget that Steve Jobs did not believe in philantrophy. Like he could take it all with him. I bet, in his last moments, he had wished he had donated money to the American Cancer Society or something.

Seriously, have you thought about getting counseling? It's fine to criticize Apple; but if your going to do so, at least have some actual points to criticize instead of just spouting off rhetoric.

"Blackberry users do. We run companies. We make the world go round."

And just what company do you run?

I don't dislike Apple products or begrudge Apple Inc. solely because everything they touch turns to gold while on the flip side everything RIM (whom I love dearly) touches turns to shit.

I dislike Apple Inc. and flat-out refuse to purchase their products due to their shoddy business practices and corporate ethics.

They're a $125 billion+ company, do they really need to deny Samsung Galaxy SIII sales within the US because it threatens the fabric of their company with a bogus patent infringement claim? No. Do they do it purely for sport? Yes.

If you're going to dislike a company, dislike them for the right reasons. Success is no reason to dislike them.

Oh please, go pre-order your iPhone. I can spot an apple users a mile away, or better yet go troll the iPhone imore site.

Yes this stuff can be ignored, it's sad how much attention they get and I checked their site and how many things they talk about that actually matter. Apples conference shouldn't change your life, the only thing that I care about is when will the next iphone drop so I can buy one or two and sell them for profit.

I wonder if I'll ever see the day when the media gets over apple. So tired of the lopsided reporting. Yes their stuff is OK, but not more than that. It's just become necessary to praise the company for every "innovation" Siri is crap but no one in the media will admit it. Booo!

So far it looks like Siri upgrades + apps. Nothing to do with the OS .
Except for locking it for education purposes, etc.
The apps look amazing, but apps do not an OS make.

Yeah I'm not seeing a lot of OS improvements like in the multi-tasking or major core changes. Just trying to integrate everything into Siri, change from Google to their own maps (wonder how much IP of Googles they are infringing on because it looks identical), and some app improvements. I'm betting that Siri is going to be as hated by people as direct connect chirps once all these people start talking to their phones on buses, subways, planes etc. The beauty of the smartphone used to be you could communicate without carrying on a audible conversation, now Apple wants you to converse with the phone. Not for me but I'm sure their are lots of lonely people out there who need something to talk to.

Scary thing about tieing everything to Siri is that it still doesn't work well for a lot of people...

So true, I already get pissed when people have a conversation in a public place. Now I gotta hear someone talking to Siri also...

But but but, retina display........
but but but, apps apps apps......
but but but, better, faster, amazing, longer, (insert diatribe of adjectives).....

Best ever products of the future, today!

Reality check: Good to see some "incremental improvements", not good to see that it will go from overpriced to unheard of rip off. LOL

I liked a few of the features coming out of the Apple Dev Con. I think it's a good thing that BB10 is being released later in the year; these announcements by Apple gives RIM a decent view as far what iOS abilities and capabilities will be. RIM now has a chance to "one-up" Apple when BB10 is released. One app I use constantly is GoogleMaps, especially to check traffic along my travel routes. RIM has a pretty good mapping partner now (TomTom) so it'll be nice to see 3D mapping with turn by turn navigation, as is being released with iOS6.

why is it that no one can post a comment during the so called live blog post? I tried a few times to post a comment but it never showed up. sucks A$$ and are afraid to show all comments because that might ruin the facade that is the Apple marketing machine.

iMore are puppets and slaves to Apple. You will never have the level of dedication the CrackBerry Nation has no matter how many iDevices are shipped.

I'm glad CrackBerry allows anyone to post during BlackBerry/RIM events. It shows how commited we and RIM really are!!!

I for one get excited by any new advancements in technology regardless of the brand, but in the past few years, I have found Apple underwhelming for my purposes, and feel liketheir direction as a company has gone away from what I wanted.

When I went to school for digital music, I switched over to an iMac because of software like Digital Performer and Logic. I stuck with Apple and upgraded to a MBP five years later, and since that time (2010), I have become less enamored with Apple products. I switched over to mac because I wanted a system that was tightly integrated, but since the arrival of the iPad, it seems like Apple has moved towards making their computers mimic mobile devices, releasing the latest OS on the app store, and adding pointless features like launchpad that, in my opinion, are cumbersome and useless, or the zillion other apps that are bite-sized and buggy. I think Tiger was their last good operating system, but maybe they can win me back still.

I feel that Apple is withholding things because they know they can afford to. They probably think they don't need to make a big splash every time and people will still upgrade.

But then bugs are getting more frequent with Apple stuff. iMovie, GarageBand, Safari have all crashed on me more than they used to.

That was the lamest Apple event yet. I've owned three iPhones but this will be my last. So many borrowed ideas yet they make people believe they invented it. I will likely switch to BlackBerry 10 for my first BlackBerry device. Their products are so overpriced it's ridiculous. Other manufacturers have had better specs in the same size and shape for ages but are much cheaper.

Also, why hasn't Apple changed the name of its OS from OS X to XI or later? To me, it's like having to pay for service packs (however cheap Apple prices them).

I was hoping for some exciting news today, but it never came.

For me what ever bew model in Apple iphone5,6,8,9 or 10 or iOS6 ill stay in Blackberry and w8 for BB10..iphone most popular than Blackberry...But it your choice to stay or swtich to apple...:) Be Loved to Blackberry.....4ever

So, The Keynote speach is over and What did the analysts learned? When RIM's Developer conference happened, The media said, nothing exiciting? so Now other than few apps and Macbook nothing new here. I think BB!) is going to blow the smart phone industries. If you own the stock hang on to them for another 4-5 months. you wont regret!

After saw Apple World Wide Developer Conference, it is clear that RIM Blackberry 10 Jam in Florida a lot more exciting with mind bugling features. Cannot wait to switch from Iphone 4S to BB10.

Apple down:1.21%, RIM down:5.0% and Dow down 0.95% (120 pts) Why is Rim is bleading more without any news (Perhpas "without any news" was the reason?)

RIM stock will be more volatile everyday until the direction of BB10 is clear. If you have money that you don't really needed for a couple years, buy RIM stock, and don't look until RIM releases BB10. I bought some shares of RIM stock at around $14.00 per share with the money that I don't really needed in the next couple of years. By the time I need the money, RIM stock will be at least double or triple. I believed in RIM BB10 what they have demonstrated so far. After I saw Apple World Wide Developer Conference today, I am more upbeat that RIM BB10 is a lot better. My only concern is RIM hardware for BB10.

Let's face the facts people in America are lazy and want to be spoon fed what they should consume, from their daily diet to their smartphone. If its not word of mouth or the "it" thing chances are it wont fly in America. Apple is doing a great job of taking excellent brand name and flip it into a consumer magnet. BUT people will only be blind to the fact for so long, case in point I've known Verizon cellphone subscribers who would die by the service they offer. What happen, Verizon ideals begin to become less and less about customer satisfaction and more about profit because in their eyes they have the "Brand" and the numbers. Now you have more and more people leaving Verizon seeking better services for their "dollar". The numbers that are leaving Verizon are small but if they happen on a constant basis then they will become hurtful.

RIM doesnt need all the numbers to flood back to them at once they just need, word of mouth that one can only gain when a consumer experiences the product. My bet is BB10 will do to tech critics how society treats movie critics....experience the product for themselves afterwards, word of mouth makes the movie millions and have the movie critic looking like they know less and less of what they are talking about.

Is it me when i look at cellphones that are being released today they are slimmer verisons of Brick cellphones of the 80's?

BB10 please save us from the Brick cellphone of the 80's.....

Ah Good Old Faithful Apple - Let's make MagSafe2 and let's not make it MagSafe (Original) compatible. Oh, but we can sell an adaptor for $10.00. Lovely Apple. Just lovely.

Did I miss something or was this just a big yawn. Does this company have anything beyond a "retina" display. Honestly innovation comes down to a display???

Unless I've missed something I hope tech critics blast this company for a lack of innovation. I know the mainstream media will not be critical but I hope some tech journalists will tell the truth.

Also a $2000+ laptop in today's world? People who buy apple laptops are just looking dumber and dumber. Hey wake up Apple is laughing at your stupidity.. all the way to THEIR bank, not yours! How fan boys, including most of the crackberry team, can continue to love a company that picks their pockets AND slaps them in the face, I'll never know.

at $2000+ I hope more and more mac users will do what I did and give Apple the middle finger. I'm so happy I did. I just saved probably $700 to $800 because I'll be buying the next windows 8 computer with comparable specs, which will be priced about that much less.

Apple is slipping.... it may take years to kick in but the slide is happening. Recall how many years RIM went humming along while people were telling the company to WAKE UP! :)

First I see an article about Android, now apple, WTF, is Crackberry weaning us off Blackberry? Does CB know something we don't know. Anyway if I wanted Android or Apple crap I'd go to their sites.

Just a particular time; everyone knew there would be a post about the WWDC, and Kevin is on a tour with Mobile nations; there aren't events like this in a month, so don't expect this to continue

I totally agree. This is a blackberry blog. If I wanted to read about the iphone, I will go to their blog. Please don't post any more cross-platform updates. It is blasphemy. May the blackberry gods strike you down.