Apple unveils their 7.9 inch iPad mini, tempted?

Apple unveils their 7.9 inch iPad mini, tempted?
By Bla1ze on 23 Oct 2012 06:12 pm EDT

Nearly two years ago to the day, the late Steve Jobs declared 7 inch tablets DOA. What Steve didn't say then though was that they only needed to grow by point nine of an inch. At least that's Apple's take on small tablets.

Today Apple unveiled their smaller tablet strategy with the long-rumored 7.9" iPad mini. It lacks that retina screen but packs everything else from the internals of the iPad 2 and wraps it all up with a starting price of $329 and going up from there depending on connectivity and storage options.


At $329, the iPad Mini isn't exactly what you'd call cheap; especially if you consider that today you can buy a BlackBerry PlayBook for $149 and Google's Nexus 7 for $199. A lot of people were hoping and expecting Apple to go even lower with their pricing. Wall Street was too apparently, considering Apple's stock dropped $20 immediately following the pricing announcement. To add a little something else to the mix, Apple also unveiled their new iPad 4th generation which, caused a little bit of a disturbance in the force due to the fact the iPad 3 is still fresh.

All said and done, I wasn't overly impressed with the announcements from Apple in regards to the iPad mini or the iPad 4th generation and I get the feeling I'm not the only one. What do you all think of the announcements? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you're all thinking.

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Apple unveils their 7.9 inch iPad mini, tempted?



So simply put .. this ahmd001 troll just like all the the other RIM haters out there are scared to death of what RIM will deliver next year.. the BB10 phones, the new relationship with the developers and ease of porting/creating apps, the fact that BB10 on the playbook will make the UI experience way better on the playbook than it is on iOS.

There a reason that apps like Skype and Netflicks won't write a simple app for RIM ... their SCARED that RIM may become top dog!

You guys are really crazy, what are you expecting to happen in the future with shitty bb playbook OS or the "blackberry 10"? expecting it to get even better? Ummmm you're wrong thats impossible, the only reason people buy a blackberry device is to reach the BIS service no matter what device you get whether its the blackberry 2005 model or even earlier. and i think that sais it all. Every year RIM is attempting to make their smartphones more reliable and faster.... well, maybe faster but they are battery drainers and hangers (happens with bb bold 9900 mostly) ;)

Oh yeah.. really want one..
they scammed the ipad 3 ( to be renamed iPad duped ) users
Now they will sell a slower, mini... should have been named the iPad Airhead
and update it in March 2013..
Timmy is a CROOK

All I can say is meh.... waste of money, if your going to spend that much money might as well buy ipad 3 with retina display, don't even bother considering ipad 4. Your just throwing away money.