Apple unveils their 7.9 inch iPad mini, tempted?

Apple unveils their 7.9 inch iPad mini, tempted?
By Bla1ze on 23 Oct 2012 06:12 pm EDT

Nearly two years ago to the day, the late Steve Jobs declared 7 inch tablets DOA. What Steve didn't say then though was that they only needed to grow by point nine of an inch. At least that's Apple's take on small tablets.

Today Apple unveiled their smaller tablet strategy with the long-rumored 7.9" iPad mini. It lacks that retina screen but packs everything else from the internals of the iPad 2 and wraps it all up with a starting price of $329 and going up from there depending on connectivity and storage options.


At $329, the iPad Mini isn't exactly what you'd call cheap; especially if you consider that today you can buy a BlackBerry PlayBook for $149 and Google's Nexus 7 for $199. A lot of people were hoping and expecting Apple to go even lower with their pricing. Wall Street was too apparently, considering Apple's stock dropped $20 immediately following the pricing announcement. To add a little something else to the mix, Apple also unveiled their new iPad 4th generation which, caused a little bit of a disturbance in the force due to the fact the iPad 3 is still fresh.

All said and done, I wasn't overly impressed with the announcements from Apple in regards to the iPad mini or the iPad 4th generation and I get the feeling I'm not the only one. What do you all think of the announcements? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you're all thinking.

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Apple unveils their 7.9 inch iPad mini, tempted?



More like tempted to buy a couple of PlayBooks... 

Considering the PlayBook is still solid hardware and being supported from a software standpoint, I think two PlayBooks (at $149) for the price of one iPad mini is a pretty stellar deal.

I agree.
The iPad Mini hardware is almost identical to the PlayBook's, so that leaves the OS and I much prefer PlayBook OS than iOS.
Also, the price is a complete turn off.
Thanks Apple, however, I remember when you said that your 10" tablet was enough and 7" tablets were DOA...

With the price of 32's at $149, you can buy 3 PB's for one 32 GB miniPad

No thanks, I'll be keeping my Playbooks

I bought a 32GB playbook for $499 or $599 can't quite remember what launch prices were, but I bought mine at launch. About 4 months later I sold it for $200 less than what I paid for it. I liked the OS for what it was but the quality of the apps just didn't measure up to iOS. $329 isn't a bad price for a 7.9" tablet. Also, there's competition, if it's too expensive for you, go with what you can afford.

You missed out on a number of software upgrades and tons of apps have been released since you sold yours.

Bridging to my Bold has made my PB indispensable.

Except for occasional restarts, my PB has run 24/7 for 18 months.

@shootscores- totally agree with you! My PlayBook has specially paid itself over countless times when I travel and I don't have to pay for wifi in the airports. I do kinda agree about some of the apps that are missing in my PlayBook which are important to me like Netflix, Hulu, kindle, Skype, OoVoO, Pageonce, USAA bank,CHASE bank etc...

I completely agree with the other commenter. Paying $499 for a PlayBook on day one still has me pretty mad. I wish I had not done it.

@Jake Storm Agree 100% I went out and bought 2 Blackberry Playbooks for $300 to protest the ipad mini. That's $29 less then the price of 1 iCrap mini.

Man, I need to pick myself up a new PlayBook then! Mine has been messed up for three months, and I am currently trying to get RIM's RMA dept. to fix it, but they are being stubborn. Had the same problem three times now.

BlackBerry for life

I waited to see if the mythical ipad mini would materialize today and it did. My reaction? Tomorrow morning on my way to the office I will be stopping off at the Source to buy 2 new Playbook 32gbs. S*** on Apple and ipad!!!

Now there's a guy who knows how to take action.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

really? when my playbooks screen crapped out(think it was a digitizer) the process was simple and painless for me, got it shipped out and back within a week

That is what is happening to mine too I think. The screen keeps going too dark to read, but if I bump it, it brightens back up.

BlackBerry for life

I have constant issues with 2 Playbooks purchased 8 months apart ... hangs, apps close, android player is tempermental etc etc. I reboot each of them once a week mimimum. No sideloading ... just using the browser, games, apps, updates all provided/reviewed/endorsed by RIM. RIM is trying to be helpful. Trying.

Frustrating when I read these posts where people have no issues whatsoever (and before replies start suggesting the basics - I've done my research/support contacts ... I should be able to browse the G&M wesbite, as the only open app, without the PB hanging and needing a hard restart).

A buddy mentioned that this should go away when BB10 is updated on PB however I did attend the Enterprise Forum last week ... the RIM rep stated that BB10 would NOT be available on the PB when the phones are launched but 'shortly thereafter'. I've heard that before. I am a fan but growing weary of being a paying Beta Tester ... Corel tried that on me as well.

Sounds as though you have a couple lemons there...unless you are using some Playbook beta tester programs, and that could be your problem.

I am running 2.1 (2.0 earlier this year)and I turn off my Playbook when I go to bed, turn it on when I get up and run it all day long.

I've had my Playbook since December 24,2012 and have never had an issue with it, other than it freezing on me, and this has only happened 3 times in the 10 months I've owned which a reboot fixes the problem.

Love my Playbook for its multitasking and lightening fast speed. Best purchase I ever made.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

First, the answer is a resounding NO for a plethora of reason. However, my problem with RIM is that "no one" I have come across even knows that BlackBerry has a tablet. It frustrates me that RIM is doing little to no advertising.

Samsung has people wanting the Galaxy 3 simply because of the NFC capabilities. I tell people that my BlackBerry does the same and more. I could go on about this big I won't.

RIM needs to put their product out there.

I agree 100%. I am a science teacher and I use my playbook to take attendance, use the scientific calculators, periodic table, common equations in physics, and much more....when I let a student hold it/borrow it, they ALL say, "Wow, this is pretty sweet but I didn't know BB had a tablet." They ALL like it, but they ALL have no idea it exists.
Nice job, marketing much are your salaries?

What furthers my concerns is how much longer can RIM survive this? Another government agency here in the US "dropped" BlackBerry this past week. RIM has to do something go let the "public" know that it still exists.

I would hate to have to find another phone & tablet. Not fond of Android platform (2nd cell phone is an EVO) and "hate" apple.

Anyway, I'm through complaining.

Good observation..i visited Jakarta last year and a blackberry country at that!, i was on a party and great Odin guests are quite surprised i am toying my playbook. Until my gf cut the gasp with rightful intro..its blackberry tablet, yes BB has a tablet.

You can buy two playbooks for the price of one iPad mini. But you'll get more functionality out of the iPad mini and be supported by more web services

THIS is the key to Apple's iPad success, which will continue with the iPad Mini.

BEFORE developers Apple did an Amazing job:
MARKETING - Mass & Target Marketing (RIM is barely doing the latter).

Pricing - for profits.

SupplyChain - RIM desparately needs a SC guru!! STAT!

Developer Tools - finally up to par if not better. I'll take a look tomorrow after Jujitsu first hand.

RIM cannot Market a physical product without a) the Software products in place nor the services being there: Warranty complaints. Having Stereo Speakers & full 1080P Cameras (Front & Rear) must remain in its successor!

Just about EVERYTHING designed for the PlayBook must be there for a reason and marketed that way: against the most popular selling tablet. Celebrate in your enemies success! RIM needs NOT to make punches yet ... but SHOW how the PlayBook can benefit MORE than just a BB user.

BB10, Developer Tools, Developers and their fresh app ideas ... tied with massive marketing WILL help sell this device.

Exactly Kevin!!

I bought my playbook last year at $499...and got a company issue Ipad3 few months back but still love the playbook as business tool than a multimedia that Ipad gave (as i wait to get my busted charger port fixed)

Still in faith witth Playbook though the 7" was one frontier i thought was our best feature to brag this territory.

Agreed. Plus, the iPad mini's hardware is from a couple years ago. I guess they took recycled iPods and made them a bit bigger. This is bad for iSheep and Apple. This is going to take money away from potential regular iPad sales. IMO, Apple's been recently making one bad move after another.

It's unlikely Apple is going to lose on this one. Their user base and target demographic is much larger than any of their competitors. Give your kid an iPad or give them a playbook or andriod and what do you think they'd prefer?

Not something I would wish for, personally. To me, less competition is never good for the consumer. If anything, Apple will (eventually) get the wake-up call like RIM recently did.

"Nope."... Couldn't have said it better myself.

Now on the other hand, I would be extremely interested if RIM would get around to releasing a bigger 11+ inch PlayBook. I've enjoyed my 7" PlayBook for the past year and a half but I REALLY want a bigger screen now. I doubt RIM will grant my wish any time soon, so I'll probably have to pick up some kind of Android tab... the lesser of two evils.

I think the same thing was said about the iPhone 5 before they sold 5 million on the opening weekend. This is a solid tablet and will sell very well.

No one is questioning the sales. Apple does well, that's a known fact. The question was will you be among the sales?

I've so far bought no Apple products. That's not going to change from today's announcements.

Really, it's a smaller iPad, at a higher price than similar-sized tablets. Doesn't seem priced to compete.

Not tempted at all. For $329 I'd buy 2 Playbooks. Much better value.

Will it sell well? Of course it will. Being a professional, classically trained Jazz musician, I can say 3 chord pop trash sells millions of CD's on the radio compared to Jazz/Fusion. Does that mean its better? Of course not. Just means more stupid uninformed people listen to pop and buy iPad's. Stupidity, arrogance and narcissistic behavior sells as this is what many of the general public are.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

A little bitterness detected there brother Jazzer. Everything finds its own place. Its what you do from there that matters.
Great things have come from the Beatles, Hendrix and will come from the Playbook. It will all come clear in the end.

Not so much bitterness rather than being a realist who's been around the block many times. I realize iPad mini has an audience and that's fine. What really bothers me is Apples business practises of suing the competition for idiotic reasons and patenting features they never invented. Those sort of below the belt business tactics don't sit well with me. If you can't create a great product without unjustly hijacking the competition, whats the point? As Miles would say, ''That's not cool.''

PS I'm not referring to legends like the Beatles, Hendrix or Michael Jackson. But am referring to the brainless bubble gum pop of the world. Its like comparing a Mcdonalds hamburger to a fine bowl of New Orleans chicken gumbo, if that makes sense.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

If Apple patented features they never invented, then please explain to me why the US Patent Office awarded Apple those patents and why Samsung's huge team of lawyers were not able to invalidate those patents during litigation?

Apple reinvented the smartphone upon the introduction of the iphone. Apple reinvented the tablet upon the introduction of the ipad. All the smartphones and tablets that came therafter were copies of Apple products. Apple was smart to obtain and enforce patents. That is what smart companies do to compete and stay in business. That is the point of a patent.

I'm aware how the Patent process works. The US Patent office awarded Apple these patents because Apple is a US mega corporation and makes tremendous money for the US government. As such Apple has the US Supreme court in their back pockets. Money is King in corporate America, which the Supreme court is part of. Apple bought off the supreme court. That's how Patents and corporate America works.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

There is obviously no basis in fact in support of your view. And the Supreme Court had nothing to do with Apple being awarded its patents or its recent victories in the District Court and the ITC. Opinions are one thing. But conspiracy theories based on incorrect facts are another. Give Apple some credit. They invented or reinvented the Ipod, online music stores, all in one PCs, tablets, smartphones, and an easy to use stable operating system. They are extremely innovative. They are often copied.

I use a Playbook and a torch 9810. I await the BB 10 phones. But I have to respect Apple and all of its accomplishments.

A price of $300 would seem more appropriate, but I wasn't getting the iPad mini, even if it was $300, had 2 GB of RAM and an A6 processor. I'm happy with my iPad (1st gen) and if I did want a 7 inch tablet, I'd either use my gf's Playbook or buy a Nexus 7 at $200.

If this had come out before the PlayBook, I probably would have bought it. But now that I have a PlayBook which satisfies my portable computing needs, and one that satisfies it better than this would anyway, I see no advantage to getting one.

When I saw the pictures I loved it right away. Did not understand why. But now I get it! would appear that Apple took the shape of SAMSUNG Galaxy S2/Note and applied the design of SAMSUNG Galaxy S3/Note II which brings us the Apple iPad Mini. Anybody noticed?! lol

No wayyy. Rim is the future of the smartphone... Even Wolf Blitzer thinks so! He just said it a few min ago. lol

Yea.. I'll see what the isheep will say about this very old technology thats thrown together, and is now branded as the forth generation. Really? The playbook has better specs for less. Its amazing how it will sell tho... Cant believe it... Not even the A6 processor (even just for show)... Lower resolution, graphics, memory, cpu power.

They cut the price by cutting the technology in the iPad mini.

I really can't see how anyone can admire Apple. They do nothing but sue and threaten the competition for the smallest things, and patent iCrap they didn't even invent.

E.A. Johnson invented the touchscreen in 1965, but if you ask Apple, they'll say it's their invention. Not a morally good company at all. And the kicker is Apple fan boys knowingly endorse this behavior.

Blackberry users are usually business oriented people, while
Apple fanboys are iNarcissistic and live in a fantasy land, where everything in their world revolves around the well being of Apple.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I have a lot of respect for the creation of these iDevices originally. That being said, I seriously dislike the eco system of iTunes, and I really dislike how and where these things are made, and by whom. Not speaking of the people, just how they are treated and how much profit is made on their ridiculously cheap labour.
So... to answer your question Bla1ze. No. I won't buy one. Or any iThing of any form for the foreseeable future.

iCrap, iJunk, iSh*t, iApple or for me.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I am not tempted by this specific announcement as I ended up getting an Ipad3 a few months ago on account that I got sick and tired of waiting for developers to release products for the Playbook; or waiting for developers who took a page from RIM and kept on saying "its coming soon" only to have nothing actually show up. And while I am thrilled to finally be able to get all of the medical, psychology, and biology software that I use/need for my work on my Ipad, I certainly didn't appreciate that in order to do my job, I had to go to another platform.

I hate the Ipad/Apple with a passion. But I love the availability of applications. Contrast that to the Playbook - I love my Playbook. But I utterly detest the deplorable quality of the applications and the lack thereof.

As to this announcement specifically, I find it hilarious to see all of the hate Apple has been getting from owners of the "old-new" Ipad now that Apple has all but crapped on it with their release of a "new-new" Ipad. It's been quite entertaining seeing how P'O'd and surprised that Apple would do this.

I'm not sure if you are aware but Skyscape has made their app available for the Playbook finally, it is the Android port and runs in the runtime app but all of my Android Skyscape Apps were easily converted for the device, and run on my PB. Titles like 5MCC, Dr. Drugs, ABC Labs, Archimedes 360, Harrison, Emergency Med, and others work with no difficulties. The reader is updated frequently and receives support from Skyscape.

If you use Pepid their Android App has also been ported for the PB and works fine with no difficulties.

There seems to be a great deal of medical support albeit in the format of Android ports recently. With the improved Android Run Time I am happy with my PB in my clinical world now. Hopefully as BB10 kicks off there will be more native releases.


Why on earth would you buy an Apple product when you obviously know the company's ideology of suing the competition when they feel threatened? Android has any app you could want and have a much more respectable business ethic, which is why our secondary tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus.

Steve Jobs was a narcissistic prick who specifically said he'd never release an iPad mini. The guy is gone for about a year, and the company he created couldn't even follow Jobs professional ideology on the iPad mini. Apple has the morals of a bunch of ghetto thugs when it comes to corrupt business tactics, and is not a company any moral person should deal with.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

You really should consider beating on a different drum. The Asian manufacturing machine has been ripping off North American products for as long as I can remember and even though I am a BlackBerry guy who has a minor phobia of Apple in general, I have absolutely no sympathy for Samsung.


Cash is king, and all these companies are out with the SOLE purpose of making as much of it as they can. Apple is doing the best job of it so naturally they must have the worst business ethics? Come on, man.

That's almost as delusional as thinking Lance Armstrong was the only cyclist doping. He just happened to be the highest profile, most successful, so he is the one that gets investigated and exposed.

Doesn't make any of it right, but don't delude yourself into thinking other companies aren't just as guilty.

I am not sure what you mean. I was not saying anything about Apple's business ethics but I was about Samsung's

I was more replying to the guy above you who keeps ranting about how awful a company apple is. Sure, they probably are, but that doesn't set them apart from the competition. I think I was agreeing with you

Ranting? Not at all. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about Apple, specially in my Blackberry forum. Do you think Apple talks about BB10 in their forums? Ahhhh NO!!! And as fellow proud Blackberry and Playbook owners you guys should be the first to me on my side. That being said...

I'm very content beating on this drum as everyone is well aware of the lawsuit and unjust atrocities Apple had sited Samsung for. EA Johnson invented touchscreen in 1965 and would love to see his estate sue Apple. I'm unaware of any Samsung infringement against Apple, and will not site any redundant historical instances of Asia ripping off North America as they are irrelevant to Apple/Samsung issue I'm discussing.

Equally I have zero sympathy for North America being ripped off by Asia, as America continues to outsource to Asia for slave labor and diminish the North American economy, when we should be buying/manufacturing Canadian/American...IE Blackberry.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Honestly still prefer my Kindle Fire HD. Specs have the iPad mini beat. And at $199, an even better deal.

Yes, I understand the OS differences. But still....

32 gig at 299 and I would have bit. I'm not interested now. Might be picking up whatever it is Google has in store for us later this week.

My 64GB PlayBook is waiting for BB10. I want a 32GB Nexus7 with 3G myself. Waiting for Surface Pro as well. Still rocking my 32GB HP TouchPad dual-booting webOS and CM9.

Hell no! In fact, I just bought 9 (count 'em 9) PlayBooks for all my nieces and nephews for Christmas! Go RIM Go. #BlackBerryForever

Flash support came also free with your PB.

Oh no, wait, Flash is dead, nobody uses it anymore... what what?

Who said that? The guy who said 7" tablets are dead on arrival? whaaaa?

A smaller iPad priced well above the psychological barrier of $200. yawn. They really think people want a smaller iPad at a premium price? Morons don't understand the basics of economics seeing everything they sell is at a premium price and "premium prestige"

The thing is this will get people that didn't buy the ipad to consider it. After you buy the ipad and invest in itunes you won't really want to switch due to switching costs associated. It was smart to have this out Christmas season plus before BB10. It also makes it more likely that you will probably buy the iphone as well(why pay twice for same apps?).

If this had retina and a better front cam I would have considered it. I'm looking forward to the surface.

Bought an ipad2 for $399, no regrets and don't need a mini of the same. If I buy a 3rd tab it will be a 32GB N7 for $250. Still love my playbook also!!!

I don't understand how Apple fans get a boner over this stuff anymore. It's the same ol' same ol' in different sizes.

At least BlackBerry users have something NEW to get excited about. Pretty much everything surrounding BB10 is new, OS and hardware.

Am I the only one that feels like this move by Apple is tactical?

Surely they can't be scared by the rest of their competitions offerings in the coming months, that they are planning to siphon as much of the consumer base as they can before their competition release astonishing products...

I'm just saying. RIM should take notice and hush up a bit on the leaks of BB10... Dev-only, keep the rest of the candy hidden. Best to be safe than sorry

Wait, how old is the OS that it's running? Sure it's had "enhancements", but isn't iOS 6-years old now?

Isn't that around the same time that Windows Vista came out? :P

I'm sticking with PlayBook for now but the great User Interface won't keep me forever. I want what everyone else wants Apps like Skype, BBM without my mobile device and Email system that isn't so glitchy.

Of course apple wont sell a cheap ipad. If you look the their products, an iphone, for example, 16gb phone 599, 32gb 699... What? Memory cards for 100?? No thank you! Im very satisfied with my playbook ill stay with rim. Thank you BlackBerry!!! For exist :D

I dont get it
Blackberry announces small tablet .....the whole world :hahah that will never fly ,what a bunch of idiots ,morons
Apple announces small tablet ...the whole world:OMG thats genius, so innovative, wow you guys are awesome ,let us buy all your stock

You can never beat apple-heads ,

Apparently, they also broke ground with the all new "fusion drive"... Oh wait, isn't that the Hybrid drive technology that has been out for a while now? it was explained today as if it was something new and unique. Well they also show the iMac only from angles that don't show the bulk in the center. I happen to like Apple products; Don't own any though. Apple just has a clever way to "act" as if their stuff is ground breaking. I'll stick with my Bold Naughty-Nine hunned and my PB. BB10 will change the game!

Apple had a chance to completely decimate the 7 in tablet market, but they let their ego's get in the way. A hundred bucks cheaper and it would've been a real game changer.

No doubt it'll sell millions of units, but now it will never completely shutout the competition. Ever.

Of course there's no retina display. That will be the big update for the iPad mini 2 that has them lining up to throw away more money.

Yet apple will sell 300 million of these devices, it's kind of disappointing to see the hype over such a basic overpriced tablet. Oh well what can you do

When are they going to start selling the Apple brand sandpaper, so as Steve Jobs said we can then sand our fingers down in order to use it...

iSand, followed by "The New iSand"

I recently purchased a 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for 170$. It has a similar resolution to iPad mini (adjusted for the 16:9 aspect ratio) of 1024*600 on a 7 inch screen. Furthermore, it has 1 GB of RAM and 2 1 GHZ processors, Micro USB, Micro HDMI, and two cameras, a front 3 MP and rear 5 MP which both shoot 1080p video. It also has Adobe Flash support and is based on the QNX kernel, the same one used to run the computer systems in nuclear reactors. Might I note this tablet has these great specifications despite being over a year old. So for proper comparison...

170$ BlackBerry PlayBook has 4* storage of 329$ iPad mini.
170 $ BlackBerry PlayBook has equivalent dual 1GHZ cores as iPad mini.
170$ BlackBerry PlayBook has 170ppi vs 163 on iPad mini.
PlayBook has BOTH cameras that can shoot 1080p vs only one on iPad mini.
PlayBook uses INDUSTRY STANDARD micro USB charging port AND has a faster charging port option for TWO charging ports.
PlayBook also has dual band wifi, and has since 2011.
PlayBook comes preinstalled with DocsToGo, for Power Point, Excel, and Word.
PlayBook has the ability to be controlled remotely with a BlackBerry smartphone.
PlayBook can also sideload Android Apps so any app deficit is nullified.
Plus, the case and build of the PlayBook is high quality rubber, allowing for good grip and protection.
QNX OS is refined, and potent. Allows for true multitasking and easy switching between tasks plus a touch sensitive bezel allows PlayBook to have more capable gestures.
Smaller size of playbook increases portability and allows one to actually fit their tablet in a pocket!

I believe my point has been made. For over a hundred dollars less you can get a product that beats the iPad mini. And do more with it. Case closed.

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

Skype is already coming to bb10. I don't know why people get so horny over it. Guess it's a dummies msn or yahoo messenger.

Everyone compares the old RIM to the new emerging. All the big apps will be there at launch. Now go crawl back to the isheep pasture, or the sandwich park.

BlackBerry by choice. Sheep eventually get slaughtered.

Actually, as silly as it might be, the arrival of Skype to the PlayBook will make the BlackBerry community reach its climax.

Do you really think those apps are really worth the extra price? Hardly.

Also I bet most of those dare not to mention apps will have BB10 versions; it's a matter of time before they come to the PlayBook.

And to add to this beautiful post, The playbook has NFC just not enabled!! With the mini pad with wings you cant do that! Just garbage from apple, and I love how they suck the sheeples money from them by making them buy one maxi pad then release a "updated" one 7 months later!!!! How pathetic!!!

For people to flock to this company is just crazy!!!!

Blackberry and playbook all the way!!!

First up I have 2 64g playbooks bought in the UK great deal. But when all the ipad mini, android bashing is done the fact remains that rim haven't released a new product for about TWO YEARS. That's a lifetime in technology years. I've waited patiently for over a year now to upgrade my phone which is dying a slow death, it used to be cutting edge now it can't even load the crackberry Page, I have to use my tablet for all website tasks when on a packed train I would prefer the convenience of a phone.

Now I have to wait to possibly march 2013.

RIM need to seriously get their arses in gear and this bb10 had better work, no lag, no bugs, I mean do what it says straight out of the box. I don't know about you guys but I thought the demos at bbjam weren't anywhere near as smooth and fluid as they should have been.

Two years for one piece of kit while Samsung, windows, apple have released loads of new kit in the last couple of months.

Seriously who's gonna care about bb10 after Xmas when everyone's playing with their new devices bought in 2012.

Am I supposed to trust Rims elite marketing team to get the message out there, apart from us hardcore bb fans who really knows about the playbook or BB10.

Oh U numbnut, you do know that playbook was sold under a fire-sale don´t you?, NOT to it´s regular prize, and all this talk about QNX....I wanna throw up, do you really think it´s intelligent to have "true multi-tasking" on a battery powered device?, why in heaven would you want an app in the background running a video that you not watching and suck the life out of your battery?, Apple on the other hand has used their brain and been smart to really fine tune it´s kernel to intelligent pause/stop etc apps that NOT need to run with full threads in the background, THAT is truly a big accomplishing.

Not tempted in the least. My playbook has better specs and it's a year and a half old. Now if I just had the apps.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is better than the iPad in every way possible! I love my PlayBook and yet I get so much crap for carrying around a BB smartphone and tablet JUST because it says BlackBerry on it and apparently the cool kids don't use them. I am damn proud of my BB though! I bet if I slapped a sticker of a fruit on the back everybody would be drooling over it..... stupid.

It would probably be easier to find a banana sticker. Either way, any kind of fruit sticker would look silly on a playbook.

Typical Apple bullhorn, two years ago, small tablets were dead on arrival, now they are "beautiful" as my friends commented on facebook. Like before: ipad 1 - "no use for front-facing camera", ipad 2 - "now presenting front-facing camera, what a must have videocalls". And the iSheep are already camping in front of Apple stores :)

Watch it all Renee and his crew will get mad at all the Apple bashing. We are not supposed too talk bad. Renee wake up soon its apple's time to fall. You people over on imore are just sick and blind Apple sucks a@@ and do you even care about the unfair labor that is used to build your icrap?

I say apple has about 2-3 more years before their inevitable fall in mobile computing. Their laptops and desktops will stay put ipads and iphones are becoming so popular, and eventually the cool thing can never be what everyone has. Happens with everything

Exactly. Happened to RIM too, when everyone was herding over to get the new iPhone because they thought they'd be different and cool, leaving the mainstream and boring BlackBerry. Will BB10 bring some of them back? With some amazing ads and a new image, I definitely think so.

Are you serious? Tempted? By what? A tablet that has been available for years is now available in a slightly smaller version. Yawn. They will likely sell millions; just not to me. (C'mon RIM give me 10!)

/Device agnosticism or bust!

If i'm not mistaken the iPad 4 is the next generation of iPad, it's not the iPad mini...

I think I'm going to stick an Apple logo on the back of my PlayBook, walk down to the nearest Starbucks, and show it off like it's the new iPad Mini. What a surprise it will be for people to find out it's actually a BlackBerry...

They would buy it. "look at this fabolous multi tasking. Do you think that this is an improvement over the last ipad?" they will say yes unless they follow imore and know how it looks already

What happened to J-cut the video-editing app for playbook?

At least you can be creative on an iPad like video editing and livestreaming. Great price point too at $329!

I bought my playbook last December when they were first discounted. I was hoping to install android apps and more importantly J-cut once the OS was updated in Feb. I'm still waiting...

I am not sure all this Apple hating is warranted. An iPad has it's merits, and purely from my individual perspective:
I can compile LaTeX documents on it (I am a professor) as well as consume a rich repository of educational/multimedia content (heard of iTunes-university?)
I can play incredible games in times of leisure, as well as catch up with my mom on the other side of the world once in a while on Skype.
I often go for conferences and travel, and love light editing of pictures on the go. I am having a hard time going back to the regular desktop version, having tried out the Adobe Photoshop app.
... and so on.
Do I like the price - no! But then is a value of a car only in the horsepower, or in the exterior styling, or in the mileage alone? One needs to consider the visible (specs) as well as the intangibles (apps) to truly realize the worth of a product. At the end, the user wants a complete experience.
ps. Not an Apply fanboy here. I use Windows desktops as my workhorse machines. Let us, however, give credit where it is deserved.

Sorry but I'm going to call you out on this one. LaTeX, really, this is one of those mind numbing formats that universities use to standardize thesis. Despite my general loathing of this mediocre format/product, one can easily make it work on the playbook.

Being someone who works extensively with images, the light editing comment made me chuckle. Let's face it, that is all your going to get from an Apple product. If you do serious image analysis in the biological field, you don't waste your time with Apple. End of story.

Ho Ho Ho, Sorry but I'm going to call you out on this one. Your diverting the argument by using fallacies throughout your analysis. I guess that appeals to your emotions - End of story.

Interestingly, so now you are plagerizing my previous comments. Try to be a bit original next time. I liked your fallacies/analysis bit as I wasn't doing either. Makes me laugh.

Oh and by the way, you might want to check out the high end software support for electron microscopy. Look at that, Apple no where to be found. I wonder why.

When I look retrospectively at all the tech announcements over the last month or two, I can't help but wonder if RIM knew that the product line up would be this lame. Apple has simply died and is going through the motions of throwing out one uninspired product after another. Android is Android and questions remain as to where Microsoft is going in the mobile space. The table is set for BB10. New, fresh and the next generation in mobile computing. The timing seems ideal. Good execution and RIM will profit handsomely.

Don't you think rim could do with some 'uninspired' products that sell millions in a few weeks.
BB4LIFE by the way but a business man so not living in cloud cuckoo land.

First we need numbers, but I appreciate we're in a bit of a predicament because we don't have the cutting edge device or software anymore, no do we have the numbers. So the strategy seems to be sacrifice numbers for quality and hope that the numbers will flow back from the quality device. Trouble is will anyone notice the quality device when they're busy exploring their new non BB devices bought before BB10 gets released.

The table was set for RIM back in February 2012 when all us playbook users waited patiently for the ability to install andriod apps. Interesting that no one speaks of J-cut.

Sure, whatever you say. In February 2012, you had no idea what RIM was working on. Try to make your arguments a bit more realistic next time,then someone might believe you. J-cut's time came and left, over a year ago.

Hey Ho Ho Ho, Your statement is not a valid argument. It contains multiple fallacies that attack the user and not the idea. I suppose this is a sensitive issue for you?

Sure its a valid statement. Where is your time line? Right, the dog ate my homework and it is nothing personal. I liked the multiple fallacies part as I was only making a single point.

Follow up. Technology moves fast. Look at Apple's passport. It's been a month and its update already looks woefully behind the times. That's what happens when you can't support NFC.

Apple? Been there, done that.
Hope BlackBerry 10 comes out with a desktop...
PlayBook all the way - if you're going to go with a smaller tablet why not go with a better tablet?

Apple needs to do something with all the leftover parts from the ipad 2. It's AMAZING really people. The browser is SO FAST when pages are not rendered they way they were intended.

No GPS, NO NFC, Proprietary Audio and Video ports. Slower CPU and less Ram than a Playbook. But remember it's AMAZING...

Ipad mini 2 it will get the leftovers from the ipad 3 in 6 months..

Wake me up when they actually invent something new.

I don't think many of you guys are getting it.

It doesn't matter if you think the iPad Mini is crap, android is sh#t or every other mobile tech company is useless. The fact is iPad Mini is going to sell millions from day one, iphone5 will sell millions, s3 will sell millions and that's all that counts. You heard the one about the cleverest guy in the graveyard. It matters not if bb10 is the best platform out there, if it doesn't sell RIM is history. And it needs to sell BIG and I mean real big to make up for all the market share lost over the last 5/6 quarters.

Do you honestly think in Jan Feb Mar rim can deliver 10+ million shipments? That is the least they would need to do just to stay afloat.

Just because something comes cheap doesn't necessarily mean its better.
I've been to India and Dubai and the play book is something people don't even prefer for free.
In Dubai they had an offer where one could buy 2 32gb playbooks for 250USD.
I personally think the iPad mini is brilliant and the slightly premium pricing is deserved for something that's ahead of competition.
And I'm a blackberry owner proud about my bb over an iPhone.

Whether everyone else likes the iPad or not is their opinion but the least they can do is stop glamourising the play book when it's just a crappy paperweight.

Then again ill clarify this is just my opinion before the crackberry addicts start rants against me.

People talk about Apple lacking innovation with their OS and products but frankly it's not like blackberry has leaped miles ahead... We're still stuck on the same shitty OS with promises of BB10 coming from ages.
The current and past OS releases have been shitty and the worst part of blackberry compared to android or iOS is that any phone won't have future OS support.
My curve 8520 never had support for OS6, Bold 9790 never had support for OS 7 and my bold 4 will never support BB10.

All this when my friends are using their android and iOS devices for more than a year and don't see the need to change them.

And god forbid a phone from august 2011 going obsolete in q1 2013. Apple would never be two faced to customers who just purchased a product a few months ago and tell them its old news.

It appears that nish doesn't "get" What QNX actually is or means. A device running QNX is infinitely upgradeable. Traditional ("legacy") BBOS will continue to be supported from what I've read as OS7 will be offered in less developed markets for some years. I've got an OS6 Bold and it's a frigging workhorse especially valuable when bridged to the PB.

I have my Playbook 64 GB, and if I have a hankering for some other OS, I have my ORIGINAL samsung Galaxy Tab....which is still very effective....why sign on for a Johnny come lately to the best format out there....7 inch in 16:9 (if I really wanted a 4:3 format, I would buy a HP touchpad before an Apple product) but then what do I know???

When the first Iphone & even ipad came out the apple was still new &.fresh.. But over the years the apple is beginning to rot! Jus sayin

Whatever they say about the mini ipad, i will always prefer the landscape setup of my playbook and the OS is just spot on.

Man I always love it when Apple has their BIG announcement day and then every single press source seems to lean over and just go all in with the Cult of Apple marketing machine. So sad but people are dumb as we all know and buy what they are told to via the media.

Anyone else see how much Apple stock was down today on the product announcements?

Been tearing up the WSJ, Engadget, SFgate and other sites in my spare time with templated text. Funny how easy it is get those iSheep all hot and bothered.

Gotta say one of the best things to happen to the Playbook is what the people did over at to take Android Apps and package them into .bak files so you can load them into the Playbook easily.

But back to the Apple day. Why do they insist on putting out tablets in 4:3 format instead of the 16:9 or 16:10 formats like RIM and other vendors do as it leads to such a better format for movies and content and then a smaller size as well?

Here is some good text you can share to get people all fired up and show how handy the RIM Blackberry Bridge to RIM Playbook is. Why can't they do Bridge on Android or iOS products as it is so handy and such a benefit to the consumer as why pay two data plans for your smartphone and tablet?

here is the text to use against Android or iOS people ----

So obviously you can't mention the Blackberry Playbook 7inch tablet which does so much more for customers than any of these tablets mentioned or even whatever the iPad Mini or iWhatever they want to call it.

With a Blackberry Playbook tablet you get

- an amazingly functional, fast, feature rich OS that has easily the best built in calendar, contacts, and email system of any tablet computer with built into the OS Facebook and LinkedIn. The tablet and the OS get faster and more feature rich with every OS upgrade not slower like with Android and Apple products. Cisco runs the same OS which is called QNX on their carrier grade routers as it is that fast and better than anything Cisco has for a homemade OS.

- you get built-in always on internet access with no added tethering cost to your tablet from your Blackberry Smart phone

- you get SMS from your cell phone to your tablet so you can text on your tablet, when you get a phone call it shows you who is calling and the phone number on your tablet, any file on your phone you can open up on your tablet or you can see a link in an email and open up the link or attachment on the tablets larger screen

- you get HDMI out without an adapter and a high speed magnetic charger that charges the tablet much faster than regular USB based charging systems.

- front and back cameras

- you can side-load almost any Android app you want to have access to vast amounts of apps till Blackberry 10 comes out early next year.

But since it is a Blackberry tablet the press will not talk about it as everyone knows except if it is a bad light.

Looking to see what the Windows 8 tablets look like too.

Yes I'll be getting a 32GB iPad Mini asap and I'm also waiting on an iPhone. There are simply more iOS apps and I can print from it. Sure I'll keep an eye on what happens to RIM post BB10 as I still believe in the BlackBerry ecosystem - just not RIM.

Given RIM's past history, I don't see how anybody can reasonably criticize Apple and hold out the Playbook as an alternative, especially considering that 1) RIMM upon introduction of the PB priced out the unit at the same price as the larger ipad and more expensive than the ipad mini and 2) the only reason why the PB is so cheap is because it was dead on arrival. The fact is that the Ipad mini will sell far more units in a week than RIMM has sold PB's to date. I own a PB and currently use a Torch 9810 and like those products but I respect all that Apple has accomplished and recognize that Apple now is simply a much better company accross the board than RIMM. It is simply not credible for anybody now on "team RIMM" to criticize Apple given the current respective market positions of those companies. Maybe a year from now. But not now. Apple has earned its position by doing something right.

Id go for an iPad mini, ill prove it::

At least they are running richer experience and FREE PAID APPS (known iOS) + better browsing experience and the GUI as well! Unlike Blackberry Playbook OS, their browsers can't handle a lot of things like the iPad does + the apps on the Playbook OS platform are not richer than what it needs to be and the GUI as well.

iPad for life.

The existing web browser application in the Playbook OS spends more physical memory/CPU usage than the iPad does and causes the termination process of the web browser. Im sure everybody have noticed this.

And in English this means what in terms of sites that the PlayBook can't view or things the PlayBook can't do?

I've never seen a site that my iPhone 4S could display that my PlayBook could not. I suppose I have seen a little more checkerboarding on the PlayBook browser. I just tried on both and the rendering time was more or less about the same. They seemed to render different parts at different times from each other, but were ended about the same time. Assuming the PlayBook focused on getting the Flash right.

I do wish there was a little less checkerboarding on the PlayBook and the browser was more stable, but don't find it to be an incapable browser.

As for your comment about the GUI, I don't find iOS to be more intuitive in the slightest. Definitely more than my old 9900, but not compared to PlayBook.

What about the apps support on the Playbook OS? Everytime you need to sideload android apps (which are most of them corrupted) from a local computer, its crazy for the consumer to do such things. If you compare this to the iPad consumers, they find it much easier to install apps and get free paid apps.

Another clueless iSheep.

How is the ipad running a richer experience without flash? Oh that's right flash is dead yet 90% of the web still is using it. It will still be a few years till HTML5 truly takes off.

The playbook can handle EVERYTHING the ipad mini does with an extra 512MB memory as well. So somehow the mini has more memory to do things? Maybe it's Magic memory.

Can the mini truly multitask? I can open 20 windows if i want and they all RUN in the background try that with your lame mini.

A person doesn't have to tap the stupid home button every time they need to get back i can simply SWIPE saving time with gestures. As for apps name me 100 you actually use on a daily basis.

Apple can have 5 billion apps for all i care 95% are garbage! It reality a person only maybe uses 5-10 apps daily.

The GUI on IOS is dated can you text from your ipad mini? Not the rip off imessage over wifi trying to imitate

Someday the sheep will wake up they overpay for old technology. Just like apple calls the Fusion Drive some new magical drive available to apple. It's a HYBRID Hard drive that has been on the market over 2 years.

All you dummies believe it's AMAZING.. Bahhhhhhhh

Blackberry by choice!

Clueless isheep? In the US, there are now many many more people using iphones than Blackberrys. That is for a reason. Nobody is clueless when they make a purchase. It is a personal choice. But if it is appropriate to label any group clueless, it would make more sense to label the much smaller group that way.

I am a blackberry user by choice. But iphones users also use iphones by choice. Same goes for Android. So I don't really get the "BlackBerry by choice" moniker.

The US also voted for Bush... TWICE!!!!!! HAHA.
They said 2nd time was like getting the answers to a test before hand and STILL failing - but i'll take it easy on those poor dumb bastards for now.

Anyway, which Apps do ICE REALLY Need to do THEIR JOB of PROTECTING THE COUNTRY?
People saying the reason is 1,000,000 game apps? Lol Really? Which apps do they find most critical at the time they are supposed to be chasing down bad guys?

No level headed person would try to convince another who wasnt that IOS was any where NEAR BBOS now QNX for security, Unless one of those people are wearing a nice bright white shirt with sleeves in the back

This is the kind of stuff that boggles the logical mind.

After the departure of steve jobs, apple is going down...
iphone 5 crappy, ipad 4 crappier, ipad mini crappiest!!

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

completely agree, Since the death of Steve, Apple is no longer innovating, they are simply following the competition.

Happy with my playbook and I MUCH prefer the OS to iOS.
So no, I will not be buying an iPad mini, nor any other Apple product for a long time to come.

Well, I agree from both of you at some areas! iPad is the original tablet and it is still the best thing in the world (talking about tablets) because of its great apps support. If you compare the competition to the Playbook tablet OS, there are no cool features exist like the iPad does and it doesn't have great apps support. That's my opinion.

It's not the "original tablet". Look at Wikipedia for Tablet PCs. First really popular and accessible for sure, but let's not give Apple fake credit.

The only thing missing from the Playbook that will stop the mass from running to iPads and what not is support from developers. And this is what made Apple great, so-so products, almost always running behind in hardware specs, but great app support.

If only big time developers where opening there eyes and give RIMM a helping hand.
How hard can it be to take your source code from one C language to the next, and addressing some different API's. Well lemme answer that question, its NOT. Two guys from Foursquare made a alpha built in less then a month! And this Popcorn Pop? game developer ported his Android game in 3 days!

80+ million people are neglected by app developers.....
If you make a great app or game... and 1 out of 8 buys it..... that's 10 million * your pricetag. Now subtract all fees and costs and ... become a millionaire.
And this is from BB users alone!

Oh, you mean "iPod Touch Maxi"? Well, it's a good stuff; and it will sell like crazy, but I won't get one. I already have a PB 64GB, and I haven't done with it yet. So many good apps to try. And if BB10 is as good as PB, I will get it also.

I don't understand what's so interesting about blackberry 10, all blackberry products are just the same, without their BIS/BBM the company would have gone trashed. think logically

No one has a playbook...they sold them as a buy 1 get 2 free and no one bought a playbook lol

Apple just took the mini tablet game!

Didn't ICE just drop RIMM for Apple’s Iphone?

I guess a 6yr old OS that provides incremental upgrades has incrementally upgraded its security enough that government agencies are willing to ditch RIMM.

On the iPad Mini... When has Apple ever been about competing on price? Even when the company was at death’s door, they still sold their products at $ premium to more able windows based machines.

So if you’re Apple and you look at the landscape for tablets... you’ve sold 100mm since 2010. Who are you really competing against, RIMM?

The mini is tempting precisely for its size; I found the Ipad too large to comfortably use when reading books so a smaller form factor makes it appealing. I don’t love the $329 price point but I also don’t love the price point for other high end items like BMW/ Benz/Lexus or Hermes. You either accept it or you don’t; from the numbers plenty of people accept it.

There have been tablets in a range of sizes and specs since the Ipad hit the scene (Playbook included)... but the Ipad is still the leader... by a lot.

Say what you will about ios6 – it’s dumb, it’s walled in, no innovation, etc... It works reasonable well and that’s all people really care about.

Either way, I love technology and wish I had deeper pockets to pick up an Iphone 5, GSIII, Surface RT and BB10.

Eventually people will realize that iProducts are not the "cool" they will be dumped just like their competitors, to something new.

ICE is going to ANDROID and Ios for SECURITY????????????
BWHAHAHAHAHA what a joke.

This is what happens when people in charge start taking orders from those in the asylum.

I guess they think Angry Birds will be trying to take planes down now????

I think I hear the terrorists celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL on Angry Birds taking planes down. I personally detest Apple IOS as their security is a joke just like the company LOL.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I HATE APPLE TOO. I don't need some iRetarded iknow it all iPad rich ibitch product, whos iMade for iIdiots who think they have to keep up with the iJonses. iThis and iThat are for iIdiots. Even Mad Tv made fun of them saying they had iChairs, iTables and iShelves. Apple needs to invent an iToilet to flush all their iCrap down. Forget iPad unless you're an iRetard.

Steve Jobs once said "7" tablets will not be made by apple" (paraphrase)...he must be rolling in his grave.

Technically this is correct, the bottom-feeding-pond-dwellers will argue that they are made in CHINA by FOXCONN

Apples way of showing Jobs respect is to make it a 7.9 rather than a 7. Apple doesn't care about Jobs one bit. He did after all instill his cut throat business tactics in them, all to well. LOL at Jobs and Apple.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

The iPad 2 performs well, so I'm not fussed about it not having the latest / greatest CPU, but having a screen of only 163 DPI at $329 seems like a "meh" compared to what made the iPad 3 so successful: top of the line specs across the board for a 10" tab at $500. If the iPad mini had the resolution of the iPad 3, that would bring it up to the same level as the iPhone DPI wise, but that would have put it up to probably $450.

One has to ask: does a smaller device have to be a compromise in performance, just because of the smaller form factor? Apple seems to think so.

They COULD have done a full iPad 3-level of spec for the same price as an iPad 3, and sure, some would perceive it as "smaller screen for the same price?" because some equate tablet value with screen size. I equate the iPad 3 with "painful hands and wrists after 15 minutes of using the thing".

I'm sure I'd enjoy an iPad but I'm not paying their prices when I absolutely love my BB phones and PlayBooks for much less. Plus I like the BB OS better. It's about the experience, not the hype.

what about the known bugs on the Playbook OS, the lack support of apps, and the browsing experience....

What about them? Blackberry is a downsized company trying to stay afloat. You sound like you belong in an Apple forum. Do us a favor and go to one.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

PS, this guy is an iSpy LOL.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Simple answer - No

A more descriptive one - Well I will save my cash for either a new hybrid tablet/laptop from Lenovo or the 10" playbook next year. I have the 64gb playbook which I use at home. I don't use it for anything more than internet or games to be honest.

I use my bold 9900 for everything and it works great.

All I can say is that everyone has a choice on how they spend their money. I chose to keep mine until I see a better product. Having said that I can't see me purchasing an apple ipad anytime in the next 100 years :)

I don't understand what's so interesting about blackberry 10, all blackberry products are just the same, without their BIS/BBM the company would have gone trashed. think logically...

I don't understand what's so interesting about blackberry 10, all blackberry products are just the same, without their BIS/BBM the company would have gone trashed. think logically...

If you don't understand whats so interesting about BB10, why are you posting in a Blackberry forum? Pointless.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Because it's kinda fun fooling around with Blackberry's failure products. Even though Steve Jobs passed away, underneath it all RIM can't be compared/competed with Apple no matter what :)

''Blackberry's failure products.''? I'd hardly call an international user base of over 8 million (and growing) with company assets of over 5.5 billion a failure. Now if your talking about Playbook having only 90,000 apps in comparison to Apples 250,000 then that's a difference, but with BB10 coming and the countless new devs, that number will be equalized really fast. If it weren't for Blackberry, Apple would have never been in the smartphone business as Blackberry invented the smartphone. Additionally Blackberry was in the smartphone game long before Apple even entered it, and will still be here when Apple has left. So show some respect and take your head out of your iAss and see how things really are.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I think Apple has made a mistake with the design of the mini. No retina display? The form factor is also not as appealing as a classic 7" tablet like the PB or Nexus. Still, they will sell boatloads of these and none of their customers will be the wiser.

Even if I didn't have a PB, I'd buy a Nexus or a Samsung before the Mini.