Apple unveiled nothing in iOS 6 that really detracts from the positioning RIM is going for with BlackBerry 10

WWDC 2012
By Bla1ze on 11 Jun 2012 06:52 pm EDT

If you're at all interested in technology then you no doubt know that right now in San Francisco Apple is holding their World Wide Developers Conference where they get to showcase everything Apple. As such, they've now gone ahead and taken the covers off their latest iteration of iOS which features plenty of additions. Depending on your view of iOS 6, it may not look all that inspiring and seem, well, a little underwhelming given the hype Apple is given for the occasion. Let's take a look at what they've gone ahead and added into the mix for iOS 6 that really stands out:

  • Phone - Not exactly a whole lot going on in this area but they did add a new "Do Not Disturb" mode. When set up, you can create a whitelist of callers that can call in and for those blacklisted, you can set up a text letting them know you'll call them back when you want / get a chance to do so. It can be scheduled as well.
  • Facebook Integration - Much like Twitter in iOS 5, you now get deeper Facebook integration that allows for such things as posting from your notifications, uploading images, and allowing others to see which apps you have installed.
  • Mail - Mail gets a makeover. Now a richer experience wherein you can add VIP's and special contacts as well, now features inline video and photo insertion. Plus, they finally added pull to refresh.
  • Siri - Siri has a few enhancements coming. You'll now be able to launch apps, look up videos on Rotten Tomatoes, book restaurants and look up sports scores. Oh, and it's all coming to the iPad now as well with additional language support which includes Chinese and Korean.
  • FaceTime - It now works over cellular connections and Apple has seemingly sorted out the mess where Apple ID's and Phone numbers didn't really play nicely. They'll now be unified, meaning no matter what device you're on (iPad, iPhone, Mac) it will ring accordingly.
  • Shared Photo Streams - Photo Streams came before but it severly lacked any real integration except with iCloud. Now you can share with whomever you wish and if you do share, the people you are sharing with will get notifications when you post up a pic.
  • Maps / Turn-By-Turn Navigation - With this Apple has given Google the boot. They've crowd sourced a ton of information and now can provide their own mapping solution, though it does seem they're tapping TomTom (like RIM is as well) for some information. Yelp and Siri integration add some additional services as well -- you get 3D maps of cities all over the world with a feature called FlyOver.
  • Lost Mode - An addition to "Find My iPhone" in case you lose it. You can now send a phone number to your device for presumably a nice person who finds your phone to call.
  • Guided Access - Ensuring they have accessibility covered, Guided Access is honestly pretty damn cool. With it you can hide or block portions of apps so that accidental taps or escaping of apps can not occur. It can also be extended to hardware buttons as well. Think a visually impaired person who accidentally keeps exiting an app. Just remove, hide or disable the exit button and they'll not be able to leave said app.
  • Safari - A newer mobile Safari is coming along with this release. You can now use fullscreen in landscape mode and it will feature iCloud Tabs which is similar to Chrome Sync in the fact it will keep track of your tabs, bookmarks etc.
  • PassBook - Keep track of pretty much any sort of passes. Boarding Passes, Movie Tickets etc. If it has a barcode, it can be scanned and held in your PassBook for future use. Ya, I dunno -- this one seems like there is more to it they didn't care to mention just yet.

That about sums up the larger changes in iOS 6. If you're looking for more info on any of them, you can skip on over to iMore and get the full details but for now, we're left wondering what all this means for the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10. As it stands, many folks were concerned about the release of iPhone 5 competing with the release of BlackBerry 10. If iOS 6 is any indication of what next generation iPhone will be arriving with, it seems it won't really matter to those holding out for BlackBerry 10 as there really isn't anything there that detracts from the positioning RIM is going for with BlackBerry 10.

RIM is going for something new, something different, whereas Apple, realistically, just brought more of the same to the table. RIM is looking to pull in bezel gestures, swiping to your inbox, a whole new keyboard experience and more. Remember, excluding the BBOS, iOS is now the oldest mobile platform on the market. This kind of iOS 6 announcement smells more of maturity -- aka old age -- than it does innovation. Oddly enough, if you watch the new MacBook Pro video there is a quote within it that kind of sums up what the iOS experience is becoming:

"When you build on top of something else you're stuck with inccremental changes. When you start with something new you can totally redesign it."

Apple has been adding incremental changes to their aging iOS for a while now. Yes, RIM had an aging OS, which arguably forced them into making something new, but that's just it -- it's going to be all new and fresh.

Quite honestly, I was more impressed with the new Retina MacBook Pros than I was with iOS 6.

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Apple unveiled nothing in iOS 6 that really detracts from the positioning RIM is going for with BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry 10 FTW.

Give me the BlackBerry Flow experience, UI optimized for one-handed use, unified swipe-in inbox (from within any app), the blinking red light... I'm there. I really think BB10 is going to look POWERFUL when it hits. Apple improved upon iOS. But what I want is a better BlackBerry experinece - iOS 6 isn't that.. It's a big world... lots of room for RIM to carve out a nice (sizable) niche, and Apple did nothing to make that harder with this announcement.

Don't forget themes...ooooooor not D: with all the things you mentioned I'm there too for BB10. But if there was something like themes I'm THERE!! Besides that I'm super excited for BB10 :)

dude, iphone users dont want themes or individuality. they want to be ALL the SAME. think of them as storm troopers, all the same, marginally intelligent, and expendable.

Right. And we are all geniuses because us BB users use an OS and hardware that is light years behind the competition. Why don't people get in these posts that when you talk negatively about Apple or Google that it reeks of desperation an its really sad.

Every company has their highs and lows when it comes to the wireless business. Apple is pretty much following the wonderful trends of Motorola, Samsung, HTC, RIM and Nokia, which is create a great product and the ride it until they are forced to make major changes and by the time they start to, its too late. 4-6 years is the normal "life" of these innovative products before they begin to decline. Unless apple make some major changes within the next 2 years, they will end up being the 2014/2015 version of RIM

Did you see that revolutionary new feature where they can now have different signatures per email address? Wow! Amazing! Oh.... Wait... My  has been doing that since who knows how long... Apple - Innovation at its best!

I don't get the 'light years behind in OS and hardware' line... My Torch 9860 (and I would assume Bold 9900 and a few others) already do a lot of those 'new' iOS 6 I would think If I can already do them on my nearly 1 year old device, wouldn't iOS 6 be behind me?...and so many people go on and on about's the thing... Hardware specs are more or less meaningless these day..have been for a while really. It is how you execute the software on said hardware. If the software is efficiently designed, it will perform (and seem as fast) on lesser hardware as another device with a less efficient OS that requires more power to do the same job... I look over the 'new feature' list again shown here for iOS 6, and it has maybe 3 features I don't already have..and some of the new ones, my BB does better... Maybe you should really research what can be done on BBOS 7.1 devices and see that they are not as behind as you think...and in a lot of ways are as good and better in other ways than current devices. We 'bash' Apple because they keep touting themselves like they are the only ones out there doing what they do, and most forget others are already doing/have been doing it...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

Light years???? Its funny how people fall for advertising of how the competition are light years apart. What exactly is light years apart for you to make this comment?

You're committing an exclusivity fallacy, saying that one group does something and their marginally intelligent does not mean that a group that doesn't do that is intelligent, it especially doesn't mean they're geniuses. You're also committing the fallacy called "denying the antecedent".

I agree that this could be a new beginning for RIM. Biggest thing for me to come back to a BB is app support. The gestures and the typing input looks great and as an iphone user caught my eye. Just bring the apps please!!

I believe to RIM , but even apple dont bring very news on iOS 6 the people stil believe to them...would you change your coke for pepsi...???????
For me is clear i dont whant the same phone as many teenager or kids use..and the blackberry os looks for me perfect. I love this os..but maybe because i like good professional softwarke too...okay my playbook is in may bag because miss to many app..i dont understam how they was sleep so longe RIM... Normaly they are the one get together with apple apps..but how comes google android was overtake them..that was a big loose..lsorry for my english

The biggest problem with iOS6 versus BB10 is timing. Apple will beat RIM to the punch once again, releasing their update well in advance of BB10. Can an updated iPhone be far behind?

RIM needs to put the peddle to the metal and start showing real progress. I'm concerned that the trickle of information regarding features and flow means they're struggling to get the OS into a state that they are comfortable letting folks get their hands onto it. Time is now RIM's enemy, and Apple releasing a "new" OS version certainly doesn't help their position.

Apple has been getting away with "not really changing anything" for quite some time now. Until the market decides to stop allowing them to break their previous sales records (and stop buying) with each " not really changing anything " updates/upgrades, they will continue to do it. I would too. lol

Time is NOT RIM's enemy; RIM itself is. My concern is that BB10, as what occured when the 9900 was released along with how the Playbook was launched, will be half-assed/rushed to be followed by much promises of what's good to come sometime in an unspecified future.

Wifi hotspot at launch? Nope - sorry it's coming soon. Native email for the Playbook - nope sorry, that took 7 months. Advanced features (apparently) like bookmarks in the browser? - Nope, that's never going to happen. And the list could go on.

As much as I want BB10 to be successful, I have seen RIM screw up, constantly, just about every little thing they could possibly screw up when it comes to their products and their OS's. They are their own worst enemy. And it remains to be seen with whether or not RIM has learned from their mistakes.

And as much as I loathe Apple products; I will say this for them. When they announce a feature, enhancement, or whatever other word you want to call it - it actually comes out in our lifetime. The same can not be said for RIM.

and I'm going to disagree with that "dude". Two of those points were non-issues with people who already had BB phones, which were the majority of people who would buy the tablet anyway. Besides speed, a wi-fi hotspot is simply not necessary when you can just use Bridge. I still to this day refuse to install native PIM on the tablet. My phone handles it just fine and I prefer it stay there. PIM is "Personal" after all. Otherwise, I can bridge what I need to the tablet and preferrably, only temporarily. The last point of bookmarking the browser "never going to happen"? Well, that is just misinformed if not just a dumb statement. Certainly not a large issue and can wait for a cascades browser in BB10.

And therein lies the exact problem that RIM faces; if your going to release a stand alone device, and advertise it as such, then the Playbook should have had native PIM from the get-go. It was an oversight that, ultimately, proved damaging to the Playbook when it launched. While Bridge works fine for those of us with a BB Phone; the Playbook was NOT sold as a companion to the BB Phone - it was sold as a "professional and complete tablet". The result? It was openly laughed at in the media and RIM paid the price for their oversight.

As for the Wifi Hotspot; again this goes to the repeated history of RIM releasing a product - this time the 9900 - and it still have parts of its OS has "coming soon". The phone was billed as having WiFi Hotspot capabilities - only to have those who purchased it on the first day discover that, yet again, here is a RIM product that is missing basic features.

If BB10 is going to be successful; these types of oversights can not happen. The phone and the OS has to be complete; there can not be anything "coming soon" or "just wait" - doing so will only show the public that RIM has failed to learn from its mistakes and is now ready to compete in 2012.

As to the browser issue; I re-read what I wrote and now realize that I mistyped what I was thinking. Apologies for that; I meant that it has no way to organize your bookmarks. And while this may be considered a small issue - except for those of us with a large number of bookmarks - the ability to organize bookmarks can not be done in the current Air Native App. It will come when a Cascades version is released.

But the point I was trying to make still stands. RIM can not release a product that kinda works; BB10 has to be work perfectly, smoothly, beautifully, robustly, in order to compete with other products on the market. If it does, and I really hope that it will, then BB10 will be a solid competitor to what is out there. If, on the other hand, BB10 has a launch as to what occured with the Playbook...well, I dont think I need to finish that sentence as we all know what will happen then.

I can think of no product that, at launch, 100% of the features worked "robustly" right out of the box. Siri being a prime example. Let's not even talk about the lack of features on the early 1st and 2nd generation Apple mobile products after the iPod. It just seems to me people are just hell bent on pointing out what doesn't work for RIM while ignoring what does. The opposite for other platforms.

Thats not to say RIM wasn't in need of a refresh, which is where they are now, but it's not nearly as awful for the average end-user as media and tech geeks make it out to be. My office building (which is 44 floors high and contains a Fortune 300 company) is still full of RIM devices, so obviously something works on them. While it would be nice to be able to record 1080p and have 100 apps to edit them, RIM devices still largely do what they are suppose to, and they not nearly as behind even with their OS 7 devices as some people make it out to be. Just too much fandom going around these days without remaining objective about what works for you.

i think its this train of thought that has put RIM where it is at now, saying ohh a decent amount of people still uses bb devices so something is working so stay as they are is what made them complacent, apple and android devices are 4 years ahead of RIM, whether its the iphone or an android device you have to admit once someone brings one next to your bb7 os phone they can run circles around it, Rim needs to take point on this new phone. Im waiting until october to get the new phone and i hope its gonna be awesome, but if i see the specs being subpar where as its below whats out now, im gonna get an iphone and give away my playbook and get an ipad. RIM always hold back on the specs for their phones and say ohh the os doesnt need any more processing speed or memory, then once you install 2 or 3 apps your phone starts freezing up and running out of memory. I see RIm doing well because with the promise of this phone being like an iphone in capabilities plus the BBM usage it should be a winning combination hands down if they dont hold back

Reasonable points. My rebuttal is simply that all of the reasonable points you raise come from what I'd call "old-RIM".

Execution under "old-RIM" became a complete disaster, and 2011 was a spectacularly bad year. I think they WERE on the right track (QNX and TAT were outstanding acquisitions), but I suspect that events overtook RIM, and there was a panic to fit all the pieces together. We see where that got them.

"New-RIM" was born sometime last fall, right around the time that they announced the new pricing on Playbooks and the delay on BB10. I continue to believe that this was when Heins really took charge, several weeks before Balsilie and Lazaridis stepped down.

Execution has been great since then. And Apple is now the "Big Brother" they always claimed they were fighting.

I don't believe that RIM will stage the same kind of comeback that Apple did when Jobs returned, but I do think they have the talent and the opportunity to stage the biggest comeback SINCE Apple's.

What about the fact that Siri STILL does NOT work in most parts of the world? It was their MAIN selling point for the 4s!

Playbook lacked alot of stuff because there was not yet a server architecture to integrate it with. Blackberry Device Services, is the next BES, and it is still no where near where Bes been for years.

It is quite similar to the BES manager just with way less options.

I don't think it lacked because of integration with BB services. QNX integration into their existing services should have been done the day they decided to use QNX as their OS for the Playbook or they should have held off till that infrastructure was there. It was because the old crew wanted to sell BB phones. Leaving native PIM out whether it was part of the BB Bubble or not is a major oversight and no manufacturer in their right mind would OPT to do that out of necessity unless they thought they could sell a gimmic. Releasing the Playbook without calendar, contacts and email was a selling point for them because they could sell phones with Bridge.

"You want email, contact and calendar? Buy a Blackberry phone and get Bridge. An innovative and exciting way to get your stuff pushed to your tablet! Using built in apps is so 2008!"

Too bad it blew up in their faces. Like Apple, RIM had this mentality that their customers are dumb and don't know what they want so its up too them to tell us.

I like the direction they are taking now and am super stoked for BB10 and future updates to my Playbook which I still think is among the #1 Tablet PC out there. I think many others including fanboys of other systems would like it just as much if they could get over the fact that its a "Blackberry" which is the equivalent of being the red headed stepchild of the mobile computing world and give it a real objective look. The only thing that worries me is RIM shitting the bed come launch time.

What are you doing? The truth is not appreciated over here. You will have fanboys jumping all over you.

I agree with you but do you have a death wish?

Ok, please dont flame for what I'm going to say, I'm a blackberry user and I actually like my blackberry for the limited things that it does but other phones are seriously getting better and getting much better very quickly.

...I remember last year when iPhone 4s was released instead of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 and everyone was saying how great it is for Rim that they now would be able to catch up...
there was iOS4, than iOS5, now it is inching to iOS6 and to iPhone 5 and dejavu... how good it is for Rim...what a bunch of CRAP!!! All of this is horrible for Rim because at this point all Rim has is Vaporware! Even small incremental increases improving OS are great showing the company working on improvements.

Playbook that presumably has the same system as BB10 has been neglected for months while the "big wigs" sorted out their power struggle finally retiring the two gebronies but only after they were trying to offload the BBM to other companies or to even sell the entire outfit to someone else. Some fu**ing VISION.

Painted themselves to a corner where they are no longer able to afford any mistakes, running out of money, shrinking workforce, loosing sales left and right ...with its great keyboard Rim is like a good old fashioned manual typewriter sitting in the corner of the office refusing to leave.

You might forget that iOS was already much much greater than bb OS. Those "small incremental increases" are much useful like many people bought iphone. It doen't mean apple succeed in marketing or design. Most people approved that iOS and android are "useful and reasonable to have". Not many people spent their money for waste.

Sorry, I think you overestimate how advanced iOS actually is. iOS has been WAY behind BBOS since it was released. The very few areas that iOS had an advantage are long gone.

Even BBOS7 is superior to iOS6 in uncountable ways, with few (any?) advantages left for iOS. BB10 is indisputably the most advanced mobile operating system on the planet -- no competing OS can touch it, let alone the antique that is iOS.

It seems impossible for iOS to catch-up; the system is just too burdened by decisions that seemed sensible on the hardware of days-gone-by, but are severely limiting today. This is true of the UI as well, which is clearly struggling to handle basic features like task-switching.

iOS is dead "by the impetus of his own blows" as it were. Let's not pretend that there is any truth to Apple's laughable assertion that it is the "most advanced mobile OS in the world" -- it's not even a little bit true. It borders on illegally dishonest!

The actual biggest problem is that nobody wants compare iOS with Blackberry OS except big fans of BB. It seems everyone doesn't matter how RIM is developing their devices and OS. They already lost minds of most customers like market share greatly dropped. Whether iOS or android are evolved or not, BB is already at outside of market. BB is only existed in crackberry. I didn't understand why most people in crackberry love so much bb devices although I have bb9900 and playbook and these are less useful than other device from other company. People in crackberry are not neutral reviewers and users. They love bb devices without any reasonable facts although BB has much less number of apps and more expensive apps than other OS. Does bold have something special? I couldn't find yet. After I used and experienced android, BB is nothing but I'm back to BB 9900 due to only the qwerty keyboard. You might say BB phone has safer and more powerful e-mail push... Please experience iOS and android. I guys love BB devices but BB is nothing outside of crackberry. I reglet that I spent money for my bold 9900. Playbook? I bought it $ 199 in Canada...... Nothing useful apps. RIM really doesn't care of it. Today, there are many useful tablets with reasonable price outside of crackberry. Please be more reasonable customers...

...they can go ahead an release iOS 6 before BB10, as I mentioned 9860 has had those (75%+) features since last August...and after getting a taste of BB10, iOS6 will look ancient (more so than it already does)...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

I feel pity, nothing but pity...overpriced and outspeced on the day its annouced, and guess what? Silver with black keys....

You hate Apple and everything about Apple.. we get it. Though, you sure do talk a LOT about a comapny you hate.

There IS a lot to not like about Apple and its products. Their OS is stable sure but depends too much on 3rd party software and can't do do the basics. Now lets talk Linux :D

Nothing wrong with hating on Apple. I can remember a while back, you were hating on RIM and praising Apple.

Yeah I cannot wait to not be able to use ethernet port. My work does not do WiFi - refuses to for security reasons. I could get a USB adaptor - but that will use up one of the (yippie) 2 USB ports. Guess that means a Hub is in the future.

Not that big a deal - but typical Apple - they force you to change the way you do things to accomodate the way they think you should do things.

Yup exactly ,that it why Apple will not get one more dollar of my hard earned money. It's their overpriced way or the highway, and I'm sick of it.
Sent from my BlackBerry Neutrino powered Playbook

Click the "build your macbook" link and see how much it costs. Over $4000 for the pro with the retina display. I was with a big time apple fan when we spec'd one out. Even he laughed at the price. Sad, he'll wind up buying one anyway...

As long as BB10 can do everything a BBOS7 device can now, and add all of the great apps and media capabilities and developer support like it appears to be doing now, then it should do more than iOS 6 can. iOS 6 is still adding things that BBOS has done for a while now. I'm sure that iOS people will claim it is all game changing and magical again though. I loved what I saw with the Macbooks. My Pro 17 is still running strong and they are definitely great devices.

"iOS 6 is still adding things that BBOS has done for a while now. I'm sure that iOS people will claim it is all game changing and magical again though."

Lol.. I was thinking the same thing reading through the list...

"iOS 6 is still adding things that BBOS has done for a while now. I'm sure that iOS people will claim it is all game changing and magical again though."

You haven't been on iMore today. They actually hate iOS6 and want iOS7.

BB10 please :)

The determining factor here is "timing" if Apple beats RIM to the punch then RIM loses out on all of the potential customers that would have jumped ships since most will have already used their upgrades on iPhones.

BlackBerry is the transformation of a lifetime and this sudden turn of events will make history books look like children's stories.

Whatever your phone of choice is now, in the near future you better do your homework and research which phone you want to ride on your hip because there's no more Mr. Nice Guy; BlackBerry is going to be ready to play hardball.

Basically my thoughts. It will be interesting in about 5 years to see if Apple lets themselves get to the same point that Palm was at a couple years ago and RIM is at now, or whether they'll succeed in completely overhauling (ie actually innovating again) before they hit the point of desperation. They're playing it conservative now that they're the oldest, and justifiably so.

And I also was far more impressed with the retina MBP. I'm sticking with PC especially with Windows 8 coming, but it did make me drool a little bit.

RIM better hurry up with BB 10 though, all the apple fanboys are talking like Passbook isn't yet another BlackBerry inspired Apple "revolution" Come on I've been using BB Travel for years! Apple is really into borrowing ideas from BlackBerry lately.

Of course Do Not Disturb is a clear rip off and less functional then BlackBerry Bedside mode.

BlackBerry 10 will be a batch of fresh fruit to make people forget all about those well past ripe apples that they've been buying for the last few years!

I didn't know that BB's Bedside Mode could have a whitelist of people to allow calls/notification from. That's actually a really cool feature. BeBuzz doesn't even do that. Maybe we'll see something like that in BB10.

The "ignore call with message" is prett neat too. Nothing earth shattering, but all cool, convenient features.

I really wish RIM can combine BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry Maps together and also include a 3D turn by turn on the new software (not 2D). One more thing is that I wish that BlackBerry Wallet can do what PassBook can do and also plus NFC payment like Google Wallet combined.

Many people trust Apple than BlackBerry. Many of them prefer Apple over BlackBerry products.

When you buy an Apple product you do not get ripped off. Unlike the BlackBerry PlayBook for example, not even 2 months out and they put it on sale. THEY NEED TO ISSUE REFUND!

I think BlackBerry fans wants to jump ship to Apple but they do not want to because they have high hopes that BlackBerry would rise anytime soon. Guess what? That would not happen.

"you don't get ripped off"

Are you kidding me?

You're complaining that the Playbook is inexpensive, and you're trying to say that a tablet costing three times as much with similar functionality is not a ripoff?

What are you smoking?

I think what he meant is that when the PlayBook began to be sold, the PlayBook cost close to $ 500, and shortly after the sales, the price began to fall really quickly. Of course it is best to purchase a product for a low price, but those who bought the Playbook for $ 500 may not have expected that its price would fall so quickly.

Go back to school and learn to count past the number of fingers on your hand. Unless 2 is all you have then sorry :(

You are obviously victim to the "distortion field".

Since I've been with BlackBerry, I've received $177.00 in free apps.
I'be been able to buy a Playbook for 199.00. I don't have to pay 3g data because of Bridge.

Let me give you a little dose of reality in terms of rip off.

1. Price fixing against consumers with e-book readers is a rip-off.
2. Restricting apps that would otherwise work and used to work so you can cajole people into the iBooks store is a rip off.
3. Not providing Siri on the iP4, when it has all the hardware necessary to force you to upgrade is a rip off.

If you really think BlackBerry fans like me want to jump ship you are crazy.

I love my physical keyboard, I love shortcuts, I love the better e-mail and messaging experience. Not to mention a little thing called security. BlackBerry is just the best at all of the above. Besides, how smart is a phone that does not let you swap out a battery? I guess that is another rip off so you have to upgrade if your battery goes bad.

Many people do like apple better than BlackBerry but CIO's are still asking for BlackBerry. It is simple a more secure and versatile business tool without the distractions.

I'm not saying that BB does not need a refresh. They probably do but for you to say we want to jump ship to price fixing apple is just fantasy.

BB10 is going to renew the brand and it will still have the best security.

The iPhone passed up BB years ago. BB10 is just a lot of promises that will probably never come true.

Ease up on the RIM coolaid dude.

BB9930 user.

BlackBerry 10 is going to happen my friend. It will deliver. The only question that remains is whether it is enough to get people to take another look at RIM and if they can hang on against the deep pockets of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

I am a little worried about apple trying to sneak into auto, as that is currently a RIM stronghold. But I have faith that BB 10 is what allot of people are waiting for.

I am curious to know if your screen name is in reference to the OS that powers your almighty iToys.....or to the empty space between your ears? Or both?

A lot of kool aid drinkers in here. I'm a BB user from way back, but i'm not hopeful about BB10 being able to compete. It's in a way a 1.0 product trying to compete with OS's that are tried, tested and true.

People here trying to laugh off Apple's OS updates smacks of desperation.

On a related note, i switched from my BB 9900 to a Lumia 900 a month ago, can't believe i stayed on BB as long as i did.

Cause i still own a BB 9900 and a playbook. Believe it or not i actually want RIM to succeed. But blindly discounting other OS's does us no good, makes us look delusional. This whole "when BB 10 comes out it will pwn all other!!!!" sentiment is laughable.

But hey, i was just like you a few months ago.....give it a few more months and you'll see the light. :)

So, BlackBerry 10 can't do it because it will be new, yet Windows Phone 7 can (you bought a Nokia Lumia 900 which uses, by comparison, also an infant (maybe toddler?) OS)?

wah wah wah.

i think you need to actually get your hands on a Win 7.5 phone. Clearly you've no idea what you are talking about.

Common the timing of BB10 is a HUGE factor that Thor will have damn well strategically picked out. Personally I think the man hired to take Heins old position is there because Heins can have direct use of him and talk to one man to steer BB10. That aside people know Apple talks highly of itself and it's products, and that their marketing strategy plays out as speak softly carry a big stick. Apple has always made that stick up of a #'s game--a sheer amount of "wonderful" things you can do with idevices. BB10 speaks deeper than, that the whole design concept had an entirely different birth than that of iOS. The flow is visually about easy of use *like iOS* but the method of travel will be much more fluid. and `that is the linchpin BB10 offers * because of it's RTOS base ala QNX.* RIM had the oldest OS and this is there time to put their foot back down. Simple. RIM was innovating the cellular space while Apple was still trolling over iMacs in color and Power Mac 3GS. People need to stay bold and iLess

You want us to "be bold and iLess." I'm sorry, but that sounds like you want me to be bold and gouge my eyes out with a scooping device.

When the iPhone was introduced, it was revolutionary (sure, it's just an iPod with a phone on it but Apple told us it was revolutionary). Now every new release is pretty much the same.
When BlackBerry devices were released, they truly were revolutionary (nothing else like them on the market at the time). Now, they're dragging their feet in the revolutionary department. The thing to keep an eye on is which company is going to be releasing a brand new, built from the ground up OS. The answer, obviously, is RIM. I absolutely LOVE all the negative press RIM is receiving at present because it'll make the comeback worth celebrating even more.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: In 3-4 years from now, RIM will be neck-in-neck-in-neck with both Apple and Android.

I'm sorry, but BB are no more revolutionary. The Bold 9900 is a very beautiful and well constructed phone, but is far from revolutionary, at least from the standpoint of who owns an iPhone or an Android phone.

How do you expect to sell a phone in 2011 when the browser is extremely slow, the email does not work properly with GMail, and you must reboot the phone EVERY TIME YOU INSTALL AN APPLICATION!

Why we should keep an eye on a company that will launch an OS from scratch? Windows Phone was made from scratch, is a brand new OS, and so far has not had a significant market share. Microsoft is going after developers for these to port their applications to the platform, which is still not attractive enough, with all the investment from Microsoft and a giant partner in the hardware like Nokia.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe that RIM will succeed. I really like my PlayBook, even with its numerous flaws, and I like my BlackBerry, though he does not always work correctly, but the competition is very difficult, and make a system more attractive than iOS or Android, without having a lot of popular apps ... at least IMO, is quite difficult for the BB OS 10 to be successful.

I believe the talk was about BB10, not the previous BBOS's. No one in here would compare the "old" RIM against the iToy or robot makers of today.
What we will compare, is the "new" RIM against those "big" boys. The player of old is coming back to the playground and bringing a big ass bag of innovation whoop ass with em.

If iToy wants to continue to go down the path that RIM has been on for years and NOT innovate, then it's safe to say what will happen. Every BB fan knows this path all to well.

I don't understand when people say that Apple is not innovating. They just announced they are integrating their mobile platforms with their computers platform, they are increasingly offering more functionality on the iPhone and the iPad, and is cleary obvious that the new product from them will be something related to television. How they are not innovating!?

How do you know that RIM is making a "bringing a big ass bag of innovation"? A new keyboard in BB 10? Sorry, but how long do you think will take until someone announce an application with the same keyboard for Android? This is not a feature that will be unique for long.

And the other features that RIM announced for BB 10, well, some of them may be exclusive for a while, but if you want to launch a Halo device / system in the end of 2012 to compete with iOS, Android and WP, you need to have a lot of features that are really attractive to the consumer, and not just some enthusiasts of the brand.

Very short-sighted statement. You say RIM's keyboard (or anything else) can just be copied, but phone/tablet integration can't? RIM has already begun that with Bridge and Bridge remote control(which is free) between the two devices. Nothing innovative was announced concerning a TV, so they are still no different than Google or a simple (and cheaper) Roku doesn't already provide.

Anything RIM does can be copied but Apple cannot? Watson<---->Siri. Lets not go that route.

And I do not understand, why the iPhone is a "iToy!"? It does very well what it proposes to do, and many people use it for work without problem.

Very even keeled report Bla1ze. Liked it.

BTW... It's "than I was" not "then"...

"Quite honestly, I was more impressed with the new Retina MacBook Pros then I was with iOS 6."


Sadly, RIM will soon die! I've sold my BB and gone to Android. For RIM, BB10 is too little, too late (about 4 years late).

Geez...look everyone, it is Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates all rolled into one. You are so wise, you should start up your own smartphone manufacturing and software development company.

OMG!! You left RIM and went to android so they are done... seriously. You think 1 person makes a difference. They are struggling in the US for sure. But they are really breaking out in other markets. and around the world they are still very strong. Get a clue TROLL!

Everything RIM is doing now Apple had beat 3 years ago...and I'm typing this from my Blackberry. RIM should have released BB10 a year ago along with BB10 phones. There are no apps for Blackberrys and noone is developing apps. The user interface is garbage and the product is unreliable. RIM is a prehistoric dinosaur with a dream of being even slightly relevant. It's only a matter of time until RIM becomes an Android product. I'll be first in line for the iPhone 5 in October. I'm tired of hanging my head in shame every time I pull out my Crapberry. The dream is over people...

Funny how different people are...I am proud to rock my BlackBerry in public, and wearing my BlackBerry Squadron t-shirt no less :D

The apps BB has are great. For example, just because Blackberry doesn't have 1000 sports apps, and they only have 100 quality ones, doesn't mean there are no apps. I'll take quality over quantity ANYDAY. I'm one that usually bashes RIM but the crap Apple is releasing makes BB10 crush the next iJunk stuff. But judging from your post, you sound like someone that listens to the media and don't do research yourself. I feel bad for you.

What's interesting, is the app quality vs quantity. I used to work for an Apple reseller about 10 years ago, and Apple were pushing in their sales pitch back then about quality of Mac apps vs the quantity of terrible PC apps. 10 years later, Apple are all about pushing the number of available apps instead of the quality.....

Interesting how the next gen iClone OS 5.5 is just now incorporating some of the "ancient"BB7 OS features. Still NO NFC? Hunh! Supposedly "ancient BB7 enables mobile payments and airport security shortcuts using NFC. Can't do that with your iClone? Be very ashamed. :(

"Everything RIM is doing now Apple had beat 3 years ago"

Except development tools, multitasking, security, device management, notifications, messaging, etc., etc.

Sorry, the facts and your beliefs don't seem to match-up.

Not to impressed....nothing special for the second time...(ipad vs ipad 2)...Passbook?...sounds like documents to go!
Just hope BlackBerry can hold on till bb10 arrives.

I think that Apple knows that their current users will follow them despite the fact of the "incremental" updates and doesn't have to worry too much about what their competitors do to beat them. You talk to Apple fanboys about Flash, True multi-tasking, Amazing cameras and the answer will always be the same: " We don't need Flash, true multi-tasking nor amazing cameras ". I got tired of having discussions over it. All I do is use my Blackberry and call it a day.

I'm not sure its fair to compare a featureset enhancement on an existing well adopted codebase which maintains legacy hardware compatibility with a company reinventing itself with a brand new OS and starting it at 10? I am rooting for RIM with BB10 however but my hope is that the ecosystem is embraced, the hardware solid, and the updates are steady. I'm also hoping for a touch screen that doesn't get dust under it in 2 months like my storm 1,2 and torch did!

Apple will be a niche player to die hard fans in the future. The way it was in the 90s. Apple without Steve is like the stones without Mic.

If RIM release an update and make a better UI. No doubt you would hear a lot of negatives. And if apple release or produce another 1 app and integrate with their icloud. Damn, you'll hear a fkin praise here and there. Pls..!!! Go BB10.

Apple seems to be in a huge slump - not really coming up with anything significant for quite some time. On the hardware side I think Samsung is taking them to the cleaners. It also leaves a big window of opportunity for RIM and BB10.

Have you seen the latest MacBook Pro? And the Air, that competitors are trying to copy without success, by making a more expensive laptop than the MBAir or a notebook with cheap plastic construction.

You left out "eyes free" integration for cars Bla1ze. I think that's not only something special as major car manufacturers are working with Apple to make this work as an extension of Siri - but it's something I constantly read on this blog as something we hope will come with BB10 and QNX.

I also agree that PassBook is more than they showed today and coupled with NFC is aimed "squarely" at Square/Google Wallet and might be greater than the sum of it's parts. I think it's a way to tie Apple users back to Apple - using their Apple ID to buy things without having to take out their credit cards etc. Did you ever see Minority Report where they used your eyes to tailor offers etc to you? Apple is working on just that with their Apple ID.

Apple seems to have a "trust factor" that others just don't get and as proof I reference the beginning of Tim Cook's talk when he mentioned to the developers how many users they have and more importantly - how many credit cards they have been entrusted with.

Apple is subtlety tying itself to the important parts of their users lives and because their products/devices only work with other Apple devices, all of this works to bring in and more importantly keep their users tied to their infrastructure.

Personally I think everyone is living in denial. I use a blackberry for work and really enjoy my Playbook but the reality is Apple small incrimental change approach (think Kaizan, Lean or whatever type of continuous improvement) will always keep them a head. The fact that RIM is placing their bets on hitting a homerun in the bottom of the 9th will keep them a float... odds are not that great.

Being Canadian, I am very disappointed in how the company was run, sure their security is amazing but the two guys running it were too busy trying to buy hockey teams or setting up think tanks. How can you ignore the user experience...

Also it is only a matter of time before all these people in the developing world will want an iphone.

Hope they can find a niche, but odds are not good... leadership was asleep at the wheel for too long.

One of the problems with the company previously is that they were trying to do too much at once, not that they weren't doing anything...

3 SDKs + a new product launch + new OS + BB7 support is an insane way to launch...

Your argument confounds me. What do you think RIM was doing with BlackBerry while Apple was pulling ahead? Small incremental changes to their OS.

But they are in different situations.

Apple is making small changes and increases in their system while integrating their platforms, and continues with huge sales of devices and applications in their stores. RIM can't afford to make small updates to the system if it is losing users and the system becomes not attractive for not having striking features of competing systems.

I think you missed the point. Yes the two companies right now are in different situations, but RIM was in the same situation Apple is in now just a few years ago. They were top in the smartphone game selling tons of hardware and everyone loved them so they didn't think major changes were needed to the platform. They just released similar phones with better guts and people bought them. Then they didn't keep up with the innovation and now they're playing catchup. If Apple keeps only making incremental changes to their OS, somebody will come up with something good and just pass them. The user experience is already better on Windows Phone, and who knows how people will receive BB10. If Apple keeps resting on their laurels then history will repeat itself.

Other early commenters seem to be either disappointed or not very impressed either, referencing other similar incremental updates

To be forthright, Apple has not done anything progressive in the last 24 months. One can chalk it up to being in a strong economic position but I always consider this weak strategy. Innovate or die. All the conditions are right for BB10.

Apple is inventing the TV. A 50 inch iOS device is coming down the pipe. Bigger, brighter, better. It will come with a TV guide app. And you will need an app for every TV show you want to watch. Lining up now.

Everything mentioned in the article, or for the most part is already on par with Blackberry 5.... IOS 6 is somewhat a step backwards considering Blackberry 7 is awesome. But throw in Blackberry 10, IOS is already a lost cause, the only thing it has is its brain warped users.

Are you fucking kidding me!?

BB OS 7 sucks!
The browser sucks, it's too slow, the fact that my phone needs to restart every single time I install an application or a simple update to an application is ridiculous, and applications that are available are very, very, very bad (facebook for BB will not let me see any posts made ​​within a group, while up to the mobile version allows), and BB still miss a lot of new applications (Skype and Instagram are two examples).

I have a Blackberry. And a Playbook. But at least I can recognize that the current BB OS is much, much behind what Apple and Google offer on their systems. I don't want new business solutions, I don't want NFC on my phone, I just want something similar to what Apple offers with AirPlay, or integration of Google services in Android, and those are things that RIM can not offer right now.

And if you best argument is that BlackBerry is coming with new, exciting new solutions for the enterprise market, well, they sell phones to consumers too, and maybe, just maybe, they should pay attention to what Apple and the Android manufacters are doing: they know what features are appealing to common consumers.

Yeah, because it's not a perfect product. The iPhone is not a perfect product too.

The problem is that some people simply forget the problems that RIM has, or problems that exist since OS 5.0 and hasn't been sold, or problems that a device has, because they love unconditionally what RIM does.

And I do not think that's correct.

I think that, as a consumer, you must see what are the things that your device are missing, what features are available and what aren't, what are the alternatives... I like my BlackBerry, but its far from a perfect device, and doesn't offer the features that I want, as a consumer. I want to change my phone by september / october, and you know what? I will buy the phone with the most attractive features, to me. It may not be an iPhone, but it will not be an Blackberry, because probably RIM will not launch their BB 10 phone until november / december.

Then go buy a phone that does everything you want it to and stop talking sh_t on a pro-BlackBerry website. I think you'll find that MOST people on this site are realists when it comes to RIM and previous versions of BlackBerrys. Honestly, my Bold 9900 running 7.1 is the BEST phone I have ever used. Lighting fast, browser kicks ass, I have a solid selection of apps that I use and the keyboard rocks. Is it perfect? No it isn't...the camera could be better and the boot up time could be a little faster...however, these aren't dealbreakers as I have a DSLR for my primary camera and I rarelt have to rebooy my device.

It may be true to some degree but it is the way you said it. You come in with guns a blazin on a pro-blackberry website talking about how sh_tty BlackBerrys. Don't like them, move on...plain and simple solution to everyones' issue. many times are you going to go back to the old OS talk?
We get it man. So does RIM that's why they're moving to a whole new OS. One that will make the app devs happy. One that doesn't need a reboot after every install. (an issue of yours)
Can't you see it? RIM is moving on with a new OS. They've learned the lesson. It might be too late. It might save them. You can chose to live in the past if you want. RIM is trying to move forward by changing completely.
But seriously, stop with the OLD OS bashing. It's way past old news man and only serves to add to the bad press that just won't go away like it should. Move on.

It took Apple quite a long time to get to where they are now. RIM is, for all purposes, starting over. RIM is totally rewriting their code and revamping their operations. It's a big gamble. RIM needs to produce a great product with everything working as it should be. Hunger is a great driving force. Apple had it and RIM should be getting that same emotion. I just love my Blackberry and can't wait to see what they have in store for us......

Unfortunately too many people do not understand the transition RIM is going through. Looking forward to BB10, we have experienced it already with PlayBook and BB10 will be the best ever BlackBerry.

Nice thread, my sentiments exactly, I didn't see anything in iOS 6 but the rest of the show was great. As for RIM, I think they are feeling the same way, now they can concentrate on BB 10 knowing there are no surprises here.

Passport....don't count your chickens yet. As no phone was announced, it would be pointless Apple mentioning that Passport was also NFC aware (not only would it not work on current phones, it gives away a feature of an upcoming, *unnanounced* phone). It does lay the framework for NFC integration at some point, and for the meantime does nothing new other than wipe out a few more third party apps that do this very function.

Side note - would love to know how Newsstand affected Zino one year on. That stat would give a good clue on how much sway Apple does have with content providers, and would also give a clue on the upcoming battle RIM now has with Apple in the car space.

The only thing holding me to BB right now and waiting for BB10 is basically BBM and worldwide email data plan for 20gbp/mo. If it wasn't for those 2 things I think I would be on iOS or Android already.

Hope BB10 comes out soon, because the longer the wait is becoming, the more tempting a new device is becoming.

My first smartphone was the blackberry 8800 followed by the blackberry curve 8310, then I purchased the bold 9000. I decided to finally make the the switch to IOS with the 3G iphone then the HTC inspire followed by the Samsung Infuse and then back to the iphone 4 not to mention one windows 7 device that I had for a VERY brief moment. I have since settled with the blackberry 9810 for business and the 9900 for personal use. I own a 64gb playbook and a ton of rim peripheral accessories. I have tried other operating systems but BlackBerry is home for me and to be honest, as long as they are making BB products, I will continue to be a RIM customer. Every person fits a profile associated with a device and it's meant to compliment the individual and accentuate different aspects of their life style. The key is to effectively pair the two together. There is no definitive answer to what device is BEST only what is best for the user and that varies from peer to peer. It is obvious that RIM got complacent with innovation progression and now they are paying the price. No need to discuss the valuation of their stock.... that's another discussion entirely. However, I'm looking forward to BB10 and will purchase the first model that has a physical keyboard, even if it means waiting until spring 2013. Full physical qwerty is imperative to me for a smartphone and RIM has perfected it....although this entire comment was typed on my playbook lol.

+1! Totally agree with your to-each-his-own sentiment. I am very much looking forward to trying out the BB10 virtual keyboard, though. I currently have a Bold 9900. I think I might be tempted to do a Torch 9810-style BB10 phone. ;)

But I'm seriously tired of seeing the Kool-Aid comments on here. It's a BlackBerry fan site! Der! And to those of you who have (or claim to have) a BlackBerry device but bitch and moan about its shortcomings and that the grass is so much greener on the other side, well, then GTFO! It's like a boy/girlfriend threatening, time and time again, to leave you if you don't do this or that. Uh-get-uh-to-uh-steppin'!

BB10 FTW! xD

While Apple Was exhibiting ios6 and calling it a new version when it's just a service pack, did everybody forget they didn't even launch a new iPhone yet? Apple is worried about that loyal, secure and awesome RIM user customer base, their enterprise base they can't quite crack yet. They want it badly they want RIM to shutdown and buy out all of their patents so the infringement wars and device lockouts can be held up at the border. They didn't innovate they copied google with their Chrome Browser which already allows you to pick up where you left off it just doesn't have a fruity cloud puff icon. They also developed their own mapping system to try to shut down traffic to the Google Maps that been on iOS since day 1. Anyways who really cares what crap they keep spoon feeding the apple sheep I just want to see BB10 before its too late.

Let me add my 3 cents. I've been a Mac computer user since the 80s. I fought with my co-workers in the early 90s when Apple stock was in the toilet and Gil Amelio nearly killed the company. I have also used Blackberries off and on over the past 10+ years. I've used every iPhone that's come out and currently used a 4S since January.
But having used several Androids, iPhones and Blackberries, I have once again grown bored with the iPhone (forget Android--the predictive type drives me insane) and the old OS, and am betting the farm on RIM again. I love the underdog. I have a new 9900 coming, another Playbook (sold the first one) and am committing myself to Blackberry straight to BB10. The previews look amazing, the OS powerful and elegant and the device looks like a mini Playbook. I am loving what I am seeing so far. This is loooong overdue. RIM has frustrated the heck out of me in recent years with the Playbook announce one year release the next, the slow developments, the under spec'd devices, the low res screens, basically the corporate hellhole that it was becoming. The big outages they had last fall killed it for me and I bailed once again. But with the new changes at the top, the promise of something truly great, and all the possibilities, I am very excited and really hope the powers that be can hit a home run...or at least a triple. I am back on board cheering for RIM to get it right this time and really wow us with something. I've always felt that the gestures on the Playbook were the greatest invention I've seen in the tablet space, and it's truly ingenious. If they could incorporate that into the phones?.? Oh my god. BB has always been my phone device experience of choice and if they can pull this off I think it will be the best story since the rebirth of Apple. matter how small the update..they lineup for their fix of iphonecaine every damn year at overinflated prices.frank lucas would have made billions of them.

Sure, it doesn't sound like much, but it is bringing a whole host of useful improvements to the (far and away) market leader, a platform that most people actually _enjoy_ using. And to top it off, though the iPhone 4S is already a pretty high bar (seriously, look at all the competitors that come streaming out and they still cannot crush the 4S in terms of consumer uptake), the iPhone 5 is just going to be that little bit better, slicker.

I am really hoping RIM nails it with BB10, but it is not going to be easy. One missing feature, one little glitch and the naysayers will be ALL OVER IT, no matter how good the rest of it is.

RIM can truly take this oppurtunity and hit back with bb10!!!! RIM need mad software and unbelievable hardware!

Rim will not survive as an independent company,they are being prepped for sale. Thats why they brought investment bankers in to oversee a strategic asset and positioning evaluation.

As a longtime bb and playbook owner who recently purchased the new ipad and the iphone 4s as well as apple tv, I will tell you side by side the ios experience trumps the bb experience now. Airplay is a marvel. No wires just apple tv and i can play anything through my entertainment and no bluetooth needed. Seemless integration for Pandora and itunes whereas there is no pandora app for pb.

The retina screen makes phone suitable for surfing even the smallest text is readable. Its the same screen that is on ipad and blows away the pb screen. Apps built for its environment not android ported like pb. This and many others.

The key indicator rim is done is this, my industry financial services is now shifting to iphone because of two many broken promises from rim. I have never understood why fanboys get so emotional, it just a communication device and I am through making excuses for the idiots that run RIM. In the end Im an american and not acanadian so RIM can rest piece. Ps if you have big fingers the form factor sucks to type on.

You want them to die?you disgust me as an american!!!apple is the WORST thing to ever happen to the telecom industry.they rape carriers with insane subsidies,data hogging phone.I hate apple and all that they stand for and I am an american and will NEVER buy an bitten fruit product.people act like steve jobs was god,but he was a cruel human being.

Here's the comment postings from the article on MSNBC. Read what people (aka the general public) OTHER THAN THOSE IN CRACKBERRY have to say before someone here starts complaining with the old, "On Crackberry, we expect you guys to have negative things to say, blah blah, blah" routine.

lol at your last paragraph.

"The key indicator rim is done is this, my industry financial services is now shifting to iphone because of two many broken promises from rim. I have never understood why fanboys get so emotional, it just a communication device and I am through making excuses for the idiots that run RIM. In the end Im an american and not acanadian so RIM can rest piece. Ps if you have big fingers the form factor sucks to type on."

Hey JTATL ...

1. "Seemless integration for Pandora and itunes whereas there is no pandora app for pb" - Actually, I have a ported Pandora app sideloaded on my PlayBook that runs like a charm.. but I prefer Slacker.

2. You are "a long time BB and PlayBook owner. but recently purchased an iProducts" - okay, so why are you here? Move on.. iMore or 9to5 Mac... peace out.

3. "The key indicator rim is done is this, my industry financial services is now shifting to iphone." - Great.. so my financial information is going to get hacked because people in the financial industry are walking around with unsecure iToys in their pockets.

4. "I have never understood why fanboys get so emotional, it just a communication device" - yet you are out on CrackBerry foaming at the mouth about your "wonderful" Apple devices.

5. "I am through making excuses for the idiots that run RIM." - Not sure if you heard, but they only have one CEO now.

6. "In the end Im an american and not acanadian so RIM can rest piece" - it is sad to know that you are a fellow American. What benefit would it bring to your life wishing RIM go out of business?

7. "Ps if you have big fingers the form factor sucks to type on." - Laughable, considering your post is RIDDLED with misspellings. Either a. you don't have a solid grasp on the English language or b. the auto-correct on your new "Great" iPhone isn't working all that well or c. iPhone keyboards suck to type on.

"Quite honestly, I was more impressed with the new Retina MacBook Pros than I was with iOS 6."

Well then.... get ready to be even more impressed by the iPhone 5 when Apple announces it

When's that gonna be?
It took them 18 months to release the 4S, the iPhone5 might not be out until 2013.
Too little, too late.

When did they announce that?
Oh, that's right... they didn't.

Keep counting iSheep. When you wake up, BB10 will have leap-frogged iOS.

but Kevin you must understand, it's all about integration, with their macbooks, tablet and phone and blackberry doesnt' have that. and you yourself uses macs

food for thought

BB phones integrate with PlayBook tablets much better than the iPhone does with the iPad. Ironically, RIM was criticized for that. People complained that you didn't get the full experience if you just bought the PlayBook by itself.

iSheep see what they want to see.

Food for thought.

I agree. There is never a point that my phone is not bridged to my playbook and I love it. Calendar integration from my 9900 bridged to my tablet is a thing of beauty. I was blown away by the hdmi resolution on my big screen as well when browsing and using the remote control feature. Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

Such a collection of "Trolls", "Apple- haters", " Blackberry- fanatics", " Apple- lovers", "Android- lovers" .......!!!!! This site is really amusing ! LOL

I wonder if siri integration into cars with the button etc is going to impact on QNX integration in cars? Other than that, ios6 was nothing much more than just them to gloat more about how many users they have then anything new on the table. It's more about cutting google off with maps really and getting cosy with facebook integration which the latter is nothing I care for whatsoever.

As for user experience, blackberry 10 is going to rock so much more.

on a side note, that retina display resolution is great but its severely going to cut into the power of the laptop. its a bit ridiculous on something that size, then again the same can be said on an iphone :P but whatever, im sure people will be wowed by large numbers :P

apple loves planned obsolescence. people want for more even if their 2011 mac is good enough.

If I've learned anything from this string of comments, it's that the only intelligent cross-platform conversations that happen in the Mobile Nation family are on the Mobile Nation Podcast. All the comments between the different users just break down.

Rather have a IOS6 phone with TomTom maps than the not working Bing maps on my Playbook...
And indeed: Apple is innovating, which is great, they don't force you to buy anything isn't it?

Then you should be worried because if you look at the About in Bing Maps, you'll see that it's powered by TomTom maps.

Well, as said above, it is more of the same as always. This is funny. I am the only BB user among many friends (the majority belonging to the "iCult") who are still overly excited about ... well, more of the same. I want to hear what my friends will come up with when BB10 is out. GO RIMM!!!!!

Nothing really interesting, as you said, but the new iPhone hasn't been released or even shown yet.
I'm sure they'll add some new features on it.

PS: BB 10 F T W. I just cannot wait for it!

Joke: iPhone has Siri, Samsung has S-Voice, Blackberry has two cups on a string. Lolll but on a serious note BB10 could be so amazing that it would do the dishes and that still wont fix the underlying problem of poorly designed apps on Blackberry and a lack of apps as well. Blackberry will never appear as the fun smartphone and why even try stick to what you know business, security, emails and BBM license them if you have too or try and compete with the competition and be swallowed up whole like Motorola.

Why is initial release date of an operating system relevant? iOS 6 is a new OS so we are to say it's beta is one day old now, or how are you determining age in your post? Is Windows 8 really 26 years old using your math? and Windows Mobile is 12 years old right?

I understand your extreme bias but it just seems odd that you would make a comment about age when BlackBerry proudly states they plan on using 30 year old technology as the foundation for BB10... and if the failure of the PlayBook isn't a forewarning of the "success" to come in BB10 I don't know what is.

My only problem with all the comments relating to BB10 and how awesome it will be is that eveyone is betting on a horse that no one has seen, raised by a stable that has promised champions and delivered ponies.

I do own a BB9700 and an April 2011 PB and while I truly enjoy my PB, I have all the apps I need to enhance my life currently on my phone, the browser is indeed slow, it constantly crashes from lack of memory and the level of micromanagement needed to ensure you have the apps you want on the limited storage space is mind-boggling in 2012.

I still am waiting to see what BB10 will show before making my decision regarding which mobile device I will use for the near future, but an Ostrich I am not and sticking my head under BB10 is not something that anyone should be doing based on the arguably nice pictures we've seen so far.

It's always entertaining to see the Crackberry site criticizing an Apple product or feature in comparison to some future theoretical delayed Blackberry release. The comment by the RIM executive who last week described Apple and Android as being stuck in 2007 was humorous as well. At first I thought it might be a spoof. Can you imagine working for RIM and saying that with a straight face?

ios6 showed nothing new just that they ditched google maps and that siri is going to be on the 3rd generation iPad. WOW FAIL!!! i am a Apple and RIM stock holder and i wasn't impressed with apples offerings i think they are going in the wrong direction. 2 lines of macbook pro, a cheeper but not upgraded mac pro and new software with minor advancement. I think come later this year RIM is going to sell lots of BB 10 phones!!! while tim cook is crying over lost market share.

i don't mean to sound unintelligent i just mean that i have used a Macintosh computer my whole life and i wanted the retina display macbook pro replace the current generation and not just live along side it. and not to say ios is bad its not tons of people love it but i don't care for it that is all.

And still hundreds of thousands will rush to buy and apple who averaged 4 million ios devices sold a day up to March will sell millions more! So its iOS = 4,000,000 Android = 900,000 And Blackberry = ???

I have read most of the comments here but I will bring my 2 cents there:
The core of the discussion is quite wrong. Because we try to compare 2 different products that are not competing straight forward. But why?
Apple or the many android manufacturers are targeting first the "mass market" while a blackberry is first design for a professionnal market. Each one try to go to the other market to increase volume. From that part, it is basically different product that are not direct competitor.
Apple vs andoid is not the same as apple vs bb as it does not make sense.
Apple & android were designed for multimedia purpose then let's put a mic on it and it will be a smartphone.
BB is phone then let's add email (later bbm) with a secure environment. Then when came this multimedia product they tried to do the same on an OS not build for that kind of use (BB10 will correct this).
So then to say too little, too late has no sense as blackberry still have no "real" competitor. Nobody has their level of security, email capacity and infrastrcture.
Actually in terms of app, if we do not speak about skype, instagram and maybe netflix, what can not do a bb that others do? then ask: what does a bb that others cannot do? you will be surprised. And mass market does not have the same need than a professionnal one. But today the needs between both market are getting close = BB10 :)
I see in the company I work some people saying "bb is a shit I will take an iphone" (android not allowed). Then few month later you ask: "what do you think?" then surprise!
It is horrible, I need a charger in my car, office, and always a usb cable with me in case. Typing is horrible (they need/have to answer mail directly most of the time). But for music it is fine!
Then what is the main utility of a work phone? Synchronizing on itunes or be able to answer call or mail?
Then quality of network reception and calls is a crap vs a BB (primary use of a phone, isn't it?)
All this to say that BB10 will probably rock (I see number of comments on others forum considering switching to BB with BB10. Because an iphone user will not consider android if he wants to switch and an android user will probably not consider iphone. Then you have BB or Nokia (microsoft). And BB has a better image socially speaking. IF they have a nice designed product and BB10 rocking as we expect, ios and android will probably need to really innovate this time.
Sorry for the long text

"I'm not the man with an "S" on his chest,
I'm just the man who represents the West"

Absolutly not! Just said what I thought, simply.

"I'm not the man with an "S" on his chest,
I'm just the man who represent the West"

apple is going the way of the dodo, since their creative genius is gone, they will do nothing but fix errors that they have had for years. thats all you can look forward to with apple. the innovations are done. time to move on people, move on to Blackberry 10.

That's why I have Curve 9360 and Nokia N9, makes for a killer combination! Waiting for BB10 to unify those two!;) Harmattan-like+BIS+BBM! :) RIM just can't lose!;)

I wonder what affect TomTom's deal with Apple will have on TomToms deal with BlackBerry for BB10. Will Apple make TomTom back out, or give us older software. Will BB10 be able to run droids ver of Google maps?

You lot are comparing an already establisihed OS to something that dont exist yet and may never exist. I have never liked the IOS user interface, it lacks depth for someone like me. But you cant give apple any stick for improving it rather than making radical changes. 340 million people love it. In a very short space of a year, imessage subscribers have thwarted RIMs less than 70million BBM subscribers.

Also the OS is only one half of it, RIMs intention was to push the current alpha handset to the market, they actually thought they could shrink the playbook and sell it as a handset! The question remains if the BB10 hardware or software will deliver. Judging by RIMS history it probably wont.

Before you start calling me names, I have a BB9810 and a Playbook tablet and I dont kid myself they are any where near as good as IOS or Android.


I've read and re-read a ton of these posts, fans, non-fans, all adding insight and comments about the BB future.

I own a BB, and have for many years. I have purchased, used and dumped iphone4, droid and palm products. The straight truth is that perception is reality. RIM makes a great product, but as it has been noted over and over again it is behind the times. I think the fairer comment might be, it's not up to snuff as a consumer product, and when it tried to bootstrap in consumer features for the users who asked for them, they failed. We can all agree, leadership did fall asleep on the job.

RIM, was not setup to compete for market share, the proper competitive supply chain was not in place. The marketing ( brand development and support, advertising, promotions and PR) was so inferior that newcomers to the market ran over the brand, telling new smartphone users that the BB product and RIM was dead.. At the same time, slowly adding features users of BB had been using and loving for years, calling them NEW, INNOVATIVE, REVOLUTIONARY, some were , most were not.

Come on folks, how many SIRI ads have you seen over the past 6 months, MANY!!!!, the product is in beta...and from what I have experienced ( with a 4s on AT&T) does not really help or work really well. Iphone4 released and did not really work that well ( bad antennae design). It still sold more product then every other competitor. Do you really think it is the product people are buying?
.......i don't expect everyone on this forum to understand the concepts of brand strategy and marketing, but the point is: If RIM does not fix the reality of the brand and the perception of the product( and there are many to overcome) the new product stands very little hope.

People are switching from BB because they are told via TV, blog or Peers that they have an old busted BB. I have stopped defending RIM, I know that my 9900 ( for me) has the best user experience and features and functionality but I am a small market....the mass market needs to hear from RIM that their device is killer, modern and robust ( cool). Consumers want to feel great about their chosen purchase, not defend it.

Can RIM pull it off? well, Audi did it, Apple did it, Hyundai IS doing it. Shall I name more????

Key issue

I've read and re-read a ton of these posts, fans, non-fans, all adding insight and comments about the BB future.

I own a BB, and have for many years. I have purchased, used and dumped iphone4, droid and palm products. The straight truth is that perception is reality. RIM makes a great product, but as it has been noted over and over again it is behind the times. I think the fairer comment might be, it's not up to snuff as a consumer product, and when it tried to bootstrap in consumer features for the users who asked for them, they failed. We can all agree, leadership did fall asleep on the job.

RIM, was not setup to compete for market share, the proper competitive supply chain was not in place. The marketing ( brand development and support, advertising, promotions and PR) was so inferior that newcomers to the market ran over the brand, telling new smartphone users that the BB product and RIM was dead.. At the same time, slowly adding features users of BB had been using and loving for years, calling them NEW, INNOVATIVE, REVOLUTIONARY, some were , most were not.

Come on folks, how many SIRI ads have you seen over the past 6 months, MANY!!!!, the product is in beta...and from what I have experienced ( with a 4s on AT&T) does not really help or work really well. Iphone4 released and did not really work that well ( bad antennae design). It still sold more product then every other competitor. Do you really think it is the product people are buying?
.......i don't expect everyone on this forum to understand the concepts of brand strategy and marketing, but the point is: If RIM does not fix the reality of the brand and the perception of the product( and there are many to overcome) the new product stands very little hope.

People are switching from BB because they are told via TV, blog or Peers that they have an old busted BB. I have stopped defending RIM, I know that my 9900 ( for me) has the best user experience and features and functionality but I am a small market....the mass market needs to hear from RIM that their device is killer, modern and robust ( cool). Consumers want to feel great about their chosen purchase, not defend it.

Can RIM pull it off? well, Audi did it, Apple did it, Hyundai IS doing it. Shall I name more????

I'm a blackberry lover but I'm tired of having to repair my phone and deal with all the bugs and glitches. I'm about to go to iPhone soon and now that I look back,I feel like I've been BETA testing for blackberry. I just want something that works without problems

Well like all tech junkies I watched the Apple blog and I just cant believe for this innovative company their updates are very stale. Since the intro of the iphone it has always lacked basic features that most phones have as a norm but the masses are drunk on the kool-aid. Yes I put my berry down for a iphone until bb10 and plus I wanted to see the craze and can I say "not impressed". So i cruised over to imore and wanted to really see how their community feel about this " ios6" and can I say they are a little pissed and trying to sugar coat some of the obvious. The joy of my morning is their own community is saying wow bb10 looks ahead of the game and could be a game changer compared to ios6. I mean they are waiting on the Galaxy 3. I'm crying to read comments like this update is not helping me to do more and is Apple dumming their phone and customers down.

Bottom line for me are the apps. Several apps I want are only available for iphone and android. If I can get them on BB10, I'm there. Otherwise it's off to appleland.


Look at all the trolls coming out of the caves, from under the bridges. Damn. Mods, time to take ACTION!!! :)

I must admit that as an ex-blackberry user who switched to the iPhone 4 almost 2 years ago, iOS and everything to do with the iPhone is starting to seem borderline stagnant. The improvements to iOS 6 are welcome, but feel much more like a minimal update than a "revolutionary" step forward. I can understand they may be taking an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude here, but the apple keynote so far has actually made me more excited for BB10 than iOS6. And if the heinous iPhone 5(or 6) prototypes we have been seeing turn out to be accurate, I will be seriously looking at the BB10 phones when they come out.