Apple swipes a thing or two from BlackBerry

Apple announced iOS 7 today and it has a few features that we've seen somewhere before. Namely, in BlackBerry 10!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jun 2013 05:56 pm EDT

Apple today in its WWDC keynote address unveiled its most magical, its most revolutionary -- and its most thieving version of iOS yet. It's a pretty big overhaul that includes a new look, new icons and some familiar new features.

And we couldn't help but notice just how similar some of those features are to what we've already seen on current BlackBerry devices.

Over the years we have seen everybody borrow a little here and there from the competition. Big features from one platform are bound to show up on another and that's just the way it is. But there were a few noticeable things in the upcoming version of iOS that look very similar to some features of BlackBerry 10 and even the BlackBerry PlayBook (oh and Windows Phone too!)

Apple has added some things that are arguably "borrowed" from BlackBerry. Here are the big ones.

  • Slide to Unlock: From the looks of it, Apple is going with an up gesture from the lock screen that brings up control center while the unlock remains left-to-right (corrected!)
  • Multitasking: The multitasking view on iOS 7 looks much like that of the Blackberry PlayBook (and arguably Web OS)  as you can swipe to scroll through your open apps. You can also use the swipe up gesture to quickly close an app from this view. This is essentially the same idea as Active Frames on BlackBerry 10 with apps being open in the background for quick access. 
  • Control Center: The Control Center in iOS is a popup of quick settings that you can access from anywhere by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Very similar to the BlackBerry 10 settings which are accessed from the homescreen by swiping down from the top. The controls give access to Bluetooth, Wifi and other settings. 
  • Lock Screen Notifications: Notification Center on iOS is now available from the lock screen, making it much like the notifications you can view from the BlackBerry 10 lock screen. Including the "at a glance" view which shows your calendar appointments for the given day.
  • Gestures: iOS 7 features some swiping gestures that resemble those on BlackBerry 10. They are present in the browser as well as messages app (and maybe other areas too) - swiping to navigate forward or backward between screens.
  • Facetime: The latest version of BBM allows for both video calls and voice only calls. Facetime, which was previously video only, will now also allow for voice-only calls as well. 
  • Photo Filters: BlackBerry 10 is sporting an amazing photo editor that includes a full set of filters. iOS 7 adds a very similar feature to their photos app (but no editor from what we've seen). 

While these are just some of the features that will be in iOS 7 it's certainly not all of them. We can't help but think that plenty of these were borrowed from BlackBerry as they are very similar in many ways. As we said earlier however, it isn't uncommon for companies to build upon ideas from one another. Apple does it, Google does it, even BlackBerry does it. As BlackBerry fans, it just irks us a bit to see so many awesome BlackBerry features turn up in iOS 7. 

If you want to get in on the discussion or know of any more similarities we didn't touch on here, be sure to hit up the forums thread below. You can head over to iMore for more WWDC news as well.

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Reader comments

Apple swipes a thing or two from BlackBerry



Apple stopped innovating long time ago and copies everyone else's features but then Android has TOO much bloatware and IMO has passed the limit of all the crap they could possibly jam into a phone... BlackBerry is just.... RIGHT.

We know BlackBerry has quite a few tricks up their sleeves yet to show us, thats why we NEED BB to continue to push new and cool features, streamline the existing ones, force all carriers to give us update 10.2 like NOW!!

BBM to iOS, iOS doing more and more every time. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think we are far behind iOS.
Shit might as well go for it..
I mean seriously look at our poor apps(compare siri to voice control, seriously outgunned) .. like Facebook compare it to the iOS and see what you get.. we are really down there..and when we are trying to get where they are, they will Still be ahead. BlackBerry better keep moving. But fast!

Posted via CB10

This is the way of objectively looking at the situation and it's always interesting to see people refute it.

BB10 brought many things to BB that were needed. Your post mentions that BB is way behind, which may be an exaggeration. The OS's aren't miles apart and to say iOS is far out in front would be wrong. There are other issues too though and you make good points. Siri, for example. It's actually fairly useful for some things. Ask Siri 'what's the weather like' while you're still getting dressed. Ask it to set your alarm when you're half asleep and realise you forgot. Drunk and can't call a taxi? Siri can help. It's all about convenience and your phone making life easier. BB is behind here, like it or not. Then Facebook. Millions of people use it and the iOS app IS better.

Finally, the app situation. Sure 10 is a new OS. Sure it's getting better and hopefully in time it will be a rival, but the reality is that right now, expecting the average user to switch away from iOS when many things are missing that many people use on a daily basis, is optimistic thinking at best.

I have an ip5. A q10 too. I've been a BB user for 3 years. I like the keyboard and keep coming back to it, but there are areas in which iOS surpasses BB and failing to acknowledge them is ignorant. Like it or not, people now believe an app is required and for a large part, it is. BB recently got Skype, but Instagram, Viber etc. they're not here yet. Without getting these developers on board, it's hard to see people switching that don't have a soft spot already for blackberry.

Interesting point of view. I think it really matters how you look at it. For people who need to get things done and be hyper connected (no time for in and out paradigm) I think BlackBerry has nailed it. With an advanced browser, and ability to sideload apps I don't think the "app gap" is that large. There is no doubt in my mind that we need the big named apps/developers to keep coming to the platform. My children and friends have IPhones and quite honestly there are a lot of things like integration that BlackBerry has been doing for years and ios just got to in ios 6. I know I am biased but I see a real opportunity for BlackBerry 10 and I would say this is the first time they have been going after the bigger piece of pie the right way. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds. This whole "mobile computing" and integration into the car and other verticals really has my interest tweaked. This doesn't mean I don't want to see the other platforms succeed; I just think BlackBerry is still in this!

It still amazes me that we rate an OS on the apps. That is ridiculous. The OS is a platform, on which the app runs. If you strip the apps and the bells and the whistles and ask yourself, what your platform does, BlackBerry 10 is the best platform out there right now. It makes using the phone easier. It allows you to peek at incoming messages without leaving what you're doing. It allows you to share through other services without leaving the service you're in. These aren't apps, these are features of the PLATFORM. When you then build proper native apps on top of such a dope platform, the apps will inevitably be better. It's not what the apps are, it's what the OS can do, because that enables developers to make better apps.

What? Really?? I'm gonna go grab a Q10 for me... eh.. for my girlfriend, I mean

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C

I third that. Apple doesn't really innovate. They just copy, clean, and market. The App store really came from Palm but hey, a dead company can't sue a live company.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Yeah but hopefully there is something meaty enough in all the iOS changes to land apple in court with BlackBerry. A fat cheque from Apple would be Great. Hopefully the patent guys at BlackBerry are top notch

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

They didn't really do anything... they took a bunch of things from Windows BlackBerry and android and combined it with ins 6 as a base....... ridiculous

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Jobs died, the innovation died. One man makes a difference. Just look at what happened to Star Trek after Roddenberry died...down the drain.

Well said! It's a shame that they waste all the effort of this brilliant man. He brought them all up and they felt all low when he died.

Posted via CB10

You said what I've been saying a long time. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing that. Apple has done nothing under Cook except... Meh! It's the same old stuff, just repackaged. Jobs didn't innovate much himself, but he surrounded himself with people that he could push to innovate. It appears that Cook can't do the same. The magic left when Jobs stepped down.

I don't know anything about star trek, but I strongly agree with your comment about Jobs being the driving force behind apple. It's probably gonna be stagnant from here for quite awhile when it comes to apple "innovation"

No new Star Trek series. Have you seen what JJ Abrams thinksof the old Trek series. Abrams thinks lots of action and technology makes for a good Trek movie. But it has no soul.

I think that is above all else that's gonna make me mad, the Apple fans will claim that BlackBerry stole from apple or that Apple innovated. That happened when iPhone got don't disturb mode . My cousin was like BlackBerry should get that and I'm like we do its called beside mode and its better

I totally agree! All the ippl are gonna say BB copied iOS 7 to make BB 10. Man they borrowed so many features from BB 10 and the Playbook OS. Passes me off cause they copied and actually did a pretty damn good job perfecting it. The new iOS 7 on a bigger iphone is gonna do well for Apple

Posted via CB10

I dunno what you are talking about but beside mode is alive and well in BlackBerry 10. Lock your phone and swipe down and voila

Yes I was looking for this comment. This is the thing that's gonna piss me off so bad. We had it first but of course since it's Apple, it'll most likely get twisted on us. What a shame

I don't mind apple. It's just their attitudes that stink. Although I think every now and again you will run across a BlackBerry guy with a attitude just not very often lol

Posted via CB10

I have to agree with your take on the control center. From the moment I saw the first picture, the thought "too much stuff going on there" came to my mind. Maybe it will look better in person (on my sisters' iphones).

Yeah, I don't get the whole let's add all these colors thing. The Photos app and the Game center App, whats with those colors as their logo. Confused.

That's what I thought too! Kinda looks like a 4 year-old went at it with a bingo dabber ;)

I think the rainbow crap wasnt a background but a semi transparent view of the app icons behind which the colors of the icons make it look rainbowee haha either way, does not turn my crank... yuck

Posted via CB10

And it will be out until in late Fall after the back to school rush, the second biggest shopping time of the year. Obviously, a big miss. Too little, too late. Well, I don't actually believe the last statement but it's has a nice ring to it.


We want people to think that.

So they come to BBRY and our uncluttered OS.

Clutter away Apple, clutter away!!

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

BlackBerry must keep improving its os and if it is necessary take the best and the most necessary things from other os.

Saying every bbos10 is the best won't make other os not be better each day.

Posted via CB10


Absolutely. While BB10 is an innovative OS, the competition is not standing still!

BB10 has to be just the tip of the iceberg of the innovation that bb plans to release over the next year and coming years.

Posted via CB10

No, the compilation (in the case of apple) is not standing still, there busy copying innovations from other platforms so that the iflock can say "you copied US!". Mannnnnn I hope I don't get violent the first time I hear some hipster make a claim like that

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

If they copied all these features from BB10.... I'm impressed with how quickly they were able to implement the changes.

There is a difference in copying and the natural progression of technology. There are a number of Android devices that were release before the Z10 hit the market that have Peak like UI along with a unified "hub".

Yes, but remember...we saw the hub and peak and flow WELL before BB10 was released. We had seen sneak peaks from Crackberry and leaks on youtube and everywhere else. BB10 was the worst kept secret. The main features were well known almost a year before it was released. That was a year an a half ago. With Apple's massive developer core, I'm sure they can push out these features within a new OS in that time frame. It's definitely not unrealistic that they copied this stuff within the time frame.

how can the first smart phone company be called a copy cat. Apple has almost created this whole space of phones. almost every platform takes what the other does well and tries to improve on it. Apple was the first to show the world what was lacking. the bottom line there is room for all to play. i dont think Mr Ford is telling toyota you are copying my model "t". and when everyone says this is better or that platform is better, we all have choices so make them quietly

What's great is how they are still trying to add to their stale OS. BlackBerry OS10 is just getting started and will improve by leaps and bounds. IOS can only go so far.

Posted via CB10

The crazy thing, just like Jay-Z proclaimed HIMSELF the "Best rapper ALIVE" after Biggie & Pac's death, now Apple is claiming they have "The MOST ADVANCED OS!?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

You dispute, at the time he made that comment, that Jay had any real competition? The Black Album is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever produced!

Just watching the keynote now. Borderline shameful. And the best part, everyone honestly thinks that Apple just came up with all this themselves.
BlackBerry and Android innovate, Apple just steals now.

Posted from my Q10

yes, blackberry and android innovate, but apple knows how to implement these features even better on their OS. I do agree with you though.

Apple "swipes" a thing or two from BlackBerry... clever Adam :-) But they still have that home button as a monkey around their necks.

I said that too. The IT manager basically canned getting Q10's/Z10's for our company and got massive windows phones with those stupid flippy home screens because he said it doesn't have an "Easy button".
People like a home button. I don't. When the playbook first came out I was like "where have you been all my life" but thats just me.

There actually *still*are* BlackBerry fans who want a "Home" button and a "Trackpad";
yours truly is one of them.

To the uninitiated, how do you get to a "Home" screen if you simply don't know the swipe gesture for this?

Also, Home button is still more efficient and way faster than a gesture IMHO.

And BlackBerry, please bring back the Trackpad for superior text editing!

Nothing says your on the top of the technology world in 2013 like a big fat home button. Does it come in different colors?

Speaking of colors, what was up with all the distracting pastels in the presentation. Man, for a while I thought the teletubbies were going to show up and endorse the iPhone. Maybe it works for tinky winky and his/her purple purse.

Well, they can take a jump. Knackered old iOS7 begins to catch up with BB10.1 with 10.2 waiting in the wings?

And I bet their keyboard is still crap.

Posted via CB10

Exactly, my favorite thing in the iOS 7 presentation was Airdrop and BlackBerry 10.2 with it's WiFi Direct and Miracast will enable the same thing. Or we can tap, the nice thing is we will have the choice and be able to share with our friend in the room who aren't using BlackBerry as well.

This! When apple gets it they gonna act like it's an invention
I had a guy tell me that apples passbook and scanning bar code purchase thing is easier than nfc where u just tap

Wow! What blatant theft. I guess the smartphone revolution is officially over... for iOS. RIP Steve Jobs.

Posted via CB10

I think it looks really cool mainly cause its so light and just fresh!of course the best features seem to be bb10 inspired. But oh well. Ios 7 is doing what bb10.1 is now roughly. Just wait till bb11!

Posted via CB10

Can't BlackBerry sue apple. BlackBerry needs to copyright their features so other os can't copy it even android will copy blackberry.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

Android doesn't even blatantly copy anybody. Apple does it and says they invented it. At least android innovates

Posted via CB10

Perhaps its Blackberry's turn to take Apple to court and slap them with a billion dollar lawsuit just as Apple did to Samsung. If they won it would give Blackberry tons of revenue and put them back on top. Sue the pricks Blackberry!!!

Wonder if Chris Umi will chime on this one... I wonder if they truly could or is there fear of some sort of a BS counter suit which BB doesn't need / can't afford at this time.

Can't help but copy my tweet I've sent a few hours ago:

#apple #iOS "innovation" in 2013: some pieces of #windosphone, #android, #blackberry10 and even a bit of #webOS - this is mind blowing #iOS7

Posted on Q10

Ok that last comment about Steve jobs......Steve jobs didn't innovate shit, Woz did, Steve was a sales person at the end of the day nothing more

Posted via CB10

This is idiotic. It's not like microsoft invented the concept of a tablet. They were the first one to try, and fail. If apple hadn't shown the way, tablets would still be a novelty. Again, anyone can create a tablet. Creating one that people want to use is the hard part. I get that everyone on here hates apple, but this is just pure ignorance.

Yup, jobs created the ipad... by himself. he didn't pay teams of engineers and designers or anything like that, he pulled a woz and built the thing from scratch himself in his garage.

Steve never innovated, he recognized opportunity well, executed well and marketed well. He didn't invent shit

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

Apple sucks. Everything they make is garbage. Including ios7.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Lets not go overboard, apple makes great products, they wont have a market cap of $400 billion. BBRY can get there if a couple of street smart people are hired by BBRY... not just super-smart geeks.

I smell a law suite in the near future ( but thats just me) its just a shame that apple can't think of there own little updates for the iphone (which in my mind is past its prime), Really apple this is why I don't like you you just steal ideas etc and then pull them off as your ideas..

I wouldn't worry that much about Apple. They aren't winning much anymore either, because there is less to go on.

Posted via CB10

Could it be that maybe BlackBerry copyrighted some of the new features of OS10 as to make it exclusively for BB so that Apple and Samsung can't "Borrow" their innovations??

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Pretty poor article...most of these features aren't even Blackberry features first, Blackberry took them from somewhere else.
Slide to unlock? Android did an up gesture well before BB10.
Multitasking? Come on, it's straight from WebOS, again before BB.
Control center? Android way before BB.
Lock screen notifications? iOS already had this and Android well before BB also.
Gestures - similar to BB for sure, but again other OSs used them first.
Broswer bar? LOL Apple was the last to that party, BB was 2nd last.

Pretty weak

I was going to comment on your counter claims but there's no point. I know it would just be a waste of energy so forget it.

Posted via CB10

Even if for the sake of arguments I agree with you that these features have been in other OS's..

How come apple apple make it look like they in vented them.?

Posted via CB10

Because Apple always act like they invented everything. Arrogant and condescending is their company profile.

But a better article would have pointed out that BB also lifted their ideas from those who had them first. Selling it like Cupertino's keeping their eye on Waterloo and stealing innovations just pandering to a fanbase. But I guess that's what you're supposed to do on Mobile Nations sites.

No he's only half correct just as a negatively biased person would always be. Sit there and hand pick items BB10 took from other platforms, while ignoring that they at least brought some new items with it as well. Show me where Webos or Meego or any other platform had this gesture laden virtual keyboard or customizable hub? What did Apple bring that was new?

Absolutely correct? Hardly.

one of the few non biased users here. its sad to see these people completely ignore that most of the features existed on other operating systems or even in cydia way before their 3 months old z10

It is quite clear that Apple has tried to rip off some of key features from BB10. If they were so prevalent before BB10, and by the way useful, why weren't they incorporated into the iPhone 5. Further, why do Apple fans have to wait till late fall to see the updates. It's simple, Apple is intellectually lazy and they were caught with their pants down. Let's face it, its a rush job and it is plain as day.

Pretty weak argument.

BB has been quite clear, Z10 first, Q10 second, Q5 third and A10 fourth with an BB10 update coming to the playbook later 2013. They are long past pulling an Apple where they show up at the developer show with a half baked idea of an OS and a promise that it will be out soon, as in late fall. My God, I think Apple is channeling Mike and Jim. LOL, how the tables have turned.

Haha, rush job? You don't pay attention to the mobile world much, do you? Apple always shows off their new iOS in June and releases it in the fall. The beta of iOS7 is available to developers right now. They are all getting their apps updated to make sure it works with any new features, etc. Then when it comes time to launch it, it launches to all carriers at once. Everybody gets iOS7 right away. Nobody is waiting for their carriers to push anything out like BB, lamedroid or WP8. Not an Apple fan, but they do the OS stuff right.

If your going to get right down to it, multitasking was invented by the first women to yell at a man while cooking dinner.

Come on now, everything came from somewhere, it matters who makes it popular and useful first. And in a lot of these cases this time it was bb

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I have to agree with Mike completely here. And if what matters is who made it useful and popular first... then Apple wins, because as of the moment it was announced by apple, it became 100 times more popular instantly. There are probably more beta versions of iOS 7 out there than BB10 already!

Multi-tasking is a minor concern compared to the more significant issues that Apple has to deal with going forward. iOS7 is simply iOS6 with a few tweaks. As Thorstein Heins said, the days are long gone of cramming a dumb down version of a desktop operating system into a phone. One has to go the next step like BB has and completely embraced the concept of mobile computing and the internet of things.

Sorry, but control center is a RIM invention. And notifications on a lock screen was there on my Nokia 3210 back in the day, so your post is not completely valid.

Posted via CB10

Thank you! I was actually READING the article and assuming some of his points were sarcastic. The "slide up" to unlock, swiping between screens to navigate, and Notification Center being available from the lock screen are NO WAY stolen from Blackberry. And the comments on here show obvious signs that some BB users are just as gullible as iPhone users who blindly follow the OS.

I am an iOS user who is actually wanting to switch to Blackberry 10 (finances notwithstanding), and it's partially because I saw how Blackberry reinvented itself and innovated the personal mobile OS. But come on, if you think the above points are legitimate, then you might want to check the reflection in the mirror for wool. (And no, I don't like the new iOS 7 at all. Too many features too late to the game, and the color scheme...the COLOR SCHEME! Ugh!)

Voice-only facetime should be called eartime. Apple's innovation never came from inventing something new, it was always about putting great design and technology into a pretty aluminum box. Their new mac pro looks litterally looks like a coffee machine from 40 years ago.

Are you kidding... Apple fans would be amazed that you can *finally* send just voice from their phone directly to another phone. Revolutionary, and definitely worthy of mention in a keynote address... ...

Posted via CB10

Haha. So true. It's amazing how quickly Apple fans eat that crap up, they get all excited and amazed by things everyone has had for a decade. I remember when the first iPhone came out someone going on and telling me about how it was amazing - they could send an email right then and there while we were talking. I had no response to his comment. That day Apple invented mobile email...

Apple's corporate strategy is to steal ideas from innovators and then market them to the masses of consumer whores who purchase anything with an apple logo on it.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

What many have said: BlackBerry needs to keep innovating. BBM screen sharing needs to be rolled out multi platform asap. There will be a lot of media buzz about voice only imessage. Let BlackBerry have screen sharing already in place, so that consumers have more of a reason to pay attention to this great, but nascent platform when imessage improvements are being discussed by the apple friendly media.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Slide up to unlock was borrowed from blackberry 10? I'm pretty sure it was on Windows Phone first. Gestures on ios 7 are not reminiscent of the bb10 gestures whatsoever, you don't slide up to get back or peak... and the multitasking looks more like android than it does bb10. This thread is profound ignorance, and it seems that claiming bb10 own these features adopted by ios is absurd, they came from android and Windows Phone.

Posted via CB10

Apple's corporate strategy is to employ people for pennies in other countries so that they can allow hipsters to post photos of food on instagram in usa.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

And hilarious too. Apple are innovators and did create todays tablet market as we know it with the iPad1 in 2009. But Apple are snakes and steal and sue companies like Samsung who dont deserve it. Would love to see Samsung Blackberry and Microsoft take down Apple lol. And I know Gates personally hated Jobs.

.....and Blackberry swiped some of those things from Meego. So is ios7 copying blackberry who copied Meego or did they copy Meego?

Meego an Web OS seem to be making a comeback haha

It's all good. Means there won't be too many patent wars over these features.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should get apple to court for stealing and hook up with Google against apple

Posted via CB10

A few of these features were available on Mac's since Lion was released a couple years ago - such as trackpad gestures to go forward and back, browser bar being a search bar, etc...But there are a lot of similarities between iOS 7 and BB 10 all the same. But like the article says, everyone copies everyone eventually. It's been happening for years. So it doesn't really bother me. BB10 has it's own style and merits that set it apart. If anything, i think iOS 7 borrows more of an Android feel.

So?? I can enjoy more iOS than my BlackBerry z10 (Hope that change) !! Apple's innovation are ending I guess and people leaving iOS for Android (Galaxy s4 and/or HTC One)

'arguably webOS' haha WebOS was the first and best to bring true multitasking to mobile, it also was the first to do justtype and universal search, multiple account integration, seamless contacts etc.

imo BB10 needs to go back to the way webOS and the playbook did things rather than the tile like android and windows phone like stuff they moved to for bb10.

I think now that webOS has been regulated to TVs with LG people will start taking stuff from it and making it their own... Right now I am waiting for iphone 6 and to see if BB gets a torch style device.

time will tell.

Exactly. I happily use Android and BB (for work) now but every time someone mentions a feature like card based multitasking and gestures, I like to bust out my Palm Pre and relive how I felt using these features for the first time, like 5 years ago. I'm so glad that many of the things that made WebOS great live on in the surviving platforms, but I wish WebOS got more credit. Its a little disingenuous for Crackberry to say "arguably" in reference to this.

See, there's nothing new and interesting about Apple anymore. Just like a flower, it cannot be eternally pretty. One day, a prettier flower will emerge.

Posted via CB10

I'm going to pretend and show all my friends/people I meet, that I have the new iOS7 (white z10).
Ill show them what their phone is going to be able to do months from now.
i'm sure they would believe me if i did!

It's natural and expected to follow the pioneers. BlackBerry did good and needs to keep moving.
There are some things that iOS an android cannot do so easily and BlackBerry needs to take advantage of it.

Posted via CB10 & Z10 abuser

I agree Apple copied a ton from BlackBerry 10 and Android. Even the pull back to go back. BlackBerry and TAT has their work cut out to improve upon the foundation of BlackBerry 10. IPhone users most of them have never used BlackBerry 10 so they won't know and they'll think Apple invented everything.

Toronto Maple Leafs BBM Channel C0001D318

New Iphone still doesn't have NFC!!! To bad for Apple owners no banking on your phones. (NFC will allow you to use your phone as debit card or visa. Some of the banks are just now getting on board.) just sad.

Posted via CB10

But... but... Apple is an industry leader. if they don't use a technology that means it's shit right? Doesn't it?

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

BBm just needs to improve on these awesome features and make sure th experience is better on BB10. It won't be easy but t needs to happen.

Apple started it all anyway, the touch screen controlled mobile phone OS and the apps development.

Posted via CB10

I hate it, and all the Apple fan boys will say that's innovative... damn I'm pissed now...
That was one big argument in discussions that everything's gesture it's gone... fk you Apple, hope you get sued till you bleed out!

Posted via CB10

I hate apple even more now. It's just to bad Steve Jobs isn't alive anymore, he knew how to innovate.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

If i'm not mistaken its still the same swipe from left to right to unlock. Swiping up will bring up the control centre on the lock screen.

This sucks honestly. My twitter is full of iPhone users and I'm one of the rare Z10 owners, now everyone is hyped about iOs7 saying that it's going to be cool and stuff. Too bad they don't know that it's "borrowed" from blackberry.

Posted via CB10

This will be exactly the same as the new iPad mini. A 7" screen for a tablet was stupid right up until apple did it...then it was brilliant!

Posted via CB10

I had said repeatedly to Apple fans, before the launch of the Z10, that the new BlackBerry had many features that WILL appear on future iPhones.
"We (Apple) have always been shameless about stealing great ideas" - Steve Jobs

BUT. Here's the good news.

You still won't be able to hold a phone call and they'll make millions from selling people rubber bands to stick round it in an attempt to get a signal.

'It's your fault, you're holding the phone wrong!'

And they'll market the hell out of it and make people believe they invented it. Just like how taking a picture with your iPhone is better than using a real camera.

Posted via CB10

Much like the BlackBerry fan boys. I'm all in with BlackBerry but it's kinda amusing to see e everyone side stepping the comments about android and windows 8 being the source of some of the Z10 "Innovation".

this happens at every wwdc dont forget steve jobs quote in saying

"Picasso had a saying: 'Good artists copy, great artists steal.' We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas...

Thank you for the article. Love all phone news and comments :)

BUT: BB Is not different. They stole from WebOS. Of course, WebOS is dead, and BB is still alive. So I guess I'll allow the distaste for Apple "stealing" BB10 things. (not that I have authority to allow anything, haha).

This does create a problem for BB for people like me who still have yet to have the opportunity to own a BB10 device: I may very easily buy an iphone because I find them dependable and now they have suitable multitasking. it's making think twice.

BB, your move (as they say)

EDIT: Oh, and I'll be able to get the i5 for $100 in the fall. Q10? $200 I'm sure (on contract)

What Apple showed today is pretty significant. Heinz took some shots at there innovation and they improved upon one of the best os' in the business. Do I think it is as good as Bb10, no. But that is one person. The fact that they display the Starbucks app, the instagram app, the Facebook app,etc... are there for a reason...they are a staple to the apps they have and if they don't eventually come to blackberry the phones will never get the traction and market share they deserve...BB10 is a dominant force that most people push aside because it's not many people said the swipe was dumb, now those people with press how easy it makes the operation.

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Today Steve Jobs died again, he would never show something like that... They are copycats right now. All the "new" features are from BB10, WP and Android. And the colors... OMG, what kind of design is that? It looks that it was made by a 12 yrs old kid. I don't see the interface for a serious business, it looks just for kids.

I guess they got jealous of the Windows 8 look...maybe even a throw back to the XP days with the Fisher Price blue UI?

I think customized themes could set BlackBerry way ahead of Apple (like on legacy BlackBerry devices). Love to see something like that in the future.

Otherwise, I didn't see any thing that really interested me in iOS7.

Their car integration was terrible. They talk about Siri being integrated into cars, but no car to showcase it on. Just a slide with car brand logos. BlackBerry drives a custom $300k Bentley on stage to showcase video chat. The Year before it was a $100k+ Porsche 911.

What I'm really interested in & can't wait for is the A10.

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Let's ask 'The Zipper ' Zipperstein if BlackBerry has a case. I'm sure BlackBerry has.

Come on Apple, show us the money! LOL!!

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Apple is trying to kill of blackberry, BlackBerry need to move fast. Apple know that BlackBerry new features are innovative and manage to attract the crowd.

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As they say: Imitation is the ultimate form of Flattery. So thank you Apple, as a BlackBerry user I'm Flattered....

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This is true, yes, but unfortunately in the mobile phone market that flattery can bankrupt you while you blush from the compliment! 90% of people will believe the features were in fact invented by Apple... why??? simply put Apple will tell you they are... and BlackBerry seemingly doesn't have the marketing money to set these facts straight in the public eye. Sure you and I know differently but it is worrisome and hopefully Apple gets put to the fire with their "Borrowing" policy, just not sure who will do it!

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Good Point and I totally agree. I think the BlackBerry bashing is getting less and less thru mainstream media. The tone is changing. Everything Apple does will not get taken like gospel for the pure and simple reason of
1) Steve Jobs is gone
2) Society likes to pull down the people on top, called tall poppy syndrome. Apple will get dragged to the courts at every step and that will start painting a uglier picture of Apple. Think it's time to level up and get BlackBerry the respect it deserves...
And secondly there are a lot of I-sheep who will always follow Apple no matter what. But more of the I-Phone customers are using I-phones because they like simplicity. I dub them Toyota Corolla users. And Toyota Corolla users don't like change like this and will run a mile for sure...

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I like the way they say borrow some stuff lol more like steal it next they will have a z10 with a apple logo on the back of it calling it the iphone 6

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I knew it. I thought it looked familiar. I just couldn’t wrap my hands around it. Another thing I thought they copied was integration with cars. I wonder if they will also add FaceTime video in cars???

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I would tend to say this would open up the door for BlackBerry to borrow some features from Apple...however, I can't really think of any that would be useful on a BlackBerry.

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So when did blackberry 1st use unified search bar...??? I believe that Apple 1st used it or announced it way back at the start of 2012, so they copied someone who copied them...???

I'm confused...

I had a universal search on my BlackBerry Torch in 2009 and before that on the Curve. Just like iMessage was a weak copy of BBM, Apple's universal search is a (very) weak copy of what BlackBerry had years before.

Too little to late Apple. My, how the tables have turned!

By the time ios7 is released, blackberry team will show some new tricks for Bb11.

Besides, Apple still doesn't have nfc, mobile payments, time shift, work and personal perimeters, bridging with cars...

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This is called discussing, probably now they will sue BlackBerry for taking their patents

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It doesn't surprise me what apple did
Look at the iphone 5, take away the apps, and compare it to the Z10, the Z10 will blow it out of the water
So phone to phone the Z10 i feel is way better
They just had to do something, because it was looking really bad for Apple
of course, since they don't / can't innovate anymore, the best way is to copy so.....
Quick way out

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Been saying for ages the swipe between app from PlayBook should come to bb10 as well as the swipe up to close the app, and now if it does come to bb10 it will look like BlackBerry has copied ios even though it was on the PlayBook. Believe many gestures from PlayBook should come to bb10. Oh well perception is what counts. Now is time for BlackBerry to pillage the multi finger gestures. Cause now ios users are already going to moan so might as well make most of it. Lol

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A pertinent suggestion to BlackBerry 's chief legal officer...
Come out and make a statement
Quote : "swiper no swiping"

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Wow as if we didn't see this coming!?? Apple stopped innovating for a while now , they keep re-releasing the same product over and over again, which amounts to variations on the IPod...

Now Appletards around the world can rejoice and celebrate in a huge circlejerk how forward looking their company is and how adept at stealing they have become...ah I mean how creative...all the while Papa Jobs is looking down from his high tech heaven on his beloved ISheep. By the way did you know that even God needs an Apple ID to access the appstore and ITunes? Not only that, I heard he had to buy all new adaptors for the new lightning connection...


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WOW talk about reaching. So blackberry implimented slide to unlock in a up down motion and you are saying apple is stealing that cuz rim switched the direction? LMAO what a joke.

multitasking switcher has been available like that in Cydia if you jailbroke for a long time. So lets not go there.

control centre? Sbsettings has existed for AT least 3 years doing this. back when blackberry was spitting out the same phones over and over.

wifi calling? really? something TMOBILE has been doing, tons of apps have been doing. should we say bbm video chat is copying facetime now? lol.

photo filters has been around for years by tons of photo apps. if aything ,INSTAGRAM should get the credit not rim. hows that instagram app coming?

I cant believe some of the childish things this article tries to give Rim credit for when rim has produced 2 good features in a decame. Their email (prior to OS10) and bbm. I havent tried OS 10 email although i have played around with the z10 so I cant comment on their email system.

rim the company famous for pushing out a gsm bb model with wifi and a gsm version with gps cuz they couldnt figure out how to put 2 in one still cant figure out how to get bbm on their playbook but they are putting it on their competition.

give them credit for that

I swear, such a lame, childish article. Slide upwards to unlock screen was lifted from WP by BlackBerry. Gesture based UI stolen from Meego by Blackberry. Now suddenly tweaks that have been on Cydia for ages are incorporated in iOS and clueless folks start babbling about theft.

So what you're saying is, I need to gain root access to my iphone and then download a bunch of 3rd party software(apps) in order for it to do basic functions like wifi calling and photo filters/editing? So what does the iphone do right out of the box?

what we are saying is dont say anyone lifted anything from blackberry because these features were around before the 3 month old z10 that was 2 years too late.

the editor of this article is just full of it

You sound mad bro, you mad? Anything can be said at any time by anyone. Like how apple says these features are innovative and new and revolutionary. Just because of 2 buthurt fanboys being vocal isn't going to stop ignorance and misinformation. But seriously, what's the iphone do right out if the box?

Your first post claimed the iphone had all these features long before BB10 and then you went on to demonstrate the way to get these features was to jailbreak your phone and download 3rd party software. So did the iphone have these features? If it did, then why is it so special that they would dedicate time in the keynote to address these "old" features that were already there?

enought that it started blackberries downfall. last i check after it came out, everyone tried to copy them.

wheres palm? where's windows mobile? wheres blackberry? 2 of those were at the top, they are now both at the bottom

Come on ! Most commentators here are just envious. Apple will sell millions and millions and BB will be dead within two years. :(

Too many fan boy and wishful thinking comments here.

Yes ios7 has bits and pieces of bb10 design, but bb10 has design ideas from apple. When showing my z10 had a few people mistaken it for an iPhone.

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As much as I would fund it funny for Google, BlackBerry, Microsoft Dell a lawsuit on AAPL, Micro cannot join. They have a cross liscences deal with Apple from the antitrust lawsuit in the 90's.

and not a single fu(k was given. everyone will still buy apple unfortunately. as proud as i am about bb10, its still not going to be as noticed as apple does. BBs rep is tainted, and it makes me sad :(

I laughed while I read this. All these features, minus facetime, are all ANDROID features, way before BlackBerry 10. So basically, this summed up what BlackBerry stole from Android! Irony

There is no sense arguing with them. This group is going to believe what they want to hear and disregard everything else. But you are right. I was chuckling reading that list reminiscing the features I had on my S3 long before BB10 came out.

Surprised? They've been hacking Google Android for years, why not rip BlackBerry while their hands are still hot? This is what happens when R and D comes second to marketing.

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One thing everyone including Apple fans can agree to it is that they are last to the party. Finally they can experience a modern OS.

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Apple mimicking what BlackBerry has already done is validation of QNX/BB10. This is good for BlackBerry IMO.

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I'm sure the author is laughing and counting the money coming in from the hits.
You could always view alerts from the lock screen on iOS. That goes back at least a year.

"Arguably webOS". Are you kidding? I was swiping on my Palm Pre before the PB even came out. Etc...

Do you guys have to make false statements to make BB look good?

It's one thing for Apple to borrow ideas from other smartphone makers: hell, it's common corporate practice for all of them to borrow from each other. What sticks in my craw is that, again, iSheep will once again believe that Apple INVENTED all this on its own. I refuse to pay a premium for substandard hardware... >:O