Apple SDK Launch Event - Apple Announces They Are Coming After RIM in the Enterprise World!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Mar 2008 01:26 pm EST

BlackBerry vs. iPhone

Dieter live-blogged the long-awaited Apple iPhone SDK Launch Event over at earlier today. The big news to us BlackBerry users isn't the SDK; rather, it seems Apple has kicked off the event by announcing Microsoft Exchange / Active Sync Support and that they're coming after RIM in the Enterprise Market!

Check out his 12:07pm and 12:15pm and 2:23pm and 2:38pm updates specifically.

The 2:23 update sets the tone for the upcoming Enterprise battle, with the following Steve Job's quote coming out of Q&A...
Question: Business Apps are coming, Should RIM be worried?
Steve Jobs: Go Ask Them.

Dieter thinks a RIM-killer is in the works. I don't think RIM is going anywhere anytime soon. Let Dieter know what you think in the PhoneDifferent comments and don't forget to report back here with your thoughts!

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Apple SDK Launch Event - Apple Announces They Are Coming After RIM in the Enterprise World!


12:07: They're doing ALL of these things: push email, push contacts, VPN, security, remote wipe, enterprise config. I didn't expect that. This might just be bigger news, sales-wise and mindshare-wise, than the SDK. I care most about the SDK, but America and Wall Street cares most about enterprise.

Active Sync and Exchange support confirmed. BOOM. Except no "Boom." This announcement was given to Phil Shiller -- a sign that Steve still doesn't really care about Enterprise., the devil is going to be in the details. How will they implement this. Will the iPhone work with MSCMDM (search WMExperts for that one). If so, this is a RIM KILLER. Both MS and iPhone using the same device management tool? Goodbye RIM.

...funny looking back now that almost a year has passed. I thought it was goodbye RIM? What happened? Ohhhhh, damn, look, iPhone sales are falling and blackberry sales are rising. Oh well, we get to laugh again when the iPhone 3 comes out. :)

12:15: Hehehehe! There's a photo showing how ActiveSync is direct, while RIM's NOC is indirect and a failure point. Hi BlackBerry Outages! Just like Palm, Apple's not going to let you forget about that one. When the marketing comes out for this stuff, Apple is going to take potshots at RIM. I wonder - Microsoft Guy and Mac Guy vs BlackBerry guy. I'll give a $25 Phone different Coupon to the person who comes up with the best candidate for BB guy in the comments!

Is a corporate Muckity-Muck really going to want to type out his work emails on that crappy keyboard? Seriously I know people say they are use to it, but I get hand cramps and cross eyed just looking at that thing.

I don't want to give crApple any ideas, but they should give that thing a landscape keyboard option. It just makes since.

I can not even type an SMS without pressing many wrong keys on the iPhone, much less a wordy memo!

Much less, I think that the whole phone will need to be rebuilt completely to withstand everyday business life..... not a drop and crack interface.

Not saying that all features would be useful on the iPhone, rather, some would be better. But definately RIM knows what they are doing and have been doing it right for years!

It is not a good-bye, it is a bring it on!

the iPhone getting Exchange/ActiveSync is big news. Yes a company will always try to provide to all groups (consumer/business) but RIM wins more from business use rather than consumer use. Will RIM take a hit in their consumer-level products? No doubt, consumers want the trend of today so they will jump over to the iPhone. Will this affect the business consumer? No, because the iPhone isn't ready for the business world, corporations will still stick with BlackBerry for their main communications tool. You think, Windows Mobile, it's well known but why hasn't it got the success BlackBerry has? It's going to be the same for the iPhone. Consumers will buy it, but how many of them really care about push email? This also applies to consumer level BlackBerry's, people have them, but don't have a data plan. Again, all companies want to expand to different demographics, but when it comes down to it, BlackBerry will always be the business model first and consumer model second, don't forget that.

No matter what we all think of the iPhone, this is really going to hit RIM one way or another. It may not be a quick change in offices across the countries that carry the iPhone, but it will eventually come. I like this because it brings a flame under RIM’s ass to bring us new features and maybe some that we have been requesting for years. Everyone laughed at the ipod when it came out, and I can see the iPhone changing the mobile world as we see it. I love my BB because of the hardware keyboard so I look forward to RIM’s future products.

Hear hear, I've only had my Curve for year and love it to death, can't put it down. But any company that has had total control over the corporate sector for this long and hasn't released the upgrades that it could have is resting. I say bring on the competition and see who does the best job serving the consumers. RIM or Apple I'm going with who ever provides.

Activesync is a horrible program and putting on the iPhone is possibly bad for Apple and better for RIM. Exchange email is good as long as the software it runs in is stable, WM and exchange are bad together because WM can't stop freezing up. Exchange push feature is best part of WM devices but the WMM kills it!!

I don't think you can really compare this to the iPod. It's a different situation. iPod was created for any user and wasn't split between a consumer unit and business unit - and music it's endless to how much mp3's you can get. You can't apply that to (smart)phones. With (smart)phones you HAVE to divide it into users and what they need and not what they want beacuse it just looks nice. Consumers, they ALWAYS want things that look nice, that has the latest this and that (iPhone) where as the suits they want a handheld where they can retrieve what's necessary in order to get through their day and don't care much about UI (BlackBerry). People continue to say how this is going to spark a war over this company and that company. Prior to the iPhone, it was just WM and BlackBerry. We can say that BlackBerry had more success. Now just because iPhone decides to introduce ActiveSync/Exchange support, everyone is going to just jump and switch over to the iPhone? why? because it has a better UI? Even if you're a new business, I don't see why you would choose the iPhone as your primary business communication handheld. But if you look at it on a consumer level, sure it'll land a blow to RIM's consumer models. As for those who says this is good for RIM as they are not on the hot seat, sort to speak. Yes and no. RIM isn't going to release a BlackBerry that has a HDD. RIM isn't going to release and SDK. RIM will do what RIM has been doing and that's provdide simple solutions for phone/e-mail and that's it. Sure they can add new features but it won't be NEAR what the iPhone is at and I'm comfortable in saying that. People want all these things but keep forgetting what the BlackBerry's main focus is and it's not going to change just because Apple decides they will add ActiveSync/Exchange support to a "smartphone"

So really, in my opnion, there isn't a war and there isn't going to be a war. RIM's primary target isn't the average consumer, it's the businesses and coporations that is the main focus. I'm not knocking the iPhone because I own a BlackBerry, I'm a HUGE Mac fan but I just don't see it having a big effect like everyone thinks it will be.

Yeah, cause I can see RIM getting worried about some overpriced piece of junk that isn't covered by warranty and only one carrier even has access to. Whatever. With statements about ActiveSync, it sounds like the old Mac is going for a windows buyout.

I agree with jcj1. Having used WM myself, I know how buggy ActiveSync is.

Most enterprise level users welcom BES over Exchange - too many issues even with WM devices. Blackberries just work!

I know that's a take off from an old Apple slogan, but Apple has a lot to prove in this arena to make a huge dent in RIM's stronghold.

This should be interesting.....

Personal opinion - I don't like the iPhone.

But on a side note, it takes a long time to get approved on the government side of the house and now that they use those creditcard ID cards with the chip, I'm not too sure that they will be so willing to bet the iPhone out there.

From what a buddy tells me, many people don't even like having the Blackberries because they are another leash, yet they disable so many features through the BEZ server it's ridiculous so why? (at least for the government).

Other corporate organizations, well, it may be a good investment unless you want to make sure that the users aren't abusing the phones.

RIMs success stems more from the back-end (read BES) than it does from the device itself.

While Apple might have plans for a RIM killer, they would basically have to invent a whole new line of back-end server applications to go with it, and the last time I checked, RIM has a patent on push.

It's possible, I guess, but I think Apple is light-years away from something like that. Then again, they pulled off a miracle with the iPhone, so who knows!

In the uk the HMRC are talking about phones being a benefit in kind if they are too consumer orientated. ie. if it is too strong on the music front then a company giving you an iPhone is essentially giving you a free mp3 player.

If that's the case I would not want a business phone that was going to cost me money. Sure it looks good but if my music player is company owned and my laptop is also company owned then it makes it more difficult to keep my music collection if I change jobs. Also doing tech support its a large enough job to copy/backup user data as it is without the added 16 gig of music/video.

I for one would not accept responsibility for a end users music when I am doing a data transfer and would therefor block any attempt for my company to go to an iphone. If I had to put itunes onto a standard build then am I also accepting liability for the users music ?


I know this is a dumb question to most....but how do you toggle or use your phone as a modem? I have tried a few things and cannot get support from my cell phone company. Also, what do you recommend for a software program to convert a DVD to a 4 gb card? Do I need two software programs or just one?