Apple’s iOS7 is a clear reminder that BlackBerry must keep moving.

By Chris Umiastowski on 11 Jun 2013 12:56 pm EDT

When I watched the unveiling of iOS7 in yesterday’s live stream of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference I couldn’t help but notice that some of the new gestures seemed to be strikingly similar to those in BlackBerry 10. It’s easy to make a case that Apple’s latest mobile OS heavily borrows from the best of BlackBerry. 

But none of that matters. The average iPhone customer doesn’t read enthusiast blogs on the topic, and probably doesn’t care if a feature is stolen from another platform. The simple truth is that everyone is going to copy useful features when it makes sense to do so. When Facebook announced “chat heads” it seemed to me that BlackBerry should borrow the idea and implement it in BBM

So let’s not bother arguing over whether or not Apple copied BlackBerry (or Android, or anyone). Let’s assume they did. It’s logical for them to have done so anyway. And on top of any copying, it’s also clear that Apple added some of its own nice innovations. Airdrop support on the iPhone is a nice addition. Smart auto-organizing of the camera roll is a beautiful feature as is the ability to hover over photos and get a magnified pop-up view of the thumbnail. 

Remember that I’m a BlackBerry user and fan. But I’m also a Mac and iPad user, and I’m a shareholder of both BlackBerry and Apple. I don’t let emotions get in the way of forming my opinions. And I think Apple did a brilliant job of making the iPhone even better than it already was. 

People who buy BlackBerrys have historically said they buy them because of things like security, physical keyboards, incredible messaging capabilities and enterprise support. Some of these same people ended up abandoning the platform and joining Apple’s camp because iOS had more (and better) apps, integrated with their Macs better, and had a way cooler interface. 

Since the launch of BlackBerry 10, I think the “cooler interface” argument disappeared. Even though I think iOS7 looks pretty darn amazing I don’t think the interface alone is a reason for people to leave BlackBerry behind. And I didn’t see anything about iOS7 that changes the enterprise story. 

What I did see, that I think BlackBerry needs to pay attention to, is an improvement in security and messaging on iOS7. 

The security point is a small one, but important. Users who lose their phone can make it so that the finder (or thief) can’t register the phone again unless the original owner’s iCloud credentials are provided. I don’t think this comes anywhere close to making the iPhone as secure as a BlackBerry, but it’s a smart feature and BlackBerry should do a little copying of its own here.

In no way am I suggesting that email on an iPhone is better than BlackBerry

The messaging part is, in my view, a bit more threatening to BlackBerry in the consumer (non-enterprise) market. Apple’s native iOS email app has always been a weakness to the platform. Navigating and managing email has always been much easier on a BlackBerry. For a user like me, BlackBerry is still superior. Email is so important to me that the BlackBerry Hub wins me over all by itself. But I am not the market.  I am one person. I think there are a huge number of people who will see the changes that iOS brings to messaging and say to themselves, “That’s pretty nice. Good enough for me. I’m in.” Apple has redesigned its Mail app to provide faster navigation using swipe gestures and better email management. There is no hub. But with native multitasking it’s pretty quick to get to the mail app whenever you want.

In no way am I suggesting that email on an iPhone is better than BlackBerry. But I do think iOS7 gets Apple close enough for most people. Add to that actionable push notifications and I think Apple’s got some compelling stuff going on. 

Obviously BlackBerry is not sitting still. We’ve just seen the release of OS 10.1 and we know 10.2 is coming. WWDC was not a game changer. It was just a very solid reminder that BlackBerry can’t rest. Yes, the new UI is great. But it has to keep getting even more great. 

The BlackBerry of yesterday was far too dismissive of the competition, and the result was quite painful for shareholders. The BlackBerry of today, under Thorsten Heins’ leadership, appears to be much more proactive and forward thinking. We need to see this continue. 

I’d like to suggest to BlackBerry that updates to BB10 should come along with excellent promotional material showing off all that’s new. If it takes an enthusiast blog to dig through the change logs or hunt through the OS to find the changes, it’s a fail. If the updates are obvious, stunning, and well presented with promotional videos, it’s a win.

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Apple’s iOS7 is a clear reminder that BlackBerry must keep moving.



Hijacking your comment, Sorry.
Chris, very good read. I could not agree more with you. Your last paragraph, in particular. Blackberry needs to get their marketing machine to work with the software engineers and figure out how to market the HELL OUT of improvements and new features as they are implemented. In my view, they can easily integrate this to their "Keep Moving" campaign. Not doing this severely undermines any efforts to get more people to come back or try Blackberry products for the first time. Hope Blackberry is paying attention and reads your article. CHEERS!

Agreed. Most people don't care who's copying who. Heck, who invented window-style interface? Look who gets to register "Windows" as its trademark

STL 100-1

+1 nice article, bias free, well structured arguments, easy to digest.

Couldn't have done a better job myself.
"BlackBerry til I/they die"

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More gestures on BB10 please! I saw some good swiping opportunities like between camera and the message trash. But keep on innovating. But it's so hard for them, they got to work hard to fix the "first gen phone" problems and at the same time keep on innovating.

Honestly, I really do like the GUI of iOS7, it's easy on the eyes and happy looking. BB10 is still ahead but that GUI is making me at least consider testing it out.

I agree; for example I've wanted a quick delete gesture in the hub such as a short swipe from the message icon left similar to Gmail (with some way to undo). Or maybe a two finger swipe left or right in a message to navigate to the next unread one? In any case, still some room to expand the capabilities in this regard.

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"So let’s not bother arguing over whether or not Apple copied BlackBerry (or Android, or anyone). Let’s assume they did. "

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Yes, I loved Viigo and still love its replacement, BlackBerry News on my 9850. But I see no BB10 equivalent anywhere. I'm wondering if they were let go. I am still considering how I'm going to get my feeds on my Z10 when I get one (hopefully next week), since there are a few RSS reader apps out there.

I remember reading somewhere that some founding members of TAT left blackberry...

Posted via CB10

Oh cool. The thing is I remember TAT showing off what looks like 3D when you tilt the screen. And if I'm not mistaken, I saw it in the Apple presentation. Oh well.

Thanks for posting that link. I just checked out one of the videos. I can see some of those things coming to BB10 since QNX is designed to be around for the next ten years.

Honestly TAT is more capable of the current BB10 UI. The current UI looks plain next to IOS 7. An average customer will go for the shiny attractive UI.

I have a strong feeling that BB told them to hold back because they were scared of the reaction they would get from their enterprise customers if they introduced a very radical UI.

The last paragraph... that's what BBRY has to read carefully... majority of the market are not BBRY enthusiast.. unless BBRY can show them in an obvious way the goodness of BB10 then it's a fail..

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Definitely agree that the last paragraph should be taken seriously by BlackBerry because we want these updates to shine and show off everything that's new and exciting so that the tech community is always on its toes before a major OS release

Posted via CB10 on the Z10

I agree! They should make a video every time they release a new update or at least have a webpage that says "What's new in Blackberry 10.2". Everytime iOS updates their OS, even if its a small update, they always have a page with full details, pictures and videos on what new changes are on the new OS. Just check out

Article reads "making the Cupertino firm the first manufacturer to act on a chorus of law enforcement calls to discourage robbers who are targeting smartphones. "

-_-' the first what ?!

Take my 4 year old 9700 from my drawer and i will hunt your a$$ or destroy any contents if ever i can't find you : that's enough discouragement for most thiefs isn't it ?

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Can you uninformed people stop making these silly arguments? Apple has had 'Find my iPhone' for a while now. This update just beefed it up.
Your statement is just as daft as someone saying BlackBerry copied Android, Apple and WP by making music available for sale in their app store.

Im a BB q10 owner now and im so far loving the device and the warm welcome to crackberry nation...but this article kind of irks me because blackberry "borrowed" its gestures from webOs...even down to the swipe up home, to the swipe down settings and the cards themselves...even universal search is the same as webOs just if apple steals from BB then how is that upsetting? Again not a knock...loving my q10 and am glad they took these ideas into a product that still exists so that i can keep using them :)

I agree it's not something to be upset about. It's actually a common phenomenon in business, and the pioneer in an industry often fails to become the market leader. Apple and Microsoft stole their Window like OS's from Xerox, Palm stole the idea for their pda from Apple's newton project, and RIM beat them both with the blackberry. The thing to be concerned about is trying to capitalize on the mass market with improvements in technology and creation of additional value that the pioneer company never saw.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Not much of a big deal but apple is famous for taking others to court. Remember when apple tried to sue the universe for pinch to zoom? Is it ironic that just the other day I hear a story about courts cracking down on patient trolls. And just so happens days later at wwdc apple copies from Everyone and calls it innovation.

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Completely agree. Now my question is, between iOS 7 and BB10, which one is more like webOS? Because that's the experience I would like to recreate for myself. Really loved the cards in iOS 7 in the demo.

"The BlackBerry of today, under Thorsten Heins’ leadership, appears to be much more proactive and forward thinking."

Still need to pump up/out more advertising and somehow get after Carriers to pump out the updates they make available...our American friends have been waiting far to long...someone needs to do something about this it makes blackberry look bad.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

although i do know it is sarcasm, it is true.

Slide to Unlock: just because a company changes the orientation doesnt mean they didnt copy apple first.
Multitasking: you said it yourself, Webos but there are a few tweaks in Cydia that do this and have done this for a year now.

Control Center: Sbsettings has existed in cydia for a minimum of 3 years. Back when rim was struggling to release a berry with a keyboard and touchscreen. the 9900 came out a year later.

Lock Screen Notifications: Bulletin in cydia. another tweak that was released right after notification centre launched on IOS

Gestures: too common, not even going to bother

Facetime calls: Tmobile has wifi calling, and theres tons of apps that let u do it. it was only logical for it to come to IOS. Tango is another video calling app that lets u do voice calls too

Good read. It's no such thing as "feelings" in business. Let's keep innovating and let our work speak for us. People will take notice.

Typed via my touch screen White BlackBerry Z10. Can your phone type like that? Didn't think so.

Dear Blackberry CMO,

All of that news yesterday from Apple was free advertising. Their next commercials are going to show people using the device and showing specifically all of the things that they "borrowed" from BB10. Everyone and their dog will line up to get that new device because they'll think it's AMAZING and a REVOLUTION!!!

YOUR current commercial, which has been running for several months now, shows a guy on a flying magic carpet, (not holding a phone), a soccer player sliding in wet grass, (not holding a phone) and a variety of other things where no one is holding the phone.

STEP UP!!!!! I've personally been responsible for more direct sales than you have. GET IT TOGETHER!!!

Posted via CB10

I agree, their commercials are alright.. but apple always just shows off phone gestures and makes a beautiful commercial. If we could steal anything, could we steal the way that Apple advertises? They know what they are doing. Yet we can show SO much more on bb10, stuff that is si useful yet the average user has no idea about.

Posted via CB10

Couldn't disagree more. That BB10 commercial you are referring to is great. Every time it comes on, the song catches people attention and they start bobbing their head. I've had people over on numerous occasions and witnessed it myself. You're not mentioning that the phone features are mixed into the transitions.

I do agree another commercial would be nice - just to see something fresh, catchy and new, but not because the first commercial isn't effective.

The commercial may have a catchy song that raised awareness of the band/singer and perhaps a little of BlackBerry brand itself, but does nothing for the new BB10 phones. BlackBerry really needs to produce a series of ads with each ad just focuses on one feature, and rotate them among different time slots. They need to clearly show in no unambiguous term (bragging if you will) features in BB10 that only BB has or BB does better than anyone else, like TimeShift, Hub, virtual keyboard, instant action, etc.

Don't just show in headlines what BB10 have. Show examples of the amazing possibilities each of the special BB10 features brings to the customers, and why they need to have them. We need to send a clear message of what BB10 can do, not a feel good feeling about BBRY with a nice song.

Marketing needs to appeal to people in many ways - some are the feel good commercials to catchy music (the commercial we are referring to). This was an "intro" commercial to get people's attention by appealing to their emotions,saying BlackBerry is back. They then followed that up with these ads, EXACTLY what you are talking about.

There is no question Frank Boulben and his team are taking the marketing in the right direction.

BlackBerry 10 - BBM Video

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Keyboard

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Z10 Camera - Time Shift Mode

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Flow & Peek

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Calendar

I couldn't agree more. BlackBerry commercials are horrible. I own a z10 didn't realize it was a BlackBerry ad until the last 5 sec. And the visuals only make sense to ppl who know what BlackBerry flow is, yet flow has never been explained to the general public.
Even the super bowl ad showing all the silly things it can't do, but no one's phone is expected to do those things so it was a useless ad. Maybe BlackBerry has a Canadian ad firm, and Canadian witt is not the same as American witt. Hire a better ad firm.
That surface vs. I pad commercial is awesome features are featured and shortcomings are exposed.
Take notes BlackBerry before apple takes the credit.

Posted via CB10

Good point! When Steve Jobs started doing these conferences, the hype built on itself and became a media circus that grew into what it is today; free advertising. BB would be smart to create their own free advertising. What would that be? How would it look?

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Just to confirm part of your opinion: I have yet to own a BB10 device because I'm on Sprint. Who knows when they'll get the Q10, and I don't want a 5" device (A10). Apple just gave me something (iOS7) that will make me want to get an iPhone instead of BB10. It'll be $200 for Q10, and $100 for an iPhone 5 come Fall. Easy choice for me if iOS7 is up and running by Q10 time: iPhone 5. IOS7 is close enough to my idea of efficient phone usage. (unless, of course, I can't look at notes while on a phonecall like I can with webOS.)

If Sprint had offered it for $100 on contract, I just might have! I saw the Z for $100 in one deal online, and if that was on Sprint, I just might have gotten it.... But Sprint hates everyone who doesn't own an iphone or android. It's a fact :) (no, not a fact, haha)

Remember Blackberry has built a brand new mobile platform powered by QNX. Apple can come out with iOS7 or iOS8, they will struggle to compete with BB10 just because how scalable and future proof QNX truly is. For now iOS7 will serve Apple well, but in the end they will eventually have to scrap iOS completely and move onto something better.

BB10 is limitless and goes beyond mobility. Anyhow I am not a fan of how the interface looks on the iOS7, reminds me of a play toy.

Multitasking on an iPhone still doesn't compare in the slightest to BB10. If it's a matter of getting sh*t done, then bb10 is still the way to go. IOSs functionality has barely changed with the update, it's the same iOS, just a few additions and mainly a skin over everything.

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I'm sure you're right; I'm still very interested in playing with iOS7, though. One time I really love multitasking is when I'm on a phonecall and can pull up an email or other note while speaking to someone on speakerphone... Very helpful.

Try this, record a 5 minute video, then edit the and trim it. Now save it - while it is saving, see how easy it is to do other things on BB10

Posted via CB10 on VZW STL100-4

Hope you're right, Koolrosh :) I know Sprint says late summer, but I don't know what they're thinking with waiting to release the Q. I have no faith that they do anything they say they will.

I have the solution. Let there be no more iPhone available. Clear the factory and bulldoze it. End of story. And create tons of viruses to shut down all android phones. That will leave BlackBerry as the go to lol. Hmm makes that a little too obvious eh? Shrug. Sigh. BlackBerry needs to definitely advertise better. I know people today who still won't look at one after owning one because they don't feel it's really gotten better. Then they play with my z10. And then I show them two tests that clearly show why BlackBerry is the best. I show them a ringmark test and an html5 test. Since the html5 clearly shows comparisons to others including iOS6 and shows that BlackBerry browser is best it tends to shut most of the non believers up. Yes I have helped bring DROID and iPhone users back to BlackBerry. But really that's BlackBerry job to do better marketing and explanations on how the phone is superior. End of story. BlackBerry failed in marketing. Keeping your existing clients is fine hut you need to gain new ones from other phone manufacturers and that'd where they aren't succeeding. That's still a fail no matter what.

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BlackBerry is ahead by 3. BlackBerry 10 for life. Apple sucks, seriously. Apple products are meant for zombies.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Oh look a nice rational reasoned comment!! I do have a Z-10 and I love it. I have sideloaded all the updates posted on CB and am very happy so far.

iOS7 is shiny and beautiful,but whoever said "let's add white text on bright background" should be fired lol

In addition to everything that was said, I think that in order for BlackBerry to continue to work on getting and keeping their name out there as a contender is to have concrete dates for their updates and other releases of products. Apple is consistent which is why they are able to keep the following that they have. Not to mention most of the apps that they offer are free for the full app. Whereas BlackBerry makes you pay for those same apps if you want them on your phone. Most of the apps that are free currently suck.That's my biggest gripe of being back with BlackBerry. The coming of iOS 7 should tell BlackBerry that they need to get it together and pick up their pace to keep their customers happy quickly. BlackBerry needs to work on their consistency because they currently have none. They cannot afford to waste any more time than they already have.

Posted via CB10

So true, I totally agree with you, Apple is as consistent as Christmas, and people know what happens and when exactly, because of this consistency. Not like BB, "It'll be available later this moth", then it's actually 2 months, and 1 month late for US users.

I agree with you they do need to pick it up but about the app payment BlackBerry doesn't choose that it's up to the developer...but all IOS 7 I'd basically a wall paper with a few new features that's it

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

"It’s easy to make a case that Apple’s latest mobile OS heavily borrows from the best of BlackBerry. But none of that matters."

Yes and no. I agree that the average consumer doesn`t really care if Apple lifted whole-cloth any of Blackberries ideas, however, it is a sign to me that Apple is playing defense, whereas Blackberry is clearly on the offensive. Thus, it is more the general tone Apple sets by actually being behind Blackberry in a sense.

It`s all about where you are going and not where you are in my opinion and Blackberry has set itself up for a win. To be honest, I don`t think that Tim Cook is as talented as Thorsten Heins, and it is reflecting in the way things are going at present.

Furthermore, Blackberry must be smelling the blood in the water. If they have held on this long, they have proven themselves to be a scrappy competitor.

A couple of weeks ago I suggest in the beta zone that they make a password protected option for BlackBerry Protect. That way you make sure blackberry protect can not be turned off if your phone is not password protected and it's lost or stolen . I hope the implement something like it.

I could not agree more with the following;

I’d like to suggest to BlackBerry that updates to BB10 should come along with excellent promotional material showing off all that’s new. If it takes an enthusiast blog to dig through the change logs or hunt through the OS to find the changes, it’s a fail. If the updates are obvious, stunning, and well presented with promotional videos, it’s a win.

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Agreed with this point sooo much.. so few BlackBerry users even understand half the potential of their phone.. stupid things like if an app is updated by BlackBerry, include the damn changes in the change log.. why should we all search for them.. Just be more transparent, expecially with OS updates.

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Chris, I like your article. I am sure BlackBerry will not fall asleep again under Heins leadership. It has been through a bad test once and it almost dead. I am confidence that BlackBerry will continue innovate that is why we have seen so many leaked BB10 software. They have more phone to come out through-out this year and next.

The following paragraph really sums it up.
"The BlackBerry of yesterday was far too dismissive of the competition, and the result was quite painful for shareholders. The BlackBerry of today, under Thorsten Heins’ leadership, appears to be much more proactive and forward thinking. We need to see this continue. "
Copy and innovate make a darn good formula. Apple has been using this formula and has had tremendous success with it.
I just installed the official 10.1 to my Z10 yesterday and I could see some of the improvements. It's a pleasant feeling. Many good features (small and big) in legacy OS like shortcuts, due time for tasks, ability to share the current location, and so on need to be propagated to BB10.

I agree with the idea of naming changes in os updates. I can find them easy enough if I want but most people need to know without having to search. BlackBerry rocks.

Posted via CB10

In a competitive environment, be it sports or business, it's always best to respect your competitors, but don't let that respect ever stop you from trying to take them down.

Respect all, fear none. So BlackBerry would do well to tip their hat to Apple for being the competitor that they are, then focus on smashing their teeth in...Lol.

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Apple didn't copy much from Blackberry 10, they just copied the multi-tasking feature of now dead WebOS, all the other major features are from Android. The theme itself is ugly, icons look like they were made by a 5 year old and the white background on everything will burn your retina at night.

Once again Apple design is think stupid. They never give a shred of thought for practicality.

You once again accomplished writing words but saying nothing. Does this skill come from being an ex-ANALyst or English major?

"Remember that I’m a BlackBerry user and fan. But I’m also a Mac and iPad user, and I’m a shareholder of both BlackBerry and Apple."

That's like cheering for both teams. Pick a side you wuss.

I think most all of us got something from this write up but you. Also, he is a invested in both companies, there is no reason to "pick a side". Just don't read the articles by Chris if you don't enjoy them, because we love them. He is the least unbiased of them all, and realistic because of it.

Don't listen to him Chris! We love ya!

Posted via CB10

I believe Chris has "picked a side" its called Money. I'm pretty confident he has more, and earned more than you and I combined. Wuss or not, you can't deny his intelligence.

Doesn't seem like it. He said he held Blackberry for 12 years, which means he pretty much lost all his gains by not selling. Doesn't seem much of a money lover. And if he was such a great analyst why doesn't work for Bay St anymore?

He writes in his blog that he is going to hold bloated TSLA shares even if it dives with no realized gains.

I don't know when he bought AAPL shares but the looks of it, he didn't sell those either at its peak 700$.

He is just another bag holder who hopes the best from all of his "investments"... and one day when he is old and gray, all his investments will amount to nothing because by that time the entire system probably have collapse and stock market always goes out first.

We are no longer in the age of investing, retail investors have long bailed the stock market. Nothing but machines, day traders and hedge funds nowadays playing a dangerous game of musical chairs.

So I beg to differ.

Ecclesiastes 12

8 "Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the Teacher. "Everything is meaningless!"
9 Not only was the Teacher wise, but also he imparted knowledge to the people. He pondered and searched out and set in order many proverbs.
10 The Teacher searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true.
11 The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails-- given by one Shepherd.
12 Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them. Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.
13 Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole [duty] of man.
14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

I'm curious. Since you obviously don't respect Chris, could you name us better stocks & tech writers out there that you respect. I try to keep up with all the news about blackberry every day and I have to say most articles out there are complete garbage and IMO, there is no one out there that has given us the amount of insight Chris has provided. (I bet you won't be able to name any one.)

If you mean about stocks, Seeking Alpha is your best bet for insight and information that may be overlooked by general analysts.

If you mean objectivity in tech reviews, hands on. for Canada

Jon Rettinger from for USA

Chris likes to use the products that work for him. There's nothing wrong with that and everyone should have that freedom of choice. Investing on companies that can make money for you doesn't make that person a wuss. That makes him smart. His articles are always informative and insightful. Keep it up, Chris.

Really? Let me know when Warren Buffet buys the competitor of Heinz ketchup. Buying competitor stock of the same industry is dumb, you pick 1 stock from the same sector cause you know it will perform the best. Or else what is the point? Just buy an ETF.

This just proves you know nothing about investing. First off, a whole industry can go up at the same time. Second, you should look at valuation when you are investing not which Company will win in a particular industry... At this point both BBRY and AAPL are undervalued and it makes sense to own both. The smartphone/tablet market is growing at fast rate, if both companies just maintain their market share that means that both stock will ultimetly go up. It is also a good diversification strategy to own both..

Whole industry can go up, this is why I recommended to buy an ETF instead.

Heins said Tablets won't exist in 5 years. Got yourself a conflict of interest.

Buying stocks of the same sector is not diversifying.

Alex, stop your making a fool of yourself. The only thing apple and blackberry have in common is a phone. Apple has a wider range of products that compete with hp Sony etc. Do us all a favor and cut the bs.

The point of his comment was merely to emphasize the importance of continuous improvement. BlackBerry didn't do a great job of that as we all might agree.

Regardless of who copied from whom, the underlying take away is not to sit still. We're all hoping BlackBerry learned their lesson.

But you seem pretty frustrated that Chris is suggesting Apple copied from BlackBerry. Is that what's causing your knickers to get all bunched up?

Relax's just an article.

Posted via CB10

agreed, i do notice more commercial and print ads floating around showing of a few nifty features, BB should continue to ramp up its marketing campaign for the US market

I knows 100s of people that use iphone and some of them can be converted to BB tomorrow but first thing they ask is does BB offer Viber, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tango, google maps and I have nothing to say after that. Belive or not for average users and non-tech users apps do matter and they compare apps more than anything else. They always ask can I use these apps on BB ?
BB UI is great, OS is great, design is great, security is great, hardware is great but it's all useless without apps. People chose phone based on apps eventhough they may not use them.

This is true, but unfortunate that Chris never gets down to specifics, always bloats his article on a general though that already comes across as obvious to the common reader.

Investing is not a sport. If you pick sides then you will lose all your money. You should learn when to get in or out a stock... If today BBRY was 30$ today, I would sell my position, even though I am rooting for them, but AAPL at $400 is a bargain. I love Blackberry, but investing in the stock means that the valuation needs to make sense. BBRY may go up beyond 30$ that in the future, but today I have no confirmation of that, I would need to look at more ER to access. At 14$ I still own and hold BBRY.

What you are talking about has nothing to do with investing, it's trading.

Chris held his blackberry shares for 12 years and now lost all his gains. So maybe you should explain trading to him.

Since when? Many people pick their favorite team.... even when they are the underdog. And a lot of people have a list of a few favorites.

Posted via CB10

In the stock market you can play both sides,if you are long and buy your shares with cash and hold them till you sell them,you can also short the stock ,as an insurance policy, so if you loose your investment going long,the price you pay for your short trades covers your losses.and your capital ,if the stock tanks.I asked Chris in one of his previous articles if he has shorted BB,and bet him 50 bucks that he would not respond to my question,guess what ?he didn't!!

In a sporting event you have a definite winner and definite loser. Its mutually exclusive. If one wins the other losers. Investing is just betting if the team will get any points which both teams can do in one event.

A very good article I enjoyed reading. I think the new leadership at blackberry is going in the right direction but the advertising needs to be stepped up. The platform is so nice now people just need to be shown how good it is. Love my BlackBerry and all my friends know it.

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Jason Melling, I was with Sprint. Now with Verizon rocking a Z10. My Room mate also switched from Sprint to Verizon For the Z10. We are glad we did... Verizon hasn't sent out 10.1 but it is easy to load. I did. Buy your new Z10, download a leaked version, specific for Verizon. Takes less than a half hour to do so. Takes TWO mInutes to load using Winzip. You won't be disappointed.

Posted via CB10

Touch and hold the screen on top of the text/comment you want to reply too, screen will change colour (blue I think)
On the right side of the screen you can pick reply to comment (+ in bubble)
Try it... Take care

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Doesn't matter what iPhone or Android put into their phones. I'm a keyboard kind of a guy. And blackberry Excel in keyboard. That's all I need

I agree with everything you have said. BlackBerry can't stop now. It must keep on moving.

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Well said Chris, everyone knows what an iphone can do. I give my Z10 to family or friends and they are all supprised at what it can do (oh i didn't know that, wow, are they still making phones this is nice, etc.) and how nice it looks.

I think the best way for blackberry to get a bigger share of the market, more of the younger ones (I don't know if they do or not), is to make commercials for TV. The Windows tablet thing against the iPad was funny and witty and made me want to get one. Blackberry has to go out there more. Just my two cents

what i know is blackberry is doing well . let the history of bb have always been for work and business , we the blackberry user forcewd them out of them comfort zone , now they are trying to please us . and they are doing well at it. The ios new os to me is not a treat , we will just wait to how people respond to it in real life when it released . BB all the way still

Sounds like you have all the answers. Could you please link your blog/Webpage so some of us "not-so-smart-types" could gain insight to your masterful ways? Chris, you wana join us in the exodus to Alex's site? Who's with me?...*crickets*

Stop putting words into my mouth, I never said I knew the answers. But if you going to write article, HAVE A POINT. Makes it much more interesting for the reader.

What's your beef with Chris? Your comments add no value to this conversation. At least Chris's articles are informative. You're just a sad fanboy.

Really do agree with what the article is saying. I am a fan of both Apple And BlackBerry, I think they both have something to learn from each other. Having said that, I hope BlackBerry continues with their updates and becomes more aggressive with their campaign.

I have the same sentiment as the others regarding their commercials, I think they need to improve on this and get the devices "out there" more. As I value getting things done, I also value how they are presented and how others perceive it to be. I really hope that BlackBerry is holding a meeting somewhere and analyzing what they could improve on considering the announcement of Ios7. I trust that the company itself "keeps on moving".

Love this article.

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The thing in Apple that BlackBerry MUST copy is the Global Updates! That's the best way to make sure everyone should have the latest OS and that will make BlackBerry users happier.
Actually waiting for the carrier to release the OS takes too long in certain countries and that is one of the things people think about before buying a phone, it's my case it's almost June 14th and I'm still waiting for 10.1... So I think this should be the huge step blackberry needs

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+1000. It makes developers happier too! One great stat that the PlayBook did have was the early adoption of new releases. Developers all over were thrilled to know their apps would work with 95% of all PlayBooks out there. No need to wait for carriers to push stuff out.

Great article as usual Chris.. but still hating Apple because of their unethical business practices.. but again that's just me.

I completely agree with the latest paragraph. No matter how small the changes BlackBerry should start adding a changelog to their updates.

Hmm so Ipad 2 will be able to upgrade to iOS7. Let's see PB users......oh sorry no tablet strategy. Used and dumped.

Great article again by Chris. I told guys earlier this year that Apple would come with swipes, notifications and so forth and equalize. What will BB do next? All like now we should be hearing murmurs of OS11, not 10.1 err .2?

key takeaway: doesn't matter who originated which feature. what matters is that the consumers love 'em, and they sell like hell.

BlackBerry needs email groups! I need to be able to send an email to a group of people without having to select each of them. People in my engineering group, parents on my kids soccer team, even my golf buddies. You just can't miss including someone, especially when you have a list of over a dozen recipients! Come on BlackBerry, this is a business device, is it not?

I agree with you on the last paragraph. BlackBerry has to get better communicating what is in every patch or release. This would demonstrate that they care about both technical users and nontechnical users of their phones.

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Come on BB! I'd really like to see the BB10 UI revamped and modernized along with a bunch of new features and functionality!

Good article C.U

A message to Mr Heins ;

You have defied the critics before, keep on defying.

Roll on the Aristo and 10.2 , BBM cross platform, PlayBook 10.1, 10.3 to BB11

Time for the gloves to come off! The battle has just begun.

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And this would be the great time to show marketing wise what BlackBerry can do from gestures, features like the hub,flow and peek.
And let them realize that it's been in other platforms for a while.
Apple will release it on fall. Hoping we will get a 10.3 update. Apple is trying to catch up with their OS.

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BlackBerry keeps on moving...while apple has the point they have to copy the features from their competitor's phones....

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Bang on article, Chris. BB10 advertising to date has been abysmal. If it weren't for my experience with PlayBook and subsequent introduction to CrackBerry, I would know nothing of the awesomeness of BB10 and the BB10 devices. I find BlackBerry ads self-indulgent with their catch phrases and utterly uninformative. They are so easily dismissed as background noise. BlackBerry would do well to copy the informative advertising formats of their competitors.

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As to the notion that Apple copying BB protect is a bad idea I would like to suggest that the National Sheriff's association has approached Apple and Samsung about installing a kill switch. Also, recently a kid was dragged to death over his I pad and the phenomenon has skyrocketed.

If it is in societies interest then why complain?

Just keep the devices in the hands of legitimate purchasers and drive down the rewards to thieves and thugs.

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Great comments on this matter, I agree with 99% of the story and that doesn't happen a lot!

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I don't want to read about apple at crackberry dot com or on cb10. All I want from crackberry dot com and cb10 is BlackBerry related information. I don't care if it's "mobile nations" or not, I strongly dislike reading about apple on a BlackBerry fan site. Again, I do not care that it's "mobile nations". I didn't install cb10 to be updated on apple stuff.

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Great article Chris, I agree with you 1000%. So what if Apple took features from WP, Android, and BB. There is still great opportunity for BlackBerry to show that BB10 is here to stay, but they need to make sure that it reaches the masses. Think about how many people attended, and tuned in for WWDC that aren't even developers. BlackBerry needs to speak often and speak loudly for the masses to hear.

Good article. I completely agree with this assessment. Complacence is what got BlackBerry into the state that it is in today, and they cannot afford to be complacent again. Each OS delivery has to be spot on, with a once-a-year device delivery complementing the continuous software improvements. You want to have a note of exclusivity, but appeal to the mass, and most definitely have some strong differentiating factors. The last thing BlackBerry needs is to be perceived as "me too".

iOS7 is no game changer, but it will secure Apple most of its current use base. We need to chip away at this as much as we can.

I think what BB10 needs more than anything is refinement, there are a lot of good pieces so far and i welcome even more, but refining the UI, refining the transirions, removing any and all stutter, keeping the FPS above 60 for all transitions will do more than pretty up the OS but also give the user the feeling of robustness and reliability...

I don't know about you, but every time i jump into a BBM convo and see the text stuttering and flying through in the chat window makes me worried... this needs to stop

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Beautifully written! I don't believe I am saying this. For the first time I like iOS, these UI updates are really nice and simple. BlackBerry can't afford to delay anything!

For me, the remote PC access was the clincher. Easily my favorite and most used feature. I'll be bitter when someone else eventually drops the could intermediary, robbing bb10 of my favorite feature. Until then, I can let some stuff slide.

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So, apple sucks. Really, they do. I don't want to read about apple at all on crackberry dot com. Stealing ideas is okay to you? Sorry, that's lame. Apple sues other platforms for "stealing" their non-ideas and then when people point out that Crapple is stealing ideas, it's okay? I don't get that. Nice double standards. Sorry, I will call Crapple out on their BS where ever and whenever I want. Like, here, now. Crapple blows. No excuses. Seriously stop with the BS already.

Apple showed their muscles yesterday. I wonder if BB really has enough resources to be competitive on the long run. Should be discussed too. Besides this missing point a very clear analysis.

Please they re not playing catch up to BlackBerry. They still control more market share with iOS than BB. BB is the one trying to catch up to Apple and Google because they took so long to recognize their technology wasn't cutting it. And they paid the price as we all know. Apple knew they needed to catch users with a new look to their iOS and they did by borrowing/ copying some features from BB 10, android, WP and even WebOS along with some new features of their own.

And the thing is apple is gonna advertise iOS 7 and it's new features so damn good because they how to unlike BlackBerry and it's stupid useless keep moving commercials!

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I totally agree with you, and I think it is very important that BlackBerry acknowledges that they need to keep moving to gain any traction in market share. Continue to improve BB10, but most importantly get App developers on board! While BB10 appeals to business and gov't users it doesn't appeal as much to the general public because this is not 2007 and not everyone has a BlackBerry. When firends want to play games together, or when they meet up and want to share an App or download the trending app a BlackBerry user won't be able to but an Android or iOS user will. By this alone BlackBerry would be perceived as inferior by the average user even if it's not. I am now once again a BlackBerry user and I will give BlackBerry a chance once more, but if they don't improve and bring developers support to their OS I might be waiting in line to buy the next iPhone. Don't let me down BB!

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In regards to Apple's new security feature, I thought that was how legacy BlackBerry traditionally worked. If someone steals your phone, you call BlackBerry support and report the PIN. Then, that PIN can no longer connect through the BlackBerry network. A little less vital now that BB10 devices don't need BIS, but still in use. I remember a reader in the forums reporting that he called BlackBerry support and reported his stolen PIN on his Playbook to stop it from receiving updates and such. But, now that I'm rethinking it, what would stop someone else from maliciously reporting your device PIN and urging BlackBerry to accept the premise that it's stolen and shut it down?

Here's a post describing one person's experience of working with BlackBerry to block services on a stolen phone when their carrier could not. It's done by blacklisting the PIN, which is hardware based and thus probably better than iCloud account based, right? Basically, isn't Apple just saying they invented something that was done better by other companies years ago...?

EDIT: So, I reviewed Apple's new killswitch solution and I think it is a superior implementation of the idea with some pretty big distinctions from what BBOS offered. I wouldn't mind if BlackBerry added this to BB10.2.

No one has mentioned how much of BB10 was copied from Android Jelly Bean, hence the rush to get the Jelly Bean player for BB10. Personally, iOS 7 is a reminder to me that BB simply cannot compete. BB should come clean and state what's really going on. For example, it seems BBM will probably go cross platform before BB Bridge is functional for the PB. What's really going on here?

BlackBerry can still compete but they ll never be first or second again maybe third spot. They ll have to execute everything 110% because they cannot afford any crucial mistakes. The A10 better be impressive and not delayed. For apple to borrow some ideas from bb10 they obviously recognized the new platform is competitive and is different from the rest.

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This I disagree on... who ever thought back in the day that market leader BlackBerry could drop so far? But that's what you get when you let the competition get ahead of you. The same thing BlackBerry did since the iPhone dropped is what Apple and Google are doing now. Whatever new innovation they bring each year is nothing but gimmicks that don't get used by the majority of people buying their phones. And the only thing that keeps Apple and Google on top at the moment is third parties. BlackBerry delivers the best out of the box experience. And once third party developers start realising it (and I think BlackBerry will still be around by then, this could take some time, probably a lot of time to be honest) the average consumer will have no barrier to look towards BlackBerry when deciding on a new device. Because, and I'll say it again, Apple and Google prosper due to third party aid. BlackBerry is still here with significantly less support which means to me that BlackBerry will be able to outsport the competition when they gain the same third party support as the competition. Long story short: BlackBerry fell from first place once... so can Apple and Google! One never knows what the future brings...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

FACT: "This is the second clear indication - first being the very close size & shape similarities between iP5 and Z10 - that BlackBerry is getting ready to present a takeover offer for Apple.
The next is that Apple is also going automotive, just as BBRY is with the QNX mobile technology.
Synching the platforms, as it is, before merging the companies cuts down on those 'post-merger uncertainities' later on."

Roflololololmao; it's funny how the same 2 or 3 simple factors are often misunderstood and misinterpreted by different people. I've done it here consciously & intentionally to illustrate that everyone thinks differently about the same thing/s and that - to some it's "clear & logical" whereas to others, it's "laughable and stupid."
Again, JUST an ILLUSTRATION (for sarcasm's sake) to show that people will insist on their point of view for no reason other than that they never considered any alternative train of thought. Hilarity ensues.

For the record, I agree with the "BBRY MUST step up its Marketing and Device-Feature-Ecosystem focus" comments. On THAT front, EVERYTHING they've done since January1 of this year has been a blatant, epic "FAIL."

Cheers & Keep Moving!

This is true in general and I like the point of the article (BB shouldn't fall behind again) but I think as Blackberry fanboys we have the right to be as obnoxious as possible and shout it from the virtual rooftops of Twitter when Apple steals something because Apple loves going to court when they are threatened. Android fanboys should join in too.

By the way why aren't we talking about the fact Samsung is not only launching their Galaxy S4 Mini but is bringing it to South Africa (that emerging market you guys love)? Couple that with the rumour of a cheaper iPhone coming later this year.... and AGAIN why is there no post about this comparing it to the Q5? Especially since you're talking about not falling behind again.

Great read! That aligns pretty closely with what I think as well. Yesterday's WWDC didn't change the way I look at an iPhone or even the way the iPhone is used. What I am interested in, however, is how BlackBerry will respond. BB10 is fantastic and I love my Z10, but there's still a lot to be done and a lot that can be done. The thr notion that iOS is "boring" can no longer be used as a selling point for BB10. Our OS can use some polishing and added features and functionality as well.

Make it happen, BlackBerry.

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Good article. BlackBerry "lost it's way" for a while and it's competitors left them in a situation where they have to catch up. BlackBerry can't let that happen again. They have to always be improving their apps and develop new ones. They have to encourage other companies to make apps for BB10. They have to be at the forefront of new apps and ideas. It's no good to be always being a position trying to catch up.

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Excellent article, Chris. Good to see an objective take on the competition that doesn't descend into a territorial farce.

BlackBerry needs to keep on moving and recognise they mustn't rest on their current situation. They have a lot of ground to cover, a great many hearts and minds to win over. BB10 is amazing, but there are things that need addressing and improving. It's to BlackBerry 's credit that updates are coming out in such a timely manner (for some, anyway) and they need to keep this momentum up!

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Totally agree with Chris. Keep moving and IMPROVE the marketing, I am still waiting for the wow factor!
Apple came out with a commercial/video already with all the new things it does or can do. I was impressed. Moi am a BB fan even though my 9900 failed me (freezing then eventually motherboard frying) loved that phone.

One thing that impresses me about Apple is their ability to get people using their latest products FAST. Like they said in their keynote presentation, 1/3 of all Mac users are on the latest version of OSX within a few months of release. When a new version of iOS is released, worldwide internet usage jumps because people all around the world are so eager to upgrade.

Even though there is nothing spectacularly amazingly innovative about iOS7, something about it makes me go "WOW the general public is going to love it". Maybe it's the simplicity of its design. Maybe it's the simplicity in the presentation/marketing of the new features. Maybe it's in how they took the best of what's out that and make it all work so well together by applying their Apple touch. But they have a way to make things seem innovative to the common public.

Apple's user base exploded by being able to attract the first time smartphone user. It was simple to pick up and start using. Grammas around the world got an iPhone, then an iPad because it was bigger and there was Facetime to connect with their grandkids who were also first time smartphone users. I don't see a convincing reason for the common pedestrian to go out and wanting a BlackBerry. That being said though there are still many dumphone users out there waiting to be captured by Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry included. I understand that BlackBerry is going after the hyper-connected user what wants to get stuff done. But it's also up to BlackBerry to also make it obvious that the potential goes way beyond the Wall Street (or Bay Street) suit-and-ties and IT geeks (even though we rule the world). BlackBerry needs and shed the image that it's a hard to use aging slow dinosaur and show everyone that BB10 has its uses for everyone everywhere. The darn thing is speedy, efficient, secure, smart, cool, and premium quality. Blackberry is trying, I can see it, but somehow I don't feel the messages are getting through. I see the BlackBerry ads so I can't say they're not marketing. Their ads are reaching a lot of people but I think most of the time they fall upon deaf ears as people: 1) don't care about BlackBerry 2) can't relate to the ad, or 3) are being bombarded by other ads and the BlackBerry ones simply don't stand out 4) can't figure out from the ad what makes BlackBerry a must have product, and 5) I had a number five but I just lost my train of thought. Anyway, things are just going to get more difficult as the competition heats up with various visionary products, not to mention more platforms will be joining the race -- Chrome phone, Ubuntu phone, Tizen (to a lesser extent but watch out).

I believe in BlackBerry as it's truly a great product with so much potential. All the best.

Of all tech bloggers and analyst, I do love Chris' article/views. Very well thought out/organize/[insert adjective]. Wish you still cover stocks and write for the likes of Alpha and et al.

You put those other blundering idiots to shame.

Great Article!! All of the points you made were exactly what I was thinking especially about the average consumer which kind of scares me.

I believe BlackBerry should address and fix the internal memory shortage issue as 4 GB by itself is OS software and the apps and games quickly eat up the remaining 12 GB. BlackBerry perhaps can copy Android SD2 or develop a better way for saving app data on SD.

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iOS7 is a clear reminder to BlackBerry that you can just steal things from other companies, put it in your product, sell it, then sue others for taking your "ideas"

Chris hit the spot with advertising new features in Software Update, I think TV ads need to be about something else now, speak on the built in cloud services, remote file access, even BlackBerry Travel should be advertised

Major improvements need to be made on the z10 hardware as well. It does not stand up with the high end of the market. Even the LG phones and Sony Xperia look better. Blackberry has to recognize design matters. The Q10 looks classy but the z10 looks like cheap.

Great article. A business knows it has done something good when the competition copies them. BlackBerry started the smartphone revolution. Apple and Android copied them and made it popular outside of the corporate world. Now, BlackBerry is reinventing it and the competition is once again taking notice. Everyone copies the best of the best. We, the consumers, are the ones who benefit.

Love my Z10, but also like what Apple has done for iOS7.

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..."it's all right to copy cat, as long as you are copying the right cat." ... BlackBerry is moving forward and is getting noticed!

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Very well said i couldn't agree more but with BlackBerry releasing BBM to iOS and Android im afraid they might set still and surrender to third place at best.

Dont get me wrong but im a blackberry fan and i hate to see them loose to iOS or Android

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Excellent article. Straight to the point. I am happy to see Blackberry on the move and hope they do not stop here. Let's hope they apply the same energy to the PlayBook and possibly a blackberry designed laptop / personal computer that works seamlessly with os 10. BlackBerry Link could use work. Other than that great job BlackBerry.

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I always disliked the in and out of apps experience which made me dislike iPhone since it came out. The new multi tasking looks good. No doubt about that.

I'm not going to blunt about the he copied she copied, except this:

Best communication device by far
Best software keyboard around
Best mobile browser around
Best multi tasking beast by miles
Most intuitive user interface

Who cares for iPhone as long as we have BlackBerry. This one has nothing to do with what Apple nor Google does, even when it comes to copying this and that. For now, Applers are blindly going to follow the all new design and praise it more than God. Googlers are going to do the same for at least a couple of years down the road. What BlackBerry needs to do is stay alive

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I must not hit enter while in the middle of a sentence...

So what I said is BlackBerry needs to stay alive and keep on improving on what is definitely the best OS on the market. They have to develop more native apps and keep on attracting more developers to the platform. BlackBerry has the potential to come back as market leader in the mobile computing game. But they will have to step up their game to stay ahead of the competition.

On the other hand, we as BlackBerry users/fans/diehards have to keep buying BlackBerry products and promote them to our friends and families. If we keep doing this, the average consumer (who indeed nowadays doesn't know anything besides iOS or Android) will slowly start to realise the blindness and will slowly move back towards BlackBerry and make it market leader once more, just not in the smartphone market but the by then so called mobile computing arena. I am confident of this.

A little metaphor to close my argument: BlackBerry is like the black kiddo in an all whity classroom. Being on par with the rest does not bring him the recognition that the rest enjoys. He must at least be twice as good to receive the same recognition and three or four times as good to be considered the best.

This is where we are but I am confident that we can rise from the shadow as long as we focus on us. We can make BlackBerry prosper without bashing the rest. And as a final comment I like to quote (rather paraphrase) some one who commented on yesterday's iPhone article: if iPhone never came we would be chearing for the new bold to come out with OS8.0.....

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Ow yeah, I must say that the quality of the posts for the last couple of weeks have been below average and this one and that of yesterday were way to fanboyish... I love CB and its team, however, lately... don't quite know how to put it without sounding disrespectful which is the last thing I would want as I usually enjoy the news and articles that are uploaded.

Just like BlackBerry needs to step it up a notch, the same must be said for the CB team... Come on show us some love or give me the gold Q and I'll keep quiet for a while ;)

Just expressing my love!

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Nice writing Chris. I for one get tired of reading unbalanced fanboi dribble, regardless of which side they are foaming over.

I hope BlackBerry is listening, and watching Apple closely. BB10 is superb, Android and Apple are nothing to take for granted.

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Fantastic article, I agree they really do need to highlight features better! In change logs all the way to the advertising campaigns!!!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10

I think the main reason why people are pissed is because apple fans will call the iOS innovative. If blackberry copied apple that much they would have been sued for every little thing.

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BlackBerry is sleeping still... they're moving too slow to compete with anyone. I'm still waiting for BB 10.1 update. AT&T don't even have Q10 yet. I like the touch better than the Z10 in many ways. I was able to download and install apps off some websites with out useing the desktop software or the App store. Also I could print directly to my wireless printer using Cortado Workplace. Now I can't download and install any App, no Instagram nothing. I run a business I need to keep it moving for real...

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Excellent commentary as usual, Chris. Just being out and about, more of a buzz is continuing for BB. Now that Apple has launched iOS7, however similar it may look to BB10, BlackBerry needs to keep the momentum going. I'm a believer! :-)

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Definitely a well written article. Definitely agree with everything that was said. Coming from an iphone myself(new Q10 owner) the new changes do look cool, but I love my BBQ10 much better.

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Like always I'm buying Chris position, lets "Keep Moving".

To add more, according to the WWDC presentation it also just looks like Apple did not really considered Android to be a serious competitor by just hitting them on the head at many occasions.

This is well known that Apple is targetting the business market, where BlackBerry has always been stronght, and so far keep maintaining that strenght.
So, on my personal perception, Apple is now trying making a snub to BlackBerry by introducing a lot of the nice features that BlackBerry brought up (or use) in OS10, ..kind off saying to their customer ..we also have it ...and offer more.

In short (just showing here the similarities with BB OS10 here, whereas it may also aply to other platform).

- 3D effect like UI: Well is'nt it a BlackBerry/TAT concept "3D Eyetracking UI"
- Lock Screen: Quite similar to BB in presentation and features
- Pictures Filters: ..The BlackBerry way
- Hub like text message: Reusing the well appreciated BB 10 hub concept, left edge swipe fot the list of messages
- Control Center: Most of Platform got it, but also BlackBerry
- Smarter Photo sorting: BlackBerry OS10 got that by date sorting feature. But we will all agree that Apple did a good one in OS7
- Remote Security: Well they now could locate, lock or wipe a devices from distance ...the exact way BlackBerry protect do it since years
- Car Integration: No need to detailed here

If you were not sure that Apple want BlackBerry head, you may now have the answer.
Lets Keep Moving

Great read and very objective. BlackBerry needs to be better and stay ahead of the competition if they expect to compete in this high tech smartphone war.

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Couldn't agree more with this article, especially the last paragraph about letting people know what changes are there.

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Would the multitasking on iOS make the iPhone too complicated to use? iFans used to say nobody needs multitasking.

BlackBerry needs to get the US carriers to push through OS updates. I know I could download a leaked version and I know it's the carriers place a hold on updates to BlackBerry but that's my only issue with blackberry and it's involvement with carriers because when apple and android put updates out you get them right away. None of this 1 week one carrier gets it and another 5 months for another carrier. I hate the fact when apps are now updated they are updated to 10.1 while the rest of us have to wait. Just my thoughts that's all!

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Good article and the Caption Title and last paragraph foretells the story of what BlackBerry should be today.
I also dont enjoy reading about new Apple releases but we need to face reality. Actually, I think that Samsung, however, may provide an even bigger squeeze on BB before 2013 ends. Look for the price point to drop for a reliable smart phone.

We are wasting time and space by posting about who "stole" what ideas. This is business, not a final exam. Leave the legal jockeying and puffery for the patent attorneys. Jobs never had an original idea, neither did Gates, and BB10 is an attempt to copy the consumer demanded features as defined by 750mm new Apple and Samsung (& other Droid) users. But the savvy comes/came from mass producing and creating/matching the demand for a device.

What is abundantly clear, however, is that OS10 is simply not in a state TODAY that can realistically challenge IOS6, let alone 7 nor the Droids.
Our Z phone is not yet proven enough for business and absolutely not "out of the box" user friendly as Apples and Samsungs.

The skeleton is there, I think, and, at first blush, 10.1 "appears" to be a (small) step up but (as posted by another ) it's going to take more--much more-- than 10.1 and 10.2 this fall for BlackBerry to continue to grow and re-establish itself.

I hope that there's more on the BB drawing board and nearing release in late 2013, or early '14.

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IOS 7 or whatever other way Apple deems to label it's newest brainfart, makes it even clearer why I don't give a rat's ass about them or what they laughingly call inovations...

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Agreed. BlackBerry shared make more features that everybody says wow. That's how people are.

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sorry but this article is as useful as a pile of poo ... written by a shareholder of both?? ok thats it done with your neutrality then, advertising for whoever acts in your own interest ... a serious member of the press or someone that wants to be considered as one should not brag about this ...

Earlier today I posted a response that spoke to BBRY’s lack of new commercial ads that showcase features of the Z10. There are no new carrier commercials showing the Z10 or now even the Q10 showing business apps, commercial apps, or social apps. Even when the 9850 and other models were out there was NO carrier or RIM commercials showing these models.

No matter what the other competitors do or show when compared to what we know our phones can do it does not matter if no one knows about them. We are “Preaching to Ourselves”, we have the products and are suffering long awaited updates that should’ve been on these phones at launch especially when the US did not even get the phones at launch.

The brand IMHO is still suffering from poor launch activity and planning in the US and thus succumbs to a huge loss of momentum. Why are there no commercials that speak to the strengths of the platform and phone models?

There have been a number of good articles and responders within them, but who is listening at either BBRY or the Carriers to address these comments and observations? People tend to respond to change over and above what they are now used to for sooooo long. And this does not even start to address the PB.

I couldn't even finish reading the article...people are just overly protective and *blind* to reason when it comes to things like this (on both sides if the fence). Swiping gestures have been around for a long time, and yeah, in ios before bb10. Who "came up with" it first (to ge used in ios before bb10 was even conceptualized)? I dunno nor do I care, quite frankly. As far as I'm concerned it's a natural progression from the existing gestures already present (for years). Just because something kinda sorta looks a bit similar? Android has had the swipe down with setting shortcuts for a 'steal' that? Blah blah blah. Just relax. And fix the damn keyboard in 10.1 the auto correct is #!?$ing up my words Dar worse (see? Wtf is 'Dar' and why would it replace the correctly used and spelled 'far' with that???) than the iPhone ever could. Grr

/end rant

--- Verizon Z10-4, VZW (lbfe), r2355